Yoga and Meditation Hall

Our open-air, spacious Yoga hall is surrounded by trees and greenery; it has been designed for you to feel one with nature as you practice Yoga and meditation. Surrounded by sounds and sights that calm the senses - the chirping of birds
the rustle of the coconut trees and the fragrance of frangipani as you practice the breathing is indeed a beautiful experience. Let the gentle rays of the morning sun warm your face as you lie down in 'savasana' - this Yoga hall brings positive energy to the yoga class. Practicing yoga or meditation in this space is sure to enhance your practice and take it to deeper levels. Click here for information on our Yoga Retreat Package

Machans and Meditation Huts

It is often difficult to forget the outside world and to completely relax, even when one is on holiday. At Shreyas we want you to experience peace from the moment you enter our gates. By silencing the chaotic noise of the outside world, we are able to look inwards and hear and connect to our inner voice. We have created quiet places across our 25 acres of greenery for our guests to commune with nature and spend time in quiet contemplation.
The two machans, tucked away in our organic garden are ideal places to connect with nature, to relax with a good book or take some time to stop and meditate.

Our Meditation machan is surrounded by coconut and chickoo trees and is the perfect for our daily sound and chanting classes. The birds love the chickoo trees and their beautiful song is often the accompaniment to our chanting and the focus of our meditation.

Open-Air Amphitheatre

Our amphitheater seems to emerge from the nature around it - the steps leading to the center are bordered by lush grass and trees hover around its edge, their branches opening up to the sky giving us glimpses of the stars and the moon. The stage area is surrounded by water and during evening performances flower petals and diyas float on its surface; the steps are lit with small lanterns and bonfires.
    This performance spot is often used for evening classical dances or musical performances. This space can also be used for outdoor lectures & team-building exercises and we can provide you with the required AV equipment.


This gentle massage focused on the head, neck and shoulders is an instant pick-me-up that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Indulge yourself!.
During your stay at Shreyas you may develop curiosity about different aspects of yoga, India or Indian philosophy-our library has been built to answer these queries. If the books are not available, we will make an attempt to obtain them. We also have a large collection of lighter fiction for those looking for casual reading.

Attached to the library is a comfortable, peaceful sitting room for guests to relax, read and browse.

Should you wish to borrow a book during your stay with us, please inform one of the members of the staff.

Infinity Pool & Heated Jacuzzi

The water in our 25-metre pool with an infinity edge appears to cascade down to the Yoga hall in the distance. The temperature of the pool varies from 25 degress Celcius to 30 degrees Celsius, depending on the weather. The outdoor heated Jacuzzi is adjacent to the pool.
The pool and Jacuzzi are available for your use between the hours of 6 am and 10 pm. There is no lifeguard on duty and the pool has a maximum depth of 5 feet. Towels are available by the Poolside.

If you wish to use the heated Jacuzzi, please give us 2 hours to operate the equipment.

Indoor Yoga Hall / Conference Room

This room is ideal for conferences and has modern audio-visual equipment - a LCD projector and screen for watching presentations and learning videos. Low seating or tables and chairs can be provided as needed. Our open open-air amphitheatre is an ideal spot for team-building exercises.
Unlike other conference rooms, which are usually closed, small windowed structures, our conference room boasts of large windows looking out onto our amphitheater and the greenery beyond.

Shreyas has conducted many corporate retreats. We offer time-challenged entrepreneurs and busy corporate executives a luxurious home away from home to conduct off-sites. Corporations may rent the entire property and its facilities for their exclusive use, providing an incredible setting for their teams or clients to relax, unwind and work effectively without distraction.

When not being used for conferences, this room is used as an alternate location for yoga classes. This allows us to conduct parallel yoga classes.


The gym is equipped with a treadmill, cross trainer, trampoline, dumbells, stepper, hamstring & calf strengthener, and abdominal exercise equipment. We understand that for some of you Yoga is not your only pathway towards well being and our gym is outfitted with various equipments, allowing you to continue with your regular fitness plans whilst staying with us.

The gym is also used in our Weight loss package, providing cardio exercises that will lead to more rapid weight loss.

It is available for your use 24 hours. Please bring separate footwear for this activity.

Jogging trail

Recognizing that for some of you a daily walk or run is routine, we created a walking trail, which runs through the quietest, greenest part of the property. The track skirts the outer wall of the premise and leads you to the organic garden.

The pathway through the organic garden is also used for walking meditations. During this meditation, you have the opportunity to walk barefoot, to focus on the sensations, sounds and smells around you as you connect with the earth that nourishes us all.

Cricket nets and bowling machine

For cricket enthusiasts, we have a cricket nets along with a professional bowling machine, which you can test your batting skills against. For those of you who are not familiar with the game and are perhaps wondering why it is a national obsession in India, our staff will be more than happy to show you the basics and help you face a few balls.

Nature Farming

Guests at Shreyas are invited to work in our organic gardens and connect with Mother Nature. This begins with a tour of the organic garden with our experts introducing you to the different herbs and vegetables grown here. For those who wish to get their hands dirty, we give you the opportunity to practice 'farming', our staff will guide you as you work (sowing, weeding, plucking). Through this process we hope that our guests will connect with the earth that nourishes us and understand the joys to be found in humble labor. Many guests have commented on the positive effects of this practice.

Home Theater

This is a luxurious room with movie hall style large projection screen and sound system, and comfortable lazy-boy chairs to sink in to. A vast selection of entertaining movies, TV shows as well as documentaries on spirituality, science, nature and philosophy are available for your viewing pleasure.
The facilities and activities at Shreyas Yoga retreat are designed to encourage reflection on what is most important - yourself. We are sure you will not miss the presence of a TV in your room!

Guests are welcome to get together after dinner and unwind over a cup of hot chocolate or a herbal tea before bedtime; please contact our staff for assistance and to book your movie.