Yoga Processes

At Shreyas, yoga is a journey of self discovery and is practiced holistically; yoga for us is a process of integrating the body, breath and the mind and focus is placed on other limbs of the practice beyond the physical yoga asanas.


Jalaneti, a yogic kriya mainly to cleanse the upper respiratory tract, by using lukewarm salt water. Positioning the body to keep one nostril above the other, a specially designed neti pot is used to let the warm water pass through one nostril and exit through other nostril, via connecting passage between the nostrils. It is more about letting it happen, by calming down the reflex system of the body.
  • VamanaDhauthi: VamanaDhauthi, a yogic kriya to cleanse the upper Gastro Intestinal Tract - can be called as Yogic Stomach wash. Vamana Dhouthi is a procedure involving gulping of lukewarm water (ideally in squatting position) to fill the stomach to its fullest, till one feels the vomiting reflex, and letting all the water taken to come out by irritating the tongue by standing and bending slightly forward.
  • ShankhaPrakshalana: ShankhaPrakshalana - the word Shankhaprakshalana comes from two words. Shankha meaning 'conch' and prakshalana meaning to wash completely. ShankhaPrakshalana is to wash the conch shaped alimentary canal from mouth to anus completely.
  • Shankhaprakshalana: Shankhaprakshalana is the yogic cleasing of the intestinal tract by removing the impurities, using lukewarm salt water, and a particular set of Postures (Tadasana, TiryakaTadasana, Bhujangasana, TiryakaBhujanasana, Kakasana, Udarakarsanana) to rage the settled impurities in the whole Gastro Intestinal System, and letting the water consumed to purge naturally through the lower end.


'Prana' means breath, life, vitality or energy and 'ayama' means to stretch or to expand. 'Pranayama' are breathing techniques that enable us to prolong and control the breath and to regulate the flow of prana in the body. When correct breathing techniques have been established, the inhalation (puraka) stimulates the body, exhalation (rechaka) eliminates toxins and retention (kumbhaka) distributes the prana through the body.
  • The student will learn to practice the proper rhythmic patterns of slow deep breathing, which will strengthen the respiratory system, sooth the nervous system and reduce desires, allowing the mind to be still.
  • Full Yogic Breathing a practise that helps in understanding the process of breathing by feeling the involvement of abdomen and expansion of chest horizontally and vertically, which in turn makes the breathing deeper by improving the awareness of the space within the body.
  • Kapalbhati is a Yogic Kriya, a process of active and forceful out breath and passive in breath using abdominal tone, helps in clearing the respiratory tract, and helps in deepening the breath and leaves the practitioner energised, alert and calmer at the same time.
  • Bhastrika an energising pranayama involving active in breath and active out breath, without compromising with the quality of breath (depth & completeness), when done for few minutes results in energised body, alert and calmer mind with much calmer and deeper breath.
  • NadiShodhana - Nadi - channel, Shodhana - Cleansing, meaning cleansing the energy channels. Ida (Sun) and Pingala (Moon), 2 main energy channels which supplies Prana to whole body - starts from right and left nostrils respectively. Practise of breathing through alternate nostrils helps in balancing energy circulation throughout the body, whose other effects would be deeper and slower breaths with calmer mind.
  • Bhramari or Humming Bee breath, as the name says is a practice where one hums from the back of the nose and the oral cavity, keeping eyes and ears closed, to feel the vibrations of the humming, resonating in the head which makes the mind remain absolutely empty for a while after the treatment.


Pratyahara: This refers to the withdrawal of the senses. We humans are constantly led by our desires and are focused on the external world. Different methods are introduced and practiced (sound meditation, walking meditation, chakra meditation, yoga nidra) to help us look inwards and not be pulled by the senses towards the outside world. When this happens one experiences a sense of calm and one can treat triumph and disaster with equanimity.
  • Trataka Trataka: Trataka is a practice in dharana or focussed concentration and helps us in restraining our mind and to channelize our mental energies to realise our true potential. Trataka helps us stabilise our emotions, overcome unhealthy habits by strengthening our will power, focus and concentration. It gives us mental clarity, and improves our vision too.
  • Paschatkarma for vasthi : Immediately after taking niruhavasti, the person is advised to take a warm bath and rest. A light diet of boiled lentils and grams should be consumed and a routine for a specific period, known as Parihara Kaala should be followed. During this period it is advisable to avoid all physical as well as emotional tensions. Sunbathing should be strictly avoided. All spicy, pungent and deep-fried, oily, stale foods and excessive eating should consciously be avoided after anuvasanavasthi.


This is an advanced practice of pratyahara, where the student is guided into a deep relaxation or conscious deep sleep. It is referred to as yogic sleep and helps to eliminate stress in the physical body and mind whilst preparing one for subtler spiritual exploration.


Dhyana means meditation and meditation at Shreyas is a process of reconnecting with oneself through awareness of our own self, acceptance of 'what is', understanding the cause for conflict, disturbance, finding inner peace and to live in harmony.


Healing meditation is a process of cleansing and balancing chakras - our psychic energy centres, through a combination of relaxation, energisation, visualization and affirmations. These helps us in knowing and hence deal with the cause for imbalance and disturbances of the body and mind, root of conflict (within and outside) and suffering, paving the way for a life of peace and harmony.


A practice in mindful walking is a process that helps in deepening our awareness of our body and senses, breath, mind, the self and the world around - resulting in a deeper connection, understanding. Walking meditation makes one stay grounded, balanced and more present resulting in peace and harmony within and without.


Mouna is an enforced period of silence and is considered a remedy for stress and depression. It is a sacred silent time where you still your mental activities by refraining from speaking, and instead spend your time moving inwards - contemplating, meditating or reading spiritual books. Click here for information on our Silent Retreat Package


Mantra Chanting is one of the most effective ways to stimulate personal transformation. Loud chanting of Mantras creates sound vibrations that can purify negative emotions such as fear, anger, and jealousy, leaving positive emotions such as love, peace and happiness. On a physical plane, chanting has a soothing effect on our nervous system, helps relax muscles, and is an antidote for stress and depression.


Is an interactive session that gives one a holistic view of the philosophy and practices of yoga and helps one integrate yoga into ones daily life. Our teachers not only help you gain a deeper understanding of Yoga but also give you recommendations on what practices suits you best, based on their assessment, your needs and goals.


Guests at Shreyas are always welcome to ask question and discuss different aspects of yoga with our instructors who can give them a detailed background and scientific rationale behind each aspect of the Yoga practice. We aim to give our guests a deep knowledge of Yoga and allow them to understand the physical and therapeutic benefits as well as the emotional and spiritual impact of the practice.
These interactions can be scheduled at a time convenient to the guest and teacher.


If you are looking to spend some time reflecting and looking inwards, we provide a sacred space for you to do this and we will customize your stay to best meet your needs. Our retreats are designed to help you achieve a better understanding of yourself, and hopefully, the role and purpose of your life.
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