The Culinary Package allows you to savor India's rich and varied cuisine and teach you to recreate these tasty, healthy, nourishing recipes. The Culinary Package begins with an introduction to food and diet drawn from the principles of Ayurveda and Naturopathy, where the ultimate goal is to nourish, detoxify, and rejuvenate the body. The cooking process at Shreyas begins in our organic gardens; you will be introduced to various plants, herbs, and vegetables and taught about their nutritional value and health benefits.

The core of the package is the personalised cooking sessions where the guests get hands-on experience in learning the preparation of a wide variety of Indian dishes under our Chefs' guidance. Over the course of package duration, the guests get an opportunity to learn several different dishes, including breakfast items, main courses, juices, soups, salads, starters, gravies and curries, Indian breads, rice preparations, condiments, desserts, and herbal brews. Understanding that perhaps all ingredients will not be available when you return home, our chefs will give you suitable substitutes for ingredients. Our doctors' session on nutrition, Indian spices, and correct food combinations for optimal health and well-being will maximize this package's benefits.

The Culinary Package also includes a session on Holistic Kitchen Management, where tips are given to store the ingredients, lengthening the shelf life of food ingredients, and tips to prevent perishable items' spoilage.

A field trip to a local vegetable market and grocery shops offered to get tips on choosing the right quality of vegetables and other ingredients.

At Shreyas, we focus on the dining experience as on the food, and no meal would be complete without the love and creativity that goes into setting the table and serving the food. For this reason, a session dedicated to table settings and food serving suggestions to help the guest tread that extra mile to make food, truly 'Soul food'.

7 Nights

1 April - 30 September

Single $3,230.00 USD*

Double $4,140.00 USD*

7 Nights

1 October - 31 March

Single $3,490.00 USD*

Double $4,390.00 USD*

* Rates are exclusive of 10% service charges and applicable taxes