The Joy of Giving Packages

The ancient yogic scriptures tell us that the Universe is connected and that we are each a part of one Supreme Consciousness. There is no 'other' to compete with; when we give we give to ourselves. If you feel blessed with abundance and wish to share your love, time and maybe more with those who will appreciate it, we invite you to Shreyas for the Joy of Giving Retreat that celebrates the gift of life and allows you to feel the immense joy that arises from the simple acts of giving and sharing.

Feeding children of the local school or orphanage
You can pick vegetables from our organic garden, cut them and with help from our team of chefs, prepare a nutritious Indian meal for the children of the local school or orphanage. If you have any skills you would like to teach these eager minds, please let us know and we will be glad to make the necessary arrangements.

Tree Plantation
Shreyas will provide you with saplings and the opportunity to plant them in the surrounding villages, helping us give back to the environment that supports us.

Specific contributions
Many of our guests feel the need to contribute in a more practical way and Shreyas will advice you and ensure that these contributions reach the needy people. From books, stationery supplies, uniforms, contributions to building boundary walls, rain-water harvesting projects or digging wells - the possibilities are numerous - and the warm appreciation of the villagers, profoundly touching.

Communing with nature
You will get an opportunity to volunteer in our 3 acre organic vegetable and herb gardens and give a little back to Nature - a humble thanks for the abundance she provides us, season after season. Try your skills at watering, weeding, sowing, picking and rediscover the forgotten pleasure in getting your hands (and feet!) dirty.

In return for your generosity, our staff and the locals are more than honored to teach you a little about our culture and traditions.

  • Learn to tie a sari (traditional Indian dress for women) or a dhoti (traditional male attire).
  • Learn to create 'Rangoli' patterns with colored rice powder (art that decorates the doorways of homes) from rice flour.
  • Learn to make flower garlands.
  • Learn how to make organic body scrubs from fresh ingredients that are known in the ancient science of Ayurveda for their restorative and soothing properties.
  • Take a cooking class with our chefs and learn to re-create your favorite recipes.
  • Have intricate henna patterns applied on your palms by local women.
  • Participate in an 'Aarti' - the Indian ritual of offering prayers and obeisance to the Divine, performed in the temple at Shreyas and presided over by a priest.

7 Nights

1 April - 30 September

Single $2,590.00 USD*

Double $3,490.00 USD*

7 Nights

1 October - 31 March

Single $2,860.00 USD*

Double $3,760.00 USD*

* Rates are exclusive of 10% service charges and applicalbe taxes