Weight Management Packages

Shreyas Yoga Retreat aims to provide you guidance towards a healthier life, both physically and mentally. Effective weight management requires a constant sense of awareness and self-control, coupled with adoption of healthy lifestyle choices. At Shreyas, the focus is on positive goals such as improved health, fitness, increased self-esteem. We believe the ultimate goal of any weight loss programme should be the establishment of permanent life style changes both in food habits & physical activity patterns. Weight Loss Packages at Shreyas include 14-night and 21-night programs, where it is possible to lose 7-8 pounds and 10-12 pounds respectively in a healthy manner, which can be maintained in the long run, and consist of actual fat loss along with an increase in muscle mass and metabolic rate.

We achieve the Weight Loss by a combination of

  • Customised low-calorie, balanced diet based on scientific indices such as BMI, Broca's Index, etc
  • A set of time tested traditional Ayurvedic treatments that mobilize fat loss
  • Yoga practices that include Asana, Pranayama, Kriyas, Yoga Nidra & Meditation
  • Aerobic activities like brisk walks, swimming and gymnasium workouts.
  • Meditation and yoga practices that lead to a healthy body and tranquil mind
Our Ayurveda and Naturopathy doctors would guide you on the path to ideal weight-loss by planning and monitoring a daily program structured around your needs and abilities. For deriving optimum results, you are advised to strictly follow the program recommended by the doctors as it aids in weight loss in a healthy, sustainable manner over a period of time. At the same time, please note that we cannot give any specific guarantee on weight loss, as this depends on various factors that are outside the scope of this package.

Personalised Manual
On departure, you are presented a manual that includes personalised suggestions on diet, Yoga / exercise and lifestyle changes which can be fitted into your daily life easily. If you are interested in being in touch after you leave, we would happily oblige by periodically sending you inputs on general wellness, healthy recipes, tips on nutrition, articles on furthering your Yoga practice etc., that would motivate you in your pursuit of overall health.

Weight Management package include

Yoga processes are considered a holistic form of exercise today and have been shown to bring positive changes to our physical and emotional state as well. These processes redirect our energy towards healthy and creative outlets. The Yoga Process you would practice at Shreyas include: Asanas (physical postures), Pranayama (proper breathing techniques), Kriyas (cleansing processes), Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation method) and a few Meditations. These processes tone the body and culture our mind, remove blockages and help in harmonizing the inner mechanisms of the body.

Slimming Ayurvedic Therapies
Properly administered Ayurvedic therapies help to mobilize the excessive adipose tissue and detoxify the system. The medicated oils are chosen based on your body type to aid enhanced weight loss.

Healthy Cuisine
With inputs from the Doctors and Wellness consultants, a balanced diet plan, which is low in carbohydrates and fats, ensuring that the calorie intake is less than the ideal recommended daily allowance. Care is taken to provide a balanced diet, which is easy to follow in the long term.

Other Activities
Guided brisk walks, swimming, jogging, gym workouts & communing with nature sessions are recommended.

Proper Therapeutic and Wellness Counsel is essential to determine realistic goals and to initiate a dietary regimen that takes into account your food habits and lifestyle. Though motivation has to be intrinsic, our doctors would initiate and maintain it through encouragement, and timely meetings at appropriate intervals.

14 Nights

1 April - 30 September

Single $6,460.00 USD*

Double $9,790.00 USD*

14 Nights

1 October - 31 March

Single $7,080.00 USD*

Double $10,290.00 USD*

21 Nights

1 April - 30 September

Single $8,960.00 USD*

Double $13,670.00 USD*

21 Nights

1 October - 31 March

Single $9,780.00 USD*

Double $14,390.00 USD*

* Rates are exclusive of 10% service charges and applicable taxes.