Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health with strong philosophical base and is in accordance with modern needs and scientific advances. It is a complete medical system which recognizes that all intelligence and wisdom flows from one absolute source (=Paramatma). It is based on principles which are as old as life and intimately tied to functioning of nature. Through thousands of years, the basic principles of Ayurveda remain unchanged as they are based on the universal law of nature which is eternally true. The word Ayurveda means the ‘the science of life or longevity’ – the latter, a quest of every civilization on Earth.

Ayurvedic remedies involve simple or complex herbal ingredients that one ingests or applied during a well-planned regime of intrinsic and extrinsic techniques. With our organic garden close at hand, most of Shreyas Retreat’s herbal compounds are made in-house, ensuring you have the most natural healing procedures. These natural compounds, similar to those present within the human body, can address the imbalance of elements; wind, water, fire, air and space. Achieving a balance between these elemental energies revitalizes the immune system and sets the healing processes into motion.

At Shreyas Retreat, our expert Ayurveda doctors and well trained therapists a complete range of authentic Ayurveda treatments are given to address specific aspect of mental-physical wellbeing as well as various ailments. The colorful gardens, airy spaces and quiet pavilions, freshly prepared herbal teas offer you a holistic, healing experience. Break away from your everyday rhythm and routine; chart your regime of remedies, relaxation and - for the perfect healing, rejuvenation and revitalization of the body, mind and soul.

Sarvanga abhyangam

Ayurveda recommends this as an integral part of the daily routine to all who wish good health and longevity of life. It nurtures, nourishes, and your skin turns vibrant as oil penetrates to the deepest pores of your skin taking care of physical, mental, emotional well being of the person while balancing the doshas.
  • Delays aging
  • Induces longevity
  • Provides resistance against disease and disharmony
  • Improves complexion and luster of the skin
  • Increases physical strength


Shirobhyanga is soothing Ayurvedic head massage with oil. According to Ayurveda the head and neck region contains 37 marma points (vital areas).The massage alternates between stimulating and calming massage techniques; thus initiating the flow of energy in the entire body.
  • Improves mental clarity, memory, concentration and alertness
  • Stimulates calm, peace and tranquility
  • Removes stiffness and pain in neck and shoulders
  • Drains accumulated toxins and nourishes the hair follicles
  • Deep relaxation thereby brings sound sleep


Padabhyanga is Ayurvedic foot massage which is soothing, revitalizing, calming and balancing various disturbances of the autonomic nervous system. Padabhyanga releases negative energy from the marmas. Depending on the condition of the person medicated oil or medicated ghee can also be used.
  • Relaxes and revitalizes the central nervous system
  • Helps to calm the mind
  • Helps maintain eyesight and hearing
  • Promotes quality sleep
  • Improves peripheral circulation


This process is traditionally done immediately after a synchronized Abhyanga. Here therapeutic oils are poured in a continuous stream to bathe the head, directed to the mid forehead. This calms and relaxes the mind. Depending on the body type and season the oil/milk/butter milk can be used to enhance the therapeutic benefit of this treatment. When material other than oil is used the name of the treatment and the benefits change.
  • Relaxation , purification, and rejuvenation of the mind , body, soul and senses
  • Stabilizes the nervous system
  • Increases concentration, confidence and self-esteem
  • Stimulates 6th and 7th chakra which influence our breathing pattern
  • Activates hypothalamus and pituitary glands
  • Therapeutic in insomnia, mental ailments etc.


Medicated butter milk is used instead of oil as in shirodhara. While the dhara is done on the whole body, it is known to help in alleviating psoriasis and diabetes. Takradhara works wonders on people with a predominant pitta constitution.


Medicated milk is used in ksheeradhara. Works well on people with pitta dosha. Good remedy for insomnia. An excellent treatment as it cools, relaxes and alleviates burning sensation in the body.Takradhara and Ksheeradhara are advised in warmer months of the year.


Sarvanga Dhara or Pizhichil or Kayaseka is a special treatment which begins with massaging the whole body by pouring large quantities of warm medicated oil all over the body with one hand and massaging with other hand by two therapists in special rhythmic movements.This Ayurveda’s Royal Treatment is famously called as the “treatment for aristocrats”. Because the treatment was especially offered to the kings ancient times.
  • Increases immunity and prolongs life span
  • Promotes normal development of muscle mass
  • Has anti-aging effect
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Very soothing , relaxing and rejuvenating treatment
  • Therapeutic in paralysis, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis etc


The Dhanyamla Dhara involves pouring a decoction of cereal grains all over the body. Its analgesic, anti-inflammatory benefits help open up the body's micro-channels, improve circulation and metabolism, and can effectively treat obesity, water retention, arthritis and gout.


Kashaya Dhara involves pouring hot herbal decoction all over the body from a receptacle tied at a specific height. The treatment induces sweating, and the herbal mixtures are combined to suit the individual characteristics and ailments. Kashaya Dhara speeds up the metabolism, thereby addressing weight issues and purging the skin of disease.
    When medicated butter milk is used the procedure is called as Takradhra, when medicated milk is used the procedure is called as Ksheeradhara, these procedures are recommended by our ayurveda doctors based on imbalances of doshas.


Udwarthanam is special therapeutic deep tissue massage using herbal powders. This massage involves upward rigorous stroking, where the medicated powder and oil is rubbed forcibly in a particular way on the body.
  • Reduces the excess fat accumulated in the subcutaneous tissues
  • Softens and exfoliates dead skin cells, thereby giving a lustrous glow to skin
  • Detoxification, purification, toning the skin
  • Improves the circulation; opens up the body channels (Srotus) increasing the basal metabolic rate.
  • Removes cellulite and helps in weight reduction


This begins with application of oil and massaging the entire body by two therapists on either side of the body. The body is then subjected to exude sweat profusely after a thorough massage of herbal powders made in to boluses.
  • Removes metabolic toxins and balances the doshas
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Reduces heaviness and improves the flexibility of the body
  • Relieves pain , numbness and swelling
  • Nourishes the body and increases immunity
  • Therapeutic in fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis etc.


This process begins with the application of oil and massaging the entire body with mild pressure on either side with the help of finely chopped herbal leaves, which are warmed in medicated oil and bundled into boluses. These boluses are frequently warmed during the process.
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Relieves body pain and stiffness
  • It is anti aging and rejuvenating
  • Therapeutic in neurological conditions, arthritis, post traumatic dysfunctions etc.


Jambirapindaswedam is a treatment where cloth boluses containing lemon, garlic and other herbal powders are warmed and gently applied to different parts of the body, with kneading motions.
  • Reduces stiffness and swelling associated with arthritis
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Nourishes the body
  • Therapeutic in frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis etc.


Shatahwadikizhi is a specially designed treatment that use of herbal oils, powders, fresh turmeric and medicinal plants in a boluses.
  • Hydrates the cells and tissues of affected areas
  • Alleviate chronic pain, numbness, wasting of muscles
  • Stops degenerative changes in the cervical and thoracic vertebrae
  • Therapeutic in cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder, shoulder injuries
  • Therapeutic in frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis etc.


Dhanyamlasweda is a special type of treatment, where the pouch containing herbal powders is dipped in the special medicinal herbal decoctions and massaged all over the body.
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Activate the nerves as well as improve the blood flow
  • Revitalize and restore the energy of the body
  • Maintains the muscle Strength and muscle tone
  • Removes toxins, if any


Shashtikashalipindaswedam is also known as njavarakizhi. Here a special rice which has medicinal properties is cooked in a kashaya (special blend of cow’s milk and specific herbs) and tied in boluses. Massage is done with these boluses. The temperature of the boluses is maintained by constantly dipping it in the kashaya. The process is continued till the kashaya and / or the rice is exhausted. Adequate pressure is applied during this process.
  • Makes the body supple and removes stiffness
  • Calms the mind and reduces the stress
  • Boosts immune system and slows the aging process
  • Enhances body nourishment and rejuvenates
  • Therapeutic in kyphosis, perthe’s disease, paralysis etc.

  • Shashtikashalilepanam is the procedures where special rice which has medicinal properties is cooked in a kashaya (special blend of cow’s milk and specific herbs) and the combination is massaged all over the body till the kashaya and / or the rice is exhausted. The procedure is done for children and depending on imbalances as diagnosed by our Ayurveda doctors.


It is lumbo-sacral rejuvenation therapy using hot oils. Warm medicated oil is allowed to stay inside a bund constructed over the affected area. One can achieve both local oleation and sudation by this procedure.
  • Deeply purifies and improves blood circulation around lumbosacral area
  • Removes rigidity and spasm of muscles around lumbosacral region
  • Nourishes and strengthens the bones, connective tissues, ligaments, nerves, muscles of the lumbo-sacral region
  • Therapeutic in disc prolapse, lumbar spondylitis,sciatica


Warm medicated oil is allowed to stay inside a bund constructed over the chest. Rest of the treatment procedure is as described in kativasti.
  • Addresses sadness, indecision, frustration
  • Nourishes, strengthens the heart
  • Improves circulation
  • Therapeutic in cardiomyopathy, ischemic heart disease, muscular chest pain etc.


Warm medicated oil is allowed to stay inside a bund constructed over the chest. Rest of the treatment procedure is as described in kativasti.
  • Restores the lubricating fluid in the joint and maintain integrity of the structures involved in the joint.
  • Removes stiffness and pain in knee joint
  • Protects knee joints from age related changes
  • Therapeutic in osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and arthrosis of knee joints


Greevavasti is an Ayurvedic neck care and basically a hot oil therapy. This involves a placing a bund upon the neck region into which warm oil is poured. Rest of the treatment procedure as in kativasti.
  • Relieves the burden of stress and congestion in nerves ,bones and muscles of neck and shoulders and thus relaxing and rejuvenating them
  • Improves the flexibility and brings smooth movement
  • Improves circulation around the neck and shoulder region
  • Therapeutic in cervical spondylitis, vertigo, cervical disc lesions etc.


Nabhivasthi (also called as chakravasthi) involves a placing a bund upon the umbilical area into which warm oil is poured. Nabhi, the umbilicus is an important marma (vital area) according to Ayurveda.
  • Acts on solar plexus thus balance the digestive fire
  • Strengthen the power of digestion and absorption
  • Facilitates the release of deep seated emotions
  • Therapeutic in IBS


Shirovasti is an oleation therapy focused on the head. Large quantities of medicated, lukewarm oils are poured into a specially fitted cap on the head. Shirovasti usually given after the administration of a course of Ayurvedic detox program and is a palliative (shamana) therapy.
  • Dryness and itching of the scalp
  • Cervical radiculopathy
  • Migraine and other headaches
  • Psychological conditions like stress,anxiety,depression


The procedure is also called thalapotichil. This cooling treatment involves application of herbal paste mixed with buttermilk or decoctions over the scalp which is then covered with a banana leaf.
  • Relaxes and calms down the mind; has a soothing effect
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Improves luster and smoothness of hair
  • Improves memory
  • Therapeutic in epilepsy, chronic headaches, hypertension etc.


Lepam involves the topical application of herbal pastes on affected areas in the body, and is generally recommended for arthritis, degenerative lesions, to reduce swelling, inflammation, stiffness and to treat certain type’s skin diseases.


The word 'netra' means eye, and 'tarpana' means to nourish. NetraTarpana therapy is an eye care treatment and rejuvenation program in Ayurveda involveing a gentle oleation of the eyes to soothe them. A bund is placed upon the eyes, and warm, medicated clarified butter or herbal decoction is allowed to sit for 10-15 minutes, with regular replenishment to maintain the temperature.
  • Improves the vision
  • Removes dark circles under eyes
  • Strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eyes
  • Therapeutic in dry eye syndrome, ptosis, corneal ulcers etc


Karnapoorana involves administering slow, measured doses of medicated oil or ghee or decoction to the ear for a specific period of time (as required by the individual).
  • Clears the ears
  • Therapeutic in vertigo, neurological disease, jaw pain etc


Cotton swabs soaked in warm medicated oil are placed at various parts of the body that are under pain. The cotton swab is changed accordingly to maintain its warmness.
  • Good in handling pain and stiffness in joints
  • Serves as a muscle relaxant


'Thalam' is an Ayurveda therapy focused on the crown of the head. A paste of select herbs, often mixed in medicated ghee is applied to the crown.
  • Relaxes the mind
  • Improves memory and concentration power
  • Soothes the ear, throat
  • Therapeutic in migraines, psychological ailments, rhinorrhea


Shiropichu is keeping oil soaked cotton pad over head.
  • Cooling effect on the eye
  • Stimulate the hair roots to promote growth and give hair a healthy and strong appearance
  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Calms and soothes overactive and busy mind
  • Therapeutic in insomnia, eczema of the scalp, psychological ailments etc.


Swedana is a steam treatment which involves the process of producing the sweat with the help of steam, generated from medicated herbal decoctions. This is usually given after an oil massage.
  • Detaches toxins; expels them through the tiny pores of the skin
  • Increases circulation; reduces inflammation
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin
  • Reduces numbness, stiffness, rigidity, heaviness; improves mobility
  • Therapeutic in Parkinsonism, arthritis, MND etc.


Avagahasweda is the process of giving fomentation by submerging the body in the warm medicated herbal decoctions. This procedure is therapeutic in hernia, paiful micturition, stiffness in the body etc.


Nadisweda is the process of giving fomentation by directing steam coming out of medicated herbal decoction through a hollow tube to particular part of the body. This type of sudation is beneficial to ease sore muscles, stiff joints.