Guest Book

  • Dear team Shreyas, This is our 4th or 5th visit to Shreyas. And Shreyas never fails to surprise us and relax us. We love everything about Shreyas – the food, the ambience, the decor, the complete feeling of relaxation. And we hope nothing changes! We’ll be back for sure! Thank you for the service.

    Kalpana, Venky & Siddharth, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It was a wonderful and stress free weekend away feeling for all of us. It was the first outing during the pandemic. Refreshing and rejuvenating is the feeling we carry from here. Ambience, food, stay and recreational activities are quite amazing. Friendly staff always has been there with smiling faces to help us out. We thoroughly enjoyed the nature, birds chirping and a great getaway from city life. Thank you for the wonderful time. We would love to visit you again. Happy 2021. Cheers!

    Om Prakash Nare, Gayathri Nare, Prathima – Bengaluru, 2021

    Shreyas! You guys are really great, special thanks to Sandhya, Santosh and team for the best services. The yoga, spa, massage was rejuvenating and calm. It has been a great trip altogether. Once again thank you.

    Aadesh Kothari, Bengaluru, 2021

    Shreyas, it has been a peaceful and pleasant stay of 3 days for me. The ambience, arrangements, staff, cottage, overall is very beautiful and connect with nature. Enjoyed the meditation and spa arrangements, evening walks, birds singing in the morning. When one is in nature and connected with nature everything is blissful and peaceful. Thank you for making my stay a pleasant one and especially staff for wonderful arrangements and attention to details. Food was amazing, so many varieties, tasty and yet healthy. Thank you once again.

    Srini M, Bengaluru, 2021

    Hello, I have enjoyed yet another relaxing and wonderful stay here at Shreyas. I adore the environment and the people who grace it. The peacefulness and activities allow me to wind down and get ready for whatever comes next. Thank you for being my retreat. See you soon.

    Karen Crooke, Bengaluru (Australia), 2021

    Dearest Shreyas team, it is with a heavy heart I go back to my cottage to pack my things. What a way to start a year or perhaps even a new of thinking and life, because I do feel that is what I found here. You truly have created a place that feels like home but better, home without stress, life that is just a little bit better. If happiness is the suffering you choose, then I chose Shreyas – leave the suffering, for here is happiness through and through. With all love.

    Kahran, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you for your wonderful hospitality. We are so so rejuvenated. Your place is unique and has personal touch. You have taken care of minute details to enhance your guest’s experience. Staff is very helpful, courteous and extremely warm. We felt so connected with the place and loved every bit of it. We just don’t feel like leaving this wonderful place. This is home away from home. Spotlessly clean. Food is delicious. Every meal was amazing and has a nice variety. The property delivers big on all fronts. Spa, yoga sessions, ambience, cleanliness, rooms and everything. Santosh is amazing; loved all the dishes/variety, very warm and builds connect with every guest. Don’t remember the names but have had a great experience with each and every member. Speaks volumes about the culture and atmosphere of the place. Spa was ‘’wow’’ experience. We will recommend and come back again. Thank you Rucha, and entire team of Shreyas. We are leaving with great memories. Truly blessed and grateful for our wonderful experience. Congratulations to the management for imbibing such culture and value system.

    Pranav & Rashmi Juyal, Bengaluru, 2021

    Thank you, entire Shreyas team. We had great time during this pandemic. Enjoyed the atmosphere of the Retreat. Wishing to see you again.

    Varun, Vijayawada, 2021

    Thank you for the wonderful experience. We truly enjoyed our time here. The meditation and yoga sessions were relaxing. It was great to be amidst nature during the pandemic. The food was simply amazing! Thank you and hope to be here soon.

    Shweta Jain, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, we came for a family weekend to celebrate my birthday. Beautiful property, fantastic food (as per my niece, ‘better than 5 star!!’) and great massages. The service quality is very good. The chef needs a special call out for cuisine quality, variety and also preparing a lovely cake. We enjoyed the sun and pool. The 3-bedroom villa’s common seating area is a great space – we played, read and laughed a lot in it! The yoga teacher also didi customised Pranayama, calm and peaceful. Thanks.

    Srishti Sofat & family, Bengaluru, 2021

    Namaste to Shreyas team, our stay at Shreyas was an excellent break from being locked up in our homes due to covid, and meeting my friend from Hyderabad. We were in Yajna, very beautifully situated room facing the garden. Thoroughly enjoyed beautifully curated yoga and meditation sessions. Great aura around the place. The next best part was the fantastic food which chef Santosh and team cooked up for each meal. Very attentive and friendly. Rooms were very clean and staff very punctual. Thank you to the entire team for this wonderful three day experience at Shreyas. Will surely carry these memories and wish to come back soon. Best wishes..

    Nilima Prasad & Aparna Isanaka, Bengaluru, 2021

    I had a wonderful stay at Shreyas. All your staff from the kitchen to the treatments are wonderful. Also the doctors and the yogis who helped me were all wonderful. Overall, I was very happy with my stay, Will come with my family next time. Thank you.

    Rahul, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, we are hardcore non-veg family but I have never enjoyed vegetarian food the way we did at Shreyas. What stood out was it was simple, elegant, well served and very delicious. In addition, each and every staff had ‘smile’ on the face and they were doing their job with interest and satisfaction. The yoga sessions, spa, meditation sessions all were a class apart. Chef Santosh and his team, Mani, Anish and Arun at the spa, Bala sir at the meditation center all was professional and a treat to interact. We had a great time and look forward to coming back. Regards.

    George & Family, Bengaluru, 2021

    To Shreyas team, thank you for the hospitality from all your entire team of yoga, treatment section and all the kitchen staff and the cleaning staff. All are very polite and helpful. Ours was a wonderful experience for the 1st time visit but hopefully would love to come again. It was just relaxation this time but now would like to come for treatment and detox. Food is excellent and home type. Would like to definitely put a word to family and friends

    Varsha Shah, 2021

    Hi all, we had a pleasant stay and enjoyed the clean environment. The place is neatly maintained and all the staff are very helpful and polite. Team Shreyas thanks for making our stay memorable.

    Paramesh, Bengaluru, 2021

    To Shreyas family! A big thank you to all of you for hosting us in an excellent and unique way. We felt very close to nature. Thoroughly enjoyed spa, swimming pool, theatre, yoga session and morning and evening walks on your lawns. Thank you again!

    Sruti Shibhulal, Bengaluru, 2021

    To Shreyas family, though our stay was just over a day, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Shreyas. TO begin with, the booking experience is very welcoming and informative. Rucha made sure she helped with all the information. We had to cancel our visit because our kid was not keeping well. Rucha helped in postponing the booking to the next weekend. At the retreat, Mani helped us with yoga, guiding throughout, and extending help whenever required. They also stretched and made us feel warm. Had lunch during the checkout day and extended stay post lunch. Sandhya was very helpful in organising cow milking session. Bird watching and gardening sessions. Our daughter enjoyed interacting with Sandhya. Mr. Giri helped a lot in Bird watching. We had a long walk and our six year old daughter learnt a lot of about Birds, their names and sounds. At the dining, Dinesh and Neelkamal took good care of us by offering timely service. Dinesh arranged for a cake cutting session for my wife’s birthday. It was very pleasant and beautiful experience having lunch/dinner by the pool side. We look forward to come again.

    Narendra & Family, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, it was absolutely special to be back here again. This was our first choice of destination during these times keeping safety in mind. The place has been maintained well and safety measures in place. We had taken up the wellness package. It was very well created and organised. Starting from the wellness consultation and advice for the yoga sessions – the teachers are fantastic, helping and advising me to deepen and improve my practice. The abhyanga massage sessions were very good and therapists skilled and good in their massages. The Pranayama session was a great learning, hopefully we will keep the practice going. The meditation sessions also very interesting. The food was amazing – we also must appreciate the team for arranging candle light dinner and cake for our celebration. To sum up, it was a very lovely stay we had. As promised, Shreyas team delivered to their promise of excellent service. Looking forward to more visits. Till then stay safe and take care. Warm regards.

    Parineeta & Anshul, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, it was a completely rejuvenating experience staying at Shreyas. Sadly, we chose only one night! Great team put together with amazing attention to detail from the start of our stay – starting at the gate until checkout. Yoga trainer was very mindful of individual’s levels and timed the session perfectly well. We had an amazing movie experience – one of a kind that was unique to our weekend experience. Bala sirs session was something we thoroughly enjoyed as we connected well with him on the journey of inner self. Food has been out of the world during every single meal. The team is very open and willing to share recipes which is very encouraging. Spa and facial sessions were super relaxing! All in all an amazing experience and weekend beautifully spent. All the best to the entire team! Warm regards

    Srikant & Hema, Bengaluru, 2021

    Shreyas, we had a beautiful experience and will definitely be back. We came for my birthday. In addition to the already great hospitality, the cake was a nice touch and the experience overall was a great reset for a healthier year ahead.

    Nithya & Starlene, Bengaluru., 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, this has been a wonderful 7 days of peace and rejuvenation. The rigour of detoxification were unexpected yet thoroughly cleansing. We were at a stage in our life to make this change and it was a privilege to do this in Shreyas. We are thankful to all the staff for their eye for meticulous detail and comfortable coordination that made us feel supported at all times. My compliments to the vision of Shreyas that marries nature and healing all at one place to deliver a complete approach to life, nature and sustainability. In gratitude.

    Deepak & Leenika Jacob, 2021

    Dear Shreyas friends, we love to come here again. We liked your theme. After coming here we feel like mother nature is with us. The time spent with family gives us more strength. Love you team Shreyas. Stay blessed and stay healthy.

    Alok Singh, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas family, we had a wonderful time at your retreat, my only regret is that we only spent 4 nights! You provided us with much needed peace, yoga, relaxation and re-invigoration. You helped make us very comfortable through a tough detox day! You heard our feedback on food and offered to revamp the menus subsequently to cater to our wishes. Your client service/hospitality and warmth will truly be memorable! Thank you for everything!! I, Sakshi will be back with my fiancée soon!

    Sakshi & Shivani, Dubai, 2021

    Dear Shreyas family, last two days were one of the most relaxing an rejuvenating for us. The warmth, care and pampering is worth applauding. All meals show the love and passion of chef to use best of ingredients. So fresh and delicious! Please do mail us recipes of salads, brochette, veg cutlets and soups. We would love to come back for farming workshop and deepen my yoga practice. Best wishes.

    Abha & Richa, Bengaluru, 2021

    Shreyas team, we had a happy an relaxing time at the property. The facility is very well maintained and the service is very prompt and professional. The tented cottages with their open bathrooms are a true delight and the room service/turn down service was spot on!! Special mention to all your staff with warm smiles always eager to help. We savoured all the freshly cooked meals and appreciate the variety in the menu. The soups and salads were the star of every meal and I will be happy to have the recipe of a few items. We are having withdrawal symptoms while writing this. I will be back sometime.

    Richa & Samarth, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas family, My brother and I really enjoyed the time we were here and wish we could have spent more time. The food was very nutritious yet delicious and your faculty is very impressive especially the garden with all the fresh vegetables and fruits. We especially used the classes which were very informative and the teachers have taken time to answer all questions and teach us all the meaning about each activity. We will definitely be coming again and thank you for your hospitality. Thank you.

    Lahiri, Bengaluru, 2021

    Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for the exquisite care you took of me while I was here. The thoughtful approach to everything from, housekeeping to food to wellness blew me away. A few things stand out and for me as unique: the delicious, wholesome meals served with love and care, the quality of yoga sessions and wellness consultations, the attention to detail in managing the property and providing to guests. You always are up to something special here. The work on the inner person really shows in everything. I am very grateful to have stumbled upon this piece of heaven and am returning home nourished, healed and centered. With deep gratitude.

    Tanaya, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas family, thank you for a wonderful stay!! Enjoyed the different healthy cuisines, the services were great. The staff are very well trained and accommodative. Loved the property and the spa rooms. We are looking forward to our stay here at Shreyas soon. Best wishes.

    Bijal, Priyanka, Rachana, Latika, Priya, Shiban & Kanika – Bengaluru, 2021

    Team Shreyas, you guys are amazing. This is the best resort experience we ever had. We enjoyed every bit of our stay.We would love to visit here again and again. Special mention of staff: Your staff is simply great, they represent the book of hospitality. Chef Rajan cooks delicious food. Good bye for now, till we come here again. Best wishes!!

    Harsh & family, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear team, thank you for the hospitality provided, it was truly a remarkable experience. Although my stay was short I was able to experience everything that I wanted. The yoga sessions, massages, cricket and dining experience could possibly be the best I have experienced. Will be back soon with my family. Thank you.

    Gaurav Khandelwal, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas family, thank you very much for the hospitality provided. To come to Shreyas, it is a perfect place to have a break from work and stress. I could calm down and energise myself and also learn how we can have a better quality of life. The yoga team is outstanding; no words can describe the incredible massage experiences. Regarding the food, it was the yummiest and freshly cooked vegetarian food I experienced. Thank you and hope to come back soon.

    Claudia Albuquerque, Brazil, 2021

    Dear Shreyas family, I absolutely loved everything here with all of you! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. Firstly, I want to say a nig thanks to everyone in the kitchen who made the most amazing food! Never thought that healthy vegetarian food can taste so good! A big thanks to all the yoga and meditation teachers who so patiently taught me the practice and engaged with me beyond the sessions to help me improve my practice. A big thank you to the doctors who understood my body and also very kindly got special decoctions and drinks made for me. All the staff here, who always have a smile on their face and are upper pleasant all the time – thank you! I really enjoyed my sessions at the spa and thank the therapists for the most amazing massages. Also Rucha, thanks for coordinating the entire experience right from before when I got here. I feel a bit sad to leave Shreyas and hope to come back soon. My 2 days here have really helped me feel calm and tranquil. Amazing experience! I would love to come back again. Also the property is absolutely beautiful and the rooms are lovely. The service was excellent. Always found my room in order and everything I needed was always there before I could even ask for it. Great job by all the staff. Best.

    Sukruti. Bengaluru, 2021

    Congratulations on what you have managed to achieve here. Each and every staff member has really put their heart and soul into making this place one of the best hotels/resorts/retreats that I have been to. We loved our time here and look forward to coming back soon with over family and friends. A big thanks to all the wonderful staff members for making us feel like royalty and helping us rejuvenate so well. This is a paradise of sorts you have built here. All the best and God bless you all! Warm regards.

    Prachi & Harshit, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you for making our stay beautiful and personalised. We had a calming experience. We enjoyed the food so much, taking a few recipe ideas back home as well. Thank you for creating personalised experiences for our celebrations and well being. Look forward to visit again!

    Mridu & Tarun, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas family, the stay with you was a very nice experience. The ambience and facilities is very well maintained was the staff well managed and polite. The food was healthy and delicious. The spa was very nice and comfortable. The overall experience was excellent. Thanks and best regards.

    Birju Kumar, Bengaluru, 2021

    Team Shreyas, a big thanks for the wonderful stay at your sprawling property. A very warm welcome was accorded to us on arrival. Courteous staff showed us to our lovely cottage ‘’Shraddha’’. Covid-19 protocols were strictly followed which was a reassuring experience at the pool. Loved nature watching walk, candle light pool side dinners have all been awesome. I can only admire the commitment of the staff and vision of the top brass. One particular practice that strikes me is the fact that whenever the guests leave their footwear at the dining hall or anywhere else, the staff innocuously arrange them in order and turn the slippers around so that they are ready to be worn back as we get out of the hall. This attention to detail is what impressed the most. Such detailing is visible throughout all of their service. Food is simple but extremely palatable. All in all, worth every penny (or should I say every paisa!). Regards.

    Sudhindra, Chaitra & Shravani – Bengaluru, 2021

    Team Shreyas, our experience here was very memorable and comfortable. It’s a beautiful, quiet place. The staff is very very courteous and helpful. Our room was always kept in order. The team is very vigilant and serves the guest with so much love. Food is also very nice, tasty and simple. I liked the variety too, very fresh. We really enjoyed the facilities like steam bath and home theatre, Yoga practices are also very rejuvenating. Would love to visit again. Thank you.

    Manisha & Sanjay, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear team, we loved our stay at Shreyas, from the accommodation to the food, to the services. Our favourite part was the bird watching and cow milking, under the watchful and knowledgeable advice of Giri Ram. We also loved the yoga sessions. This is the first time we did Jala Neti and it is something we will take away. The food was delicious and very different from the heavy fare usually eaten. Finally, the ambience for dinner was picture perfect. Thanks for the memories.

    Arya, Yamini & Rohit - Bengaluru, 2021

    I stayed at Shreyas for 7 nights. At the end of the stay, I am feeling a lot better than when I checked in a week ago. Both physically and mentally. I have been having unexplained fatigue and feverishness for the past one year and doctors weren’t able to find anything, all the tests were normal. But with this stay at Shreyas, my symptoms have reduced a lot. So, this stay has inspired me to make yoga a part of my life. Would love to visit again soon.

    Sugandhi, Bengaluru, 2021

    Shreyas has all the qualities of being your second home and so much more! This is our third trip here in the last two months and we can’t seem get enough of everything offered here. The staff is divine, they are extremely caring and diligent. The coaches and doctors are wonderful. The ambience and the evening walks are beautiful. We had have never known that simple and healthy food could be so sumptuous! We enjoyed all our classes and therapies and will continue to visit again every chance we get! Huge compliments to the team!

    Richa, Tanay & Zubin - Bengaluru, 2021

    We had a wonderful time. Super ambience, tasty and healthy food, clean pool, overall an excellent stay. Extremely polite and attentive staff added to the great time we had here. Thank you Shreyas.

    The Gopal family, Bengaluru, 2021

    What a lovely restorative weekend – birds chirping, an attentive yet non 0 obtrusive staff, great advice on health. Lovely routines for yoga and meditation. A well equipped spa. Will be back!

    Biren, Ragini Radhika - Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas family, thank you for making me feel so comfortable here, and for going out of your way to personalise my stay here. I appreciate the small things – refilling the water in my room multiple times a day, remembering my concoctions at night, and removing certain items from my food. Its been a very restorative stay and I appreciate the flexibility and attention paid by all the staff. There is a lot of intentionality in every small thing here, and that is very obvious. I look forward to coming back again. Wishing all of you much future success. Warmly.

    Shivanee Sen, Delhi, 2021

    Thank you team Shreyas for a restorative and rejuvenative break. All aspects were fully taken care of. This is probably my 8th or 9th trip here and I am coming back soon. In these Covid times, there are only a few places which feel safe and comfortable. Shreyas is one of them.

    Suparna Mitra, Bengaluru, 2021

    Shreyas . . . What can we say? We came here for a few days and have stayed 3 weeks in a ‘Çovid commune’ of sorts. 4 families with kids and every need met . . . you all have been exceptionally accommodating, generous, kind, thoughtful, adjusting. ‘Truly exceptional’. Thank you Chef Rajan, Santosh, Mani, Neelkamal and too many to mention. We will be back and wish you all very well.

    Vir, Mallika & Seher – Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, we had planned to come for just a few days to introduce my dear friend Malavika and check on my digestion, instead we stayed for weeks and nearly a month and got to pretend we were in a magical world and that the outside world was very far away. Thank you for letting us pretend for so many weeks. Thank you for giving us a home that was safe when our home had stopped feeling safe. This stay brought us so much joy, in a year where joy had been absent. Keep safe, keep well. Until we meet again.

    Kahran & Gourav – Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, our family has found a warm and wonderful sanctuary in Shreyas. Since our first visit in Aug., 2020. We have returned 5 times. This has been our longest stay and it has been a fantastic experience for all of us. The staff has gone above and beyond to make us comfortable and the facilities were always positive and well maintained. Special mention to all the cleaning and kitchen staff. We have tremendously enjoyed the yoga and meditation and chef Rajan’s cooking classes. And Ms. Sruthi and Ms Shobha as well as Mr. Aneesh at the Spa were truly excellent. Thank you again, we will come back soon!

    Maya & Gautam – Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, a place gets its true character by the people who nurture it. Shreyas team has it right with the space and the people and has become such a special place for our family. A special thanks to Santosh, Neelkamal, Sudeep, Madesh, Appanna and the entire kitchen team for taking such good care of us. We are really sad to leave! A shout out to the cleaning team led by Basuram for all the warmth and care and special touched every day. We will miss the team more than the place itself. Hope to be back soon. Thank you Sandhya, Dr. Arun, Mani and Dr. Shahuja and Ramakant for making life easy and helping Shailes to levitate and the chef and team for fantastic meals and cooking lessons! Lots of love.

    Shilps & Shailesh, VIhaa & Adithya – Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, my wife Chandrika and I spent 3 wonderful days at Shreyas. The aesthetics, the yoga sessions, the spa and the landscaping were superb. The food was varied and very tasty – a special thanks to Mr. Rajan, the chef. The staff who served us in the dining area were very attentive and courteous. A special thanks to Mr. Mani who was very helpful at all times. Also to Dr. Arun who advised us on the medical front. A stay that helped us to rejuvenate ourselves. A stay to temember.

    Chandrika & Chandrashekaan – Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, we just stayed here for one day and the hospitality given was truly amazing. The ambience was very peaceful and calm – we enjoyed nature at its best. We took just one yoga session and Mani Sir was very helpful and generous. Everything was good and we had a great time, thank you.

    Nithin Mutha – Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, firstly congratulations on preserving your team and your offering through the pandemic. Secondly, you have created a fabulous spa building and look forward to seeing the completion of the new cottages as well. We had a very good customised-personal yoga session with Dr. Shahuja (especially her accommodating chair yoga for my wife who has knee issues). Similarly a calming session with Mr. Balasundar (who we had not met previously). One of the features that distinguishes Shreyas is the enabling of staff yoga/chanting every day. It is these practices that are repaid as great customer service and staff loyalty. We understand that Shreyas supports a school when in session. It would be great if Shreyas could support a successful transition to online schooling for that specific school. Warmest.

    Samir & Janet, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you very much for the wonderful stay. We had a great time and it was a very good break uring this pandemic. Wish you the best of luck.

    K.K Rao Family, Bengaluru, 2021

    Thank you for the wonderful stay. We enjoyed greenery and comfort. Food was delicious, tasty and sattvic, a difficult combination to crack. We enjoyed greenery, enough space to do yoga practice, walk, swimming and work. The stay was comfortable, clean, and spacious Hospitality was perfect. Thank you so much for maintaining Indian culture in such a fine way. I read verses from Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Gita at different places. Wish you all the best. Looking forward for our next visit.

    Neha & Robin, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear all, we had a really relaxing stay here. Thank you so much for your hospitality. This experience will bring us back soon! Special mentions: Chef, Santosh, Neelkamal, Dr. Arun, Mr. Bala, Mr. Mani, Shruthi.

    Rajendrans, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, spent one of the best three days of my life at Shreyas. Very impressed with the hospitality of each and very staff. Enjoyed every meal and the service of kitchen staff was excellent. Special thanks to our yoga guru Mr. Mani for the personalised teaching of yoga, going back fitter and calmer and rejuvenated. A special thanks to Mr. Bala for his deep understanding of the mind and leading us to focus on personal happiness and fulfilment, the meditation sessions were very helpful.

    Nirmala, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, we enjoyed every minute of our three night stay at Shreyas. As soon as we entered the property we felt the peaceful, serene environment. The food was outstanding! My husband is gluten free and he was overjoyed to have gluten free waffle and gobi parathas. The treatments were great, we will miss ending our days with an abhyanga massage. Thank you for taking such good care of us. We will be back!

    Kava & Arjun, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, this was an awesome trip in a very peaceful, green and natural environment. The food was excellent and the service rendered by the staff was exceptional. The spa service was very good and note worthy. Thanks to the entire team for all the hard work. We will definitely be back and this would be a place on top of our recommendation list. Warm regards.

    Vinod, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, it was lovely to come back. The grounds, the treatments, the food are always great. But the staff is like family to us now. Everyone in security, housekeeping, kitchen, spa, gardens, the care takers and chefs have been so kind and warm towards us. We will be back soon. Thank you.

    Sunitha, Zoya & Niell, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, it was a fantastic experience! The extent to which the team personalises the services is so unique and something we have never experienced before. Whether it was the way food was customised to our liking, or providing ayurvedic concoctions for health, or even changing the direction of the shoes every time they were left outside, made the experience wholesome and enjoyable. The greenery and surroundings, and the effort put into keeping the natural settings as natural as possible is quite commendable. Doing yoga and meditation with greenery all around and birds chirping, elevated the whole experience. The abhyanga treatment at the spa was one of the best and most effective treatments. The variety and taste of the food, across our stay, contributed to the entire dining experience, making it extremely memorable. Wish you the very best, may you continue touching lives!:)

    Sreeiith Sivanandan, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, the excellent food, very attentive and proactive service, personalised to our requirements, made our stay special. We enjoyed walking through the property and sitting under the bougainvilleas. The massage, therapist are very experienced. Dr. Arun is very knowledgeable and is able to understand guests specific ailments correctly and prescribe the appropriate wellness therapy accordingly.

    Seema & Rostov, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you for a truly exceptional stay. For us it was a long awaited return to some normalcy having been isolated and working from home over the past months. The meals were exceptional, staff attentive and professional and the massage therapists simply outstanding. Although just an hour out of Bangalore, we leave feeling completely rejuvenated and rested, this was mainly due to the grounds, being surrounded by nature and waking up to the sounds of birds and rustling trees. Our best to all of you.

    Sharmini & Chantal, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you for the very attentive and proactive service. We have always enjoyed our stay here. Everytime we come we go bqck feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This was a much needed break and we were right to choose Shreyas again. Always wishing you the best.

    Shwetha & Vishal, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you for a wonderful experience! I enjoyed my stay and am very happy to see such an organisation in my hometown. The place is immaculate and the people are precious. Everyone at the retreat are so in tune with the needs of a customer – it is just wonderful to experience it. I feel rejuvenated and energised! Thank you very much for the entire team with lots of gratitude.

    Vinod Kumar, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Rucha, Ramegowda, Balaji and team, it has been wonderful to be back at Shreyas. Nothing has changed. It’s a world class service as usual. Enjoyed all aspects of our stay. Impressed again by the attention to details, new measures put in place due to the pandemic. Feel safe, good and ready to be back again. The new spa facilities are magnificent. Thank you each and everyone. Thanks to the great yoga teacher and Ramakant.

    Shashi & Chitrita, Bengaluru, 2021

    Relaxing yet invigorating, calming yet energising, peaceful yet full of wonderful sounds of nature. We really loved the experience. The staff is ever so helpful, the treatments so professional, the food delicious, the beauty mesmerising, the massages probably as good as they can get. We came here a bit tentative but we are going back so certain to visit again.

    Mahendra & Snehal, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear team Shreyas, I learnt about you from google when I was searching for a place for mind, body and soul rejuvenation. I was amazed to see there is one place right here in Bengaluru, never imagined that. I read many reviews and discussed multiple times with Rucha before finally booking amidst these covid times. It was so pleasant to see the ambience at first followed by great aarti. Amazing reception, I was much impressed with the covid protocol being followed which is a need of the hour. Yoga and meditation classes were too good and an outdoor setup in the rainy season was so well organised. Once in a blue moon experience. Spa was great too with well trained staff and a world class facility. Food - oh my god, just perfect to the ambience, climate and purpose of the story. Chefs are too good, selection of menu just more than perfect. Table layout competes with a five star hotel. Staff was extremely efficient and courteous. Cottage stay experience and the whole place is an experience of a lifetime. I have taken a lot of pictures and sharing on my social media handle. People are loving them and planning their trip. Keep it up. Great place because of a great team.

    Tejna, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear team Shreyas, the service was exceptional, the food was fantastic and the whole yoga experience was amazing. We had a beautiful team with our kids. The staff were friendly along with the whole team. Overall, our mornings have never been better with the birds chirping all the time. Our needs were well taken care of! Superb find.

    Harsh & Shilpa, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear team Shreyas, I liked the food a lot! I also liked the activities such as cow milking, bird watching, farming. Yoga is nice but what I like the most is the nature around it is so peaceful.

    Ved, Bengaluru, 2021

    Greetings to Shreyas, we had a great time in Shreyas. We got as much close to nature as possible, with maximum comfort. The place is pure and serene. Food and yoga are the highlights. Every simple aspect of the place is favourable to our mind and body. You have a great team. They are very inviting, pleasing and so soft natured. We really got inspired by the yoga sessions. I liked the idea of collection of books in the rooms and no TV is great. Overall it is a great experience. We would like to visit back, All the best.

    Srini, Usha & Subash, Bengaluru, 2021

    Looking at the trees, walking on the grass we enjoyed our time at Shreyas. Dipping in the pool, wearing a robe this was a very peaceful abode. But words can’t describe how I feel. What can, in the hearty sigh after my meal. Simply loved every aspect of our stay at Shreyas. Enjoyed the meal and also the cooking class hosted by Santosh and VInodji. The serving staff are also exceptional. The doctors, therapists and yoga teachers are all great and have helped us heal internally. We feel energised and recharged.

    Manohar Jain, Kabita Jain, Akash, Ankita & Apurva – Bengaluru, 2021

    Our stay at Shreyas has been an amazing experience. It has had a rejuvenating effect on the mind and body. The staff here are very courteous and helpful. Wonderful ambience, scrumptious food, polite staff, all other facilities, beautiful landscapes, gorgeous room with great views. Surely this will be an experience we will treasure! Thank you!

    Rajesh, Sameeksha, Sushma & Riddhi – Bengaluru, 2021

    We couldn’t have chosen a better place to celebrate our anniversary. We were surprised at how well the staff took care of us and noted our every need. Our room was always clean and ready before we entered after a meal or yoga session. The candle light dinner setup near the pool was spectacular and our room was decorated with candle lights and flowers! All the meals have been delectable. We would certainly like to come here more often now that we know what it has to offer. Vast greenery and farm to table meals are a big draw. Will highly recommend this place to everyone! Thank you to the chef and staff for taking such good care of us. Regards,

    Shruti & Alok, Bengaluru, 2021

    The stay at Shreyas is a wonderful experience. Quiet, relaxing, ambience, food, courteous staff, everything is good about this place. Farming and cow milking was a wonderful experience that I could give to my child. Meals served here are nutritious and balanced and the staff cater to every need of ours. Staff here is very humble and polite. All the interactions with them was great.

    Rishi & Parul, Bengaluru, 2021

    Our stay at Shreyas has been a wonderful experience. This place is beautiful and serene. The food and service is excellent. We hipe to come back again and would definitely recommend to friends and family too.

    Divya, Vipul & Meghna – Bengaluru, 2021

    Thank you so much for your incredible hospitality. The sessions and massages were of course delightful but I particularly enjoyed the food. Each course was so delicious and it never ever felt over-filling. Special mention to lemon chocolate! We had a beautiful, relaxing weekend and will hopefully be back very soon. Thank you.

    Rukmini, Bengaluru, 2021

    Thank you to all of the staff for such a wonderful stay. We loved the room, the yoga, the grounds – everything is kept so beautifully. It was the perfect place to celebrate Sohum’s 30th Birthday. Thank you for the delicious cake and lovely setting for a special dinner. The food has been exceptional, and we are grateful that you took into account our dietary requirements so thoughtfully. We will definitely recommend and come back again. Thank you.

    Sarah & Sohum, Bengaluru, 2021

    This is my fourth visit and slowly but steadily I am falling madly in love with this place and its people. It’s always the staff that makes the difference and at Shreyas the people go our of their way to make you feel comfortable, loved and cared for. I am especially grateful to all the yoga instructors and the staff at the spa. I am going home feeling much better and of course the doctor. Thank you to the hardworking gardeners for maintaining the expanse of greenery in such top notch condition; thank you to housekeeping and all back of the house staff and a special word for the chef. He is a genius, cooks the most amazing food. And thank you to the f&b service staff for being so perfect and caring. Above all, kudos to the management. Look forward to seeing you soon again.

    Chandan, Delhi, 2021

    This is the third time we visited Shreyas and everything was just as exciting as our previous visits! Shreyas is as hospitable as a resort can be, and coupled with their excellent staff and memorable one! Definitely a must for all yoga lovers. Looking forward for our 4th visit soon! Regards.

    The Desphande Family, Bengaluru, 2021

    The stay at Shreyas was a really wonderful one. The ambience and agenda was of course amazing but the best aspect of the trip was the hospitality of the staff. They paid attention to every detail. Set up a special evening and made us feel so welcome. Our next stay will be longer and we will recommend it to everyone. The food, massages and yoga sessions were great.
    Very relaxing, beautiful environment, super service, very clean, hygienic, great food, level of personalised service was excellent as were the mangoes. Will be highly recommended.

    Kapur Sharma family, Bengaluru, 2021

    ‘’People may forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’’ – Maya Angelou. Quoting the above as it is exactly what I felt. It felt like home. Beautiful experience, loved the energy level and the importance given to ‘’silence’’ and tranquillity. Thank you and hope to be back again . . . soon. Love.

    Shazia, Bengaluru, 2021

    The Shreyas Yoga Retreat is what we came across while choosing online for a wellness holiday in May 2021, to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Had to postpone our stay due to Covid restrictions. August being my birthday, we chose this month. Wow.. wow – nothing better could I have imagined. No words – speechless at times but on the whole, felt like a queen. The lush greens, the plants, the flowers, the spa, the food have come along together to make our stay memorable. The hospitality from the pickup to drop is excellent. All the yoga teachers., the doctors, the chef, the staff are commendable. Thanks Shreyas for everything. Would love to meet the owner Mr. Pawan whose guidance is well followed even in his absence.

    Hina Jain, Mumbai, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, this was my second visit, this time with my family. It was relaxing. Thanks to the staff for taking such good care I missed yoga sessions this time. Would like to come back. Thanks you.

    Abha, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, it was a lovely getaway, enjoyed the green space, food an hospitality. Much needed break during Covid. The staff were very supportive and catered to all our needs. Thanks again and looking forward to coming back soon.

    Sabrina Louis, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, this was my first trip here and needless to say, the most amazing one – the place is beautiful. However, what makes this place beautiful is your team – right to every individual who always treat you with a warm smile. The way everyone is calm and working dedicatedly is commendable. I would like to give individual feedback to the key drivers here: Overall stay – your team make sure I was well rested and comfortable. Changed the room to make me very very comfortable. When I had not even thought of this. Each day, the flowers in the room, or opened drapes when I was back from yoga were some key smiling points for me. Food – this was just at a different level. Have stayed in a lot of 5 star properties, but I think it is an art to make a simple, humble vegetable delicious. This is not something every resort can manage day in and day out. For me, it was soothing. Also, the people who serve us are good ones – very attentive, very dedicated ‘’good souls’’. The massages – both the therapists were very patient and always smiling. They knew what they were doing and did a very good job in all the 8 massages I took here. All the instructors – really paid attention to what my issues were, helped in focussing on the key ones which I am planning to include in day to day life. Thanking Manjula, Bala, Mani, Rita – my pranayama teacher, Sandhya – for making my stay an enriching experience. In short loved everything about it – the place, room, greenery, staff and every small and big things. Thank you!

    Monika, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas family, it has been a memorable 5 nights stay with you all. Right from the gourmet, cuisine to yoga to the overall hospitality, it has been an experience to savour. Dinesh from the restaurant, Sandhya, Dr. Manjula all are gems of people. There s no artificialness there but genuine love and respect and a desire to serve. I extended my best wishes to the Shreyas family to come out stronger from the pandemic and serve guests and take them on to the path of spirituality. God bless.

    Kaustubh Pethe, Mumbai, 2021

    Dear Shreyas team, it has been a rejuvenating 5 nights for our family. As it was our first such package we were taking we didn’t know what to expect. But it went smoothly from day one as everyone in the Shreyas team went out of his way to help us with everything, be it yoga sessions, ayurvedic treatments or the food. Our best wishes to you all. Hope to see you all again sometime in the future.

    Dr. Prathap Reddy & Sharmila – Hyderabad, 2021

    Our stay at Shreyas was a wonderful experience. We would like to mention each and every one who made the experience a memorable one. The food was perfect and every meal, a courteous and efficient service staff. The ambience and the property is amazing. The yoga instructors and the doctor were very good and made our stay all the more memorable. Definitely a 5 star experience. We are looking forward to come back. Spa service is also amazing. Totally we had a very good experience.

    Gayathri & Shankar Rao, Bengaluru, 2021

    Our experience at Shreyas was calming, soothing and heart warming. We are feeling so rejuvenated here. The people who have created and are running this place are surely passionate about this. The maintenance of such a property and the staff service is amazing. Had a great experience, will recommend it to others.

    Simran & Rajat, Bengaluru, 2021

    Shreyas is a unique property, in fact in many. The ambience is serene, one with nature. The accommodation and other infrastructure (facilities) are excellent, clean and modern. The food (menu) is wholesome, with wide variety, above all vegetarian. All this is possible because of its staff, who serve day and night with warmth and good feelings – a big thank you to Rucha, Santosh (chef), Santosh (steward), Arun, Sandhya, Prakash, spa team and many others for the memorable stay. Looking forward to come again.

    Sunil Lalbhai, Bengaluru, 2021

    I had read about Shreyas in B+ magazine. From that time I wanted to come here and experience this unique value proposition it has. I enjoyed and learnt yoga and the art of calmness. Jalneti was something new and good. Kids had a good time at the Home theatre, Jacuzzi and cattle feeding. Food for kids was customised and well taken care of. Staff, cook and other admin people were always responsive, caring and helping. Keep this attitude going. I will want to come back again, this time with my parents. I am sure my parents are going to love this place.

    Saurabh Bhodt, Bengaluru, 2021

    What a lovely experience we had at Shreyas. Green and calm environment; great yoga session, spa treatments, great food and rooms. Excellent staff with service attitude. We did not feel 8 nights a long time. We are looking forward to visit Shreyas family again.

    Divya & Krishna, Bengaluru, 2021

    We have had an amazing experience at Shreyas. The food is delicious and they catered to our needs. The kids loved the food too. Great yoga sessions and spa treatments. So close to Bangalore but felt worlds away. Thanks for everything.

    Jessica, Paul, Dylan & Lucas – Bengaluru, 2021

    Hello Shreyas and team, it was an absolutely blissful stay out here. Even though I could spend only one night here, I loved every bit of the space and experience here. I could spend only one night here, I loved every bit of the space and experience here. The food was awesome too. The yoga and massage therapy made the experience even better. I am really looking forward to stay here for a week or so very soon. Thank to all the chefs and service staff who took care of our dining experience. Special mention to Mr. Giri, for the wonderful nature walk. Dr. Arun, for the ayurvedic experience and Mr. Mani, for guiding us throughout.

    Anuradha & Prasad. Durga, Saravanan & kids – Bengaluru, 2021

    Hello Shreyas and team, it was a very rejuvenating experience. It was a very pleasant experience to walk into a place so soothing. It has a very quiet relaxing ambience. The staff added to it with their courteousness and very helpful demeanour. The massages too were excellent and so were meals. Enjoyed my stay here and am taking away new insights to a healthier way of living.

    Anita, Bengaluru, 2021

    Dear Shreyas and team, so happy that I came and had this wonderful experience of a very healing three days. Brilliant people, super massages, excellent doctors especially with the energy of healing and helping. This place is highly recommended and shall spread the word so that the same experience can be shared. Thank you, thank you, and thank you all.

    Sanju & Dinesh, Bengaluru, 2021

    Staff are very warm. Whole stay was peaceful and tranquil. Always a>

    Pintu, Bengaluru, 2021

  • To all at Shreyas, this short message is to convey my gratitude to you all. Ten years already and every year you have given your time, care and patience to get me through some difficult times. I wish you a successful year and satisfactory future for Shreyas as a whole, with a goal to help people to feel well and be well. I certainly will be back. Thank you. Hari Om.

    Manon, Greece, 2020

    Shreyas, first of all, thank you for providing such an incredible place to spend a short holiday. The facility itself was better than advanced but the real priceless gem of this place is you all. Sometimes in life we aren’t appreciative to what people bring into our lives or take the time to try to connect with all on our own personal way. This is not one of them. I can say the best part of my stay was not just learning but talking to those of you I had the pleasure of. You are special to me and I will cherish the memories of the other guest’s smiles at dinner along with the wait staff. The way I will always hear Mani saying inhale when I practice yoga and the smiles Anish always had. Too many people to say things about but all of you are special to me. Thanks for all.

    Michael Broadbent, USA, 2020

    To everyone at Shreyas, thank you for giving me such a wonderful, relaxing, pleasant time during my stay. I find Shreyas one of the best retreats in India, with excellent treatments at the Spa, excellent yoga, and superb food! I shall return!

    Regine Sampath Kumar – Vienna, Austria, 2020

    Dear team Shreyas, thank you for a wonderful few days. We have really enjoyed our time here. The dedicated staff couldn’t do enough to please us and cater for our needs, found everyone supportive.
    To all at Shreyas, you have created a mini paradise in this little corner of the universe. This was my first visit but definitely won’t be the last. What you have done is very special indeed. Everyone involved in the background clearly works very hard to maintain it. The yoga teachers are all extremely talented and their passion inspires the mind. Thank you for this blissful experience.

    Hassy, UK, 2020

    Dear team Shreyas, what you provide here for your guests is extraordinary – a haven from the world. Everyone is genuinely warm and caring, service is extraordinary and we have felt cared for as if we were part of a family. Thank you so much – we will return and recommend you to everyone we know.

    Christina & Dinah, UK, 2020

    Dear all at Shreyas, thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic stay, I loved every single minute here. The place you have created and the ambience here is so peaceful and???? The beautiful surroundings is so fantastic. I leave rejuvenated, calm and blissful and I cant thank you enough for the support you provided during my stay. I hope to come back again! Love.

    Jeannette, Denmark, 2020

    To everybody at Shreyas, I want to thank you all (you are a great team) for making my stay so delightful. Very many thanks.

    Catherine O’Byrne, Ireland, 2020

    This precious place allows me to reset my mind and body. Thank you to the beautiful people of Shreyas – incredible service – genuine. So very grateful for all.

    Slaney Mullen, Ireland, 2020

    Dear all, thank you for a wonderful visit. All the staff have been wonderful and the yoga instruction was amazing. I will certainly recommend Shreyas to friends and family. Thank you.

    Chris Gallagher,USA, 2020

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the staff at Shreyas. You have turned a beautiful, ecological, ethical space into a magical, delightful experience! Truly a wok of heart!

    Judie Croft, USA, 2020

    Many thanks for providing an excellent place for people to come and dive deep into Mandala. Rabin was a great help plus all the others involved in this amazing team that created magic. Love.

    Melissa Forbes, USA, 2020

    Dear all, thank you so much for these wonderful relaxing days with you. I enjoyed my stay really very much. Thanks for the fantastic and for me so helpful yoga lessons, the Pranayama and meditation classes/lessons during the retreat. Also, the massages are amazing. Thank sfor the super food! You are a great team. I absolutely want to come back to understand and learn more about how life here is and to learn more about myself.:)) Thanks.

    Heike, Germany, 2020

    Thank you for a spectacularly wonderful 4 day stay at the end of a long trip through South India we found peace, calm, quiet, rest. The most delicious foods, kind staff and wonderful yoga, meditation classes and spa treatments. We look forward the next times. With gratitude. Love.

    David Kent & Wendy Shaw – Toronto, Canada, 2020

    Dearest people of Shreyas!, thank you for the most incredible hosting. My time spent here has been so invaluable. I felt like a new person!! I came here for healing and got a lot more – the cooking session was amazing! And the treatments definitely worked. Every person here is on another level. Thank you.

    Janet Goldblatt, South Africa, 2020

    To everyone at Shreyas – thank you once again for another wonderful stay. We love what Shreyas gives us and appreciate the contribution of each and every one of the staff! Warm regards and be well.

    Lynne & Hezzy, New York, 2020

    To all the incredible staff at Shreyas, I cannot thank you enough for your warmth, kindness, compassion and teaching. With your amazing guidance I feel I have learnt how to heal and leave behind so much pain and heart break. I will practice daily everything you have taught me and move forward to a happier, joyful life. I look forward to seeing you all again in my next visit. With very best wishes.

    Amelia Pearson, UK, 2020

    I can’t thank you enough for the most wonderful days of wellness and calm. The staff have all been incredible. The facilities fabulous. The food absolutely divine. Please, please do a cook book. And finally the walk around the retreat was fascinating. Thank you again. I will be back. Namaste.


    Dear Shreyas, when I booked my trip and stay here, I imagined a wonderful starter trip to India (first time) with yoga and wellness as an entry point and agenda. Shreyas and my experience here has exceeded every possible expectation of mine. Each and every detail of my stay felt personalised, generous and authentic. The range of care from yoga instructors, the team of wellness doctors, the spa and each and every staff member was exceptional. I met wonderful guests, enjoyed the range of loving food from the garden and stretched myself in my head, heart and body. This is not just a luxurious resort but an authentic Indian place to practice yoga and meditation. Returning here to Shreyas would be a privilege. With love.

    Nancy Beer, New York, 2020

    We have great cause to give great thanks. Thank you all for a wonderful stay and especially for he help with my husband’s difficulties. We loved the yoga, Pranayama, meditation, massages, cooking classes . . . . Fro now we have to say good bye but! We will be back.

    Adelheid & Rolf Klaus – The Swiss Mountain Aborigines, 2020

    One week at Shreyas – what a wonderful experience, what a wonderful journey. I have learnt so much and hope to take some of the wisdom back with me to my home. As a total yoga beginner, a whole new world has happened up for me and I am sure I will continue on the journey. Thank you to all the lovely staff, your care and service has been exceptional and I am sure I will return to this amazing secret hideaway. Namaste.

    Daniela, Amsterdam, 2020

    To all at Shreyas, it is wonderful to be back in India and especially back at Shreyas. The food is as fabulous as ever and the yoga with Ramakant was some of the best I have ever encountered – an incredible astanga teacher! The spa treatments were superb and the therapists wonderful and professional. The private meditation session was truly enlightening. Clearly you have a devout following and it is easy to see why. I loved visiting the orphanage again – to see it looking so impressive. The children are such a joy too and it is heartening to see them doing so well with their education. Thank you for supporting them so strongly! With all our best wishes.

    Nicola Shepherd & Jonathan Drew, 2020

    To our friends at Shreyas, we would like to thank you for your kindness and generosity. We have had another exceptional experience at Shreyas. Everyone has been so kind to us. We are so thankful for it! We shall be back very soon!!!

    Jerome Thiebault, France, 2020

    Shreyas, thank you for the most peaceful week I have had since arriving in India 7 years ago. The silence, air, facilities and staff truly make this an oasis. I will take many of the practices with me as I head back into the crazy world. Thank you for the lovely retreat you have created. Blessings.

    Laura Anderson – Ranchi, Jharkhand (Oregon, USA), 2020

    This has been our second visit to Shreyas. Ever since we stepped in for the first time three years back we have kept the soul and spirit of your beautiful retreat in our hearts (and most likely, we have been spoilt forever.:)). Coming back to this oasis feels like coming home and it feels great to have this cocoon to hide from the crazy world out there. . . again, our stay was too short but we enjoyed every second . . . every asana, every breath, every stretch, every treatment, conversation and every bite of your outstanding food. Thank you for taking so good care of us and we can’t wait to come back. Until then we will carry the spirit back tour home in Germany. Love.

    Jasmin & Andre, Germany, 2020

    Dear Shreyas team, first I want to thank you for opening back up. It cannot have been an easy decision, but Shreyas is just what you need in these times. Everything was just as wonderful as I remember from my last few stays. If anything it was better! To maintain excellence and improve – with things as hey are, is incredible! Wow! I look forward to returning soon. Wish you the very best.

    Umang Varma, Bengaluru, 2020

    I too have enjoyed another stay at Shreyas. Just what I needed, after spending 3 months inside my house. The standard is always high and I found it exactly as always. I appreciate the little touches, the short chats and the long conversations too; everything, from the site to the personnel. I will be back again – hopefully before we start work again in August. Take care, be well.

    Karen, Bengaluru (Australia), 2020

    Dear Shreyas team, This place is a blessing and for the first time I was able to visit my family after months of being cooped up at home. Thank you for making this break so special with all the love and additional touches for the current situation to make us feel safe. The level of detailed protocol followed is seamless and done without making anyone feel like something is out of place. So happy you are up and running again. Also love the new landscaping. Look forward to seeing it after the plants and grass have established themselves. With gratitude.

    Sudeepta, Bengaluru, 2020

    Hello Shreyas team, It was a great time here. A cherishable memory. Helped to rejuvenate and refresh our minds and body. Amazing food! Too good. All the staff were very cordial and friendly. Excellent choice of book too. Looking forward to have many more experiences at Shreyas Retreat. Real treat. Thank you for the fantastic hospitality.

    Shwetha Srivatsav, Bengaluru, 2020

    Hello Shreyas, we enjoyed well, this is beautiful. Incredible place! We were impressed by your services. Enjoyed yoga and spa, was very good. Food was very tasty and healthy. Thank you so much for everything, we enjoyed each and every moment.

    Asha V., Bengaluru, 2020

    Dear Shreyas team, this has been a much needed break for our family after cooped up for over 5 months. All apprehensions were put to rest within the first couple of hours of arriving at the retreat. The experience was exceptional and can’t thank the team for being so thoughtful al the time. Loved every minute; look forward to being back again soon.

    Shipla & Shailesh, Bengaluru, 2020

    Hi Shreyas, we enjoyed with your family for a day. I would highly recommend Shreyas as the best place to relax for family and friends, with yoga, spa, and healthy food and to feel good, to get back to life again. Yoga session was very helpful, food was tasty and catered to our taste, staff were well behaved and very respectful to the guests. The spa services were the best we had. We even had a good movie time with family. All the very best to Shreyas - celebrate many more years of service to guests. Thank you so much.

    Sharanya Srinivas, Bengaluru

    This was my 6th trip to Shreyas. Most standalone boutique properties drop standards after a few years. However, Shreyas seems to be aging beautifully like old wine. The food, service, yoga, meditation, massage sessions were as always 10/10.The place looks green and fresh and the energy was soothing. We needed this week – covid has created hidden stress in all of us. A few suggestions: 1. Please include herbal powder (shikakai/besan) instead of soap, to be used for shower after massage. 2. Can you plant some Dhatura trees? The flowers are beautiful, they come in many colors. Also a special tree for Lord Shiva! Thank you once again for a wonderful experience. Will be back soon.

    V.Anand, Bengaluru, 2020

    Dear team, to keep things simple, we loved everything about this place. Simply amazing. Starting from the welcome in Indian style, to air of the estate, medical check-up, library (the best possible collection of books) etc., all were perfect. Yoga and meditation sessions were very serene and encouraged us to follow on daily routine. Swiss/steam and massage sessions were awesome. Food, I can go on and on describing the quality of food. Everything was terrific. Indian/western - all was fantastic. Service of staff was simply the best. All were very polite and courteous. Room and other facilities were superb and we are already planning our next visit. It was a perfect Birthday! Thanks..

    Dhruv & Shaily, Bengaluru, 2020

    Dear Shreyas team, many thanks for this week, it has been fantastic! A beautiful place where every detail is specially planned and is appreciated, but what really makes the difference is ‘’you’’ the team. I want to thank each and everyone in the team for their professionalism and kindness. I have not only rested but, I have learned too during this time and I take a little memory of each one. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

    Maria, (Spanish) Bengaluru, 2020

    Our stay at Shreyas Retreat was really amazing. The food service, housekeeping and ambience were really remarkable. I enjoyed myself. The pool is really relaxing and the cleanliness was so on point. It was a much needed break and our stay was joyful. Thank you. Dr. Manjula Devi K, Bengaluru. Our stay at Shreyas Yoga Retreat was supercatifragilisticexperialidosiouc. The best part was the pool. The kitchen staff was the kindest. The yoga teacher was really sweet. Would love to come back and enjoy again. Food was very healthy and feels very good. Staff was very sweet. The cleanliness thorough, I would rate it 11/10. Thank you for everything. .

    Manya M Ramesh, Bengaluru, 2020

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you for all the hospitality. This was the exact detox we had on our minds. Its precious to have a getaway amidst the pandemic which is a safe haven. Much love and light.

    Samudyata, Bengaluru, 2020

    Dear team Shreyas, everything was about near perfect – we loved the accommodation, the food was exceptional, the walk an yoga experience was also great. There were some hiccups during check in process (2 hour waiting time) which was well compensated with the rest part of the stay. What I loved most are the humble people around me. Keep up the good work.

    Sailesh Lkhanai, Bengaluru, 2020

    Dear team Shreyas, It always is a pleasure coming back here, the familiar faces, hospitable team, peaceful surroundings make for an incredible space to slow down. We are glad to have found you.

    Varun & Nirupa, Bengaluru, 2020

    Dear team Shreyas, what an exhilarating family to come back. The food is awesome – the best vegetarian food I have ever had. The facilities are world class. The yoga sessions are so energising, distressing and uplifting. But the best of all the best is – your dear team. Your ever smiling and warm hospitality continues to keep us amazed – its what makes this place so top of the world class. My best wishes.

    Archana & Anil Bist, Bengaluru, 2020

    As always, I have enjoyed my stay here at Shreyas. The piece of quiet – even the ability to be outside is perfect. I love the food – its variety and freshness sets us all up for a great day. Love the yoga – even though I am still very much a beginner. I promise to keep practising. Thank you, again. I will be back.

    Karen, Bengaluru, 2020

    Our family only stayed for 1 night at the retreat but right from the time that I contacted Rucha for the booking to the end of our stay, everyone was so professional, pleasant, and warm and accommodating that it absolutely delighted us in every way! The property of course is naturally stunning but the upkeep and maintenance is also praise worthy. Overall we had an amazing stay and would recommend to friends and family whole heartedly. Thank you for having us!

    Nandini & Chetan, Anandi & Soham - Bengaluru, 2020

    Hello, it was perfect 3 night retreat. Had a great time. The place was beautiful, lush green, calm and tranquil. The pool is super inviting and the spa is great. Enjoyed yoga and meditation sessions. Experienced and knowledgeable teachers. All massages were mind blowing. Thoroughly enjoyed them. Everything was clean and hygienic. Entire staff was warm and welcoming and served whole heartedly. The food was delicious – fresh, tasty and healthy and refreshing. It was a great holiday. Thank you.

    Neelam & Mahesh, Bengaluru, 2020

    This is exactly what we needed. An amazing place with even more amazing people. Loved the lush greenery around. With every passing hour at the property our experience kept getting better. The spa treatment is nothing like we have experienced before. Even the yoga sessions were amazing. The staff have been more than kind and courteous and have even gone out of their way to cater to some of our needs. A lot of attention to detail has been given while conceptualising as well as running this place. The food can be compared to home food and we loved every meal! Thank you for looking after us so well and rest assured, you have found patrons for life in us. Best wishes.

    Deeksha, Varun & Riaan - Bengaluru, 2020

    Thank you for the great hospitality always. This place is an oasis of tranquillity from the bustle of Bangalore. We have always enjoyed our stay here, albeit for short visits. We truly enjoyed the food and ambience of the place. The Spa is amazing. Love how tastefully the décor is done. The staff here are special. And we always recommend this place to our friends and family. Best wishes.

    Nirupa & Varun, Bangalore, 2020

    Dear Shreyas team, we really enjoyed our stay. Yoga class was really good. Food was very satvik, which we wanted. Thank you so much for the service, we enjoyed from you all. Best wishes.

    N.R. Kathyayani, 2020

    Shreyas team, we enjoyed our stay and everything was perfect and clean. Food was amazingly tasty and healthy. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and warm service. Thank you all, would like to visit this place again soon. Best wishes.

    Karishma Gupta, 2020

    Dear Shreyas team, I feel totally pampered and rejuvenated as I write my review. Shreyas was everything that I expected and beyond. The ambience, the food, activities, spa and the overall hospitality and service was superb. I have written down names of several dishes that I ate and would like to make at home! Chef Santosh Barik’s preparations were healthy and original, tasty and beautifully plated. Hope we get to taste your delicious food again chef! I also enjoyed hatha yoga morning practice. The instructor was amazing and gentle. We hope to be back soon! Much love to all!

    Anu Ganapathy, Bengaluru, 2020

    Dear Shreyas, thank you for looking after my mother and I. We were looked after very well, all the staff were very caring and thoughtful. They were very patient with my mom. She had a great time here. Wishing you all the best for the future.

    Belle & Savitaben,UK, 2020

    To Shreyas, thank you for an extraordinary week of relaxation and awakening. We learned so much - open to many new thoughts and ideas - all the while enjoying every minute. I am grateful for your guidance and encouraging me (even if I resist). Will surely be back!

    Mary Ginsberg, USA, 2020

    Shreyas, on my third stay here; I can truly say you are better than ever. This is an absolute paradise - made possible and perfected by the love, dedication and hard work of all the wonderful people here. Thank you, as ever, for an exceptional stay. I can't wait to come back again soon to see more exciting changes. Wishing everyone at Shreyas an exciting and healthy 2020! Love.

    Caroline Lacroix, UK, 2020

    This was my first time here and definitely not my last! What a treasure this place is. Everyone here is so friendly and warm. I feel better about practising yoga and hope to update you on my progress. The food was delicious! The staff who prepared and served the food are so gracious and kind. The staff at the spa were so thorough and masterful. Everyone also - those who took care of the rooms, grounds, garden . Thank you. I feel as though this place is like a home. Namaste.

    Amisha Patel, USA, 2020

    Our first visit to this wonderful place. We treasured the treatments, the kitchen, yoga and meditation. The staff was truly friends and friendly at the same time. We will be back.

    Kristen & Michael, Denmark, 2020

    This was our second visit and feels like my second home. I feel totally at home and love the peace and relaxation. I feel the yoga is amazing and did 3% hours of yoga a day. Instructors are all fantastic, treatments first class. Loved visiting the orphanage, it brought tears to my eyes when I first went. Lovely feel and fabulous communal eating. I love everything about the place and plan to return on a yearly basis. Thanks to everyone at Shreyas who makes the experience possible.

    Lesley Adams, London, 2020

    This was my second visit. It was as exceptional as the 1st! Thank you for the kindness, care, dedication. Sruti especially was incredible! I am so sad to leave.

    Ruchika, Delhi, 2020

    I am very thankful to everyone at Shreyas for al the care and attention they have surrounded me with. I admire how everyone is trying to do their job in the best professional manner. I admire how considerate and thoughtful everybody is.

    Nayiri, Armenia, 2020

    It is sad to leave you. Thank you for treating me like a queen. Love you so much.

    Alaa Redwan, Saudi Arabia, 2020

    Perhaps 5th visit is a charm. Every visit so wonderful. The yoga is like no other I have experienced in yoga retreats around the world - and then there are the people, the food, the treatment, the environment the . I will be back soon . . . .

    Kevin Alger, USA, 2020

    The place exceeded all my expectations. It has a very homely feel to it, the employees are so amazing, so kind, very attentive and always willing to help. All the people working here have a great service attitude. I enjoyed learning yoga, meditation, Pranayama and hope to continue it as a life style. Absolutely enjoyed the massages and the visit to the orphanage. I do not have words to describe my food experience, every day, every meal was so different, tasty, with the right amount of salt and spices. Enjoyed all the desserts. My experience feels so surreal, would love to comeback. Regards.

    Viji, Dubai, 2020

    Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for an unbelievable experience. Every whim was anticipated and satisfied, every staff member a true professional and a wonderfully kind human being and the ambience created was magical. The chef deserves a special mention - outstanding food!!!

    Sharon Bamford, UK, 2020

    Dear Shreyas, it has been a wonderful experience and m in your debt for setting me on a path for unity. The staff is outstanding, I consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to be here.

    Peggy Greens, UK, 2020

    Dear Shreyas, I am absolutely amazed and grateful for the wonderful experience I have had during my few days here. I have much joy in my spirit and feel much stronger mentally and physically. Thank you immensely to Mani, Rita and Ramakant and Mr. Bala who have taught me so much and gently pushed me to experience more than I knew I could do! I leave here with motivation to continue my yoga practice and meditation. The staff as well are amazing. Service is exemplary and everyone here is so thoughtful. Thank you all for a wonderful stay. I will be back and hopefully better at Yoga by then! Many many thanks.

    Nandini Johnson - USA, North Carolina, 2020

    Dear Shreyas, it is my third time visiting and you don't seize to impress. I had an amazing time so, thank you to your staff, hard working and so loving. Thanks. "I will be back":- Arnold's Voice. Namaste.

    Mike, London, 2020

    Calm ambience, delicious food, respectful and gracious staff, knowledgeable doctors, humorous yoga classes, special moments, light laughter, a week to remember. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, much love.

    Phil, UK, 2020

    I already came here three years ago with my friend and feel things here have moved in a wonderful way. The yoga lessons are very professional, the massages equally and the medical monitoring is precise and also professional. All the staff is keen to please the guests and the atmosphere is light and fun. Thank you to all!

    Annnie, France, 2020

    Thank you for another wonderful stay in this house. For me it is like coming back home, thank you for wonderful yoga lessons, excellent massages and good food! I will sure come back soon! Namaste.

    Stephanie, Germany, 2020

    Thank you for a wonderful stay, I feel so blessed to have found it and have felt all of the love and effort you have put into my stay. Thank you for challenging me in my yoga practice and holding space for such practice. The staff is incredible - they work as a tem and bring so much joy and love to what they do. Looking forward to returning myself and with a group of students. With love. Namaste.

    Andrea Martin, USA, 2020

    This place has met all our expectations and exceeded them. The staff are wonderful and it is that which makes the experience here so unique. I arrived here stressed and am leaving here calmer and with hope - a testament to the care that I received. Renu, London. A truly incredible experience. Everyone here is in tune with the guests and one another, creating an environment that is truly unique. We made many friends and look forward to returning soon

    Steve, London, 2020

    We have had the most enjoyable four days in this lovely place and had our first yoga lesson ever! It has started a journey for us when we get home

    Pat & Phil Dawson, UK, 2020

    We have to thank everybody here! It was a pleasure staying here, we learned a lot and it is so inspiring! What a beautiful place! What wonderful employees. Do not change! Stay as you are!

    Christiane Feller & Dr. Hans Moll, Germany, 2020

    Namaste Shreyas, thank you for a very great experience. We loved everything - staff, place, food, services. The most special was the individual attention given to us. Thank you again. Namaste.

    Radhika & Nimmi, London, 2020

    This is my first time at Shreyas and it absolutely won't be the last! I came for 5 days as a gift from my husband and I hoped to relieve some stress at the very least. After 5 days here I can say that my body and mind are both equally uplifted and less tense. The land and surroundings are stunningly beautiful and serene. It has reminded me of my grandparent's home in Kerala and I have loved playing back many great memories while here. Each of the staff embodies the essence of Shreyas. We will be back as a family one day. Thank you for everything all of you have done for me this week. Am grateful for my time here. Namaste.

    Regina Mathews, Dubai, 2020

    My third visit to Shreyas and it was so heartening to see all the familiar faces, the warm smiles, the grace and beauty of the surroundings. We feel better, calm and more limber. Next time - at least 10 days. Thank you for the really excellent environment, food and gentleness. Lots of love to everyone.

    Veena & Vinod Aggarwal, London, 2020

    Shreyas has become home for me after only few days! It is difficult to leave such a beautiful place and warm staff. I am so happy to have improved in yoga with the help of your excellent instructors. Spa experiences were excellent - I especially liked Soumya's treatment for me, what a happy soul!

    Sandra Pons, USA, 2020

    Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for taking such good care of us. Everything has been perfect, the food, the massages, the yoga and the people. We feel very relaxed and will come back. Elisabeth Lund, Norway. Dear Shreyas, it is my second time I a staying at Shreyas. Such a lovely place! Excellent food, excellent service and staff. Nice yoga sessions, love Rita the yoga instructor. Love Shruti the therapist. The wait staff are so polite and cute. Hope to see you again.

    Mette Sorlien, Norway, 2020

    Dear Shreyas, we arrived with great anticipation but uncertain as to what to expect. It's been a joyful adventure unravelling over the past 6 days. We have truly loved every minute from the spiritual journey to the yoga experiences, to the exceptional food, massages and magical garden. The service and support has been outstanding in its helpfulness and friendliness. A sincere thank you to everyone at Shreyas, will undoubtedly be back.

    Catriona, Angela, Sally, Kate - UK & Sioned - Australia, 2020

    Dear Shreyas family, I was so pleased to come back after all these years to find familiar friendly faces. I did not think it was possible, but my week here was even better than the last. Thank you for welcoming me and my family into to your family. Love to you all!

    Natasha, California, 2020

    Dear Shreyas family, we had been away too long! 7 years! It was even more amazing than last time - you continue to get better and maintain the soulfulness and intimacy that make Shreyas so very special. Thank you for the many important teachings - I know I am going home well equipped. I look forward to seeing you all again soon! With my love and thanks.

    Annita, Toronto, 2020

    Dear Shreyas family, as our second trip here, we truly felt we were coming home. Amazed to see the same familiar and smiling faces, to the consistency of the attentiveness and high quality of services. We are so grateful for the warmth you have provided us. The yoga instruction, meditation, private sessions/discussions and the food was beyond magical. Shreyas is truly a special place. We have learned more about ourselves, the spirituality of yoga and meditation and how to bring it home with us. Thank you for another amazing stay. It was simply perfect. With love and peace.

    Sandi & Smita, USA, 2020

    Dear team Shreyas, thank you for the perfect yoga retreat. Fantastic yoga instructors, wonderful massages, fabulous food.

    Peter, London, 2020

    Thanks to all the team for the so special attention, the high level of competences and the peaceful support from the gardens to the kitchens, from the yoga team to the spa, from the meditation to the shanty mantras we enjoyed everything. It is our first time at Shreyas and it gives us the wish to come back and stay longer. All the best. merci beaucoup.

    Moni - Luce & Bernard, Switzerland, 2020

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the staff at Shreyas. You have turned a beautiful, ecological, ethical space into a magical, delightful experience! Truly a work of heart!

    Judie Croft, USA, 2020

    Dear all, thank you for a wonderful visit. All the staff have been wonderful and the yoga instruction was amazing. I will certainly recommend Shreyas to friends and family. Thank you.

    Chris Gallagher,USA, 2020

    This precious place allows me to reset my mind and body. Thank you to the beautiful people of Shreyas - incredible service - genuine. So very grateful for all.

    Slaney Mullen, Ireland, 2020

    To everybody at Shreyas, I want to thank you all (you are a great team) for making my stay so delightful. Very many thanks.

    Catherine O'Byrne, Ireland, 2020

    Dear all at Shreyas, thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic stay, I loved every single minute here. The place you have created and the ambience here is so peaceful and???? The beautiful surroundings is so fantastic. I leave rejuvenated, calm and blissful and I cant thank you enough for the support you provided during my stay. I hope to come back again! Love.

    Jeannette, Denmark, 2020

    Dear team Shreyas, what you provide here for your guests is extraordinary - a haven from the world. Everyone is genuinely warm and caring, service is extraordinary and we have felt cared for as if we were part of a family. Thank you so much - we will return and recommend you to everyone we know.

    Christina & Dinah, UK, 2020

    Dear team Shreyas, thank you for a wonderful few days. We have really enjoyed our time here. The dedicated staff couldn't do enough to please us and cater for our needs, found everyone supportive. To all at Shreyas, you have created a mini paradise in this little corner of the universe. This was my first visit but definitely won't be the last. What you have done is very special indeed. Everyone involved in the background clearly works very hard to maintain it. The yoga teachers are all extremely talented and their passion inspires the mind. Thank you for this blissful experience.

    Hassy, UK, 2020

    To everyone at Shreyas, thank you for giving me such a wonderful, relaxing, pleasant time during my stay. I find Shreyas one of the best retreats in India, with excellent treatments at the Spa, excellent yoga, and superb food! I shall return!

    Regine Sampath Kumar - Vienna, Austria, 2020

    Shreyas, first of all, thank you for providing such an incredible place to spend a short holiday. The facility itself was better than advanced but the real priceless gem of this place is you all. Sometimes in life we aren't appreciative to what people bring into our lives or take the time to try to connect with all on our own personal way. This is not one of them. I can say the best part of my stay was not just learning but talking to those of you I had the pleasure of. You are special to me and I will cherish the memories of the other guest's smiles at dinner along with the wait staff. The way I will always hear Mani saying inhale when I practice yoga and the smiles Anish always had. Too many people to say things about but all of you are special to me. Thanks for all.

    Michael Broadbent, USA, 2020

    To all at Shreyas, this short message is to convey my gratitude to you all. Ten years already and every year you have given your time, care and patience to get me through some difficult times. I wish you a successful year and satisfactory future for Shreyas as a whole, with a goal to help people to feel well and be well. I certainly will be back. Thank you. Hari Om.

    Carolyn Goltra, 2020

  • Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! Shreyas has been excellent to us. The best thing is the staff who are well trained but most importantly, very passionate and caring. Thank you for all the help.

    Vinay, Gurgaon, 2019

    This is my 5th time here. And am sure many more to come. I love this place for the totality of fulfilling experiences it offers from the impeccable aesthetics, to very thoughtful service through every possible detail. Ensconced in a wholesome an spiritual ambience it is both nourishing and healing for the body as well the soul. Wishing Shreyas all the best.

    Preeti Vyas Gianetti, Mumbai, 2019

    Yesterday I said good bye to 2019, today I gave to say good bye to Shreyas. When I realise something new and deeper has been prepared in me, here. Thanks a lot. I wish a Happy New Year for all of Team Shreyas.

    Takako, Tokyo, 2019

    It is time to say good bye. But we hope to come back! Why? Because it is a special place where we experienced a wonderful spirit in the whole team! Our Ayurveda cure with the perfect addition of Yoga practice and Meditation brings us new energy for the upcoming year 2020! We thank you from our heart just from everything! Have a fabulous year 2020 Peace - love - joy. Namaste.

    Johannes Adams & Guido Boehler, Germany, 2019

    Dear Shreyas family - staff, it has really been a great few days with you that I will not forget ever. Thank for the good things that you give us.

    Mohammed Ali, Qatar, 2019

    Dear Shreyas family, what can I say - over the past 3 weeks Shreyas has become a home for me. I am infinitely grateful for the loving care and support I have received from everyone here. Gently, wisely and very sensitively I was guided and accompanied. For me Shreyas is an oasis of peace and mindfulness. My soul has come to rest! Could recharge its energy and joy of life. My body has recovered from the last months. Here with you my inner light has begun to shine again. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the whole Shreyas family. From the management to the gardener - all of you - each in your own way have helped me to be grateful, to become courageous and to look curiously and joyfully into the future. I am looking forward to see you again. Love.

    Marion, Switzerland, 2019

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful stay at this magical place. It is hard to believe how amazing we feel - huge thanks to Ramakant, Manikant and Rita for incredible (hard!) yoga sessions, Bala for the meditation, and the kitchen staff for amazing food and a special Christmas meal. Can't wait to come back!! Thank you.

    Mishal & Mark Konrad, Hongkong, 2019

    Dear Shreyas, one more stay at this beautiful haven comes to an end. Shreyas I sour home away from home. Shreyas is where we get reconnected with nature, with human kindness, with excellence. Most importantly it is the place we get reconnected with ourselves. We sometimes get off the path of "Self discovery". None of this experience would be possible without the outstanding staff here. I am always amazed to see the same people provide this most amazing experience with such excellence and care. Thank you so much for making our stay wonderful. As always we will be back as Shreyas is a home for us. With love.

    Dr. Sema Sgaier, USA, 2019

    What a gift. The intentions, care, love and generosity of spirit is amazing here. The care given to detail and individual attention is apparent at every turn. Thank you for creating such a radiant community - the better for it, one guest at a time. With love.

    Carolyn Goltra - Denver, Colorado USA, 2019

    Thank you for your inclusivity, presence, warmth. You all made our stay magical.

    Manasa, Bengaluru (USA), 2019

    Thank you so much for the most wonderful time we experienced here. Santosh and Dinesh and the rest of the staff were so wonderful, always courteous, helpful, gracious and eager to fulfil our every wish! The food was excellent, thoughtful and wonderfully presented. Truly remarkable experience every single time we had had here. Looking forward to our next visit.

    Nina, USA, 2019

    To the Shreyas staff, thank you so much for everything you have given me. This experience has been so peaceful and has allowed me to understand myself better. The staff has been so gracious and understanding and helped me better myself greatly whether it be yoga or emotionally. I can not wait to return soon!

    Suha, USA (Bengaluru), 2019

    S o incredible, sensational H olidays (wonderful) R ejuvenating E nthusiasm Y ES! (Maximum) A uthenticity S oul healing What a wonderful 7 night stay. We enjoyed marvellous meals, did our first classes and got deep into meditation. Above all, we travelled all around the world with all the guests from different origins. Thank you SHREYAS!!

    Karine & Michel, Mauritius, 2019

    The staff of Shreyas is absolutely nice (no exception). The meals are excellent as are the treatments. The only problem is the train at nights and the ice cold swimming pool. Thank you to the professional staff.

    Catherine Graindorge, France, 2019

    To all the staff at Shreyas. many many thanks for hosting and giving a truly wonderful experience. we didn't do much research before we arrived and so we didn't know what to expect but it has been a magical journey of self discovery that has both delighted and challenged us. The spa and the treatments are phenomenal and the food was delicious. We also really enjoyed our first time experiencing yoganidra and yoga. All the best.

    Manon & Lucas, Germany, 2019

    To all the staff, I am deeply grateful for your spiritual attitude, attentiveness, respect and consideration. This experience was healing for body, mind and soul. To all at Shreyas, many thanks again for another memorable stay. Your care and attentiveness was heart warming and the overall experience (delicious meals, yoga, and meditation) exceptional. Namaste.

    Shenaz & Daniel, Mauritius, 2019

    I am incredibly grateful to have had this experience at Shreyas. The silent retreat was an immensely gratifying, cleansing and eye opening way to welcome myself into my thirties. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my birthday one I will never forget. You, as a whole, have touched my soul at a time in my life when I truly needed it. This stay is still difficult to put into words but it has been unparalleled. I have found deep and inner power that lay dormant too long. Thank you all for reawakening all of my senses to the richness of life. Goodbye and thank you for now. I will carry this vibrant, spiritual place with me in my every cell and breath. Forever grateful.

    Emily, USA, 2019

    To all the staff at Shreyas, just wanted to say a huge thank you for the last week. I didn't know what to expect before coming here but have been pleasantly surprised in all aspects. I can't believe how attentive everyone has been to any our needs I have never experienced service like this before. The food has been incredible (thank you for catering to our requests) and I have really enjoyed the yoga and meditation. Thank you to Bala for all of your help and guidance, I have learnt invaluable things that I look forward to taking home with me. The massages have been incredible, thank you to all of the staff at spa for making me feel relaxed! You have provided everything I could have possibly asked for, for a week of peace, reflection and gratitude. I hope to come back and see you all again one day! Thank you again for everything, especially Dr. Manjula who has been so helpful in making me have what we need. Lots of love.

    Sonia, London, 2019

    Thank you so much to every single person at Shreyas who have looked after us with so much love and care for our whole trip. We have loved all the fresh, healthy, delicious food every meal, and all the kitchen staff have been so kind and served us with a smile. The table decor has been so stunning too. Thank you to the doctor for helping u so much with every little thing we asked for and for helping us choose the treatments that will benefit us the most. Mr. Balaji, thank you so much for organising everything for us, we are so blessed. Thank you to all the yoga teachers who have led such incredible classes, and have helped me to push my limits with my asana practice and taught me many new asanas too. Thank you to Bala for all the words of wisdom he has shared with us during our meditations that we will carry in our souls. Thank you to everyone at the spa who have given us heavenly massages and treatments and left us feeling so relaxed. Thank you to each and every single member of staff who have gone above and beyond to make every moment of our stay so divine (the garden staff, the room cleaning, everyone behind the scenes who work so hard to look after every detail). With lots of love and deepest appreciation and gratitude, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for leaving us with so many special memories and teachings. And I will see you again. Love.

    Sheena, London, 2019

    How to put this incredible oasis into words? This is in fact my second time visiting Shreyas and I am just blown away as my first time I was introduced to Shreyas by a colleague who described the property and the experience as 'Nirvana' and those words came close to capturing the beauty and serenity of this space. As I reflect on what I am taking away with me from this silent stay, I feel eternally grateful for the staff who expertly create meals, look after guests and fill their hearts with wisdom, strength, peace and love. Thank you for your obsession with detail and the warmth you showed me throughout my stay. And I will see you again.

    Love, Lara - USA, 2019

    Thank you for a wonderful stay at Shreyas The food, yoga, sap and accommodation were all fantastic. We look forward to returning.

    Jane & Peter, UK, 2019

    Shreyas exceeded all of our expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, thank you! The yoga classes, meditation and Pranayama were fantastic and very relaxing all the teachers are highly knowledgeable, skilled and patient. The spa gave us some of the best massages we have had and the ambience was very peaceful. The chef and dining room staff did a great job keeping our tummies full and content the food was exceptional. The overall retreat ambience was very relaxing and peaceful. What beautiful surroundings you have and all the staff around the retreat are so friendly. Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for making this such an enjoyable weekend. We will be back!

    Daniele & Gemma, Italy & UK, 2019

    Shreyas is one of the most impressive wellness experiences Of my life. I loved the place it is a great one of a kind getaway silence zone relaxing, healthy and well being place. Just minding our own body and soul. Thank you. The food was excellent, healthy. The staff was super nice, helpful and caring. Thank you, we will come again

    Hanan & Jordan, Saudi Arabia, 2019

    I have spent a lovely time at the retreat. The staff is really professional and dedicated. The rooms are spacious and well equipped, the food is exquisite. The spa and treatments are world class. I shall be back soon, with the family.

    Ezra, Mauritus, 2019

    Lovely staff, delicious food, amazing yoga, great massages, very beautiful garden made our 9 nights stay marvellous, healthy and incredible. Thank you to all of you! We go back home in perfect health and full of energy. Hopefully we will be back very soon.

    Edwige and Jose, France, 2019

    The experience here was much better than I thought. I was well taken care of at all times. All my requirements, needs, concerns and comforts were met in marvellous ways. Every detail was paid attention to. I am so much happier to leave this place, feeling ten times better than when I first came in. The classes provided me with clarity, healing and beautiful knowledge that I get to carry back home with me from my meals to m sleep, to my mental, physical and emotional well being everything was obtained so well. I would like to thank all the amazing staff at Shreyas for their beautiful an genuine kind natures soulful gifts to take back home with me. Thank you, from the deepest bottom of my heart. With love.

    Fatemah, Kuwait, 2019

    I am so glad that I picked Shreyas for me and my mother's retreat. We had a huge loss in our family and were looking for a place to heal, breathe, relax and accept, and Shreyas provided all of that and exceeded expectations by all means. My mother needed support mentally and physically and everyone here went above and beyond. What an amazing experience!!! Can t wait to come back. Great place with great people. Keep up the great work and continue to spread in special ways you all do. Namaste.

    Rita and Amiyata Manoranjan Kalia, India, 2019

    Thank you for making our stay so wonderful and relaxing! Even after 3 nights we feel full of energy. You all do amazing job! Lots of love.

    Justine & Manuel, Germany, 2019

    Another wonderful stay at Shreyas. As always all the staff were wonderful kind, generous and professional. Can't wait to come back.

    Gabriela Sexton, UK, 2019

    We have loved our stay at Shreyas. The teachers are excellent, I have enjoyed my Iyengar yoga sessions and meditation and massages. The entire team is very helpful and genuinely caring. Thank you for a loving 7 days.

    Aasthi & Kunal, India, 2019

    Have had the most wonderful stay, has been absolutely amazing. The seven days felt like I had been for two weeks. All the staff are so accommodating and can't do enough for you. The yoga classes, massages and cooking were so enjoyable. I can't wait to come back again soon. Thank you again and best wishes.

    Rebecca Lloyd, UK, 2019

    Thank you for a truly wonderful stay. Such a treat. The yoga was fabulous thank you Mani or your patience with me as I struggled with some of those Astanga poses! The food, the accommodation and treatments were all heavenly! We look forward to returning again.

    Jo & Rupert, UK, 2019

    To all the wonderful people of Shreyas, a million thank yous for making my stay absolutely wonderful. Having never done a 7 day detox before and had no idea what to expect, however you exceeded any expectations I may have had on every level! The kindness and consideration of the staff and the attention to detail sets this place apart from all mothers. Thank you for letting me into your home the last 7 days and treating me like part of the family. With gratitude. I look forward to my return!

    Yuhko Grossman, Germany, 2019

    Dear Shreyas family, so happy to have been back at Shreyas. I thank you again for my wonderful stay with you! It is always a privilege to be your guest and part of your beautiful family. Very kind regards.

    Francoise - Horizons Nouveaux, Switzerland, 2019

    This was my second visit to Shreyas so I knew what to expect but it still exceeded my hopes and expectations. The yoga was well balanced and varied. The meals, exquisite. The surroundings and general atmosphere make it a perfect way to unwind. I love the way you tailor the offering for each guests individual needs. Thank you so much.

    Amanda, Canada, 2019

    Many and more kindnesses even from previous visits. Tried the sauna, bird watched and each and every treatment. Yoga, meditation and love at Shreyas. Namaste.

    Leigh Mc Call, Canada, 2019

    India! How wonderful to spend my last few days at such a wonderful and relaxing place. The kindness and genuineness of the staff was indescribable! Definitely a highlight. I learned so much and I hope to continue my practice of yoga, meditation and breathing! Until next time. Namaste.

    Susan, USA, 2019

    Dear team Shreyas thanks to all of you. I can go back to my own life again. When my lost my partner last month, Shreyas came to my mind. Thanks for all your love. I now learnt to live my life with my legs, opening my heart. I won't forget my birthday here. Thank you.

    Takako Wakeda - Tokyo, Japan, 2019

    My first visit here and can't wait to return. The people are amazing and so helpful and knowledgeable. The environment itself tat has been created is full of energy and vitality. Amazing love has been put into the entire retreat. Thanks to all who helped me relax and reconnect with nature and focus on wellness.

    Anita Lawrence, USA, 2019

    This was our first visit to Shreyas and I can honestly say it was amazing. The knowledge of the doctors, naturopaths, the massage therapists were all exceptional. The service and food was beyond our expectations and the staff were all professional, polite and very accommodating. We will definitely be recommending Shreyas to all our friends. We will be back for sure.

    Arti, Piyush & Rishi Patel, Canada, 2019

    My second visit to your comforting cocoon has been as relaxing and energising as before. Each and every member of the Shreyas family went above and beyond. delivering all the comforts I could imagine, with loving kindness from the heart. something to which I aspire to embrace and apply to my life on my return to the new world. Namaste

    Julie Stanford, UK, 2019

    I cried when I arrived here. This is just what my soul needed. The experience was beyond anything I have had before and I am forever grateful for fate guiding me here. It was the experience I needed to have. I will continue my yoga and meditation practice and work to discover why I am here. Thank you for the exceptional service!

    Krista Klampstra, Canada,2019

    We can't express our gratitude for your kindness and generosity. We had the most wonderful experience at Shreyas. We shall definitely be back soon. Thank you to everyone from our yoga instructor to our spa attendants, to al the service staff. What a joyful experience and discovery!

    Jerome and Anna Elisabeth Thieboult, France, 2019

    Thank you for a memorable and very special stay. With gratitude and love.

    Bataul & Faiza, Saudi Arabia, 2019

    Breathtaking, very energetic and beautiful retreat. I really enjoyed every day of my stay and seriously didn't want it to end. Staff is so warm, loving and knowledgeable. Food is soo yummy, we took 1 cooking session and I requested to take another one, today as I loved the food. Yoga sessions were great! Spa treatments are also so relaxing and candle meditation was such a nice experience, doing it again today. I would highly recommend it and can't wait to come back. Love it and miss it.

    Ikram AL Lawati - Oman, 2019

    Excellent place to change your lifestyle and learn new things! People and place lift you up! Excellent place! Love.

    Kulood Sultan, Oman, 2019

    Words are not enough to explain how amazing this trip is in every way possible. Thank you very much for everything. The service, the help, the magical spirit of the lace, the healing, the soulful searching, the exquisite vibe, scenery, and beauty. This trip has been out of this world, I still can't believe I did all that I did. Thank you very much. all of you. Will definitely come back.

    Sarah Al Shafa, Bengaluru, 2019

    My stay at Shreyas was absolutely wonderful. I loved the ambience and the energy all around the retreat. The food was delicious, I felt so spoilt. The staff are so respectable, joyful and caring. The spa facilities are awesome! The whole experience was very lovely and relaxing. Thank you so much for an amazing experience will definitely come back again!

    Amira Sultan, Oman, 2019

    A stay at Shreyas is never long enough, this was my second visit after a long time and Shreyas has all of the magic I remembered and more. The staff are so caring and welcoming, you feel like you are part of the family. I came for a wellness break to try to reflect and help get back in to mindfulness routine. I feel relaxed and recharged as I leave today. Thank you to each and every one of the Shreyas staff. You really do make this place what it is. Until next time, Namaste.

    Megan - California, USA, 2019

    Dear Shreyas staff, it was pleasant meeting you all, you were such nice, warm, well meaning people. It was an amazing experience to stay in this extraordinary place. I enjoyed every moment of my staying. I would like to thank every and each one of the lovely staff for all the work and effort they put into this great place. I hope to come back here soon. Until next time, all my respect and love.

    Hawra, Baharain, 2019

    What a brilliant place that combines yoga, relaxation, rejuvenation, quiet time to read a book and the brilliant spa. The cuisine is the best vegetarian food one can get anywhere. The staff are very welcoming and hospitable. The way the chappals are turned to go out is a unique experience, symbolises service of the highest quality. Will come again and again.

    Anil Bisht, Bengaluru, 2019

  • Dear Shreyas family, I can’t explain how amazing these past few days have been. I came to Shreyas and left a different person, thanks to the amazing people here. I will miss this place, and will always hold my experience here dear to my heart. Thank you so much for a lfe changing experience, and I can’t wait to return again!!

    Sam, USA-August, 2017

    Dear Shreyas family, thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience. I came here hoping to relax and detox and couldn’t have asked for more. Your staff are always accommodating and their attention to personal detail was really impressive. They always went the extra mile! I will definitely come and visit you again soon and hopefully drag my husband along too! Best wishes.

    Shalina, London & Dubai-August, 2017

    Dear all, thank you very much for an amazing experience. It was by chance that we stumbled on a luxury escape deal – and came out a winner! The ambience, the service and friendly staff is a great combination for a retreat like Shreyas. Very uplifting!! Cheers.

    Shashi & Surendra – Australia-August, 2017

    Dear Shreyas family, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and have definitely this to all friends. We wouldn’t have faulted in service and the group classes, individual classes, treatments were well structured. The beauty about this place is that it is small enough to enjoy the personal touches (please don’t make the lace bigger!

    Came without expectation and leaving with a lot of benefit. Last but not the least, the memorable stay, wonderful ambience and delectable food keep up the good work and look forward to coming back to experience much more.

    Kamal & Rajul, London-August, 2017

    Our second visit after 7 years. Great to see the essentials have not changed.
    - Outstanding yoga teachers
    -   excellent service
    - wonderful cuisine
    Wonderful surprise with the community service – fantastic experience. This should be highlighted more to all guests. Thank you and see you again!

    Sharon & Family, Singapore-August, 2017

    Dear Shreyas family, thank you so much for taking care of us so well. We have only been here for three days but it took us only a couple of hours to relax completely. A special thank you for making us experience so much in such a short time – the yoga classes, the treatments and the activities – everything was beyond amazing, as was the food. But a beautiful façade is nothing without a warm, caring heart. Your team is fantastic and it was an honour to be your guests. I (Jasmin) feel very proud to be an extended part of your team and it is very pleasant to know that all the guests we will send will be in the best of hands!

    Andre & Jasmin – Mosaic Tourism, Germany-August, 2017

    We arrived after one week in Bangalore, a little stressed and tired. We had a wonderful week here. All the staff is awesome, particularly in the restaurant. Between yoga, meditation and massages we feel relaxed by the special and memorable week. We loved to work in the organic garden and our son loved to read the little wood house. We were happy to meet very nice and interesting guests. Thank you!

    Benidicte, Christopher, Charles & Hughes - France-August, 2017

    I will definitely keep a marvellous memory of your place where I met peacefulness and happiness. Thank to the whole staff.

    Benedicte, France-August, 2017

    A truly wonderful stay. For me, the yoga and surrounding practices were the highlight and they were the right mix, both challenging and refreshing. Thanks for everything.

    Luke, USA-August, 2017

    This has been a wonderful, relaxing, joyful, informative, and invigorating week. Thanks to EVERYONE at Shreyas for all the time and attention to detail. Everyone here radiates the kind of patience and love we (I) know the world needs. Thank you for sharing some of that with me this week. I will carry you all home with me and look forward to returning again soon. With love.

    Jen, USA-August, 2017

    This was an amazing experience. All the classes are so well designed that you get the maximum benefit out of everything. I am leaving very happy and also sad that I wasn't able to stay for longer. The staff is amazing, the food is gourmet,it was just an overall heavenly week. Thank you! Wonderful experience. Will be back soon.

    Josheta, India-August, 2017

    Thank you so much for an amazing retreat experience. The Shreyas team are all so attentive, friendly and helpful. The facilities are fabulous! We especially loved the swimming pool and steam. The yoga sessions and the teachers well planned and the teachers informative. We also enjoyed the meditation sessions. All inspiring! These few days have been a very special experience that we will never forget. Many thanks.

    Rebecca & Andrew, UK- August, 2017

    Thank you very much to the brilliant team at Shreyas – we have immensely enjoyed our stay - peaceful, calming and healthy feeling. The spa and its staff are brilliant - enjoyed all three treatments very much! We are delighted to see such a different world, an oasis within the busy and continuously moving streets which surround it. Impeccable standards observed at all times. Booking process very smooth and agenda very well received on arrival. Thank you again – we are already planning our return!

    Sharon & Kav , UK-July, 2017

    I have absolutely loved my stay here. The staff has been attentive, warm and always smiling! The food is delicious. The kitchen and serving staff have been impeccable in their service. I am definitely looking at coming back for a visit. The yoga sessions have been very informative and I hope to continue these back at home. Please remain the same – personalised and warm like a family!

    Payal, India- July, 2017

    I loved everything about my experience! The staff were all kind, attentive, and committed to making my stay the best possible I feel refreshed, alert, and much healthier than when I arrived. The yoga classes were the right level of challenge and I learned so much from the cooking classes. Thank you!

    Melaine, USA-July, 2017

    Simply unique yet traditional yogic experience – it was an exceptional and memorable break that brought me back to my true self. The setting amidst nature, sounds of birds, blossoming water lilies to intermittent chugging of trains, heightened my senses. The meticulously led yoga sessions were gentle yet profound at a personal level. Meals and hospitality to massage treatments and Dr. Arun’s careful scheduling . . . . were only part of the overall nurturing and pampering. I look forward to return thank you all.

    B.M. Pillai, Australia -July, 2017

    Dear all at Shreyas, thank you for the wonderful week. My husband and I enjoyed our stay fully from yoga to massage, meditation, pool, working the garden and also visiting the orphanage very much. We arrived completely shattered and we are now ready to leave healthier, replenished and much richer inside. Hopefully we will come again. Thank you for everything

    Maria & Kieron Local, UK - June, 2017

    Came to Shreyas to spend a day with my mother to celebrate her birthday – we had a wonderful stay in this serene setting. The staff and the spa services was superb! The food was delicious and healthy. Planning to come back again, next week. With deep gratitude to the staff.

    Meera Suresh & Nagu – Seattle, USA - June, 2017

    Thank you for a memorable 18 days at your beautiful retreat. All the staff have been so attentive and respectful. The girls in the spa have been fantastic. The yoga teaching has been superb. Rita is a very wise lady that I wanted to take home with me. Thank you for looking after me especially the doctors.:)) Namaste.

    Stella, London - June, 2017

    Thank you thank you thank you to all Shreyas team members, much love.

    Mario, Spain - May, 2017

    Thank you for an amazing experience albeit too short! The service was amazing and the food was fabulous! It is incredible to be rejuvenated in just 2 days but somehow you did it for me! Thank you.

    Bruce – USA - May, 2017

    Thank you for a magical experience. The ambience, attention to detail, staff care was outstanding. The food was incredible and the treatments superb. We are leaving totally rejuvenated and already planning to come again.

    Joseph & Orli, London - May, 2017

    Thank you for another amazing experience at Shreyas. Coming here now feels like coming home. The staff are attentive, warm and caring. Looking forward to my next trip and another opportunity to experience the renewal that always occurs when I stay at Shreyas!

    Andrea, Bengaluru (USA)- May, 2017

    My mother, son and I spent my 40th birthday here – it could not have been more lovely. The yoga, meditation, food, relaxation, kindness of the staff ,excellent ayurvedic treatments and the pool all summed up to a memorable and symbolic way to kick off the next decade. I live in Hyderabad and travel to Bangalore regularly – I am sure I will be a regular visitor. Thank you for a very special stay . . . .

    P.S.: Kai loved seeing the Cows, and the organic garden was also lovely!

    Meital, Cecille & Kai. (USA)- May, 2017

    This is a very special place..We loved every minute of our short stay. Absolutely the best hospitality I’ve ever experienced. The food, yoga, accommodation, service were all outstanding. Already looking forward to a longer visit. Thank you to all. Namaste!

    Terry & Valerie, U.S.A. - May, 2017

    If I, on behalf of my friends Hilal & Abdulla and my wife were to be asked about our experience here, I can only express my deepest thanks to every individual in the organisation who have contributed to make our stay during the week a most hedonistic encounter that all of us will always remember for many, many years to come . . . The 4 of us will travel back to our home to carry the experience we had to pass it on to all who we will meet to tell them that somewhere in the sub-continent, there is a place called ‘Shreyas’ that once in, will always never ever feel that one wants to leave . . . However, we have to leave to go back to reality . . . and one day . . . if we have a desire to come back we will use ‘Shreyas’ as the stepping stone of our benchmark to greater experiences of Íncredible India.

    Nabil Al Alawi, Abdulla Nasser, Hilal Al Mansoori,Violet – Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. - May, 2017

    Dear Shreyas, it’s true that one should always follow one’s intuition. Shreyas turned out to be exactly what my inner self thought it would be. Everything from the environment, to the wonderful staff, to the amazing food and the spiritually relaxing and uplifting yoga and various meditation classes has been the perfect combination for me to relax and to go deep into myself. I have loved every second of my stay here. Thank you to everyone at Shreyas and thank you Shreyas for coming into my life. I look forward to returning. Love.

    Karim, Cyprus. - May, 2017

    To the amazing staff at Shreyas. Thank you for the most peaceful weekend. I was a bit apprehensive to visit, but now as I get ready to leave, I can’t wait to book my next trip here for a longer stay. And a special thank you for letting me stay well into the evening as my flight was delayed. The yoga, massage, meditation, food and service was all top notch. Thank you! Namaste.

    Julia, U.S.A. - May, 2017

    Dear Shreyas team, you made it very difficult for me, difficult to ever return to the ‘real’ life again. What I have experienced at your retreat has beaten all my expectations. I would like to thank every single staff at Shreyas for helping me to recharge my batteries and making this stay unforgettable. It was simply magic that you have created. Thanks to each one at Shreyas.

    Andre R., Liechtenstein. - May, 2017

    What a wonderful experience. Staff behaviour was very cordial and worth mentioning. My first personal yoga and meditation class was excellent. Worth visiting again.

    Vayalil P.A – Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. - May, 2017

    Shreyas team, thank you very much for this very memorable stay here. Everything has been perfect, there is nothing that I would want to change, from the knowledge and warmth of all the staff, the massages, the daily yoga sessions, and the vegan gluten – free feasts. I leave here feeling much relaxed and charged, exactly what I needed. Thank you once again, and see you soon!

    Vimal, Dubai.- May, 2017

    Heartfelt thanks to everyone of the Shreyas family for all your care, wisdom & love. It has been another wonderful stay.

    Carolyn, U.K. - May, 2017

    A 30th birthday to never forget! Beautiful tranquillity – calming yoga, relaxing spa, attentive and friendly staff. All my dreams came true. Simply no words . . . . only love.

    Cassandra Hancock, U.K. - May, 2017

    I can’t speak highly enough of Shreyas. Being here for only 1 night I wasn’t sure I would feel the benefits of a relaxing retreat but the staffs attention to detail ensured that I distressed and got in to the spirit of things immediately. From challenging yoga classes to uplifting meditation, relaxing massages and the most incredible food, I feel like a new woman and don’t want to leave! The staff are the friendliest, most caring and thoughtful I have ever come across. Thank you all so much – I will be back!

    Katherine Neale, U.K.- May, 2017

    A big thumbs up for the Shreyas staff. I came here stressed and not knowing what to expect but the kindness and delicacy of the staff really impressed me. Everything was perfect from the food to the room to the yoga and mostly the staff. Thank you for a memorable stay.

    Neerja Tannan, Delhi- May, 2017

    Namaste Shreyas! You have been the best remedy to a tough time in our lives. My mother and I have had the most incredible, healing, restful time here for the last two weeks. The staff here are the best I have ever come across. The customer service was so personal and thoughtful. They always seem happy to help. Thanks to you, I have realised that I really enjoy yoga and I have decided that I need to see more of India. You have changed my life for the better and for that I am forever grateful. I actually look and feel like a different person to when I arrived. Hopefully we’ll be seeing you again in the future.

    P.S.:- How is everyone so organised and knowledgeable of the guests and their needs but you never see them communicating on phones? You guys are magic.

    Connie & Kira, London - May, 2017

    Perfect every time! X 3. Thank you. Namaste.

    Cheryl, Suisse - April, 2017

    It was very peaceful and most of all it was filled with flowers. It has a beautiful farm filled with herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers.

    Laila Pethiyagoda, USA - April, 2017

    Hi team, you all are so good, kind and beautiful beings. I did shorten my stay, but I guess I got/found what I was looking for. Bala – Meditation teacher, thank you for the time, it helped me get closer to something (all) I have been looking for. I so appreciate your attitude, kindness, service. Thank you again.

    Priya Batra, India - April, 2017

    We had a wonderful stay at Shreyas. The attention to detail, the effort of the staff to make the guests comfortable – all adding to a blissful two days. Special mention of the meals – healthy, innovative and delicious. The staff was never seen but always there!!! Our best wishes to Shreyas – may you guys maintain the high standards you have set up!!

    Kamath’s, India - April, 2017

    Oh Shreyas – you’ve captured my heart. I arrived burnt out, stressed out and ready for a shift. You’ve delivered peace, beauty, love, kindness, space, respect and abundance. Thank you for your mindfulness, your culture, your delicacy. It’s been so soft, so perfect. The yoga shifted my body, the words after sound meditation touched me profoundly and the touch of massage soothed me. Thank you for the birds, the monkeys, the squirrels, the butterflies, the flowers. Thank you and Ommmm’s.

    Juliette Morgan, UK - April, 2017

    To all at Shreyas, thank you for your kindness and care during my second stay at Shreyas. The retreat was perfect last time and it has surpassed that during this stay. I look forward to visiting again and will continue to practice all that you have taught me. My best wishes to you all.

    Terri – Gold Coast, Australia - April, 2017

    This was our first yoga retreat. We began somewhat apprehensively and tentative but very quickly relaxed into the experience. We both feel that we have learned a lot. Our yoga has improved and we look forward to the challenge of continuing it at home. We’ve also learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We’ve both got the bug and hope to return to Shreyas again in the not too distant future. The service has been exceptional and the staff have contributed to a wonderful experience for us. With many thanks.

    Clare & Jon, UK - April, 2017

    Even though we had a short stay, our experience was excellent!! We felt so comfortable that it felt like staying at a friend’s house! The treatments were unbelievable and the staff was very friendly!! The only thing we regret was not staying for a whole week!! Greetings from Brazil.

    Gaby, Natalia, Guida, Brazil - April, 2017

    Hello Shreyas, experience was whole with body-mind-soul. Amazing team and willingness to serve from heart. I was here due to Dr. Shaji for a treatment, he is the best. Spa area is amazing, lot of space and harmony. Mr. Mathew/Ponnappa are the best team you have. Exceptional service beyond expectation. Thanks Balaji for your tireless effort to make my stay comfortable. With gratitude and love, God bless. So long.

    Viresh Kothari, India - April, 2017

    This was our first ‘’yoga retreat’’ and for one of us the first time ever doing yoga. Everything was exhilarating, insightful and meaningful. The immersion into a different side of life was beyond enlightening. The staff were the friendliest and most helpful we have encountered in many trips to many places. This was truly a life changing experience.This is by far the BEST experience /I have had . . . . . the space, the staff, the yoga classes, everything was beyond expectations . . . . We surely will come back.

    Neelima & Seth, Los Angeles - April, 2017

    A delightful place. Thank you for all your excellent care and attention. I wish you all well.

    Catherine, London - April, 2017

    What an amazing place, every last detail has been considered to make this a truly relaxing, luxurious and inspirational experience. No request is too much trouble and the service is fantastic. Thank you.

    Destito Family, Italy - April, 2017

    We’ve once again had an incredible stay at Shreyas. The warmth and hospitality of all members of your staff was lovely. We’re always sad to leave but cannot wait to be back. Thank you Shreyas!

    Shashi,India - April, 2017

    Dear Shreyas team, this place came highly recommended to me by a friend and has lived up to all expectations. It’s a truly special place and was just what I needed at this particular time in my life. I wish you all well and peace. Namaste.

    Toral Gathani, London - April, 2017

    Dear team and colleagues, this is my 5th or 6th time and I am always delighted to come back. Shreyas is the perfect place to find yourself and to enjoy the best food. Service is great and you make it that happen: ‘’providing the best experience ever’’. Thank you once again and will be back soon.:)) Lots of love.

    Christina Tang, Singapore - April, 2017

    Loved our stay, will come back and will sing praises to one and all back home. The yoga was wonderful, food fantastic, staff amazing, really enjoyed the whole experience.

    David & Amanda, Hong Kong - April, 2017

    We enjoyed our stay – beautiful place, very nice staff – we will return – loved our room.

    Elle Duncan Keirnes, USA - April 2017

    This is our second time at Shreyas. We were here last year and decided to repeat what we felt had been a very good experience. At the end of our stay we again have come to the conclusion that this has been yet another memorable experience. The environment is very calm and pleasant. The addition of a new spa is an additional plus and the staff has been both professional, caring and very friendly.

    Luciano Lavizzari & Marie Louise Ndiaye, Italy - April, 2017

    I am grateful to anyone for this wonderful week. I was exhausted when I arrived, with the wish to discover more about myself and I must say that it was a great experience. I am aware that I am only at the beginning of a long journey but I am glad to have initiated it here and with you all. All staff are so nice, supportive. It could not have been better! Thank you so much.

    Gaelle Schneider - Luxembourg, France - March 2017

    Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for providing me with all the ingredients to allow me to rest and recuperate. This is a very special place with very special people. I am grateful for my time here and return to London refreshed.

    Rebecca Lambert, London - March 2017

    Thank you for your great hospitality. Even though we were here only for a day, we felt very rejuvenated. We came back here after a few years. And we look forward to our next visit.

    Vivek Gambhir, Delhi - March 2017

    Hello, thank you for serving us at Shreyas! The food was delicious and loved yoga too! Thanks!

    Aarav, Delhi - March 2017

    Thank you

    Miraya, Delhi - March 2017

    Hello Shreyas, our families can't thank you enough for this pleasant day. Although we were only here for a day, we learned so much. We will be back again! Thanks.

    Yuv, Delhi - March 2017

    Thank you, we had a good time. We enjoyed it.

    Roopi, Vivek, Rasil, Anu, Janya, Aarav, Yuv & Imara - Delhi - March 2017

    Very pleasant stay at Shreyas, would definitely visit again. Keep up the good work.

    Bose family, Bengaluru - March 2017

    I didn't think it was possible to have a 'better' experience at Shreyas but it has been, yet again, really special. Lovely to see and remember the staff, meet Pawan and benefit from his wisdom and therauptic to be here on my own. Well done on the new Spa. Looking forward to already to my next trip. You are all special and make all of us feel so cared for, and effortlessly. Thank you and Namaste.

    Jayma Pau, UK - March 2017

    It's been more than 6 years since we last came, and we've been very happy to meet most of you again! Congratulations to all: Shreyas is a unique place, magical and caring. We'll be back.

    Beena & Yannick, France - March, 2017

    Thank you so much! Wonderful stay. We enjoyed it all.

    Roxanne & Roger, USA - March 2017

    To all of you who made my first visit to Shreyas such an amazing journey – the staff are wonderful, generous and loving in all ways. Beautiful and creative surroundings. I feel so looked after everywhere, in the classes, at meal times, walking alone in the garden – all the helpers out there. I do hope to come again, soon. Thank you all.

    Tove - Oslo, Norway - March 2017

    This is first time to Shreyas and I feel this is worth it. People from the restaurant to the garden were very polite. You name it and the thing you wanted was available right there. We were back from our daughter's exam at Rishi Valley School and once we were here felt so relaxed and happy. Thanks for the lovely environment.

    Shivani, India - March 2017

    Shreyas, for the second time brought me peace and serenity. Time to relax, sleep, think, love. The food and service are wonderful. The people kind and gracious. New spa is an amazing facility. Next time we must stay for longer and see the great work done in the community. Thank you for these moments.

    Ruth & Alice, UK - March 2017

    Thank you for a lovely and restorative respite from the city life! I couldn't have felt more well cared for. Everything was sublime. I only wish I had more time to spend here. Next time! Until we see each other again.

    Alaine, USA - March 2017

    A wonderful, peaceful environment. I came here to take some time out of a busy schedule in London. The staff are fantastic, the yoga teachers are incredible. Thank you for an amazing time.

    Claire, UK - March 2017

    From the moment I arrive it is as if the place knows what I need; a kind gesture, a cool drink, a poem on my bed. Having run a service business, I understand how difficult it is to make such a luxurious experience seamless. From slippers being turned out to staff that practices yoga and stops to greet me with Namaste. This place is magical, thank you for giving me exactly what I needed. Love.

    Kim, USA - Feb 2017

    Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. Everything was perfect, from the yoga to the delicious meals and the amazing staff. Look forward to coming back.

    Martha, Canada - Feb 2017

    Shreyas is a beautiful and serene place in which to relax and unwind. I have been overwhelmed by the spirit of generosity and kindness from everyone. The whole staff have taken care of all my needs so beautifully, all the time.

    Liz, UK - Feb 2017

    We came here with no expectations but to get a weekend of relaxation from our busy routine - and we definitely are leaving the retreat with a positive feeling. We are also beginners in yoga and the retreat, the yoga instructors have given us inspiration to continue. It's a place we would come back to seek peacefulness again. Definitely a retreat to recommend. It's amazing to see such great team work, keep it up.

    April & Michael, Kuwait - Feb 2017

    Thanks for taking good care of me again! I feel again so much better than upon arrival. The whole place, luxury pool and beds, friendly staff, professional treatments and yoga, lovely food and the Sun helped me a lot to feel more strong! It is a special place - good to know that I can always come here when I need it! Thanks to all the staff - really appreciated it! Enjoy all a happy life!

    Vivienne, Netherlands - Feb 2017

    This is a very beautiful and peaceful place. The staff is amazing, very caring, attentive and efficient which adds to the whole experience. The ambience is peaceful and pretty at the same time. The spa facility and therapists are very good. I came here for a break,and I am so glad I came here. I feel happy, peaceful and calm. I will be going back home achieving what I came here for. Best decision I have made. Regards.

    Deepa, India - Feb 2017

    2 adults and 2 kids (Bastien - 9 & Arnaud - 4) in a yoga retreat, not the most common clients! But we really enjoyed our stay here. The morning yoga altogether was perfect way to start the day! The food was delicious and creative! We also like the pool and the Cinema room. Thank you for everything! This stay will stay in our minds for a very long time!

    Frederic & Francois, Japan - Feb 2017

    I return each time to this beautiful tranquil retreat and find things that are as fantastic as the previous and this time even better with the new spa. The treatment was done expertly with so much care and gentle healing touch. Love.

    Sudeepta, India - 2017

    A beautiful place to come help heal a stresses out mind: a true mindfulness retreat! The staff are impeccable and are such a credit to the place. Bala & Rita were especially amazing and taught me a lot. This won't be my last visit.

    Olivia, UK - Feb 2017

    My third and not my final visit - I love it here, beautiful ambience, cuisine, treatments, yoga, philosophy and souls. I am very blessed and know you all. With love always.

    Annemarie, Australia - Feb 2017

    I have enjoyed seven days of joy, friendship, care and food that is beyond the word delicious. The staff at Shreyas are a delight. A journey of self discovery, yes! Also a journey of discovery into peace, harmony and the goodness of others. Grateful.

    Melinda, Australia - Feb 2017

    Beautiful and tranquil place. The staff are so friendly, everyone absolutely lovely. Very well supported during our 5 days and all our requirements were accommodated. Wonderful stay overall. I will definitely want to come back.

    Rania, Hanin & Christina, Dubai - Feb 2017

    Only two days, wish it was longer! Wonderful place, wonderful people. I will definitely come back. Thank you.

    Julie, UK - Feb 2017

    Another fantastic stay here at this fantastic amazing place. 3rd time with silent retreat and yet a new experience. You can never learn too much about your mind and body, so... I'll be back. Thanks to all here, you are so kind and amazing. All the best.

    Louise, Denmark - Feb 2017

    Two days was too short, and I wish I could stay longer. That said, I feel completely transformed from my brief stay. The staff take extra care to ensure that my first stay experience at Shreyas was amazing. Namaste.

    Andrea, Japan - Feb 2017

    A three day return was enough. Thank you to the entire staff for going our of your way to ensure I was comfortable. Liked the food, always served with love and care.A three day return was enough. Thank you to the entire staff for going our of your way to ensure I was comfortable. Liked the food, always served with love and care.

    Amanda, UK - Feb 2017

    Thanks for these 3 days. Excellent food, massage sand individual classes.

    Frederic, France - Feb 2017

    After spending a week in the dusty and dirty north of India, arriving at Shreyas was just perfect! I loved everything about it. The food was amazing, the lessons perfect. I am a beginner with yoga and my love for it grew here. Thanks to the whole staff and all the teachers for making our stay wonderful. Namaste.

    Iris & Martha, Netherlands - Feb 2017

    My return to Shreyas was a return to paradise. Always welcoming and healing as exactly the perfect time. Love the design and architecture of the new spa - congratulations and it has taken the whole (already blissful) experience to the next level. I am so humbled by your team of practitioners, yogis, wait staff, cooks - everyone is so kind and gracious. The service is beyond world class and combined with the natural built environment - Shreyas is understated luxury at its very best. I will return again and again. With so so much gratitude.

    Felicity, USA - Feb 2017

    Rekha, my wife and I decided to come to Shreyas on the recommendation of a dear friend (Moty) and having not told much about the place we did not know what to expect. It took us a couple of days to get into a rhythm of the place and once settled we have enjoyed every minute of being here. The place is magical and in very quiet surroundings which has given us time to reflect on our lives and has been a great experience. The staff have been excellent and all the teachers have been great. It is our first yoga experience and it has been a great experience to understand and learn so much. Finally everything has been a great experience and very enjoyable. It has been a brilliant journey of self discovery.

    Pankaj & Rekha, London - Feb 2017

    Such a perfect was to start a trip of touring in India! Shreyas is welcoming and lovely. The yoga and meditation were excellent. The staff was attentive and kind and sincerely interested in our health and well being. Food was absolutely delicious! Thank you for a beautiful 4 days!

    Victoria, Yardley, Kay & Meg, USA - Feb 2017

    Another great stay at Shreyas. It is a delight to be here. Each member of staff gout of their way to esure your comfort and ease - they are utterly unique. They make this place so special and addictive! Thank you for a beautiful week. See you next year I hope! Namaste.

    Laura, UK - Feb 2017

    My daughter and I came here for three nights and have really enjoyed the facility. It was really fantastic experience in a quiet environment. The staff are quite courteous and are attentive to any needs. We really enjoyed the food part, healthy nut tasty. We definitely will recommend the facility to our friends at USA and will like to come again in future.

    Shail, USA - Feb 2017

    I have never done anything like this, and was a little apprehensive about where I would enjoy it, or (being pretty unfit) be able to do the classes well, there was nothing to worry about at all! The staff are fantastic and very considerate and give you all the help you need. You can take things at your own pace, and they work with your level of ability to help you achieve great progress. The food was great and so were the other guests. I had a really good time.

    Bill, UK - Feb 2017

    I arrived at Shreyas without really knowing what to expect and my whole stay became a journey to become more aware of myself. The whole staff had been really supportive and lovely on this trip and gave me in all instances the feeling of being safe and secure to fully relax. I enjoyed it very much and would like to thank the Shreyas team for making my stay perfect. I hope to come back soon.

    Simone, Germany - Feb 2017

    I come here tired from my business trip, but the yoga, meditation and the massage rejuvenated my body and mind. The staff and the instructors are all great practitioners and very caring and gentle. I feel like I have found a nice home in India when I travel here.

    Kirtan, USA - Feb 2017

    This has been a lovely experience! I was looking for some peace and I certainly got it. Being here and doing the silent retreat for a few days enables you to focus and get a better sense of perspective in a way that would not have been possible in England and in the rain and cold.

    Amanda, Netherland - Feb 2017

    An amazing experience over these 4 days in Shreyas! Shreyas creates an amazing environment to learn, practise, reflect and just not doing anything for ourselves. It also opens up new connections with the guests around. Being here enables one to just flow with time, not needing to think about what next too much. Rest and feed the mind. Awesome time, great crew around to make all things work at its best! Thanks!

    Celeste, Singapore - Feb 2017

    I decided to come to Shreyas with my friend Manon who was to come here. For me it was really a discovery and I feel surprised to have been able to stay 10 days without feeling the desire to go out of the place. All the massages, yoga sessions were useful and interesting. Thank you all, I will be back. Best.

    Annie, France - Jan 2017

    We decided to come here together for the first celebration of my 50th birthday in two weeks. The start of a new period in my life. After our experience at Shreyas, I feel we both are full of new energy and will be able to go back to our inner selves more easily and hence enjoy life to its fullest potential. Thank you all for having made this possible. We truly enjoyed being in all of your capable, professional and loving hands. Namaste.

    Ester & Arno, Netherlands - Feb 2017

    Words aren't good enough... this was an exceptional experience for us! We loved the surroundings, staff, service, food, variety of programs offered, massage; everyone went out of their way to create just the right ambiance for a flawless inner peace. We're looking forward to returning!

    Jeanne & Richard, USA - Jan 2017

    Rarely does a group of individuals create an experience so rare and exquisite. The stay was physically and mentally challenging and enlightening. It was a great pleasure to have this time with you all. This is true about the staff and the guests. Truly wonderful.

    Bruce, USA - Jan 2017

    A wonderful welcome back to the Shreyas family - especial thanks to Rita, Ramakant, Balasundar, Mani, Vidya, Santosh and everyone. Refreshed, renewed and calm - Rita's pranayama inspirational and a safe pilot for yoganidra with Mr. Bala. See you all again soon.

    Anita, UK - Jan 2017

    A wonderful experience; we are grateful. The staff was superb in all respects. Our sincere thanks.

    Penny and Bryan, USA - Jan 2017

    An unforgettable 5 days. We feel very fortunate to have enjoyed this beautiful place and hope to take home some of the peace and joy of Shreyas. Thank you so much to all the amazing and generous staff. We will be back. With love

    Sharon, UK - Jan 2017

    Lovely experience!

    Zac, Sweden - Jan 2017

    Three weeks has flown by. I have no words to describe my stay here. Words do not adequately express 'a stay at Shreyas'. I have had many things to sort out in my life (as has everyone) and with the help of Mr. Bala, Ms. Rita, Mr. Ramakant and all the wonderful staff here my journey of healing has began. I cannot thank the staf enough for the gentle support they gave. This is a little place of heaven. All my love.

    Rosalind, London - Jan 2017

    A wonderful experience as always. A very special place. Thank you each and every one.

    Deborah, London - Jan 2017

    To all of you at Shreyas who have become like my second family. I am here once again saying thank you for not changing all the wonderful things you do every day. I have been coming here for many years and keep returning to have the wonderful experience you all - each and every one of you provide for me all over again! This visit has been particularly special as for the first time both my sons joined me from afar and we made Shreyas our base for Christmas and New Year. It has been quite an exceptional and unforgettable experience for us as a family to be here together and for me as mum to witness my sons slowly but most surely unpeeling and relaxing away all the tensions of their hectic lives to fully appreciate the Shreyas magic. A perfect dream for me! I have more than dipped my toes into the new Spa and I under the expert care and guidance of Dr. Shaji have taken some expert ayurvedic treatments. It has been wonderful to see how my body has responded and continues to respond to the care, close attention and treatments. Once again I cannot thank Rita and Ramakant enough for all the help they have given me. Pranayama practice with Rita has been amazing - a truly therauptic range of advanced breathing techniques I have fully mastered. I feel great with all the extra twists and stretches and finally I have mastered the headstand!! So, I am delighted! What a heaven you all have created here. Thank you to all my Shreyas family!! I think you know I will be back!! With love.

    Barbara, UK - Jan 2017

    Wonderful 4 days retreat - next time will stay longer.

    Gilles, USA - Jan 2017

    Thank you for a wonderful week at this very special place; I felt so blessed to be here and it surpassed my expectations in every aspect. All the classes were wonderful and I learnt a lot. The yoga teachers were exceptional. Shreyas was the week of respite I needed. I am so thankful to have experienced this little piece of paradise and hope to return in future. Love.

    Anita, Australia - Jan 2017

    To my family at Shreyas, another wonderful stay here. Is it # 6? Or # 5? Or whatever, it is always wonderful. The new Spa is wonderful!! My only constructive feedback is, why didn't you convince me to stay longer!!!

    Kevin, USA - Jan 2017

  • As always, this is an amazing place - everything is perfect. I always feel blessed to be able to come back here. The staff is as always great. Thank you for making Shreyas such a great place.

    Sabine, US - Dec 2015

    Absolutely love our 1st/2nd stay. Always feel sad leaving this heaven. We came here exhausted, drained and badly needing a break. We are glad to have come here. The staff were very affectionate, caring and professional. We loved all the sessions. We thank everybody for making our stay memorable. The best compliment I pay Shreyas - we are already planning our next holiday back to Shreyas! Thank you, merci, namaste.

    Nishant & Family, Australia - 2015

    I am not a vegetarian and was worried about the food - well no worries. It was fabulous - delicious. Hungry and have a new love for Indian food!

    Sheri, San Francisco - Dec 2015

    We had a really relaxing break. We arrived stressed and are leaving thoughtful, less tight, less stressed. The yoga classes were great. Thank you to all the staff and yoga teachers.

    Oliver & Divya, USA - Dec 2015

    My stay here was borderline magical! I wasn't sure what to expect but you have managed to exceed in every area. I will carry the lessons I learnt here and the warmth I felt with me forever. Thank you to everyone who made my stay so wonderful.

    Hannah, Hongkong - Dec 2015

    Thank you for such a wonderful and relaxing stay! I learned a lot from the yoga and meditation instructors and really appreciated your help with my tailoring, shopping and everything we needed - your team did a wonderful job, thank you!

    Kiran, USA - Dec 2015

    Very beautiful and nice experience, thank you.

    Achal, USA- Dec 2015

    Excellent experience . Look forward to coming back.

    G.Setlur, USA - Dec 2015

    Very nice ambience, peaceful and great food. Staff is wonderful.

    V.M, USA - Dec 2015

    Dear Shreyas team, Shreyas is a lovely place, well maintained... All of you made our retreat a memorable one. Thanks! We will come back again!

    Rashmee, USA - Dec 2015

    Dear Shreyas, 25 days already gone, I really enjoyed my stay here! I knew what I wanted to get out my retreat but got more. Lost 7 kilos (wow). I enjoyed the service that to me was the best service that I have received anywhere. The staff are selfless and very very welcoming. I am happy with the trip and I look forward to coming back in 2016 for just a few nights. Thank you guys and much love.

    Brian, Kenya - Dec 2015

    Dear Rucha, Ramakant, Ramegowda, Bala & Balaji, and all the other endearing staff; thank you for everything that you do the way you do. This place is very close to our hearts and realigns us to remember how things ought to be done. One of the best people and places I've visited. My daughter says she will always come back. Grateful and sincerely.

    Shashi, India - Dec 2015

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you for making the stay soo comfortable. It was an amazing experience! Don't change.

    Papiya Sarkar, India - Dec 2015

    Dear team Shreyas, we suppose that we keep returning says how much we love it here! How to count the ways? *Our beloved Ramakant greeting us with other warm staff members. *Our welcome visit with Balaji who made every effort to make our stay even exceed our expectations. *Incredible yoga adapted to our level of practice - love it! *Terrific Spa sessions for us as well as special therauptic treatments for Niel's cola and cough. *Wonderful attention from Dr. Arun and Dr. Shahuja, Dr. Arun was particularly caring to be sure to get Neil well before leaving - loved it! *Rita's instruction in pranayama was excellent, she is warmly dedicated to Shreyas. *Bala's meditation is always centering and calming. *The dining staff and food are impeccable! From the beauty of the table settings to the careful service to the scrumptious cuisine; it is all perfect. Most of all, the entire team is so well trained and so dedicated to making each guest's stay just what you come to achieve. For us Shreyas is our inner sanctuary... Where we come to restore and re-charge to grow in new ways... And to find a sense of balance. We re-enter our 'normal' life anew, until the next time. With our deep gratitude and affection.

    Linda & Neil Brownstein, USA - Dec 2015

    Absolutely love our 1st/2nd stay. Always feel sad leaving this heaven. We came here exhausted, drained and badly needing a break. We are glad to have come here. The staff were very affectionate, caring and professional. We loved all the sessions. We thank everybody for making our stay memorable. The best compliment I pay Shreyas - we are already planning our next holiday back to Shreyas! Thank you, merci, namaste.

    Nishant & family, Australia - Dec 2015

    Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful experience for me. The whole environment here is so calming, I feel nurtured. I have loved the yoga (despite the early start),the wonderful vegan food, the massages, the dinner setting by the pool, the meditation, so much! I very much hope to be back for another dose of calm!

    Rachel, London - Dec 2015

    Dear Shreyas, thank you for the wonderful experience. We enjoyed every bit of it, didn't realise where the 5 days went by. Especially appreciate the little things; shoes turned around, the dinner/lunch table arrangements. Thanks once again to all the staff, teachers and management.

    Rutu & Saagar, Dubai - Dec 2015

    Shreyas is a truly magical place, the staff are all incredible and you are made to feel like royalty, no attention to detail was spared, and you were totally loved and cared for. Thank you so much to each and every one here. The only thing that spoilt the tranquillity was the construction noise, which on some days made it impossible to find a quiet corner just to sit and be. I will definitely return, but maybe once the building work had been completed. Namaste.

    Roza, London - Dec 2015

    Another extremely beautiful stay at Shreyas for me! Staff, food, treatments are 6 star in my opinion. Special thank you to Dr. Shahuja for being so proactive, caring, attentive and loving towards me. My only request is that Shreyas does not change in any which way! Please... I hope to be back soon. Thank you to every single person at Shreyas.

    Pritty, London - Nov 2015

    Thanks to the staff for having us two. Calm and relaxing, Great yoga!

    Hayley, Autsralia - Nov 2015

    Would have been Utopia except for the noise created by construction. Thanks for having us!!!

    Donna, Australia - Nov 2015

    Thank you for a wonderful stay. I love Shreyas! Thank you for all the yoga sessions and for teaching me so much. Amazing massages and such a kind and caring environment, thank you, thank you! Would love to stay longer but hope to be back!

    Elizabeth, London - Nov 2015

    The whole experience made me fall in love with India. I loved the yoga classes. Can't wait to come back with my husband so that he can experience this magical place too.

    Zheng (Hannah), USA - Nov 2015

    Thank you to all the staff for coordinating and making my stay very memorable. The ayurveda massage was the first time I experienced a synergised treatment. The ambience is amazing, had no idea this place is so close to Bangalore.
    The food is awesome and lip smacking. Keep up the good work.

    Deena, India - Nov 2015

    Kaushik and I can't thank you all enough for the wonderful experience we have both had at Shreyas. Yoga has come into our lives a few years ago and whilst our classes in London are very good, the experience of the yogic teachings, both physically and spiritually has truly enhanced our understanding and appreciation of yoga. The staff at Shreyas are fantastic, so helpful, gracious and hospitable. The quality and range of food provided at our meals has been outstanding. The programme offered as part of the package is so well thought out and fulfilling. The site at Shreyas is beautiful, full of ambiance and positive energy. Thank you once again for this most uplifting experience we've had at Shreyas.

    Annu & Kaushik, UK - Oct 2015

    Thank you for this fantastic experience. The more I stayed the more I appreciated and feel the full benefit of these early yoga session and full program - to push further knowledge and well being. I leave with this energy and perfect to follow this great discipline. All the team made this journey perfect!

    Veronique, France - Oct 2015

    Thank you for a wonderful discovery of yoga at Shreyas. As soon as you step into your cottage, you are in a different world. Staff has been welcoming and very attentive to our needs. Vegetarian diet was both terribly healthy and very good and giving us a wide overview of local delicacies. We are leaving with both body and mind rested and energised. Again, thank you to all for a warm welcome.

    Jessica, France - Oct 2015

    1) We were very impressed with Sheyas from the time Mr. Krishna came to pick us up. Service in the car was excellent. 2) We loved the traditional welcome with aarti and garlands. 3) We loved the variety, quality and service in the kitchen. 4) Co-ordination between all the staff is amazing. Shreyas has achieved six sigma which the airlines and medical facilities have failed to achieve. 5) Suggestion: If you could separate the dining area for those wearing the silence badge. 6) Most importantly, I loved Shreyas because it is the only unpretentious place I have come across. So, thank you for staying pure and natural.

    Sapna & Vinod, Dubai - Oct 2015

    Shreyas retreat transcended my expectations on most every level. Its simple elegance, the devoted staff who were discrete, attentive, obliging and gracious. I felt they all were driven by a genuine desire to please and satisfy my every request. Bala, Rita - I am grateful our worlds converged. Your wisdom, guidance and your generosity. For it all, I thank you both deeply. My vehicle has taken a turn for the best. Doctor, you are amazing, thank you for remembering all my requests and your care. Rucha, for the gorgeous shopping. Mani & Venkatesh our cute chefs in the wonderful cooking class. I wish I could take you home. Thank you to the wonderful attentive wait staff, for the outstanding food and presentation. I leave the gates of Shreyas knowing I am better prepared to experience my world differently and for that I am grateful. Thank you Shreyas.

    Dianne, Australia - Oct 2015

    The stay at Shreyas has been incredible . . . . such a stunning surround and ambience and peacefulness . . . . the attention to detail and hospitality has been impeccable I will take this lightness and peace with me. To the staff - each and every one of you, 'may the sparkle in me also be with you'. Namaste!

    Jodie, Australia - Oct 2015

    This was my first visit to Shreyas and in fact my first retreat. It was an incredible experience and my only regret is that it didn't last more nights. I will definitely be back for further physical and spiritual exploration.

    Mollie, USA - Oct 2015

    Our first visit to Shreyas and we look forward to more. Wonderful detox holiday leaves you calm and relaxed. Thank you to the wonderful staff, very special service. Hope to be back soon.

    Ira & Binayak Dutta, Bangkok - Oct 2015

    Thank you very much for this wonderful stay. Excellent experience, great place and lovely staff. Thank you all and see you soon.

    Sandro, Switzerland - Oct 2015

    This is my third time in Shreyas and this is only getting better. Wonderful place, relaxing, great escape... wonderful place. Thank you Shreyas for all...

    Marina, USA - Oct 2015

    We've had a wonderful stay! Loved every minute! Hope to come again soon . . . .

    Jo & Jaz, UK - Oct 2015

    Martin has been telling me about the wonderful Shreyas for the last 8 years, and at last we have made it together - to celebrate his 60th brithday. It has been completely fabulous - cannot fault anything - the staff made such a fantastic effort to make Martin's birthday so special. All I can say is thank you and see you again soon . . . .

    Gaynor, UK - Oct 2015

    My second visit, the last was 8 years ago and have wanted to come back ever since. For one reason or another it hasn't happened until now. Those amazing memories have turned out not to have become more rosy with time, it really is true. This peace is amazing, exceptional and wonderful. Everybody is so helpful and pleasant. I will not wait another 8 years!

    Daniel, UK - Oct 2015

    On my daughter's insistence we came here. In fact she brought us here and we have additional pleasure to be here. The verdant greenery, tall trees and sylvan ambience, lovely, absorbing and unwinding feeling is to be shared many fold. In fact like to visit this place many more times.

    Preeti & Sqn. Ldr. S.V. Kumar, India - Oct 2015

    We wanted a day break from our busy life in Bengaluru. Shreyas was an awesome discovery. We fell in love with the place, staff and garden cottage the very instant we walked in. We appreciate small things such as keeping our slippers in the right direction. Overall, had a great stay and would like to come back again.

    Vivek & Priyal, India - Oct 2015

    It's the end of my 5th visit to Shreyas - thank you once again to all the staff, chef, teachers and everyone that makes this such a special place. I am very grateful for the care and attention which allows me to focus inwards. I look forward to returning for the 6th time to soak up the energy and positivity here once again! .

    Shaz, London - Oct 2015

    Thank you so much to Shreyas and staff. Everyone did so wonderfully! The staff was so genuine, helpful and provided a beautiful retreat. From yoga, to meditation and massages, everyone was truly wonderful. The chef who catered to my special diet, a special thank you! The doctors who eased my ailments and tensions! The instructors who eased my mind! All the best and all my love. Thank you!

    Heather, US - Oct 2015

    Whole team of Shreyas, Namaste! We have had an incredible experience during our stay at Shreyas with great staff, excellent food, the plantation, meditation and yoga. Specially the staff of Shreyas is so attentive, loving and caring, making it an unforgettable stay. Hope to visit again. Thank you for every moment you make us enjoy the stay.

    Bansals, India - Oct 2015

    Shreyas has been, 5 years ago, the beginning of a new life, I'll keep coming back to enjoy the positiveness, the energy, the well being, the warmth, the elegance, the comfort and the privacy . . . . I love PRAGNYA (my space!). But above all, the teaching of yoga with wonderful and calm teachers, understanding and re-comforting - the attention given to the meals, the table set up, the cooking and the service is a delight. The family atmosphere, the attention - everyone from the management to the night guard, is aware and know our needs before even formulating them. Thank you to all, don't ever change . . . . with all my love.

    ManonKanaroglu, London & Greece - Oct 2015

    How t express? It's unimaginable experience. Shreyas team is so hospitable; it feels like home away from home. Right from your entry into Shreyas campus, you experience the special attention here. It's full of positive energy. I would like to thank Giriji, Rita, Bala, Rucha, Shahuja, Arun, Nidhe, Balaji and all the Shreyas team. Thanks all.

    Santosh, India - Oct 2015

    Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for making me feel very welcome and cherished. Loved everything. I will be back.

    Anne, Australia - Sept 2015

    Dear Shreyas staff and management, what a fantastic 6 nights. Everything was so well arranged, non intrusive and of very high standard. Yoga, massage, food, attention to detail and staff warmth - amazing! Will be back soon with my wife. Best wishes and thank you all.

    Greg, UK - Sept 2015

    Dear Shreyas, it was my 1st trip on a yoga experience. Thanks to my daughter, Charu, who indirectly forced me to attend this retreat. What a wonderful experience I had and am taking back to Malaysia all the wonderful memoirs and people of Shreyas. The staff were all like a small joint family - always smiling and ready to help you in one way or the other. I am going back home full of positive energy and will return back soon again to re-charge again. Kudos to all my yogi teachers who were just awesome. With warm regards.

    Kesav, Malaysia - Sept 2015

    To the Shreyas team, you have made us feel special, safe and cared. The food was amazing, the yoga challenged us and the treatments relaxed us. The company at meals was great, we will be back.

    Alice & Ruth, Paraguay & England - Sept 2015

    To the team Shreyas: Peaceful! Blissful! Wonderful! Soulful! One of the best experiences of life by far. Especially the staff here is unbelievably wonderful. Small gestures like turning the slippers in the right direction whenever we stepped in, has touched my heart deeply. Knowledgeable yoga instructors have given us a new direction to discover. The way the table is laid for every meal will make you feel no less than a KING/QUEEN. Wonderfully planned menus and an amicable doctor always there to help you make you feel so special suddenly!! It might sound funny but as I leave Shreyas, I feel like a daughter stepping out of father's house into a new world. I better stop now. Me and my family truly loved this place. Thank you all, we are definitely coming back.

    Prerna, India - Sept 2015

    To the staff and team of Shreyas, thank you thank you thank you for such a blissful 6 days. It was truly amazing and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Everyone here is so attentive and thoughtful, taking care of every small need that arises. The yoga and meditation was lovely and a very grounding experience. The day very well planned and the food absolutely delicious. The dinner was so beautifully crafted and the outdoor candle settings made it so much more peaceful. Thank you once again. Look forward to coming here soon.

    Gauri, India - Sept 2015

    Dear Shreyas, thank you to everyone for your care and attention. This is truly a special place and I'll definitely be back. The wisdom and knowledge you have so generously shared will change my life - it has already touched my heart.

    Christine, Australia - Sept 2015

    Dear Shreyas, it was a truly wonderful experience. Thank you!

    Ali, Canada - Sept 2015

    Dear Shreyas: Thank you for everything you have brought back to me including my real self. I am walking out - fully recovered, happy and rejuvenated. I hope to see you again in the near future.

    Hana, Saudi Arabia - Sept 2015

    To all at Shreyas: thank you for a wonderful relaxing time, delicious food, for your care and kindness these past few days. 'Om Shanthi'.

    Sue, Australia - Sept 2015

    Namaste, my stay at Shreyas has simply been wonderful. Beyond any expectations! From the peaceful and intimate atmosphere of the place to the insightful meditation and yoga classes to the enjoyable massages and community service experiences and the delightful food, everything is just smooth and perfect. As for the staff, what to say? You seem to have recruited the best and kindest people of India! An unforgettable and enlightening experience first time in India! No wonder, most of the guests are repeat guests! I actually might be one of them... Thank you so much for everything. Take care.

    Elodie, Switzerland - Sept 2015

    Dear all! Thank you very much for another wonderful stay in this magical Shreyas Retreat. This place is full of spiritual and positive energy. You all take care. I definitely will be back.

    Stephanie, Germany - Sept 2015

    Our amazing journey of self discovery was the best one we have ever had! We cannot thank your wonderful, smiling, pleasant staff enough for their wonderful hospitality! We will treasure and cherish our time here and will be back soon! Thank you and namaste!

    Nina & Krish Panu, USA - Sept 2015

    The hospitality we experienced here at Shreyas is unparalleled. The best setting possible for the most enlightening meditation, yoga, massage and culinary experiences of our lives... our parents wanted us to travel to India together for an experience we'll never forget. Thanks to Shreyas - we found it. Thank you, Namaste.

    Matt Larson & Sierra Larson, USA & Ireland - Sept 2015

    Namaste! Everything about my experience at Shreyas has been magical! From the moment I arrived, I knew I picked the right place for my first visit to India. Each person who works at the property has a light that shines - from yoga sessions - to the incredible food - to meditation - even the cows know how to make you feel at home. No detail was missed. I consider you guys friends forever. Thank you for sharing your spirit - see you again. Namaste.

    Lu Parker, USA - August 2015

    Great weekend get-away! Thank you for your hospitality.

    Sophie, USA - August 2015

    Wish I could stay longer. Thank you Shreyas for an incredible experience and amazing food.

    Shamira, Canada - August 2015

    I was never bored for 1 minute of my time here.

    Nigel, Canada - August 2015

    I felt I was in heaven from the moment I stepped into Shreyas. The staff are very friendly. Will be back sure Inshallah!

    Dena, Egypt - August 2015

    Amazing place - perfect end to a wonderful trip to India. Top-notch staff and lovely amenities. Thank you to everyone for making the past 3 days so enjoyable.

    Samara & Rochelle, Jamaica & USA - August 2015

    I guess that the fact that I am here for the fifth time in the past five years says it all. The place, the ambience, the food, the treatments, the yoga, the meditation are all of the highest level but what makes this place magical are the people that run and manage this place. Thank you team Shreyas for making my time here truly inspirational. See you soon.

    Moty Naschon, UK - August 2015

    It was what we were looking for. A getaway from the city and it exceeded our expectations. It was lovely to have the 3 - bedroom cottage - thank you! The staff was so alert and the attention to detail was phenomenal. Definitely don't feel ready to leave this beautiful and tastefully done place! Thank you for your gracious hospitality.

    Ria & Sabrina Sakhrani, Indu Gobind, India - August 2015

    Thank you very much indeed for the nice week shared together. Was here for the 3rd time. I enjoyed everything a lot, feel like I am part of your family. The yoga (lots of private) sessions were really great, thanks to all the 3 teachers for correcting me as often as I needed. I did postures that I never thought were possible to do with my body. Massages were really nice and will help me to work again a lot with computers, very nice eye treatments. And the food that I will regret and miss when I get back home. Nice practice of meditation in so nice a place. Thank you once more and see you soon. Bye.. bye, Namaste.

    Niculin, Switzerland, - August 2015

    Thank you everyone at Shreyas for making my time here so special. My silent retreat has been a journey I will never forget. You are kind and generous people and I appreciate everything you have done for me over the past 7 nights. Until next time, best wishes.

    Terri, Australia - August 2015

    Thank you Shreyas for this wonderful stay! This is the second time I am here and it is even better this time! Wonderful, wonderful! Food, massage, yoga, meditation . . . . everything! Thank you all

    Sara, Sweden & Iowa, USA - August 2015

    Truly a new experience. Didn't get to fully absorb what this place has to offer in just 3 days. Definitely be back.

    Lalith, India - July 2015

    Thanks to Shreyas for the lovely experience. Will definitely be back to enjoy the benefits of yoga to the full most. Divyadarshini, Chennai.

    Divyadarshini, India - July, 2015

    Go placidly amongst the noise and haste and know what peace there can be in silence.

    Ashok, USA - July 2015

    Shreyas let me wind down the minute I stepped in. My stay is too short to fully realise the benefits of the yoga therapy - I hope to be back. Many thanks to the helpful people all over Shreyas.

    Charukesi, Bangalore - July 2015

    Thank you for a beyond blissful, silent journey and experience. Shreyas is a little paradise that we're so happy to be part of. Thank you to each of the teachers, kitchen staff, garden staff and all at Shreyas for your tentative, caring and outstanding service. Namaste.

    Luke & Courtney, Australia - July 2015

    Each time just keeps getting better and better; and harder and harder to leave. Thank you again for another memorable journey.

    Gretchen, London - July 2015

    Million thanks to Shreyas family for a blissful stay. Looking forward to coming back.

    Rabia, Istanbul - July 2015

    Paradise rediscovered! Thanks to the entire team at Shreyas who are so helpful and wonderful. The gardeners, the F&B team, the house keeping team, the therapists, gurus and doctors. Peace and joy to all. Warmly.

    Anuradha, India - June 2015

    This place feels like heaven on earth. The surroundings, the sounds of the forest, the wonderful food, yoga and meditation. All of this is made possible by your wonderful employees - look after them as they make your guests feel treasured. It's an excellent concept.

    Claire, UK - June 2015

    Here is the end of the stay. Wonderful detox experience, amazing ayurvedic treatments. I lost weight and my skin is soft now. Place of peace, joy and wellbeing. I will recommend to everyone. No television, nature and dinner with other guests as a family. Thanks for all the work of each Indian person, gardening, laundry . . . . each of them, they do a wonderful job at taking care of each guest. All the best, I am coming soon.

    Nathalie, Paris - June 2015

    Both self and my wife had a wonderful stay here. The hospitality extended is far beyond expectations and all the service staffs from all sections extended full support to feel yourself comfortable and made us at home. Special words for your teachers of yoga, the ayurveda spa and the wonderful illustrations provided to us by Mr. Balasundar, for sound meditation and yoganidra. Our special thanks to all service staff and the supporting staff. Thanks and looking forward to come here in future. NB: Food served is excellent and of good quality and suits to every one's requirement. Very sincere staff. A.Ananthakrishnan & Vijayalakshmi Krishnan, Bengaluru.

    Ananthakrishnan, India - June 2015

    Thank you very much for this wonderful stay. I came here ready for a break, I needed to get calm and one with nature again and this environment has provided me the best to get to myself again. Most of all, thank you for the wonderful staff! Beyond words, so nice! Also, for my yoga practice, I will definitely keep my practice and incorporate wha I have been taught here. Thank you!

    Ebru, Canada - June 2015

    This stay far exceeded my expectations! I am just starting my yoga journey and this was the perfect environment to learn and grow. I am excited to take my new knowledge and to continue to build upon it and work towards balancing my life. Much love.

    Mary, USA - June 2015

    One of the best experiences of my life. I am coming away with so much more than I ever expected. I have learned so much about yoga and myself. The staff is over the top amazing, everyone! The yoga and meditation classes centered mind, body, spirit! All the spa treatments were caring and relaxing. The food was incredible - we looked forward to every meal. Thank you for everything, I am ever so grateful! Namaste, love.

    Suzanne, USA - June 2015

    This was exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

    Eana, UK - June 2015

    Thank you for an amazingly lovely relaxed experience. I was here just for a day and want to come back very soon for an extended visit with a group of friends. Every moment from arrival, the talk with doctors, the yoga sessions and meditation, the dining experiences have been warm and friendly and more so very genuine. The food has been simple and delicious and would just recommend adding an evening snack for those who come here just to relax. Very, very impressed with the service and facility. Going to recommend to all the Bangalore friends to come and getaway to this oasis, so close to the city. Thank you.

    Sunitha and kondur, India - May 2015

    Thank you for a great ambience and your attention to detail is highly praiseworthy. Bringing people to the spirituality plane is very difficult and you have achieved that with such finesse. Names of cottages, slokas, books prepare guests for a relaxed overview of Indian spiritual experience. Hope you excel further in your efforts.

    Gowri, Venkatesh and Vaishnavi, India - May 2015

    First of all, I would rate Shreyas as the paradise closest to Bangalore one can come over to. Amazing place, superb ambience, flawless service and most importantly attention to detail - examples - your slippers are reversed when you enter and leave a room, odomos cream, ear plugs and the list goes on... Home theatre is another USP which I have not come across - same with cookery classes... Pity that me and my wife couldn't enjoy the spiritual part of this retreat - yoga et al as we had to manage our 2 year old son's antics! Looking forward to come again and recommend all those who are looking for a quiet weekend!

    Somindra, Preeti & Little Satwik, India - May 2015

    Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for a wonderful stay. Care was very attentive and I feel in just a short time the improvement in my yoga. Thank you! .

    Ayesha, Canada - May 2015

    Everything from the yoga to the food to the attentive service was beyond any expectations I had. I feel rejuvenated in mind, body and soul. Thank you for allowing me to improve my yoga and connect with myself in a way that my busy life style at home doesn't always allow. I am already planning my return trip here (and plan to bring along family and friends). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Marnie, Australia - May 2015

    Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for an incredible stay. Your entire team's attention to detail and personal care of each person is exceptional! I feel incredibly at peace even with this short stay, my mind, body and spirit is rejuvenated. Thank you for the peaceful rooms, the creative and nourishing food, the beautiful table settings and the well-kept gardens. Thank you to Bala for raising questions; Ramakant and Mani for the care in teaching yoga, and for Shobha's magical hands!! I am imagining and planning another visit!! Thank you!! Love and peace.

    Manjit, Jagtap Singh Bassi, Canada - May 2015

    Thank you to the generous and wonderful staff and management of Shreyas. I arrived spent and feeling unhealthy and I depart feeling satisfied in mind, body and soul... my journey just begins... Thank you for the start.

    Stephanie, USA - May 2015

    Dear all at Shreyas, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for such a fantastic and brilliant stay here at your amazing property. Every minute was perfect; your attention to every little detail to make sure that my stay exceeded expectations was appreciated. All the staff were so kind and so helpful. The yoga classes were such a treat. I learned so much from Ramakant, Manikant & Rita and I will take their instructions with me when I leave. The kitchen staff were always so sweet. The food was always perfect - even on my detox days!!! I met so many new friends and I am grateful for such a wonderful experience here. I hope to be able to come back for a longer stay. Lots of love and hugs to all of you! You have made my stay so memorable. From farming, to visiting the children, to trekking with Giri and Anudas, to cooking with the amazing chef Rame - thank you, thank you, thank you! Love...

    Lina, Canada - May 2015

    This has been one of the best hotels I have been to! I felt so relaxed. The food was delicious!!!

    Thushani (Age 10) - Mauritius/South Africa - April 2015

    This has truly been such an invigorating experience. I arrived with great expectations and these were more than fulfilled. I have never experienced such warmth and love from the entire STAFF. You all are simply incredible. It is heart- warming to know that such love and hospitality still exists in our lousy world. This was a bonding retreat, a special time for my gorgeous daughter, Thushani and I. Thank you for giving us such cherished memories. I am looking forward to returning with my entire family.

    Sugania Moodley Mauritius/South Africa - April 2015

    It feels as though we have stumbled upon 'heaven on earth'. The whole experience from the start to finish was incredible. A very relaxing way to end a trip to India. This 'mother/daughter' trip will be treasured forever. Our very 1st experience of yoga, meditation and pranayama has given us the basics on which to build on. Hoping to come back in the future. A big 'THANK YOU' to all the staff at Shreyas for making this so special.

    Malani Padayacha, Samon, South Africa - April 2015

    Thank you or a lovely stay and for the wonderful food, it was very, very good. The rooms were also very nice! I will definitely come back and also recommend Shreyas to my family and friends. Thank you!

    Yaerika Samon (13 years), South Africa\ - April 2015

    Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for taking us through such a unique..
    J - Joyful
    O - Open minded
    U - Uncompromising
    R - Resourceful
    N - Nourishing
    E - Eye opening
    Y - Young at heart.

    Nina & Jan, Switzerland - April 2015

    We also say thank you! I have never felt so nurtured anywhere. The staff from cleaners and dining staff to teachers and massage therapists were so very kind and thoughtful. We feel so well and peaceful and happy. The food was so very memorable. I am so grateful to have come twice!

    Kathleen & Bob, U.S.A - April 2015

    We say thank you for the warm welcome; for the various, creative and tasty food; for your friendly, warm and open hearted smiles; for your attention: all the warm lights, always turning our shoes, an umbrella just at the right times; a glass of water, a freshening towel, mosquito protection everywhere; for your well organised team - they helped us to relax our brains; for your patience during yoga/meditation sessions; for your wise words and thoughts which you shared with us; for the curious monkeys and quacking frogs; for your talented hands during massages; for the lovely decoration of tables and flowers everywhere; for the best lemon cheese cake we ever had:)) We are deeply impressed and grateful to know such a place like Shreyas. Special thanks to the kitchen team. We enjoyed the food a lot . . . . Special thanks to every one of you - stay the way you are!!! Taking this experience back to Switzerland . . . .

    Rene & Leonie, Switzerland - April 2015

    This is a secret jewel paradise you have developed. Very rare to create these days and I hope you'll preserve it as it is. I will bring it with me in my travels as the one only place where the birds, the smells, the colour, the light and the water bring peace. Thanks.

    Alessandra, Pavolini - April 2015

    Thanks to everyone for making my stay very memorable. The last 3 days has been one of the most peaceful days of my life. Since I am pressed for time, I had to leave in 3 days. Can't wait to come back and this time stay for a longer duration. Thanks again.

    Javid, Dubai - April 2015

    Nurturing . . . . nourishing . . . . Namaste . . . . Our challenge is now to replicate this wonderful experience back home. All staff are so kind, so friendly and make you feel so welcome. The food, service, treatments, yoga, meditation and doctor services are truly wonderful memories and continually value the friendships we have made. Thank you Shreyas.

    Karen and Lynn, Australia - April 2015

    It is the people that make Shreyas so special - I will miss the Doctor appearing out of thin air to ask about my treatments, the long, philosophical conversations about spirituality with Bala (and a few tears!) and the laughter and smile of Ramakant. The other guests I spent the week with provided wonderful and hilarious company and I left with new friends. An emotional, interactive and mind - opening experience I won't forget. I hope, when I return, I will have found my Inner Truth, Breath, Posture, Energy and /love.

    Holly, UK - April 2015

    Thanks to all at Shreyas for making this a wonderful stay. I feel extremely healthy and my yoga has improved (I think!) a huge amount in a short space of time!

    Mischa, UK - April 2015

    Christine and I enjoyed our stay at Shreyas. The staff, environment and facilities are in complete harmony. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shreyas to my friends, family and colleagues. Thank you for a wonderful time.

    Subir & Christine, UK - April 2015

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you for having us once again. As usual, our stay was wonderful. We see this as our 'home away from home'. With love.

    Dr. Sema Sagier, Argentina - April 2015

    I can always safely say, this is my second home of 10 years! I love Shreyas so much. It really is my slice of heaven, and will always be. Everything (staff and food, ambience, quality, details, massages and hospitality) is BEYOND expectations, as usual. I always leave with a hole in my heart! Will see you all next year . . . Love

    Puja, Singapore - April 2015

    Another beautiful week at Shreyas. What stands out for me this time is how caring, kind hearted, patient and hard working the staff are here. It is such a pleasure staying here. All the love.

    Ryan, UK - April 2015

    I have stayed in a lot of places but none of them can beat Shreyas. The staff is exceptional, there is so much eye for detail and the food is delicious. This week has been a true journey of self-discovery for me. It was a great experience. Thank you.

    Marga, UK - April 2015

    It was truly a journey of self-discovery. It was a discovery of one's mind, soul and of course yoga. It was my first experience of yoga and I felt, Shreyas is a great place to start this. Yoga and meditation taught me discipline which I intend to carry with me forever. Thanks Shreyas . . . . for the awakening of my mind and soul and for sowing the seeds of self-discovery journey . . . .

    Uma, India - April 2015

    I arrived with high expectations, all of which were exceeded. I am feeling grateful for the journey that brought me here and for the journey to continue deeper into the Astanga practice. Special thanks to Ramakant and Mani - you guys showed me, I am able to go further than I ever knew. You've started something great, wait until I come back next year! Also to Rucha, Bala, Dr. Arun and Dr. Shahuja (I hope, I got that right) - I have learned a lot, treasures that I bring home with me. With great love and respect.

    Tamara, Paris - April 2015

    Vintage Shreyas at its best! Service, impeccable; staff, very attentive as always.

    Manuela, India - April 2015

    Shreyas is that rare combination of precision and attention to detail at every level, combined with a truly nurturing and life reinforcing energy. It is a wonderful place with wonderful people. If I could bottle what you have created here and spread it around - the world would be a better place. Thank you to all, for all.

    Samantha, UK - April 2015

    Thank you for everything. I can't believe how much I feel I have gained in my week at Shreyas: from improving my yoga positions to enhancing my meditation practice to just learning ways to deal with the stresses of everyday life. I am taking a lot from here that will help me live a better life overall. I also want to thank the chefs and their teams for all of the wonderful meals and cooking lessons. Food is an important part (and special) and all of it was spectacular and healthy! AND thank you for the special dinner on my last night with all my favourites, I loved and appreciated it. Can't wait to be back.

    Neil, UK - April 2015

    I came to Shreyas to mark stopping a stressful job, to lose weight, start to get fit and take up yoga again after 20 years. I leave here so much lighter, in both body and mind! I would only echo the previous entries which describe, much more elegantly than I could the kindness, thoughtfulness and support given by all members of staff. I am glad I have very much the privilege of staying here and hope very much to come back. Thank you for everything!

    Fiona, Scotland - April 2015

    Thank you so much for an amazing week. Each time I come, I gain new memories of the wonderful people including all staff members and gain memories of all the fabulous lessons, food and much more. Thank you again for everything.

    Lucy, UK - April 2015

    Another wonderful stay at Shreyas, absolutely fabulous, made to feel so welcome and looked after in every way - until next time.

    Tracy, UK - April 2015

    Thank you to all of you for giving the best 'room' for a journey for life. Thank you for your attitude and meeting my needs even before I knew thank you for inspiration and guidance. Thank you for opening the senses. Thank you for the most fantastic food. I enjoyed everything I tasted. Thank you for the great job you are doing every day to make this little paradise shine. I love the garden, it is so beautiful. Thank you. I hope to see you again, soon. Namaste.

    Karin, Denmark - April 2015

    1 Food was outstanding
    2. Grounds lovingly kept
    3. Rooms were magic - soft quiet energy
    4. Bala - exquisite
    5. Ramakant - a fabulous teacher
    6. Mani - Bright loving light
    7. Shobha & Vidya soothed all my aches & worries
    8. Wait staff - sweet, caring and took care of me as an individual
    9. I would love to come again
    10. Oasis for the mind, body and spirit.
    Love - Kim PS:-Thank you for everything, Love.

    Kim, USA - March 2015

    The staff make the place!!! The Namaste greeting goes straight to the heart! The silent Namaste greeting goes to the soul! Thank you for a very very relaxing time. We wanted to lengthen our stay (but work calls ...) We will be back. Namaste, thank you.

    Sabina & Gerhard, Austria - March 2015

    What can I say? Yet another wonderful stay at this stunningly calm, serene and beautiful place. Each and every one of you have looked after me so perfectly - so, firstly I must thank all of you and I do this from the bottom of my heart. As a returning guest, you have every wish and hope to experience all the previous magic of the previous visit, but this is interlinked with a little fear that your memory has played some tricks and it will not live up to all the hopes! The reality is that Shreyas is exactly the same as ever - as peaceful, soothing and enriching as ever. Absolutely everything is truly wonderful. My thanks to you all.

    Barbara, UK - March 2015

    It is the third time we are staying at beautiful Shreyas and fully enjoyed it. As always, excellent yoga sessions, fabulous food, very relaxing treatments and very friendly people made this yet another perfect holiday. Many thanks for everything!!

    Tonia & Stephan, Switzerland - March 2015

    I don't have the words to describe the feeling of peace, calm and soothing energy I felt here; far from the maddening world.:)) This place is a true gem and even though my time here was short, I am taking a lot from the people that dedicatedly work here, the architecture, the trees, the vegetable garden, the food. This place is spiritual and I am sure no one is left untouched. Inshallah! I shall come back again. Thank you all for creating this paradise.

    Simmy, USA - March 2015

    What a fantastic place Shreyas is. I had such a wonderful time; I only wish that I would stay longer. Great place, great happy people, tasty food. Can you wish for more? I am already looking forward for my return to Shreyas. Once again, thank you to everybody who is there to make us feel relaxed and happy.

    Stella, Canada - March 2015

    A great jump into my spiritual journey, thanks to my stay at Shreyas, even if short. Teachers are very knowledgeable and have a personal approach. The whole ambience of this place and kindness of staff provides the perfect setting for contemplation and introspection. I will be back soon, thanks.

    Patricia, UK - March 2015

    Thank you so much to everyone at Shreyas, it is a paradise incarnate. Everyone is so kind and helpful, all the classes were fascinating, especially the yoga and cookery. The spa treatments were relaxing and the garden is beautiful. I am going to miss it but thank you for a perfect holiday and I hope to be back at some point!

    Ella, Scotland - March 2015

    Many thanks to the Shreyas team for making my stay an incredible and peaceful experience: experience of one of the best service I have encountered in India; experience of a fine and delicious vegetarian food; experience of great staff, always ready to help and always smiling; experience of yoga with wonderful teachers, helping to improve and learn more; experience of meditation, helping to reflect and guiding to find my way; a big experience of joy, to be here in the present moment! Thank you again for letting me find some treasures. I�ll be back, lots of love.

    Betty, France - March 2015

    The name says it all: Serene and Sublime
    Harmonious and Heavenly
    Rejuvenating and Restorative
    Enlightening and Enriching
    Yogic and Youthful
    Amazing and Affirming

    Anita, Jyoti, Esther, Canada - March 2015

    I had a wonderful stay in Shreyas - everything was exceptional from the decoration in our bungalow to the special attention that I received from each and every person in this oasis of peace - do not think that vegetarian food is boring . . . we had the most delicious meals here prepared by Chef Rame and his team - do not think that yoga is boring . . . we had fantastic yoga classes to balance our whole being. Times of reflection and spiritual questioning. A complete stay for our complete being. Thank you to the whole team of Shreyas. A wonderful experience that I will have again.

    Nicole, UAE - March 2015

    A warm thank you to the staff for the wonderful time in this oasis! The food (so light and tasty) and setting were equally delightful, and I will bring home romantic memories especially of the outside dinner locations that you have decorated so skilfully! Thank you and hope to see you again soon!

    Tobias, Germany - March 2015

    A beautiful, peaceful place to stay, unwind and feel rejuvenated in just a couple of days. The staff and food is excellent and there is a great variety of classes and treatments. I would love to come and stay for longer, another time.

    Jodi, New Zealand - March 2015

    A third time is a charm! The place is the same heaven I remember, thank you for this wonderful place, as soon as one passes the door, the peace surrounds you. Thank you to all the staff for being wonderful as always. Will come back, I know.

    Sabine, India - March 2015

    Thanks a lot for my 8 days in paradise. Everything was nice. Hope to return.

    Kirill, Russia- March 2015

    Dearset Shreyas team, rarely does one come across a gem of a place like Shreyas, it really live up to its name of being all round. Kudos to you. Following areas struck me in particular and helped me enjoy to the most: # Staff: From the booking and reservations, to the kitchen to gardening to yoga teachers to drivers . . . . wow - professionalism, kindness, anticipation and solution orientation . . . . and just fantastic service. Made the stay extremely special. # Yoga: The various teachers are so distinct, yet very competent. They take the time to help you make progress. Great! # Agenda: Wellness consultation, agenda, structure; yet the flexibility to fine tune it. Made my stay very personally fulfilling and achieve outcomes I sought. Total relaxation and awareness - achieved. # Spirituality and values: Special congrajulations to the founder, fro creating this haven - wellness of the mind, body and the soul; and training for staff and welfare for them - can see from how teamed the staff are . . . . and simple and powerful principles of vegetarian, alcohol and smoke free ambience; religious yet not dogmatic . . . .. and very inclusive 'sarve bhavantu sukhinaha'. # Accomodation: Earthy, plush, warm - the rooms, decor all just 'fit'. Extremely comfortable, spacious and luxurious. The place just feels so appropriately done up. # Food: Local cuisine, yummy, healthy, diverse! Excellent, what can I say. In all, all these elements helped us have a fantastic stay. I leave here feeling happy and blissful, and hope to carry the energy well beyond the compound here. Looking forward to our return! Much love and thanks.

    Ramya, Anya & Kannan, Mala - Switzerland & Chennai - Feb 2015

    To the exceptional team at Shreyas. Hard to put to words the experience I have had at Shreyas but it has been a life changing experience of great depth and outstanding quality of guest services. Please do not change a thing. Back soon.

    David, Australia - Feb 2015

    To the amazing family at Shreyas, I don't even know where to begin from. The booking over the phone with Mr. Balaji, who made everything seem so easy and welcomed my last minute requests and understood my confusion. To Mr. Ramakant who was super polite and extra helpful, the food really is the best I have eaten and so perfect and healthy. Cherished my food and loved the idea of getting the recipes. The chef is an icing on the most delicious cake! SHREYAS - WAY TO GO - LOVELY AND REJUVENATING. T he best part is, every one, I mean EVERY MEMBER of this community runs to help you.

    Astha, India - Feb 2015

    To the team at Shreyas, my experience was rejuvenating and enlightening. From the moment I entered the grounds, I felt a tremendous sense of calm. The staff are all unparalleled and this is the first time I have enjoyed yoga. Thank you so much.

    Gregg, USA - Feb 2015

    To all at Shreyas, the grace and warmth of your care is beyond any guest's imagination. Your kindness and compassion will remain with me. Thank you for your gentle spirits and many teachings. Warm wishes and many blessings of good health.

    Sherri, USA - Feb 2015

    Dear all at Shreyas, I can't tell you how wonderful our stay has been. We have enjoyed it so much. The meditation, yoga, swimming, relaxing and the very best karma yoga I have ever experienced. We will be telling all just how incredible Shreyas is. Mustn't forget the food, which was truly delicious. Thanks to all the staff for their hospitality. Best wishes. P.S: - The massage, amazing. P.P.S: - I loved the little touches such as turning our flip flops so that they were ready to put on when leaving the room. Thank you.

    Wilkinson, UK - Feb 2015

    To everyone at Shreyas, thank you for the unique experience. Everything was fantastic and perfectly coordinated. I love and appreciate the opportunity to unwind, alomg with all of the benefits of eating delicious and healthy food, meditation and yoga. You made this a memorable and heartfelt experience. All the best.

    Isabelle, Canada - Feb 2015

    To all at Shreyas, thank you for a most memorable five days. Your warmth, hospitality, professional service and outstanding meals will long be remembered.

    Debbie, Canada - Feb 2015

    To everyone at Shreyas, thank you for making my stay here absolutely perfect. Everyone here is so friendly and willing to go beyond what is expected of them to make sure that we had whatever we needed, and more. It is a beautiful spot and I hope to return again, soon.

    Dianne, Canada - Feb 2015

    This has been a wonderful stay and experience. Truly amazing atmosphere, peaceful and nourishing in all aspects. I had the privilege of attending Shreyas with 9 other wonderful ladies, some I knew and some I have gotten to know . . . . what a journey, what wonderful ladies. This has been such a gift to be here. Thank you all for your gifts and sharing with me, looking after me and nourishing me. Many happy journeys. Namaste.

    Tracy, Canada - Feb 2015

    What a beautiful experience. This is my first trip and I will be back. I am leaving with a full heart. Namaste.

    Shirlee, Canada - Feb 2015

    I am completely over whelmed. I do not know from where to start. Words elude me to express my true feelings and experience. 'Silence', my salutations to each and every member of 'Shreyas' team. It is Divine.

    Bhabubhai, India - Feb 2015

    Thank you Shreyas for providing a retreat where we can get back in touch with the way we should be living our lives. These 5 days reminded me that I have to take time to care for my mind, body and soul and in doing so, I can be at more peace. Everything from the yoga to the healthy eating and being surrounded by nature - I hope to take it back with me in my heart and live it every day! Thank you! See you soon!

    Shraddha, USA - Feb 2015

    Wonderful ambience, amazing yoga classes, a variety of treatments and above all well trained, organised and warm hearted staff made my stay here an unique experience. Food is amazing too.

    Zeljka, Croatia - Feb 2015

    Wonderful stay and will be highly recommended to my friends and family. Yoga was a perfect introduction for beginners. Food was fresh, juices/soups tasty. The grounds are amazing. Thank you.

    Shelu, USA - Feb 2015

    17th Feb., 2015 Shreyas is a beautiful oasis in Bangalore. It is clean and immaculate. I love the details down to how it smells so clean and fresh.

    Meeta, India - Feb 2015

    I am so happy with my experience at Shreyas. I really needed my time to relax and contemplate my life. Shreyas was so nice and the grounds are just beautiful. I am sad to leave and I hope I can return. Oh the food . . . . amazing!!!

    Elizabeth, USA - Feb 2015

    Dear Shreyas, thank you so much for the warm hospitality. It has been an amazing 5 days of Zen. I have learnt and experienced so much in such a short period of time, and it's been a great start to 2015. The staff, I am so pleased of the genuininity, passion and grace they provide to all guest. I was so impressed when one afternoon I was at the little hut in the organic garden, and a nice gentleman came to deliver a water bottle. Everything is so well thought out - keep up the great job, I will surely include a review in my blog, will recommend, and be back next year. Lots of love.

    Jacqui, Abu Dhabi - Feb 2015

    Thank you! While it was a very short visit for me at Shreyas, it was amazing. The staff made me feel welcome as did the guests. Thank you so much for the terrific experience and teachings.

    Loring, USA - Feb 2015

    A very special week here at peaceful Shreyas. Thank you to all the staff for making it so pleasant.

    Margaret, USA - Feb 2015

    Thank you for an amazing week. Very relaxing time in a magical setting.

    Shelly, USA - Feb 2015

    Second time to Shreyas and repetition no disappointment. Wonderful, magical place. Really love it here. Thank you.

    James, USA - Feb 2015

    How lucky to live in such a beautiful place. We had a wonderful holiday retreat package in Shreyas. The perfect yoga escape. Love.

    Richard, USA - Feb 2015

    Thank you again for a most amazing visit. This is one of the most special places on earth and I am already looking forward to my next visit. Namaste.

    Katrina, USA - Feb 2015

    This was my first visit to Shreyas and it is like a home in India. Thank you so much for a wonderful time.

    Caroline, USA - Feb 2015

    What a wonderful place and the best introduction to my first solo holiday. The food was fantastic and the staff are all so friendly and accommodating. Thank you Shreyas.

    Sharon, USA - Feb 2015

    My second visit to Shreyas - as beautiful and fabulous as ever and the staff as wonderful. A perfect place to relax and practising yoga in shala is a joy. Thank you again.

    Jane, USA - Feb 2015

    Wow! What an amazing and beautiful place. Thank you to the staff for making my stay and birthday very special. I will be back. Namaste.

    Natalie, USA - Feb 2015

    Happy Valentine's day! Thanks for another amazing experience at Shreyas. Appreciate your accommodating all our requests and fully enjoyed the ambience, atmosphere, yoga, massages, and meals! Until next time.

    Parul & Samit, India - Feb 2015

    Dear Shreyas, I had a truly incredible experience here. The staff were all amazing and made this stay so wonderful. I l

    Rahul, USA - Feb 2015

    We came not knowing what to expect. A beautiful place with wonderful staff, where nothing is too much trouble. It became an experience we will never forget, especially the pooja! The patience of the yoga teachers was beyond belief as it is very early in our yoga journey. Thank you to the doctors for their guidance and direction, we felt very valued by your staff and every one at Shreyas.

    John & Kim, England - Feb 2015

    There will definitely be a 'before Shreyas' and 'after Shreyas' in my life. Came here at a very troubled time and the experience has been so much more than I expected. Having never really done yoga before, I found the teachers really exceptional in understanding my needs and helping me improve a bit more every day. Similarly, I discovered meditation and pranayama, and the sessions with Bala will stay with me for a long time. I go back home, stronger and more at peace with myself than ever. Thank you, ALL the staff are wonderful, this is a very special place.

    Mireille, France - Feb 2015

    I had a great time here. The staff was very helpful. I wasn't expecting it to be that great. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience of doing yoga and getting massages. Hope to come back soon.

    Mehreen, Pakistan - Feb 2015

    The most amazing vacation of my life. Everything I hoped for and more. Food was absolutely outstanding at every meal! Nice variety of foods served. Cooking classes were absolutely worth taking. Yoga was fantastic! Instructors really know their skills and teach well. They peck up quickly on your ability and can challenge you. I learned so much, improved and feel I really can take what I learned home for my practice. Meditation and pranayama very very good. Had never done pranayama before and found it to be an excellent way to enhance and further my meditation experience. Spa was beyond words!! I was so pleased, so impressed and so grateful to ALL the staff. Everyone's care and concern made this trip the amazing journey it was. Having some special circumstances, I was nervous about my visit. There was no need to be. Everyone went out of their way to make sure I could navigate the grounds and that I had absolutely everything I needed at all times. I am truly grateful beyond words. Thank you. P.S.: Added bonus: I had so much fun meeting other guests; we really enjoyed good conversations together.

    Carla, USA - Feb 2015

    Thank you Shreyas for providing a wonderful base from which to continue our spiritual growth. The tranquil environment and surroundings have added to our experience of yoga and meditation. Staff have always been and often go out of their way to provide us with extra comfort i.e., different fruits to try or preferences with cuisine. The teachers at Shreyas have been wonderful. Our experiences with Bala, Ramakant and Mani deserve mention. They have been amazing with pushing us physically and mentally beyond what we thought we were capable of, in a short amount of time. Thank you again for this truly unique experience.

    Janessa and Anjali - Melbourne & London - Feb - 2015

    A few months before arriving, my wife asked if I would be interested in a holiday to a yoga retreat in India. I am a 62 year old man who eats meat, drinks wine and has done very little exercise in the last 20 or more years so to say the least, I was a little apprehensive. I have to say I would now recommend anyone to have a break, in more ways than one, at Shreyas. Without exception, everything has been excellent: the food, the staff, the place/setting, the yoga classes, meditation etc., and I feel fitter than I have done in decades as does my wife. Thank you to all at Shreyas, you are all brilliant and an example to anyone.

    Andrew & Judith, UK Feb - 2015

    My stay was very relaxing. The yoga and instructors were really great. Everything felt personalised. The staff at Shreyas made me feel safe and comfortable. Always smiling and eager to help. The aura of the place is really special - everything is wonderful.

    Edwards, USA - Feb 2015

    We had a most relaxing and enjoyable time at Shreyas. The food was excellent and we were both surprised about the great variety being it all vegetarian. The yoga sessions were very professionally conducted and we are proud to say that we didn't miss a single one during our 10 days! Ayurveda was a novelty and we were taken away by the different sensations. All in all our expectations were exceeded and we are more than happy to recommend 'Shreyas' and look forward to be back. Good luck and the all the very best. PS: A huge compliment to all the staff, they are exceptional.

    Christine, Switzerland & Singapore - Feb 2015

    Thank you for a wonderful trip! The food was fantastic, the staff were friendly and available and the surroundings were peaceful and beautiful! Namaste.

    Mynko Bartell, USA - Jan 2015

    Food was nice and meditation was nice. Everything was nice, I will be back soon.

    Dhanwanti - Thailand : Jan 2015

    Shreyas is everything I could have hoped for and more. I came here to begin yoga practice for my body and meditation for my soul. It turns out that both are wonderful for your body and soul. The private yoga sessions have given me confidence that I can continue my practice when I return home. The meditation and pranayama sessions were wonderful. The only negative I have to say is that I don't ever want to leave. Thank you everyone at Shreyas for your care and hospitality.

    Laura - USA : Jan 2015

    I can't wait to be back. Thank you for the truly special and surprising place. It's the caring and attentive staff that are making Shreyas what it is. Merci! Merci!

    Catherine - Jan 2015

    Wonderful service, relaxing and thought provoking. Individual attention is second to none, thank you.

    Deborah - United Kingdom : Jan 2015

    Thank you for creating this truly amazing oasis of peace, wellness and relaxation. Yoga, cricket and food were a perfect combination for us. The ambiance and staff was so attentive and took so good care of us. Impressive, thank you.

    The Scheynius family - Sweden : Jan 2015

    Every day was a discovery. Everyone who works here is so attentive. Thank you 'Shreyas'.

    Sylvie - France : Jan 2015

  • 'A journey to self-discovery' is a path I am following every day, but being in such a privileged space, where nature is preserved and alive, where the energy is peaceful, where the staff is mindful, smiling and calm, where yoga and massage are deep and professional and where everything transpire the 'yoga' true mindset. What best could I find to awake and clean my body and let my soul be! I am deeply grateful to the staff, the management and the creator of this magnificent space. With love and gratitude.

    Mark, Switzerland - Dec 2016

    Thank you for the few special days, it has been a pleasure to be here. The food and the gardens are delightful, I will return to indulge further in the other pleasures to be had. Many thanks for your hard work.

    Jason, UK - Dec 2016

    Amazing experience, very well taken care of by the staff. Extremely gentle and caring. Good food, health, joy of yoga and fitness. Overall very good experience.

    Manish & Shruti, India - Dec 2016

    Thank you for the attention to detail, the great food, and the relaxing space that we had. We feel very rejuvenated and recharged to go back home. The staff are so attentive, the food was delicious, we will surely be back. Thank you.

    Vivek & Kashmira, South Africa - Dec 2016

    This is my very first yoga retreat and the bar has been set very high. How can anything overcome this? I love the little details, my room gets cleaned while I am at yoga class, shoes always find me wherever I leave them... food has been amazing. I wish I could stay much much longer. Thank you.

    Veronica, Slovenia - Dec 2016

    For my third stay at Shreyas I was once again spoiled by the lovely staff. As always they were respectful and professional. The food was consistently wonderful and I will be back. Thank you.

    G. Sexton, U.K - Dec 2016

    There are not enough words to describe the experience I've had here at Shreyas! I can truly feel the love here! The beautiful energy and love can be felt I the food, the staff, the surrounding, it's in everything here! I cannot want to come here again and also cannot wait for the world to see my article/review about this incredible and loving home that's here for everyone to share! One big happy and loving family! All my love to you.

    Candice, Marie Fox, ELuxe Magazine. (Australia & UK) - Dec 2016

    This is my third stay and I will be back.:)) Most important point of differentiation is the CARE shown by all members of the Shreyas team. I have learnt a great deal, I have had a quiet time and recognised myself. Thanks to all members of a great team. God bless.

    Chelvendra, Australia - Nov 2016

    Shreyas is an amazingly simple yet very elegant retreat that creates and orchestrates an environment for relaxation and awakening. All team members are exemplary in their attitude and willingness to serve and make one's stay memorable. All this cannot be possible without a very smart and benevolent leadership by the top management and who run the place. Will recommend the place highly.

    Geetika & Manu, India - Nov 2016

    Only the best things to say - we have in particular never seen such pure staff serving so perfectly. Having been to several ayurvedic resorts/treatment centres, we can confidently say 'Jai Shreyas'.

    Gargi Ma, Janaka, Lakshmi & Narayana Canada - Nov 2016

    I am going back with so many tools to continue my evolution because of all of you. I felt extremely well supported with amazingly kind and knowledgeable people. Extreme gratitude to everyone for a transformative stay.

    Odette, Canada - Nov 2016

    I found here everything was looking for. It really helped me and I will recommend it!!! The staff, the teachers and the massages were amazing. Many thanks to all of you for making my life better and me a better person. I will never forget you!!

    Beatriz, Mexico - Nov 2016

    A great journey of self discovery it was! I did the silent retreat for 6 nights and am glad I did. Loved the exquisite cuisine, the tranquil grounds and garden, the massages and most of all, the yoga and meditation. It is the caring and attentive staff who make Shreyas what it is. Staying at Shreyas has enriched my life . . . much thanks!

    Curtis, USA - Nov 2016

    To all the staff of Shreyas, thank you for grace and kindness. I leave here to reset and heal and you have helped tremendously with that. The yoga and meditation sessions have helped me to focus the mind on what is important. The food, service and hospitality has revitalized my spirit. The kind, warm nature of all the staff has been wonderful. Thank you, I'll be back.

    Ben Slow, Singapore - Oct 2016

    Shreyas, the awesome kept secret of Bangalore! Awesome, superb, fantastic.

    Bijal Shah, India - Oct 2016

    Dearest Rucha, from the time we spoke, your graciousness and hospitality and ability to understand the very specific needs of the guest was felt. It had a cascading effect on the way the staff, service and food of Shreyas operate. In today's day and age, you definitely are a notch higher!!! Will be back.

    Seem & Rostov, Rene & Amita, India - Oct 2016

    Dear Rucha and all the members of Shreyas. The calm environment and wonderful service made us really enjoy our stay. Hope to come again soon. Warm regards.

    Seema & Rostow, India - Oct 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, this is my first visit to Shreyas and it was fantastic and much better than expected. I really enjoyed food, yoga, meditation and beautiful nature. I will definitely come back. Thank you for your hospitality and thank you for the Birthday cake!

    Yayoi, Singapore - Oct 2016

    This is my third visit to Shreyas. I love the swimming pool.

    Sid, India - Oct 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, this is our fourth or fifth visit to Shreyas and hopefully we will be back again. We can't say what it is that brings us back again and again - the awesome food, the wonderful ambience or the super attentive staff. There's some magic about this place that's hard to pin down - making us feel welcome, relaxed and is a world apart! Thank you once again and look forward to our next trip here.
    Kalpana, Ventakesh & Sid, Bengaluru.

    Kalpana, Ventakesh & Sid, India - Oct 2016

    This is written on behalf of Aparna Gurumurhy, Pauline Juckes and Damien Miller. We found Shreyas to be enchanting. Everywhere you look, you see beauty - a feast for the eyes. And of course the peace and quiet, and soothing green environment made for a refreshing change. Finally, the food is nothing short of awesome. Healthy and awesome! A unique combination. Thank you to all the elegant and gracious staff who make Shreyas so special. All the best.

    Damien, India - Sept 2016

    Thank you so much for everything you guys have done during my stay. This is the best place to relax and recharge in the world. I definitely will come back next year and hopefully I can bring my mom with me that time. I am sure I will miss yoga class and food when I go back to Tokyo... Arigato!!

    Shoko, Japan - Sept 2016

    Dear people of Shreyas, you've made our stay so fantastic! The staff is so incredibly friendly, we have never experienced that anywhere else in the world! Thank you so much. Jane & Hester. Thank you so much for making this stay with my daughter unforgettable.:))

    Hester, Netherlands - Sept 2016

    Dear all thank you very much for another wonderful stay. For me it is like coming home - perfect holiday with rejuvenation, meditation, wonderful yoga and excellent food.. Until next year! Namaste!

    Stephanie, Germany - Sept 2016

    Dear team, thank you so much for making my stay so comfortable. I loved all my 3 days here; the food was excellent, the treatments were amazing and I have taken a lot from this place. Will be back soon.

    Gowri, India - Sept 2016

    Dear Shreyas folk, service is awesome. Staff is very attentive. Yoga teachers are very compassionate. Mr. Balasunder gave me good yoganidra sessions, I transcended into swarga. Dr.Shaji has turned into a Buddha, always smiling and spreading goodness; similarly his chela, Dr.Arun. Some suggestions: doors are making a lot of noise while closing; moisturiser should be kept in room. Some of the taps are not working or very tight. Great stay, will recommend. Warm regards.

    Suresh, India - Sept 2016

    Thank you all for a very special stay. I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects. I have gained insight into aspects of yoga and meditation. The team at Shreyas are just wonderful. All of the team make you feel at ease. The massage treatments were given with care and comfort. I enjoyed also the meal times which were a wonderful opportunity to meet many people from all parts of the world. The food was extra special. Alas, my time at Shreyas has come to an end even though I caught 'Shreyas fever'.:)) Thanks.

    Stephen, U.K - Sept 2016

    It is a very nice place to come again and again. No complaints to write here, we enjoyed.

    Vilas, India - Sept 2016

    Dear staff members or should I say family members!! It has been a very excellent stay beyond my imagination. After spending 2 weeks in other parts of India, this was a very peaceful stay. I really.. really enjoyed yoga. Food has been delicious - getting very personalised care and love from all the staff members - which makes this place very unique!! Cooking class was great, we will come back.

    Sudha & Bharath, USA - Sept 2016

    It is an excellent place, out of the world. Very well trained staff and they are very hospitable. Your yoga is amazing, highly experienced teachers. Finally I want to say that I feel like coming back, I think its given full answer.

    M.Srinivas, India - Sept 2016

    Wonderful and unforgettable stay. Thank you for everything and special thanks to 'Rita' the wonderful lovely yoga instructor.

    Fatema & Sara, Kuwait - Sept 2016

    Thank you for welcoming us into the Shreyas community with such generosity of spirit, eagerness to heal and kindness to aloe people to find their own Shreyas journey. Being alongside such smiling, friendly staff and seeing where wellness is developed and nurtured for everyone is very inspiring. Shreyas has exceeded my expectations, allowed me the time and space I so desperately needed and left me feeling stronger, lighter and healthier in more ways than one. Take care.

    Victoria, Germany - Sept 2016

    The ambiance, staff and peace at Shreyas is unparalleled. It's a delight to come back and meet the same staff year after year, one of Bengaluru's best kept secrets.

    Varun & Nirupa, India - Sept 2016

    My friend recommended Shreyas to me. She loved it and it has exceeded my expectations beyond that. For me what makes it special is the equilibrium you achieve between health, relaxation, fitness and food in a beautiful environment. The Shreyas colleagues are your biggest asset - it feels like they are welcoming you into their community about which they care so much and want you to experience with them. Without exception they are equal partners in your stay. The attention to detail and zero mistakes or confusion is super notable too, as is that priority seems customer care rather than making money, I am definitely coming back.

    Alison, UK - Sept 2016

    Another amazing 9 days at Shreyas, m 6th visit in the last 6 years. The journey just gets better and better. Thanks, team Shreyas for making my time here yet again unforgettable. Warm regards.

    Moty, UK - Sept 2016

    We had a terrific stay among fantastic people at Shreyas. Hope to be back again.

    Shripati & Soumya, India - Sept 2016

    It was an amazing experience! It was just 2 days but transformational! I look forward to returning.

    Laura, USA - Sept 2016

    We loved the family room/house and everyone was very helpful especially with special diets and illness as well.

    Serena, UK - Sept 2016

    A great stay, thoroughly enjoyed it. Will definitely come again.

    Suril, India - Sept 2016

    This was my second time here in 5 years. Consistently high quality, staff are amazing. I will return and I highly recommend Shreyas to others. I hope nothing changes on my next visit. Regards

    Rob, USA - Sept 2016

    Namaste, thank you for having us. Our stay was fantastic and could not be more relaxing.Thank you to the yoga teachers who stretched us (literally!) beyond our limits.

    Breanne, Canada - August 2016

    Thank you so much for an incredible week. We absolutely loved our cottage, our yoga classes - thank you Mani & Rammy!!! Our food, and the incredible staff, Shreyas is a heaven on earth. Thank you for everything, Love.

    Jenna Kaye, Canada - August 2016

    Shreyas has been more than I could have imagined, exceptional in every way. The staff has really made my experience here perfect, anticipating my every need even before I do. Beautiful place. Thank you!

    Aida Rafie, Canada - August 2016

    I am in paradise. I was told I would love Shreyas and it is beyond my expectations. The staff are wonderfully efficient and caring, food fabulous, and a feeling of incredible calm and peace. My stay far too short but I will return.

    Sally, Australia - August 2016

    A lovely 48 hours - a shame I cannot stay longer! But the place and the staff made it feel as if I was here longer. Very attentive staff, beautiful food, and wonderful serenity. Thank you!

    Lucy Charlesworth, UK - August 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, in the last 2 days we have learnt a lot about ourselves. Everything at Shreyas is so peaceful and serene which makes one wonder - the real meaning of life. We loved our stay, it was great to get away from the hustle & bustle of the city life and come in contact with our inner self and nature. The staff were all amazing and kind. Loved our sessions of yoganidra and pranayama with Ms. Rita, wish we got to spend more time listening to her. Thank you Shreyas... we will see you soon.

    Arun & Gurvinder, UAE - August 2016

    Dear all, it was indeed a journey of self discovery. I would recommend it to anybody and everyone. It has been one of the best vacations I have ever taken. Totally mind blowing. The staff, food and service and the place itself has been enjoyable and the very best. Thank you all, see you next year.

    Madhu, India - August 2016

    Dear all, it was amazing experience! This was our first retreat and the experience was excellent; the yoga teacher, Heather Morton, is the best! We have learnt lot in the 7 days then we have probably over the years. The food was out of this world; never had such a variety of vegetarian dishes even though we are vegetarians. Overall experience was great; Krishna, Santosh & Dinesh have more than exceeded our expectations that is not to say that the others weren't. We just came across them more than others. But all the staff are very polite and obliging and very well trained! The trekking experience was made a lot easier by the staff who accompanied us, i.e. Mani, Prakash & Krishna! The trip to Mysore was very enjoyable too. It will be sad to leave Shreyas but looking forward to coming back soon! Thank you to all the staff!

    Kriti & Harsha, UK - August 2016

    We had a wonderful time! This was our first retreat and we could not have asked for a better experience. Heather Morton is a great yoga teacher, and we learned a lot! The retreat itself is so peaceful - very much worth its reputation! Thanks!

    Nancy & John, Canada - August 2016

    Dear all, it was an amazing time, even better than the explanation of the website. The stay was a good mix of yoga, relaxing and meeting great people. Thanks a lot and I will definitely come back one day. All the best.

    Alexandra, Switzerland - August 2016

    Coming back to Shreyas was just what we needed. Excellent stay as always. All staff members are so in sync with the yoga principle, food is made with such fine energies that you feel at peace with every mouthful. It's truly hard to find such consistency in today's time. Until the next visit keep excelling. Thank you as always. P.S: Thank you for making our daughter's birthday and our anniversary so special. The cake was yummy!

    Meera & Alex, Hong Kong - August 2016

    Could not have been a better 3 nights we have had in a long time. Overall excellent, wonderful staff - we go home completely refreshed! Thank you.

    Dinesh Anand, India - August 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you for making our stay a giving and an excellent experience! The best we have experienced so far in terms of ambience, wellness, service, food and everything! We are coming back! Best wishes!!

    Daya & Henry, Sweden - August 2016

    It has been a pleasure to visit Shreyas for more than ten years. Over the years we have seen that the core premise of Shreyas which is 'well - being' has been kept absolutely intact. The dulcet sounds of the birds chirping and the wafting breeze from the myriad trees have been a beautiful constant. The immaculately maintained pool, the eucalyptus tinged wet towels, the lovely smells of the flower gardens and the almost magical way in which your shoes are turned around have made us feel the same warmth over the years. We will always be happy to return to such an abode to calm our minds and soothe our frayed nerves. Thank you for continuing the Shreyas Excellence.

    Meera & Venu, India - August 2016

    After 3 weeks of work in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Bangalore in rain and dirt I was so pleased to end my trip at Shreyas which gave me a little relaxation and me time. I would've loved to stay longer but I need to get back. The food was amazing and the staff was so polite and welcoming, and like small fairytale elf's they made your room without you noticing it and turned around your shoes. Amazing! Thanks for giving me these 2-3 days of joy.

    Cecilie, Denmark - August 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, it was a wonderful endeavour to have a stay at Shreyas. We stayed for 15 days and felt so much like home with all the warmth and excellence of the staff serving here. We are really grateful to Dr. Shaji and Dr. Ajitha for their treatments. They treated my husband of a great danger which our lifestyle has given him. All the kitchen staff was also very hospitable, the minute we asked, the food preparation were ready for us without a single no. Rita was such a good guide in teaching us yoga and personal counselling also was very good. We learnt so many new things we will surely adapt in our life style. Dr. Arun was always present for us whenever we needed any help regarding anything. The office staff was very cooperative. We could have wonderful temple visits with the help of the staff. We are really thankful to Mr. Balaji for arranging the beautiful stay for us. Above all thanks to the owner of this wonderful retreat which he has created with intellect and poise. God bless him. Thank s a lot.

    Sanjay & Seema, Uttar Pradesh - August 2016

    Dear Shreyas family, our heartfelt thanks for the most tranquil and peaceful of our lives! We came to Shreyas with an open mind, without any expectations or experience in yoga and meditation, and what a life changing experience it has been! It has been a beautiful transformation in our mind, body and soul. The staff have been beyond excellent in their kindness and attentiveness. They embody the calm and compassion that their daily yoga brings them and it is wonderful to see how everyone lives and incorporates mindfulness in their daily routine. A special thank you to our dearest and old friend Leesha for making sure we had that extra special care. Thank you everyone again for everything. We will be back.

    Ashan & Shalini, Sri Lanka - August 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, the stay here at Shreyas has been one of a kind experience. The staff here are very welcoming and it makes me feel as if I was back home. The activities that were provided were amazing eg: community service, yoga, meditation etc. Yoga is something I would definitely continue especially as it helped with my flexibility and the breathing technique with concentration (which helps at school). I came and learned that to be fit, not everything has to be about sports. Now to the main part, food. I am definitely a food lover. Also, a very picky person. Coming to Shreyas has taught me to like other varieties of food. Coming here helped me relax more and to take my mind off studying. Back to the point, food is great. The right amount of proportions, organic food and delicious desserts. I am sad to leave this place but also exited to share and continue the things I have learned here. I am definitely looking forward to coming back.

    Anna, Rickie & Mark, UAE - July 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, thank for so much for this nice experience. It was my first experience with yoga and I do not know how I was able to live without it! Thank you so much for so nicely welcoming me, a very pleasant breath into nature. Hope tobe able to come back soon.

    Delphine, Paris - July 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, thanks for the wonderful stay! We really enjoyed the fod and the ambience. The service was also phenomenal and we plan on coming back for a rejuvenating and relaxing stay! Stay blessed.

    Ritu & Alok, UK - July 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, it is a great pleasure to come back here. We look forward to more visits here. The hospitality is fantastic!! With love.

    Jyoti & Peter, Hong Kong - July 2016

    Thank you so much or yet another amazing stay with you! It's lovely here - as always - and even though we only stayed for 2 days - we feel relaxed and brought back to life! We hope to come and stay soon again. With love.

    Sara & Laura, USA - July 2016

    Dear all thank you for a really lovely stay. I was only here for two nights but you made me feel very at home and centered for my every need. Namaste! The yoga pavilion is fantastic, such a lovely open space.

    Sam Gee, U.K - July 2016

    Having lived in Bangalore for three years, we are so happy that we made the time come to Shreyas and only wished we had discovered it earlier on. It has such a tranquil and peaceful ambiance, the service is exceptional and the staff are lovely. The yoga setting was incredible and we really enjoyed the morning session, it was worth getting up for! Thanks.

    Sarah and Susan, India - July 2016

    Dear Shreyas Staff, Thank you for taking excellent care of all of us during our stay. Your place is a unique experience that I will never forget. The food, hospitality & spirituality of this place is outstanding. I love the farm to table concept. Also amazed at the cleanliness of the place. The place has positive vibrations and is sure to change life of anyone who visits. Thank you!

    Vijay, Sharmila, Sunaina, Ekta & Prisha, India - July 2016

    Thank you very much indeed for the good time here at Shreyas. The 4th time for me here. I was the only guest this week here. I was like the prince and chance was with me. Everyone here gave his best to help me to recover from busy life. I could learn many things at the same time Thank you once more and hope to see you again soon.

    Niculin, Switzerland - July 2016

    Had the most relaxing stay at this most excellent facility. Will write a longer review at Trip Advisor, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful, wonderful stay.

    Angelique, India - July 2016

    Great stay. It's not the product that makes one's stay; it's the people - the staff and the teachers. It's an intuitive process rather than a formula for one and all. The place to come if you want to feel centered and spiritual - irrespective of your baggage - mental, you'll leave rejuvenated - happier - comfortable.

    Imtiaz, UAE - July 2016

    To all those who I met and many others who I didn't see. Thank you for the good times. The days you filled with pleasure. Thank you for the fond memories. And for feelings I'll always treasure. This is my second trip here and it's even more special one. I had no plans to come here but I think this was just meant to be. Each one of you here has given me the most thoughtful gift - your time and for that, I am very grateful. It takes immense amount of hard work to maintain such a beautiful place. Thank you for ensuring everything was smooth. I never saw anyone entering my room nut every time I came back, the room was clean, the bed was made, and there were flowers. Food was served as soon as I reached the dining hall. I have no idea how all of this is done. I call it magic and each one of you is a magician. To all my teachers, you guys have been amazing and have nurtured my mind so much that it will stay with me always. Thank you for being patient and listening to all that I had to say. If I had t put one word for this stay, I'd call it enriching. I came here with some expectations and they have been far exceeded. To the chef and everyone in the dining hall, thank you for making and serving food with so much love. I will keep coming here more often but until then, thank you. You all are a family. Love!

    Sneha, India - July 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, you have made my first stay in India memorable! Everything was wonderful and I feel much more relaxed, calm, and peaceful after my stay. I will definitely be back again! Thank you all.

    Zakiyya, USA - July 2016

    Thank you for a peaceful and therauptic stay, we were very stressed on arrival, and the entire team have done a great job helping us relax. Particularly love the Thai massage in the pavilion, and the morning yoga with the sound of the birds. Thank you.

    Helen, UK - July 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, I am new to India, but I always dreamt of going to yoga retreat and finally I came across your resort online. After talking to your team on the phone, I was very touched by your individual and flexible approach and was confident about coming over. Thank you very much! Food, pool, movies, service, room, yoga - everything was excellent! Loved the overall experience of Shreyas retreat. Hope to come back real soon. Thank you!!

    Kat and Dev, Russia - July 2016

    Dearest Shreyas team, my only regret is that I leave from here so soon, but I have no doubt that I'll come back. This place is irresistible and unique - it is truly something else. I was told on my tour of the grounds that it takes at least a week here to truly experience it. I didn't understand at first, but now I see that it takes a few days to really get a sense for and appreciate the way that the community functions, and the way the Shreyas family can truly support you. It is hard to see the bigger picture when you spend the first few days of your time, wide-eyed at how wonderful everything is. From the incredible amenities (the beautiful swimming pool, steam room etc.) to the life-changing yoga and meditation classes (a million thanks to my teachers), to the fresh flowers that smelled like heaven that I found, new and fresh in my room every day, to the way that someone turned my shoes around every time I entered my room. I have never in my life felt so well cared-for. I cannot thank the Shreyas team enough for the incredible good, amazing experiences, over- the- top hospitality an genuine care that I have experienced in the past few days. This was truly an experience that I will never forget - a few days that felt like a dream. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Holly and Janet, USA - July 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, now, after this much, we are a bit sad because we can't believe that all this is true. It was like a dream to be here at this amazing place. We felt like a part of the big family.:)) From the farmer to the cook, from the yoga teacher to the manager, every person was polite, helpful and lovely!! The food was great, we liked it very much... and soooo healthy!! One of the best things are the cooking session, the yoga lessons and the massages but, also all parts of this week were amazing!!:)) We hope to come back, it was soooo beautiful!!! Thank you so much for this experience! Namaste! P.S.: Perfect honeymoon, loved it.

    Johannes & Julia, Austria - July 2016

    Thank you for a wonderful retreat, everything was perfect. I wish was staying longer. Thanks to all the staff who made it so special, namaste!

    Angela, Singapore - July 2016

    Dear Shreyas family, how to put into words such an amazing experience?! Everything was beyond expectation and beautiful. I have so much to thank you for, so here's a partial list: Thank you for:
    *the beautiful porch to listen to the rain and read.
    *yoga classes that were challenging but encouraging
    *massages that made me forget my challenging yoga classes...
    *meditation made all the better with the lovely outdoors joining us in the practice!
    *always turning my shoes around.
    *bringing me enough breakfast tea to keep me energised!
    *amazing food... wow...I'm going to have to fast when I get home.
    *the escorted walks to and from dinner so I didn't lose my way and fall in the lotus pond...
    *all the amazing flowers everywhere. I have never seen so many flowers, beautiful!
    * the beautiful gardens - always something lovely to see.
    *always being so kind and generous, even though I'm sure some of you were having challenging days of your own.
    *the garden, such a wonderful space.
    *the tree house in the garden... really felt like a slice of paradise (oh, and there were flowers there, too!).
    *allowing me to take my tea and sit outside at the end of meals.
    *the much needed time away that turned into the week made out of dreams.
    Namaste & love.

    Jen, USA - July 2016

    Dear Shreyas, lots of love. Will visit whenever I'm in the country. Love

    Shreya, India - July 2016

    Thank you for the great stay. After 4 days of yoga, massages, meditation, I feel relaxed. A special thanks to all the staff who work so hard to make our stay perfect. Thank you all!!!

    Patick, Canada - May 2016

    I am very grateful to my mom, my sister and Barbara for bringing me to Shreyas. And I am extremely thankful to all of the Shreyas staff for such a wonderful place. Looking forward to coming back with my husband some day.

    Silvia Pundosa I Roses, Barcelona - May 2016

    Thank you to all the staff at Shreyas - this was a wonderfully relaxing, peaceful and calming experience with phenomenal yoga classes and treatments. The staff's attention to detail and customer service is second to none - each guest is taken care of so well. The setting here is stunning and the perfect backup to a yoga retreat.

    Neha, Hongkong - May 2016

    Thank you so much for a wonderful, relaxing, calming few days. Shreyas and staff have become family.

    Katig, UAE - May 2016

    Shreyas delivered far more than we could have expected. An amazing week with fantastic interactions and learning. Sad to leave but we will be back!! Thank you all.

    Sarah & David, Australia - May 2016

    We always look forward to our restorative time at Shreyas! This time we set a record with 11+ hours of sleep Saturday night. Yoga was fabulous! Meditation was great! Treatments were excellent and the food was delicious, fresh and creative as always. All of the staff is simply outstanding from our welcome greeting to saying farewell. The kitchen and dining room team is simply amazing with their attentiveness and creativity - the tables are always very special indoors and outdoors! Dr. Arun is very good, Ramakant is amazing and we loved our visit with Balaji this time. It is also fun to meet people who find Shreyas - this time from S. Africa and the U.S (like us). Thank you team Shreyas for helping us have the best ever recharge. With our gratitude and thanks - most warmly.

    Linda & Neil, USA - May 2016

    Shreyas has been a thoroughly rejuvenating experience for us. We had heard lots of nice things from friends and family but our stay far exceeded our expectations. Please keep up the good work. We look forward to coming again!

    Bijal & Tanushree, India - May 2016

    Shreyas is a truly divine place, in every sense. This has been the most restorative and peaceful two weeks of my life. My deepest appreciation and blessings to the whole Shreyas team who excel at everything they do with a smile and an open heart. (On that more people in the wider world could do that . . . .). An outstanding experience. And I long to return to experience the exciting new dimension of the spa!

    Julie, Australia - May 2016

    Shreyas has been fantastic as a whole. Thank you for everything. Ramakant and Bala have been such positive influences. I will return . . . . but for that I must leave. See you soon!!! Lots of love.

    Ankol, India - May 2016

    We three family members enjoyed ourselves immensely and our visit exceeded our expectations. Our yoga practice improved and through the caring instructors, we were committed daily to the sessions - chanting. Yoganidra was remarkable. Our spa treatments were sometimes unusual but always therauptic. The doctors were especially caring. Practising in the outdoor pavilion during a rainstorm will be a lifelong highlight. All our thanks for this exceptional experience, and please everyone stay well. We hope to return. Namaste.

    Leigh, Catherine & Iris, Canada - May 2016

    To everyone at Shreyas, thank you for such an amazing experience. My wife & I spent 7 nights here doing the silent retreat package and we found it very sacred and precious. The attention to detail was outstanding. The food was delicious and the overall atmosphere was extremely peaceful and relaxing. Thank you again for such a special experience and for looking after us so well. We'll definitely be back.

    Caoimhe & Darre, Dublin - May 2016

    I came for my 40th birthday to reconnect with myself and I must say this has been the experience of a life time. I am really happy with the choice I have made to come here, this is an incredible place. Thank you all for pampering me, I felt privileged. I hope I will have the opportunity to visit again.

    Jihane Kabbaj, Morocco - May 2016

    My third time back. I love the service, the food and all the attention that goes into making your stay as pleasant and carefree as possible. Yoga classes and massages are excellent and loved hearing the music of prayers in the morning. Will be back again!

    Serena, UK - May 2016

    Thank you for a fantastic peaceful and relaxing stay. Amazing, attentive service throughout and patient, challenging yoga teachers made this an extraordinary experience. The food has been so delicious and community service with the orphanage inspirational. Hope to be back!

    Sophie & Ian, UK - May 2016

    To all the staff at Shreyas, thank you for such a wonderful and unique experience. I've learned so much about my practice and myself in yoga sessions. I've eaten some of the most delicious food that I can imagine and found inner peace, relaxing by the pool. I will be back.

    Matthew, USA - April 2016

    Excellent discovery near crazy Bangalore! We really enjoyed the food, the class and the atmosphere. Great staff. The garden is really amazing. We will definitely come back.

    Nathalie & Oliver, Switzerland - April 2016

    Thank you so much for a lovely stay at Shreyas. Time was relatively short but I got a good glimpse to full yoga practice; asanas, meditation and pranayama. Much appreciated, Namaste!

    Marie, Finland - April 2016

    To all members of Shreyas team, thank you so much for the fantastic experience we had here - thank you Mr. Bala for your enlightening teaching and comprehension of life! Thank you Mani for your amazing yoga classes and all your explanations and patience! Thank you Anudas for being such a perfect and nice guide to us during our visit to the temples nearby, and thank you for your amazing talent at doing fantastic massages! Thank s to the chef and to the crew in the kitchen and the dining room! We really hope that we will be back again soon to improve our meditation and yoga skills - this has been a journey, an enchanting stay, almost like a dream in our busy life! Namaste!

    Anne & Jean Francois, April 2016

    Dear Shreyas A team, this is my 2nd stay and it was even better than my first - I had to revisit and so pleased that I did. Feeling familiar added to my peace - there were no expectations or concerns as I knew it was going to be perfect. Thanks for your overwhelming warmth - your generosity - your spirit - on all levels I leave Shreyas feeling as though I have reached a little deeper into my soul - that I have peeled another layer. I will return to Australia with strength and understanding. Your ever ready and instant support helps me on my life's journey. Thanks for your words dear Bala and dear Rita - every light and Namaste.

    Jodie, Australia - April 2016

    The flowers are really good.

    Isabella, India - April 2016

    Dear team, I am extremely happy that Shreyas Retreat is part of R&C and part of the region I manage. Service, attention to details, food, spa, yoga . . . . everything is perfect for an amazing experience!! I always try to find some few days in my crazy agenda to come back. Because when I leave Shreyas, I am a renewed person fully charged of energy! Proud of you all and keep going! What a great team! What an unforgettable experience! Lots of love.

    Cristina, Relais & Chateux, Asia - April 2016

    I am a renewed soul as I leave this amazing little paradise! I am so sad to leave but I will be back again soon to experience this amazing refuge with its awesome people who make it so special - the yoga, meditation, the food, the treatments, massages! I had an unbelievable time here and look forward to many more trips to renew my soul and being. Thank you all very much for making it so special for me!

    Nina, USA - April 2016

    Our stay at Shreyas was more than we had hoped for. Relaxing, enlightening, good for the body and soul. It was wonderful to be included in the festival, and the community service was touching. Yoga and meditation were really great. We miss it; it is just not the same at home! Thank you all for everything.

    Marijana & Sean, USA - April 2016

    My stay was exactly as I hoped for and more. I can't thank everyone enough for making my stay truly amazing. I will be back!

    Aneesh, India - April 2016

    My stay was exactly as I hoped for and more. I can't thank everyone enough for making my stay truly amazing. I will be back!

    Sandrine, Canada - April 2016

    Our 4 nights stay was absolutely fabulous! I was looking for some down time and I got exactly that. The meals were delicious, never thought healthy food could taste this good. After 4 nights and 5 days of being here, I feel rejuvenated! Good luck and a big thank you to the entire team at Shreyas. Everyone is doing a great job and I will definitely be back! Thank you again for making a difference.

    Ritikaa, India - April 2016

    I would like to thank the entire staff of Shreyas. It has been really the best seven days that I spent here and feels so calm and stress free. Everybody from Dr. Arun to all the yoga teachers have been wonderful. The food is really amazing. This has been my third time at Shreyas and I will definitely come back again. Thanks again for your kindness and wonderful service. Namaste.

    Mohini, Belize - April 2016

    We are leaving tonight and we feel like we are leaving paradise! Our 10 days stay at Shreyas was exactly what we needed. When we arrived we were tired, had lots of stress and our bodies were painful. As we are leaving, we are in good shape (body & mind), ready to go back to our daily life - but yoga belongs to our life! Thank you so much for giving us so much!

    Axelle & Rachel, France - April 2016

    Thank you so much for an amazing time. Feel so much better after 5 days, such a welcoming first time to India. We will be back.

    Catia & Sharon, UK - April 2016

    Thank you for the great place! My mind is still and I will come a second time.

    Sonja, Austria - March 2016

    Wonderful people! Wonderful place, peaceful and inspiring too. Very enjoyable all round. I will come back soon!

    Seiglinole, Austria - March 2016

    I enjoyed my stay here very much, it is a very beautiful place and it would be nice to stay here longer. Yoga, massages and the meditation are very good for body and mind, it helps to find yourself. The staff is very kind and attentive.

    Helga, Austria - March 2016

    My second time! Just as good as the first time! One can come here often and make it a 'habit'! Thanks for a fantastic service.

    Sabina, Gerhard & Johanna, Austria - March 2016

    I am looking forward to continuing my astanga practice when I return to my home in Vancouver. Thanks, namaste. Simone (age - 9 years)

    Simone, Canada - March 2016

    Thank you for a wonderful stay at Shreyas. The food was delicious and innovative. The yoga was inspirational.

    Sharon, Canada - March 2016

    Good food, good yoga, good relaxation. Family friendly, great swimming pool.

    Mike, Victoria, Georgia, Simone, Canada - March 2016

    To all the Shreyas members, a heartfelt thank you for an unforgettable stay. Coming back here, I found true bliss and inner calm. You are a true etiquette for 'Incredible India'. :)) So long, Namaste.

    Tamara, Switzerland - March 2016

    Dear Shreyas, this is a piece of heaven on earth. Thanks so much for the kindness, attention and dedication received here. We will certainly come back, and will bring the piece that we got here into our lives. Hope others have the opportunity to enjoy this peaceful environment! Love.

    Andrea, Canada - March 2016

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is my second visit to Shreyas and it has been fabulous! Great service and attention to detail. I have found Shreyas to be a peaceful, perfect place to unwind, reflect. All the staff members from all departments have always been very polite and willing to go above and beyond to make my stay perfect! Special thanks to Rita, Balaji who have assisted me with pranayama and meditation. Finally a holiday would never be complete without great food. Chef Rajan has the most amazing cooking skills, and the kitchen staff - Santosh & Dinesh are always are more than happy to meet any individual requests from guests depending on their diets. Thank you again and look forward to coming again, especially once the new spa is open.

    Ninu, London - March 2016

    Every trip to Shreyas is a treat! Nowhere else do I find the peace and hospitality that is offered here. Thanks to all who made this a very special trip for me.

    Karen OReily, USA - March 2016

    Thank you! Thank you all for making me feel so at home. Thank you for all the wonderful yoga classes and a very special thank you for the private meditation session! I would love to come back! Namaste... Merci.

    Nadine, Switzerland - March 2016

    I've never been to a yoga retreat and I'm so glad Shreyas was my first. The service was exceptional, the food was delicious. I have absolutely no complaints! Hopefully we'll come back soon!

    Sofia Telio, Canada - March 2016

    To the team at Shreyas, many thanks for an exceptional experience for our family. This was a perfect introduction to yoga and meditation. And of course the Indian culinary experience. Your staff, service, facilities and genuine warmth and hospitality made for an exceptional stay. We will be back Namaste.

    Marc, Karen, Sofia & Jack Telio, Canada - March 2016

    Thank you all so much for making our stay at Shreyas like our second home. Everything we did was so wonderful. Please thank the staff for all the great work; they treated us like their family. Big thanks to everyone!

    Rohit C, USA - March 2016

    Such a delight.

    Jessica, USA - March 2016

    Thank you for this unique and precious time I spent in your place. I healed; it nourished my soul and made me feel alive! And I will remind myself of it for sure! Thanks to all the wonderful smiles I met during my stay at Shreyas.

    Virginie, UK - March 2016

    Thank you so much for the wonderful stay in Shreyas yoga retreat. I expected it to be good, but the experience was much better than expected. Beautiful place, professional and very helpful staff, food was outstanding every single meal. Thank you very much and hope to see you soon again.

    Anna, Latvia - March 2016

    We had an amazing stay! Exactly what we were hoping for and much more. The staff was so polite, friendly and welcoming at all times. They accommodated our every whim! The food was spectacular from breakfast through to dinner. Yoga was taken to another level for us - I finally touched my toes and did a head stand! Massages and treatments were so relaxing and they always remembered my aches and pains. Grounds are beautifully kept and everything spectacularly clean. Thank you to everybody who made this stay so special.

    Arij & Burhan, Dubai - March 2016

    A wonderful relaxing week. As newcomers to this life style, we really appreciated the patience and expertise of the staff. In fact all the staff, at every level were so kind, calm and professional. Very good treatments and food very well prepared and served. Thank you so much.

    Roger & Gill, UK - Feb 2016

    Too gorgeous, too much food, too lovely, caring staff. Too difficult to leave... But knowing that I will return for the 3rd time soon. Thank you to the whole team for looking after me, and caring for e these last 10 days. Namaste.

    Christine, UK - Feb 2016

    It has been a joy to return to Shreyas. Alex and I are so grateful to everyone here for creating such a welcoming, peaceful and healing haven. We have had a perfect week and we look forward to seeing everyone again next time. Namaste.

    Caroline & Alex, UK - Feb 2016

    Dearest Shreyas team, rarely does one come across a gem of a place like Shreyas, it really live up to its name of being all round. Kudos to you. Following areas struck me in particular and helped me enjoy to the most:
    # Staff: From the booking and reservations, to the kitchen to gardening to yoga teachers to drivers... wow - professionalism, kindness, anticipation and solution orientation... and just fantastic service. Made the stay extremely special.
    # Yoga: The various teachers are so distinct, yet very competent. They take the time to help you make progress. Great!
    # Agenda: Wellness consultation, agenda, structure; yet the flexibility to fine tune it. Made my stay very personally fulfilling and achieve outcomes I sought. Total relaxation and awareness - achieved.
    # Spirituality and values: Special congratulations to the founder, from creating this haven - wellness of the mind, body and the soul; and training for staff and welfare for them - can see from how teamed the staff are.... and simple and powerful principles of vegetarian, alcohol and smoke free ambience; religious yet not dogmatic... and very inclusive 'sarve bhavantu sukhinaha'.
    # Accommodation: Earthy, plush, warm - the rooms, decor all just 'fit'. Extremely comfortable, spacious and luxurious. The place just feels so appropriately done up.
    # Food: Local cuisine, yummy, healthy, diverse! Excellent, what can I say. In all, all these elements helped us have a fantastic stay. I leave here feeling happy and blissful, and hope to carry the energy well beyond the compound here.
    Looking forward to our return! Much love and thanks.

    Ramya, Anya & Kannan, Mala - Switzerland - Feb 2016

    To the exceptional team at Shreyas. Hard to put to words the experience I have had at Shreyas but it has been a life changing experience of great depth and outstanding quality of guest services. Please do not change a thing. Back soon.

    David, Australia - Feb 2016

    To the amazing family at Shreyas, I don't even know where to begin from. The booking over the phone with Mr. Balaji, who made everything seem so easy and welcomed my last minute requests and understood my confusion. To Mr. Ramakant who was super polite and extra helpful, the food really is the best I have eaten and so perfect and healthy. Cherished my food and loved the idea of getting the recipes. The chef is an icing on the most delicious cake! SHREYAS - WAY TO GO - LOVELY AND REJUVENATING. The best part is, every one, I mean EVERY MEMBER of this community runs to help you.

    Astha, India - Feb 2016

    To all the wonderful people who make up Shreyas team, I want to say thank you once again for a perfect stay here - it has simply been divine, peaceful, restorative and even my great 1-2-1 sessions with Ramakant (nicknamed death by abdomen!) had their moments of complete bliss! I have been here so many times and I have never been disappointed. I am already looking forward to next year and being met at the airport by Ponnappa's wonderful welcome smile! A very special thank you to the chef for creating such wonderful meals - all served with extreme care and respect by Santosh and his brilliant team - Neelkamal, Dinesh and Rabin, all looked after me so sensitively during my 5 days silence. With love to you all.

    Barbara, UK - Feb 2016

    Dear Shreyas, it was an amazing week for me; the food, the people, the nature 'everything' was perfect. I will definitely come back soon. I would like to share this magical place with my friends. Thank you. Stay with love.

    Seda, Istanbul - Feb 2016

    This is my second visit to Shreyas. I'll be back again. As far as I am concerned that is all that needs to be said!:))

    Laura, USA - Feb 2016

    By luck I found Shreyas: the magazine article; the weekend of 13.2 googling; the e-visa sought on 14.2 and got on 15.2; Shreyas' last week before it became full! I thank my luck. Shreyas and the people who work here have made it an Outstanding First Yoga Retreat in India. My goal is to be happy and healthy; Shreyas, its staff and its outstanding yoga teachers helped me achieve that. Many guests have been several times before. I understand why! Thank you Shreyas, yours.

    Jane, London - Feb 2016

    Dear Shreyas, thank you for an amazing and wonderful stay. What an experience! The facilities are fantastic, but it is the food and people that make this place very special. We will most definitely return. With love.

    Priya & Rajen Ruparell, USA - Feb 2016

    We enjoyed our stay at Shreyas. It was like paradise. All our expectations were met. Thank you team Shreyas.

    Indulal, Portugal - Feb 2016

    I will be back! (with my daughters)

    Urvashi, Dubai - Feb 2016

    My week at Shreyas was me in my most simple form enjoying the blissful atmosphere whilst the team helped me both relax and feel stronger, both physically and emotionally. Every wish was granted and I truly felt taken care of. Thanks to all of them. I will be returning.

    Crystal, UK - Feb 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, we appreciated your hospitality very much. Thank you for making the experience a full success. We found heaven and silence in India and especially appreciated the friendly helpful staff. All the best and see you next time! Namaste.

    Tamara, Switzerland - Feb 2016

    Dear all thank you so much for your attention and efforts to give me a perfect silent week at Shreyas. You succeeded. I am so impressed and have enjoyed every minute. All the best to all of you and I'll hopefully see you next year.:)) Namaste!

    Karin, Denmark - Feb 2016

    I cannot thank you enough for all of the kindness you have extended to me during my few days stay at Shreyas. Having arrived a little exhausted I have received the most beautiful, outstanding care - I cannot thank your Dr. Arun and his team for their wonderful support - it has been so sensitively connected, it is humbling - the massages, the yoga and meditation have been outstanding and thank you to the wonderful staff and the kitchen for their superb meals. Shreyas is a truly unique place with beautiful people - a haven of healing and peace. So many heartfelt thanks.

    Lucy & Chris, U.K - Feb 2016

    Thank you and many blessings to such a wonderful team. My heart is heavy as I leave - I shall never forget you. I am off to meditation now but shall write further in the not too distant future. With love.

    Anne, Australia - Feb 2016

    Shreyas is a beautiful & nurturing place, and I feel very fortunate to have spent this last week here. The service and atmosphere is so personal, you feel as if you are the only person here! Thank you to the outstanding yoga, meditation and pranayama teachers. I feel my practice has really improved so much. Also thanks to the chefs for the lovely food and cooking class, and the lovely waiters who made meal times such a pleasure. I look forward to my next visit!

    Anita, Australia - Feb 2016

    Andrew and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we have had an amazing 7 days here. The beautiful, peaceful surrounds are immaculately maintained. The setting is simply stunning but what really sets Shreyas apart is your wonderful, kind, helpful, knowledgeable staff. Our experience has been truly wonderful, from the warm welcome with fragrant flowers in the early morning to the last fond farewell good byes with new friends that we have made here. We loved our luxurious and stylish room, the yoga hall and the stunning views, the candle lit dinners, the farm, the pool - I could go on and on... We had come for a culinary experience, we love food and cooking. Rame, Rajan, Venkatesh and Vinod more than exceeded our expectations!!! They were simply superb We must have cooked over 60 dishes, asked hundreds of questions, learnt so much and what fun we had! They were kind, warm, hospitable, and generous and went out of their way to create interesting, healthy and delicious recipes. We were also impressed by the quality of produce, ingredients and the care and attention in the kitchen. The chefs cook everything from scratch using the best ingredients, we were very impressed. They make their own fresh stock for soup every day, fresh coconut milk for reach recipe and many many other details like that. The care and attention, professionalism, passion of the team is just brilliant. They simply love their craft, and are able to impart that to others. We loved our lessons so much we went to Bangalore to but similar items and hope to recreate these dishes at home and remember you with fondness. Thank you!!! We enjoyed the yoga and meditation classes, feel rested and rejuvenated and are inspired to carry on the practice at home. Thank you Dr. Shahuja for your patience, kindness and sensitivity, you have initiated many positive steps for Andrews back issue. Thanks Dr. Arun for ayurvedic consultations, it was highly informative and your suggestions are going to be put into practice at home. Thank you Rucha for your help, and arranging, organising and generally making our stay go smoothly. Thank you to our drivers for the trips to the orphanage and shopping trips. You were both patient, helpful, informative and organised so many small details. Shreyas is a sanctuary from a busy, frenetic, modern world and we both feel rested in body, mind and soul. We also feel inspired and fired up to get into the kitchen and try out these recipes! We hope to have many suppers with friends and families. We will be back soon. Love and best wishes.

    Andrews & Saju, London - Jan 2016

    Thank you for a wonderful week. The few days I spent in silence were handled very sensitively and with great consideration - nothing is too much trouble here. It is a haven for yoga asanas and meditation. The yoga instruction is outstanding and the yoga hall an exceptionally beautiful place. The massages were special. Bala is a wise teacher. The list could go on. I will be back.

    Nicholas, London - Jan 2016

    It has been a truly wonderful experience. The staff at Shreyas are outstanding - attentive, dedicated, kind and always wanting to help with a smile. The yoga instructors are so knowledgeable and attentive, making the learning experience very rewarding. Our eyes have been opened and we will now continue the yoga journey. Om Shanti. Thank you.

    Anita & Andrew, Hong Kong - Jan 2016

    Shreyas is a 'haven' in this bustling world. This is my third visit here, and each time the experience calms m mind and my senses. The ambiance and the staff are just perfect. Thank you! Hoe to be here again and again.

    Shagufa, India - Jan 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, I feel very grateful to have visited this very special retreat. Shreyas is truly a very unique place that continuously grows more amazing by the day. The service from the team is exceptional and the food is delicious. The ashtanga with Ramakant was awesome, his knowledge and dedication to the practice is first class. I learnt so much about my practice in such a short time. The ayurvedic treatments were fantastic - Anu was excellent. I appreciate all the effort contributed by everyone - you really care and understand how to deliver exceptional customer service.

    Ben, Australia - Jan 2016

    To everyone at Shreyas, this was the perfect place for our family to spend the new year. We found Shreyas to be the most relaxing and peaceful place for all of us to unwind. It is a pleasure to visit a place where every need is anticipated by the most attentive and courteous staff. Every encounter with the staff, whether yoga or meditation has been an unique experience. Look forward to our next visit.

    Puri family, Ireland - Jan 2016

    Thank you so much for a wonderful stay, I never expected to be so well looked after. I will definitely be back!

    Miriam, Ireland - Jan 2016

    Cheryl and I enjoyed such a wonderful 10 days, from the community session to the cooking lessons, the whole experience was uplifting. Having experienced de-tox programs a few times before, the 7 days program that was prepared here was by far the most tasty and went by so seamlessly. Furthermore, the whole staff were so incredibly welcoming and warm, it was a truly blissful stay for us both. Namaste.

    David & Cheryl - Geneva, Suisse Canada & Scotland - Jan 2016

    When revisiting places rich in memory one is inevitably made aware of the varied losses caused by time. What is remarkable about this place is that the enchantment has remained unblemished. Our thanks to all of you whose unfailing courtesy was humbling. Some borrowed thoughts:
    - We live in this world when we love it
    - Tagore.
    - We see well only with the heart
    - Saint Exupery.
    - Everything should be made as simple as
    possible, not simpler - Einstein.
    May peace go with you...

    Dave & Patty, UK - Jan 2016

    This was our second stay at Shreyas and definitely won't be our last! It felt like coming back to see good friends who were all so welcoming and kind and taking a genuine interest in our wellbeing. From the booking process with Balaji, to the careful consideration of Dr. Arun (particularly as I fell and hurt myself on day one!) everybody was wonderful. I would like to name everyone individually but special thanks to Bala, whose words of wisdom will go back to London with us and will change our way of thinking about life. You are all very special people. Good bye for now but see you again, soon!

    Sara & Mark, London - Jan 2016

    I have come to this marvellous place, grateful to my family (especially my husband and my sister) and friends that offered me this wonderful gift. What I didn't know is that I will receive a second gift after coming here. The generosity of all the people at Shreyas, including the generosity of the guests. The kindness of all these people will certainly change my life, I am sure, A huge thanks for that step in my life.

    Fabienne, France - Jan 2016

    Dear Shreyas family, it was our first trip to India for Gab (my friend) and I - lucky enough to have a trip together. We were so blessed to have 2 trips to Shreyas in our 3 week tour. After our 6 days initially - we had such a magical, restorative and spiritual, connective retreat; when we became sick up north during our travels, all we wanted to do was come back here. It is rare and special place - so authentic and spirited. I have worked and stayed in many retreats and spa around the world and Shreyas is my favourite of all. The staff are all incredible, intuitive and nurturing - the food exceptional, and the beautiful magical grounds so healing. I know I'll be back - so it's not good bye but see you soon.

    Lara & Gabrielle, Australia - Jan 2016

    It was a great experience to come to Shreyas. The service, meditation, yoga were all excellent. Would love to come back for the experience.

    Samita, Mumbai - Jan 2016

    Thank you for an amazing 4 days. The food was always fresh and delicious. Wonderful to have the company of other guests. The meditation and yoga was excellent - great for a beginner! As for the massages - no words to describe the exquisite experience. I will certainly return - hopefully for a longer next time.

    Amanda, Australia - Jan 2016

    This is such a very special place! Shreyas surpassed our expectations! Mostly what impresses us was the tenderness and professionalism of the staff. They all work so well together and know the guest needs very well!!! The food was also a huge treat - everything was delicious, varied and of top quality. The yoga, breathing and meditation were very well done and enlightening! The spa was delicious! Thank you!

    Laura & Reine, Australia - Jan 2016

    Dear all, it was such a amazing experience! The mood is so special with a fantastic and unique service. In French, we can say - 'du sur mesure', because we are so well treated. I am looking forward to coming back soon. Thank you so much for everything. I will never forget this time. Warmest regards.

    Vanessa, France - Jan 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, our stay with you was absolutely fantastic, a unique experience well above our expectations!! Thanks to your constant attention and high professional skills, we went through a spiritual and physical journey towards peace and reconnection with ourselves. The estate is wonderful, a real heaven. The meal time is always a feast, both for the senses and thanks to the attention of the staff. Yoga classes are almost like private lessons and the dedication, expertise and kindness of the teachers is in itself a good reason to wake up at 6.20 every morning. We have never done that on holidays as a routine before. Well done Shreyas! Massages and treatment were another discovery and source of absolute well being. It will be difficult to g back to regular life and we will miss our retreat. Thank you so much and we look forward to our nest stay.

    Thomas & Thierry, France - Jan 2016

    Dear Shreyas team, thank you for a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful week. I have really appreciated the 'big things' like yoga, massages, meditation, and indeed the food. But the smaller details is what has really impressed me, the beautifully decorated tables at every meal, the outdoor dinners, the flower decorations everywhere - even in the bathroom, and the lanterns in the evening that makes the whole place magical. I feel I have been gently taken care of at all times in a very special atmosphere. I have also appreciated getting to know the other guests from around the world, all relaxing and enjoying life whilst staying here. So, again - thanks for all your hard work to make me feel at peace. Namaste.

    Grethe, Norway - Jan 2016

    Dear Shreyas, thank you so much for everything you do, on a daily basis, to make Shreyas such a lovely place. Everything here feels like it is in synchrony - from the beautifully kept grounds and garden, to the delectable organic food and drink, to the calming and yet energizing massages, to the meditation and yoga practices - yet, all of these take, no doubt, a lot of effort to keep in such good form. Please know that your effort does not go unnoticed. I am so grateful for having been here with you and feel that I leave more at peace, more centered, more full of grace, than perhaps have ever been. Thank you for making that possible for me and all your guests. You are a positive force in the world. Blessings and love.

    Helen, USA - Jan 2016

    Dear Shreyas Team, I am not sure we can find the right words to thank you
    - there is so much to thank you all for!
    - Everyone's kindness and constant attention.
    - The incredible benefits of the ayurvedic treatments, with wonderful therapists.
    - The enlightenment of meditation sessions.
    - The energy of the yoga classes, led by demanding
    - but always smiling teachers.
    - The insights from ayurvedic medicine, with a great, educative doctor.
    - The taste of food, even the detox! etc., etc. We have spent a wonderful week, a truly transformative one.
    We'll try to prolong at home all the benefits and we'll keep in our hearts all your teachings. Namaste.

    Max & Marie, France - Jan 2016

  • My first visit for 10 nights, wow! The entire staff are amazing. The food is excellent, and I am not a vegetarian. The yoga instruction is fantastic, even when in group sessions attention is paid to each individual's requirement. I came with an open mind and had an experience of a life time, and will be back. Thanks to all at Shreyas.

    Stewart, UK - Sept 2014

    Dear Shreyas, what an amazing experience it is to spend few days here! I feel that I nurtured my body and 'soul' with lovely atmosphere, extremely service oriented staff and delicious food, yoga and massages. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to stay here. It's so wonderful to meet the people from all over the world with similar minds and goals. Thank you.

    Anuradha - India : Dec 2014

    An extremely special place. It is unlike any place I have been before. The staff were absolutely fantastic and the individual care and attention they gave each and every one of us is a very unique trait. I was leaving here with many peaceful memories. Love.

    Rosalind - United Kingdom : Dec 2014

    Shreyas is a very tranquil and calm retreat. I feel rejuvenated after my stay. Initially not knowing what to expect - Arun scheduled my activities which were well planned. Having tried yoga for the first time - Ramakant, Rita and Bala are excellent teachers; I will try it out once I go back. Housekeeping staff is very attentive with eye to details. Food was fantastic stay and I would definitely want to come back to stay the next time. Regards.

    Sugandha - India - Dec 2014

    Shreyas is place we come to for peace, tranquility rest and rejuvenation. As always, it has given us all of those things this time. It is a safe place for our daughter to run around. The yoga is terrific, the food amazing and overall, an incredible experience... The staff and service here is superlative and for the 10 years we have been coming here, the quality has only improved. The rooms are tranquil and the housekeeping is meticulous. We are always grateful for our time at Shreyas, where we have always grown as individuals and as family. Thank you.

    Aparajita, Seema, Isabelle - India: Dec 2014

    Dear Shreyas, after mere two days here, I feel rejuvenated and serene. Everything has been perfect. The service here is absolutely impeccable and the yoga/meditation instructions have been very helpful indeed. As a beginner to both yoga and meditation, I have now acquired a taste for it and hope to learn more. My stay here has been too short and I am determined to come again. The ambience and the spirit around here are just wonderful. Everything, both staff and surroundings, seems to emanate calm and kindness that is contagious. I leave Shreyas with joy in my heart. I look forward to returning and enjoy a longer stay.

    Pall - Iceland : Dec 2014

    Dear all, why is it that I am not bored of Shreyas? Easy: after eight years of coming here regularly, nothing has changed. The staff is always perfect; the food excellent, the classes amazing and the place is a realm of calmness and kindness all over. I feel that I shall be back soon... Again! Thanks to all of you.

    Marie - France : Dec 2014

    Lovelies at Shreyas, it was an amazing two night stay here away from the maddening lifestyle we have. The yoga instructors were so knowledgeable/approachable. We benefitted a lot from the trip. We will definitely take back the learning's from here and hoping to come back here, soon! Thanks a ton.

    Priya & Amith - India : Dec 2014

    To all at Shreyas, we came here not expecting anything but were blown away by the experience; excellent staff, everything organized for us, not having to worry about anything but our own health and peace of mind!

    Qi Lian - Malaysia - Dec 2014

    To all the dear amazing people at Shreyas... I fee like I have seen a glimpse of heaven!! It was truly an amazing and enriching experience. This was my first time and it won't be my last... Thank you for your humble hospitality and see you again soon!! Thank you.

    Maria - South Africa : Dec 2014

    Dear all at Shreyas, thank you for such a wonderful stay. I just stopped by on the way from another trip and am so glad that I did. I go back to London with so much energy and peacefulness which I will try to maintain!! Thank you.

    Catherine - UK : Dec 2014

    We had a wonderful experience here at Shreyas. Absolutely everything was made to make us spend a perfect stay. I arrived here after a very stressful time, and will come out deeply relaxed. A special mention for the food - both Indian and Western - absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for having taken into account my food allergy and for preparing me separate dishes every time I needed, that was really appreciated! The yoga classes were all amazing; it was really nice to have all those classes with different instructors, all with their own personality and way of teaching. A special thanks to Rita with whom we had the private lessons, and who was a wonderful instructor. I will definitely come back; after all it's less than an hour from home! Thank you so much for everything to every single member of the staff, I am very glad to have discovered this place!

    Marlene & Sylvie - France - Dec 2014

    Dear Shreyas, I came exhausted, stressed and not even thinking about what to expect at Shreyas. The treatments, yoga and meditations melted the entire work world and daily stresses away. This was a complete, holistic and spiritual experience on deep and many levels. With gratitude.

    Jennifer - Dec 2014

    Our group of 9 from LA all enjoyed the resort and had an unforgettable experience! We feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to go back to our western lives with new purpose and poise! The spa treatments were unique and indulgent. The yoga practice was welcoming and instructive practice for all of us, each at a different level, and inspiring to continue. We loved our breathing instruction from Bala . . . he helped us see and feel the world around us differently. You spoiled us with food and fantastic service and we hope to visit again - especially for the delicious food - yum! Have a healthy, peaceful New Year and we hope to see you again.
    Diane, Jennifer, Tali, Jeanne, Wendy, Lisa, Alanna, Nick, Natalie, Stelle.

    Diane + 8 Members - USA - Dec 2014

    An absolutely mind-blowing experience. I have never felt calmer within myself and in relationship to my surroundings - I cannot emphasize my gratitude to Shreyas and the staff for helping me on my journey of self discovering. I was only here for two days and I wish it could be longer! I hope I will to be able to return and enjoy this experience. Everything was impeccable - staff, food, yoga, ambience - thank you!

    Alanna - USA: Dec - 2014

    This was our first visit to Shreyas, and we are sad, it only lasted a week! The ambience was spectacular and beautiful and we have felt more relaxed and happy than we have in our lives, in the dark, cold and gloomy New Zealand. My mother and I are so glad to have found. Shreyas as it has opened so many doors on our yoga journey. We really think we have now fully become 'Yoginis' because of this new 'belief', we do hope that this will not be our last visit to Shreyas and they may see much more of us in the future, especially to eat, more like the divine, amazing food! Thank you for your hospitality! Namaste.

    Malti & Tulsi - New Zealand : Dec 2014

    Natalie, Stella and I came to Shreyas with no expectations. We were excited to come to India but beyond that were unprepared for how amazing this place is. The subtle beauty, the attentive staff, the wonderful and relaxing treatments, and yoga have all given us so much joy these last few days. We won't forget our short (too short) time here and hope we are able to come back to visit someday soon. Thank you for the delicious food and keeping our bodies feeling good and healthy! With love and thanks.

    Natalie, Stella - Canada : Dec 2014

    I will never forget my stay at Shreyas. It has become like a second home. When I first arrived, everything I felt mentally and physically was dark and painful. What I feel now is like having been pulled up. Shreyas is a very special place: all the staff practice yoga every day, creating a profound and joyful unity. The smiles I saw on the faces, the kindness I was given, I won't forget how precious it is. The property is unique, the garden, the birds singing, the quality of food, home grown vegetables prepared with care . . . all this was for me part of a beautiful experience. But what I value the most are the people I had the privilege to meet and whom I want to thank for sharing their knowledge with me. From day one, a year ago, when I found out that I was sick, till the end of my treatment, a long and painful one, I relied on different things, friends, family, doctors and myself. I first came here exhausted with an unresponsive body. I had no idea about breathing, about meditation, I knew a bit about yoga. Through the process of my education at Shreyas, I know something was given to me, something that cannot be bought, something that I will take back home. Something that all of you create with your kindness and good care, sincerity and that got me back on my feet.

    Camille - France : Dec 2014

    Dear staff & friends at Shreyas, this is clearly an oasis of peace, love and spiritual awakening. Thank you so much for the hospitality and gracious service. I have never felt so relieved for so long, despite my very short stay here. All the best, Namaste!

    Kelvin - Canada : Dec - 2014

    Though I was only able to stay for one night - Shreyas has helped me relax, enjoy and be in the moment. Thank you to the staff that instantly makes you feel at home. The food - the food is unbelievable - the gorgeous mixture of spice that brings out the flavors is remarkable. Last but not the least - the yoga instruction is simply fantastic - gentle, challenging and strengthening all at the same time. Thank you.

    Cassandra, Canada - Nov 2014

    We would like to thank all the Shreyas staff and management for a super treatment during our two weeks stay. We enjoyed all the yoga, each of the instructors and their own style which was very inspiring. The massage was wonderful, thank you. The dinner, lunch, breakfast and service was well worth travelling for and lived up to the 'Relais & Chateux' expectation. We have a wonderful 'feel good' on body and soul and it boils down to thank you very much, we will be back. See you, Namaste.

    Marianne & Lars, Denmark - Nov 2014

    Thank you all at Shreyas for making this a truly unique and memorable experience. A perfect blend of nature, wellness and harmony has revitalized us. We will be back.

    Neil & Joe, HongKong - Nov 2014

    Mind, body and heart are all touched at Shreyas. The impeccable aesthetics, the attention to detail, thrills the senses. And the simplicity and sincerity of the staff keeps it real and makes one humbled. The place wrenches a pledge to continue to take care of oneself.

    Latikha, India - Nov 2014

    A different person is leaving than the one who arrived a week before! What happened? Fantastic food, caring at each moment, answering each and every one of my needs, smile everywhere. Thanks!

    Elizabeth, France - Nov 2014

    Thank you Shreyas for a wonderful stay. I was here for only 4 nights but feel very rested and ready/rejuvenated to return to my new life back home. Namaste.

    Rebecca, UK - Nov 2014

    Dear all at Shreyas, thank you all so so much a truly beautiful experience at your retreat - it was so beyond my expectations. The resort and its simplicity & serenity make it a soothing environment however, what makes this resort so unique is its staff, each and every one of them. Wherever you go, you are greeted with a smile and Namaste. All the running around the staff do in the background to please you is amazing. There is so much attention to detail - the way staff places your sandals the right way around, the way flowers are presented in your room etc. The service you receive is so personalized. I would like to especially thank and appreciate Shobha - for her 'magical massages; The chefs and waiters - for serving me the most delicious food; Dr.Arun - for taking care of my every needs, Rita - for the care & concern she showed & her 1 - 2 - 1 yoga session; Bala - for his support & comfort provided; Rucha - thank you for our very long chat! The security guards & Vishal for their wonderful smiles; Rame - nothing was ever too much trouble; Balaji - thank you for the care & understanding you have shown me & for arranging my orphanage visits. Thank you all for making me feel like a princess during my stay. I hope, the level of individual attention paid to each guest never changes as I believe that's what makes this retreat unique. Namaste.

    Pritty, UK - Nov 2014

    The Shreyas experience is out of the world. The environment and the ambience is soo . . . . peaceful. All the staff services are excellent. I am sure in three days time I could experience a wonderful and memorable stay at Shreyas. I am sure to come back for a longer stay and experience. Thank you soooo . . . . much Shreyas team for everything.

    Hybeen, India - Nov 2014

    A truly magical extended stay. My family left last week and I was blessed to stay for an extra 5 days. I am so pleased that I did, peaceful and beautiful. Yoga is excellent, spa and services are fabulous. Thank you Shreyas, I will return for sure.

    Amanda, UK - Nov 2014

    I have really enjoyed my 3 day stay at Shreyas and wish I could stay longer. I hope I can back again one day. I would like to thank all the staff for their hard work and felt very well looked after and cared for. The room was kept spotlessly clean with beautiful flowers every day. The food was wonderful, very tasty and varied. All the yoga teachers were wonderful, patient and caring. I especially enjoyed my last private session with Rita. I also had several spa treatments - all very good. Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for this fantastic experience. Namaste.

    Fiona, USA - Nov 2014

    The Shreyas experience is magical. The place, people and kindness of all the staff is beyond expectation. The spiritual guidance, treatments, meals and yoga classes are of the highest level. It felt like 'coming back home'. I have been here three times in the last four years and will definitely be back. Thank you all!!! Namaste.

    Moty, UK - Nov 2014

    This is my second stay at Shreyas. This time, I brought my husband, son and daughter with me (ages 19 & 11 years). What a wonderful experience again. The environment is so conducive to togetherness, love and healing - it is really a very special place here - one always to be remembered. Thank you all at Shreyas. The place of oneness. Amanda Chester

    Amanda, England - Nov 2014

    I thank you deeply for our stay. On this holiday, I believe that my family and I have really discovered the meaning of yoga and even life, this holiday is an experience that my family and I surely won't forget.
    Sebastian & Phillips (Age 11) - England

    Sebastian & Phillips, England - Nov 2014

    Dear Shreyas family, thank you for making our experience one we all will never forget. Words cannot explain how helpful and wonderful all the staff are here and provided a unique experience to each and every one of us. - Namaste, Our love from Australia - Lauren. - Namaste and thank you Carmel, Australia.
    - Thank you for such a memorable stay. Mandy, Australia.
    - Namaste, thank you. Barb, Australia
    - Exceptional retreat, thank you for providing a wonderful experience, Namaste - Kara, Australia.
    - Thank you for a life time of memories, Namaste. Sheryl, Australia.

    Carmel, Mandy, Barb, Kara, Sheryl, Australia - Nov 2014

    Dear Team Shreyas, Never before have I encountered such a joined up approach to 'welcome' - to have been 'touched' by so many different facets of your 'retreat'! The staffs that collectively make it all 'work' - the food that makes us all look forward to the next meal (despite being a committed carnivore). The accommodation that 'lured' us back after yoga, meditation to sleep like a baby even after the first night when all I had done was travel here. I truly applaud the way each of the staff is integrated into life here. The orphanage children performing their dances on Diwali with such smiles of pride and delight is testimony to the work which is done here. I am in Bangalore until end march and do hope to come again and will ensure all my friends especially back in the UK know about the 'rejuvenating' Shreyas retreat. Thank you so much.

    Julie, UK - Oct 2014

    Dear friends at Shreyas, thank you for my wonderful experience at Shreyas. I loved every minute of it and feel inspired to take forth the principles of good eating and yoga and meditation to give me the inner peace and balance I seek. I cannot compliment the staff enough - you were all fantastic, thank you. I look forward to coming back . . . . until then. Thank you for my wonderful time. With love and light.

    Vina, UK - Oct 2014

    Shreyas, I spent two reinvigorating days and night in this wonderful facility accompanied with very good services. The staffs are truly great. I thank management for ensuring that the conditions exist to provide such comfort and peace of mind to guests. Please keep it up as a slip in standards can be easily noticed and may be more difficult to regain lost momentum. I loved the meals - they were delicious, all of them. Also the massage and yoga classes have been excellent. Keep it up, it is a wellness place. All the best.

    Fred, Afganishtan - Oct 2014

    Dear friends at Shreyas, this was our second visit and I can't decide which one was better.:)) The service is excellent - we are treated as 'special' in every way. The attention to smallest details (flowers in room, on dining table, the positioning of our sandals, and just the way everyone greets and welcomes is very humbling and spiritually uplifting. The yoga and meditation sessions were deeply rewarding. The food - sheer bliss and so healthy too, We've had long nature walks and Shreyas really has an ambience that naturally turns a person inwards. Thank you all - we definitely hope to return soooon.:)) Happy diwali to all!! Love and blessings.

    Prema & Kumar, India - Oct 2014

    This was a very wonderful time here in Shreyas. We enjoyed this time which passed too fast. Now we feel energized and fully powered for time at home. Thank you, all the teachers, personnel, doctor . . . .

    Suzanne & Hans, Germany - Oct 2014

    Your motto: 'Journey to self discovery' is handled with perfection by your team and the faculties. The word 'awareness' in our daily life actions had been embedded in all the things we did and we are thankful for this. Nmamaste.

    Leng & Walter, Qatar - Oct 2014

    Thank you very much to all the staff at Shreyas. I had a wonderful stay. Will definitely return. With gratitude.

    Sabrina Law, USA - Oct 2014

    We have seen 5 star hotels that celebrate material excess and then we've been to ashrams driven by ascetic minimalism and spiritual practices. This is the first time we've seen an attempt to blend the two - a place where we can reconnect without inner selves without worrying about doing the dishes! Loved the experience overall, in particular your staffs' attention to detail and attending to the special needs of my pregnant wife. Well done!

    Sriram Karra, India - Oct 2014

    Just some of the thoughtful services that were provided: - Yoga teacher's personal scarf, loaned to me when I casually mentioned that I felt cold. - Extra mosquito repellent put out during yoga session. - Impromptu cooking lessons with the staff in the staff area after community service. They are just some of the personal touches that the stellar staffs provide. This retreat is more than a place to practice yoga, it is a sanctuary to relax, rejuvenate and rebuild life!

    Virginia Ling, USA - Oct 2014

    Coming to the retreat all the way from the Caribbean was an adventure but I was in no way prepared for the spiritual and emotional breakthrough that I would have. The surroundings and the fact that everyone (staff) is all in tuned spiritually naturally lends itself to being a spiritual haven; but the depth of inner peace and quietness of the mind and spirit that I experienced was unexpected and unbelievable. I cannot express enough how much Mr. Bala played an integral role in the start of what can only be described as my spiritual journey. For that I will be forever grateful and eternally indebted. The energy and positive vibrations that this place has is unlike anything that I have ever experienced and I cannot wait to tell people about it and also come back. Thank you all for the most memorable experience of my life! Namstey.

    Reina Hinds, West Indies - Oct 2014

    This was the best experience of my life. The food is healthy and taste delicious, the staff and everyone who works are nice. The yoga, massages, meditation and breathing classes have made my life better and the facility is extremely clean. Thanks for making my stay wonderful and unforgettable.

    Edith Davis, India - Oct 2014

    We had an OUTSTANDING time at Shreyas. Thank you so much for all the attention to details and the lovely service. This place is out of the world and will stay in our heart forever.

    Gabi & Zolton Kamon, USA - Oct 2014

    Dear yogis, doctors and staff, Shreyas is just heaven to me. I am glad I had the opportunity to experience heaven in India. I love all your thoughts about attention to detail. You really understand the concept of service. The cuisine served at Shreyas is outstanding, excellent choices of vegetarian meals - this must be the magic talent of the chefs. Thank you very much for making my stay unforgettable. I am going to tell everyone about Shreyas and the way to self discovery. A very special thank you to Santosh (for being excellent in his service), to Ramakant (for being a inspiration), to Rita (for advice and thoughts to be continued), to Vidhya (for magical moments). I hope to see you all again. Take care and keep this place as it is. You all are doing great!!! All the best.

    Katja Walter, Germany - Oct 2014

    First time at a resort like this. Exceeded our expectations. Great place to unwind, peaceful and rejuvenating. Love to come back. Thanks to everybody - the people, the yoga teachers, the chefs and the administrators.

    Sanjay Sharma and Anand Rathi, India - Oct 2014

    This place will always hold a special spot in my heart. It's magical, rejuvenating and so beautiful. My time here has been too short but I plan to return one day and will highly recommend Shreyas to all my friends.

    Fiona Riley, Australia - Oct 2014

    Had an amazing time. Special thanks to the staff and teachers who made me feel cared for and inspired. Will definitely tell all my friends.

    Elly Chen, USA - Sept 2014

    Everything at Shreyas is perfect - the surroundings, the people, the yoga. That's why I will keep coming back.

    Meeta, Bangalore - Sept 2014

    Sigh, it is time to leave already?! Feeling so fortunate to have had even 48 hours at Shreyas, and all to myself. Nevertheless, a perfect private oasis! I am leaving with my belly full (best food ever!), body relaxed and mind awakened. A beautiful space for a journey of the 'heart and soul'. Thank you from a weary traveler!

    Alexis, USA - Sept 2014

    We came old and tired . . . . We leave Shreyas - young and in good health! We were alone during our stay like a King and Queen!!! Congratulations to you all.

    Didier and Sophie, Paris - Sept 2014

    A very good resort and good service. We shall come back soon.

    Rajpal Singh, India - Sept 2014

    A wonderful place to unwind - learn about a lot here, people are very humble here. Very transparent - in sharing recipes and knowledge of yoga and treatment. Would love to come here again and definitely would recommend family and friends!! Very peaceful and tranquil place. Thank you very much to all at Shreyas for crafting a fabulous, refreshing and rejuvenating (and all too short) retreat for two slightly city waery guests. We loved every moment, particularly the lovely table settings and wholesome, delicious food!

    Elizabeth and Karen, USA - Sept 2014

    Mr. Ramegowda told me that the flower garland given on arrival represents how the team at Shreyas treat their guests - as Gods and it is true! My 'silent' stay has been profound and amazing. I see things in a new light and I want to thanks every single one of you for all the love and kindness you show in every day here. The flowers in the room, at the meal tables, the switching shoes around so they are easy to step in to . . . . And that�s not all, the delicious food, ayurvedic massage, great steam room and the yoga instruction (amazing) and the meditation (revelatory) . . . Love.. love.. love..

    Catherine, London - Sept 2014

    A great intensive Ayurveda week just to recover from busy stressful life. Was again a great experience here at the quiet big park from Shreyas. Thanks to all the people here on what they do so nicely for guests. It's really a pleasure to share time and get nice knowledge from your side. Massages were again so nice an experience. All the yoga sessions with adjustments/corrections gave me an impression that I had private lessons all the time. Thanks for the nice food even though I did a 5 day detox. Will be lovely to be here a third time to meditate and share experiences with you. Once again, thank you very much indeed and see you soon.:))

    Niculin, Switzerland - Sept 2014

    Thank you so much to the whole team at Shreyas. Another peaceful and thought provoking stay. I am feeling well looked after and with some strength to look forward. Sad to go but I am looking forward to coming back for the 5th time to learn more! Thank you once again.

    Saranjit, London - Sept 2014

    Dear Shreyas, I have nothing to add to my wives note. I just want to comment on the beautiful meals and lunches we had. The cooks are really amazing. Never had such a variety of food in my life. So, thanks again also from me. Kind Regards.

    Hilolo, Germany - August 2014

    Dear Shreyas, there are not many words to describe such an outstanding place as the experience of 'Shreyas' goes beyong the 'word'. As a guest, but also a teacher I also had the unique and wonderful opportunity to interact with the staff and teachers in class and beyond. It was such an honor to teach them regularly and to feel their level of commitment. 'Shreyas' is truly a journey toward the 'self' and coming to remember who we really are. But beyond what is offered, it is the people who make a place and the right combination of attention, and love given. Speaking as a mother too, it was so helpful to have the baby cared for! Many thanks is not enough to say! See you again! Best and kind regards. Yes indeed, we all have never eaten so very well with 3 meals a day! And a great variety of food, amazing!! I loved the flowers on the table, the nice service and our foot wear being turned around!! Heather Morton, Canadian (Living in Germany).

    Heather, Germany - August 2014

    Dear Shreyas: (A note from Pier) Thank you for the wonderful stay. I felt everything was a s wonderful, I got a little overwhelmed at times. Thank you to the wonderful and kind ladies who took care of me. I also enjoyed and appreciated the meals that were made especially for me as I am a fussy eater!:-)) Thank you for caring and looking out for me. I look forward TO PLAYING WITH YOU AGAIN! Love and hugs. Pier (1 year old son of Heather), Germany.

    Pier, Germany - August 2014

    It was an entirely different experience with a warm and accommodating ambience. The arrangement and deco emanates the beauty of nature and spirituality. The response of the staff to even simpler needs have been spontaneous and always satisfactory. The journey of self discovery as they say is not an easy task but this was a great beginning. With best wishes.

    Bhaskar, Ghaziabad - August 2014

    Thank you very much to everyone in the Shreyas team for making the time spent with you sp peaceful, and so special. I enjoyed every aspect of my stay here, the beautiful garden, the quality of the attention we were getting from the staff, the delicious food, the very interesting meditation and breathing sessions and the quality of the conversations. Even if I don't feel like leaving this place (as Bala told us, we cannot run away from our present life) but at least now I know where I can escape to find peace.;)) It makes me very grateful and happy to know that a place like Shreyas exists in this crazy world. I hope I have the chance to come back here. Thank you very much. P.S - I also enjoyed a lot all the books available here. Read a great one.

    Marie, Paris and UAE - August 2014

    Dear Shreyas team, Thank you for a wonderful experience. Although I was here for a very short time, I am leaving a lot more centered, rejuvenated and energized. The staff at Shreyas has been incredibly attentive, providing excellent service. The facilities are second to none, and the food is extraordinary. Lastly, special thanks to Dr. Rachana, Ramakant, Bala and Santosh for making my experience totally enjoyable.

    Hamshy, USA - August 2014

    Dear Shreyas family, Thank you for our amazing experience, the retreat truly surpassed all of our expectations in every way. Your staff are some of the most wonderful people and their service and attention to detail is remarkable (we loved the reverse of flip flops)! We would like to give a personal thanks to all the chefs for the best food we have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. This yoga retreat has pushed us to our limits, strengthened us and taught us unforgettable life lessons that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Once again thank you all for opening our eyes to the beauty of India and tranquility of yoga. We will be back soon, until next time.

    Graham, Catharine, Sophie and Phoebe - UAE, August 2014

    Dear Shreyas family, We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the warmth, hospitality and memorable stay at your retreat. Please do extend our gratitude to each and every staff member for making our stay comfortable. Personal thanks to the chef for the fabulous food on all three meals. An experience like this is often what's needed to break from the humdrum of city life and take a step back and live precious life moments. Thank you, will visit again.

    Vijay and Asma, India - August 2014

    Shreyas is an experience that I will cherish. It is so much more than what I expected. There was peace and tranquility and the rooms and overall decor was exquisite. The staff are lovely and so helpful and friendly. The yoga classes were brilliant and the breathing classes really pushed me out of my comfort zone. There is so much that I have taken from here that I hope will remain to change my life direction. Thank you to everyone at Shreyas. P.S - Can I kidnap your chef, the food was incredible.;))

    Sejal, UK - August 2014

    Our stay at Shreyas ended up being so much more than we had expected or imagined. As a family, we got to spend some quality time together, sharing yoga, fabulous food, massage experiences and so much more. Individually we experienced new insights about ourselves and how yoga can help us. The staff felt more like family; they were attentive (without being intrusive) and warm, anticipating our every need. We hope to be back! Thank you, thank you! Zaheer, with other loved ones from - Canada and USA P.S- Even though I love meat, But I enjoyed the Veg food here immensely!!

    Zaheer, Canada - USA, August 2014

    My stay at Shreyas was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I appreciate each and every staff member for their attention to detail, thoughtfulness and kindness. This is a beautiful, clean and peaceful environment that I wish I could stay in forever. Though India is a far journey for me, my next visit, and any visit will always include a Shreyas experience. Thank you for everything! P.S- Would love a cook book of all the delicious recipes! My favorite dessert while here was the apple brownie!

    Allison, USA - August 2014

    I needed to make a break and I discovered a new way of living. Outstanding service and a unique touch in everything, at anytime, Shreyas isn't an hotel, it's an experience, a wonderful experience! Words aren't enough to describe how grateful I am to all the team that contributes to create such magic. Shreyas will always have a special place in my heart.

    Nicholas, Mauritius - August 2014

    Disneyland for Yoga - healthy, relaxing in a green lush environment, with the most (foodie people) tasty vegetarian food! Shreyas - an unique delight, a well kept secret away from the big city lights. Amazing service from the beginning to departure. In a nutshell, I wish I could stay here forever!!

    Priya, UAE - August 2014

    We had a great time at Shreyas. I surpassed all our expectations - we live in Bangalore, an hour away and had not heard of Shreyas until now and you can bet we're going to spread the word! Your staff is ever so attentive and we loved the attention to detail, so rare in the world of hospitality and so appreciated! The atmosphere is perfect and we're leaving completely rejuvenated. Thanks Shreyas.

    Kinis, India - August 2014

    Thanks a lot for everything, the amazing service and wonderful people at Shreyas. I had the best 3 days, very relaxing. I hope to come back every year as this place has given me a lot of motivation.

    Mohini, USA - August 2014

    Thank you so much for making my (too short) stay here so wonderful. I've had the most lovely couple of days with you at the end of a very busy time here in Bangalore and am going to make sure I come back to explore the 8 limbs of yoga further... Thank you so much, it really has been amazing and the massages out of this world!

    Roberts, UK - August 2014

    Thank you for an amazing escape from the noise, dust and stress of the city. I spent a lovely weekend during my business trip to Bangalore. It couldn't have been better. The food is simply amazing - flowers, variety and experience is out of the world. I am very sad not to be able to continue being surprised and delighted with the next meal. The staff has been amazing and so attentive to every need. I hope to come back again. Best.

    Karen, USA - August 2014

    I came to visit Shreyas thanks to my wife Vaishnavi. She believes and practices yoga at home. At first, when she told me about this place, I was a bit skeptical. However, my stance turned into that of a pleasant surprise once I arrived here. The place was calm, peaceful and welcoming. We rested well, explored the wonderful vegetable garden. I had a good Balinese massage and was able to distress and rejuvenate at this place. My wife attended yoga sessions, had a massage and she loved it too. The staff were very helpful and courteous during my visit. They also helped me my birthday and I was pleasantly surprised. This is an amazing retreat, and I would definitely visit again.

    Karthik, India - August 2014

    I have enjoyed every minute of my stay at Shreyas. This is a completely new experience for me and I will surely go back a different person. I would rate everything here as '7 Star' from the facilities to the accommodation and the staff who are phenomenal. They have made me feel at home. Mani and Rita have been absolutely fabulous, and I feel like I have learnt so much from them. I would definitely like to make this a yearly thing now and will aim to be back next year with friends. I hope the integrity and sincerity of this place always stays as pristine as it is now. My stay at Shreyas has been an experience of a life time for me and I will cherish these memories forever! Thank you.:))

    Shaila - China July, 2014

    Thank you for the fabulous time we had. After a stressful few weeks it is amazing to be back at Shreyas to unwind and just rejuvenate our self. We have been coming for the last five years and the service, ambiance and quality has only gotten better.

    Shreyas, India July, 2014

    Thank you all so much for a wonderful stay. I was expecting to have an enjoyable week and it surpassed all my expectations! From the attention to detail of the staff in taking care of our living quarters to the generosity, professionalism and patience of the yoga teachers, not to mention the superb cuisine, everything was simply perfect! I would recommend Shreyas whole-heartedly to anyone and am leaving transformed! Many thanks to all the wonderful staff who have made my say so pleasurable; Rita and Mani, Shoba and Vidhya, Dr.Arun, Rucha, Bala and the kitchen staff who took such marvelous care of us. It made it one of the most amazing experiences ever!

    Zoe, UK July, 2014

    I had a very short stay but enjoyed every minute of it! The room and facilities are beautiful and serene. I enjoyed every unscheduled moment as much as I did the yoga, meditation, and massage! The food and service were amazing! Shreyas is a very special place. I hope to return for a longer stay someday! Thank you to all here!

    Andrea - USA July, 2014

    Thank You Again!

    Laura & Sara, USA & Sweden July, 2014

    Hi, we loved EVERY BIT of our stay. I really hope to find time to getaway and come to Shreyas every chance I get. The staff were extremely courteous, keep it up. Love you all.

    Padma, Chennai July, 2014

    July, 2014 18th
    To the entire team at Shreyas, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I came here on my first solo getaway to do some thinking and reconnect with the yogic way of life. The Shreyas experience and every element of it enabled me to do that. Green and serene! Thanks for the warmth and special attention to detail. The yoga and meditation certainly helped me clear my mind and I am filled with good vibrations.

    Love, Namu Kini - India - July 2014

    Dear Staff, beautiful setting and gardens, very friendly and competent staff, excellent value. Nice to have met you.

    Haifa & Lubna, Jeddah - March 2014

    It was our first yoga experience and we don't think it could have been any better! Yoga instructors were excellent, so was the food and the atmosphere. Staff is really nice and we appreciate the fact that no one is trying to push us to buy any of the services proposed. This is definitely a place to recommend!

    Kaine & CJ, France - April 2014

    This is my first visit, and I am so glad I came. In India by myself, on my birthday and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it than this! Beautiful surroundings, super friendly and helpful staff, excellent yoga instructors, delicious food (thank you for the birthday cake!) an amazing way to catch my breath, take stock, give thanks, and be ready for what the year will bring. Thank you to every one this is a fantastic retreat from a chaotic and busy world.

    Owen, India & USA - April 2014

    Thank you very much for a special 4 days. Great yoga instructors, unbelievable massages, meditation!!! Fantastic food that I could not get enough of. It was amazing, I feel brand new. All the staff are so friendly and helpful. This is my second time here and I hope I can come back soon again. Namaste!

    Marina, NY, USA - April 2014

    Namaste Shreyas and thank you for my perfect week with you. I feel relaxed, inspired and energized just what was required! My special appreciation to the yoga team, for their endless patience with an out of practice student! As a repeat guest, I was expecting everything to be fabulous and, of course, it was thanks to the amazing Shreyas team, working tirelessly to ensure that every guest has a wonderful and memorable experience. They seem to anticipate what you need and there's no fuss everything is taken care of. I am already planning my next visit! Warmest wishes as always and see you again soon, I hope. Om.

    Hilary, UK - April 2014

    I didn't expect to have such a wonderful time and that was because all the staff are very respectful and kind. The yoga classes were wonderful; I liked the fact that there are different teachers. Meditation was also very nice. In general I liked everything, thank you to all of you.

    Juliana, Bogota - April 2014

    Dear staff, you have all created something really unique and valuable here a place where one can challenge oneself through yoga and meditation while at the same time feeling completely cared for and relaxed. And the setting could not be more perfect. Everything was beautiful. Thank you for teaching me so much each day I was here. I will treasure the experience and carry it with me, and I hope to be back again someday soon. With love.

    Sara, USA - April 2014

    I will remember forever this unique place! The staff is fantastic and the food marvelous. Merci Beaucoup.

    Jacqueline, Aix En Provence, France - April 2014

    I am as delighted as my first stay in Shreyas. I felt in another world. Fantastic journey through peace and serenity. Excellent yoga classes. Hope to see you all soon.

    Elise, UAE - April 2014

    Where do I begin This has been a wonderful time for me and all those people around me. A truly enriching experience. I have begun yoga (eventually!), I have eaten delicious food and I have been amazed at the charm of Shreyas. Everyone who works here is part of its magic and I will miss you all. Thank you for everything. P.S.: I love the train it was romantic!

    Alexandra, UK - April 2014

    This was a wonderful experience for me. I lack words to express exactly how I feel. Please keep up the good work. All the staff were fantastic. I will miss you all. Anyway I will be back.

    Terna Unum, NIgeria - April 2014

    It was a perfect Birthday celebration for my husband! We loved the place, would come back with family and friends!!! Keep it up

    Veena, India - April 2014

    What a wonderful time I spent with you! It was the most peaceful and relaxing week in my life. So, thank you to every one and a special thanks to Shobha who was amazing and Ramakant who helped me a lot and made himself available whenever I needed. I will miss you . . . . . I will be back. With love.

    Marie Josie, France & UK - April 2014

    Dear Shreyas, you are my home away from home. Whenever I leave, a dull ache resides in my heart . . . . I will be coming here forever! Bless Shreyas always . . . Love.

    Puja, Singapore - April 2014

    I really enjoyed my trip. Everything was very well organized. Great staff, environment . . . Thank you Shreyas for such a lovely place.

    Hediah, Iran - April 2014

    We had an amazing time here at Shreyas. It was a thoroughly enriching experience. It gave us an opportunity to grow our yoga practice and delve into meditation. Most importantly,, the staff is outstanding! They always made us feel welcome and constantly strove to anticipate our wants and needs. We look forward to staying in contact and seeing you all soon. Thank you!

    Richard, USA - April 2014

    I had a wonderful time at Shreyas and can't wait to come back. It exceeded all my expectations: the staff is so attentive and friendly. I feel like I have done something for my well being that I can take home with me. The yoga, meditation etc. is truly excellent, the teachers were able to adjust to my needs and my level. Merci beaucoup.

    Monique, Switzerland - April 2014

    Thank you Shreyas for a life changing, beautiful experience! The accommodation, food, yoga - and most of all the staff - were all superb. I hope I am lucky enough to return again one day.

    Angela, USA - April 2014

    Thank you to all the staff at Shreyas for a really beneficial trip. I enjoyed every part of it and will come back again.

    Miriam, Abudhabi - April 2014

    A big thank you to the Shreyas team. The food has been amazing (the best we have had), the yoga has been hard but rewarding and has really allowed us to advance our yoga practice, however, the biggest compliment has to go to all the staff who genuinely care and look after you from the moment you awoke to sleep. Our first of what will be many many more visits.

    Paul & Leanne, UK - April 2014

    Thanks to the entire Shreyas team for their amazing hospitality! I am so glad people recommended me to your place for my first time in India and in a yoga retreat. The food was outstanding, the yoga class excellent, this place is just a paradise to rest the mind and take care of your own self. I come back toned, relaxed but full of good energy. Namaste.

    Marie Sarah, UK - April 2014

    Second time back in paradise! Thanks yet again for an amazing experience. Keep the magic alive. Love.

    Clodagh, Dubai - April 2014

    I have loved every minute of every day here! Thanks so much for the joy, pampering attention to detail and excellent staff. I know being here has changed me and helped me in so many ways. I have learned so much about yoga as well. See you next time! If you get a cook book can you please send it to me.

    Marina, Dubai - April 2014

    We had a wonderful time and learned many valuable things. Thank you

    John & Kate, IndiaUSA - March 2014

    Short but very sweet. Delicious food, excellent treatments and super friendly staff. Thank you!

    Harry & Milly, UK - 2014

    Words cannot describe how amazing my experience here was. I have learnt so much respect and gratitude towards the staff for helping me open my eyes and gain more awareness, knowledge and perspective on things. The teachers pushed me when I wanted to give up and they showed me I am capable of doing anything!! There is so much more I want and could say but instead Ill leave it for the next time. Thank you for everything, Namaste.

    Sopie, Australia - March 2014

    Thanking the entire Shreyas team for their outstanding hospitality! The food was excellent and nutritious, the yoga classes strengthened my core, the Pranayama was healing and the staff are like friends! Thank you for taking care of me I am leaving with lots of happy memories! All the best for all of you, your families and Shreyas!

    Barbara, Netherlands - March 2014

    Eight days of outstanding yoga sessions, blissful spa experiences, delicious food combined with very friendly service, may make us come back again!

    Tonia & Stefan, Switzerland - March 2014

    Shreyas, you are outstanding. We wish we would have found you sooner so we could come back again and again. Thank you for treating us like royalty and helping us de-stress our minds. Our best.

    Jayme & Andrea, India USA - March 2014

    To the Shreyas team. Thank you for making Shreyas a most special place on earth. We are all truly blessed to experience your kindness, wisdom and care. Namaste.

    Jessica, USA - March 2014

    What an amazing and magical place! So full of charm and calmness, and filled with wonderful staff. I have had such an amazing time and met some special people who I will definitely stay in touch with and meet again. Thank you for making this experience so special, it will not be forgotten. Best wishes to everyone at Shreyas.

    Hannah, UK - March 2014

    Dear Staff, beautiful setting and gardens, very friendly and competent staff, excellent value. Nice to have met you

    Haifa & Lubna, Jeddah - March 2014

    Nice and pleasant stay. I came with no idea what to expect but it went way beyond my expectations! Keep up the good work, good service, great food and friendly staff. More importantly keep the smile on! Thank you!

    Raziqueh Hussain - Contributing Editor, Caravan Magazine, UAE.

    What an incredible experience at Shreyas. No detail is forgotten . . . . Starting with exceptional and warm welcoming staff, who remember every minor detail about your personal preferences. Yoga was challenging yet rewarding, with teachers who sincerely care about individual performance, progress and well being. We will be back

    Roya & Andrew, USA - March 2014

    A very special place. Thank you to everyone for making our week so relaxing. The yoga teachers have given me huge confidence to practice yoga again after my injury THANK YOU!

    Amy & Hilary, Scotland - March 2014

    Everything has been an absolute delight! The Shreyas experience was all that I was hoping for and more! I will be leaving here lighter in mind and body. Best wishes to the entire Shreyas team. Ever thankful . . .

    Bharti, India USA - March 2014

    Such a happy week, thank you to everyone at Shreyas.

    Gail, UK - March 2014

    Dear staff, thank you very much for giving us one of the most memorable times in our life. We learnt many things from Yoga, Pranayama, asanas, meditation but above all you reaffirmed in our hearts the value of being humble, caring, generous and doing everything with a smile. We came here at a critical juncture in our lives and you created the environment that enabled us to reflect and connect within ourselves. We will definitely be back soon. In the meantime, keep smiling and keep breathing (mindfully!) We will definitely be back soon. Thank you and God bless.

    Darshini & Chelva, UK India - March 2014

    This was such a beautiful place beyond anything we have ever experienced! Everyone here made us feel welcome and went above and beyond to make us comfortable and well pampered! Thank you so much for much needed rest, relaxation and for the excellent spa services and above all the yoga was the best I have ever experienced! Also really like the paradise like setting. Lots of love, affection.

    Leslie & Scott, Canada - March 2014

    It was the best time I have ever spent anywhere. I am hooked on yoga now! I really needed this break and lessons of life about meditation and health. Everybody has been more than sweet and accommodating. If you do not put me in the tent next time, I will definitely come back! Thank you all for your warm and loving support. With lots of love.

    Saskia, Holland - March 2014

    I am delighted we picked Shreyas for our family to come together from different parts of the world. We were able to bond together in a serene universe away from the distractions of city life. We were extended the highest level of service every one of our needs was attended to with warmth and friendliness. My elderly parents were treated with great courtesy. The food was superb elegant cuisine cooked just right. I would particularly like to mention Arun, Santosh, Krishna, Jack and Lakshmi I will miss them all. The family will remember this as a memorable vacation. Thank you Shreyas.

    Lakshmi, India - March 2014

    Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I have found the place that will bring me calmness and strength to face up with normal life back home. This visit has exceeded my expectations in every way. My yoga has improved vastly and now I can practice Pranayama, thanks to Rita. I would definitely recommend this place to all my friends and Ill be back in the near future.

    Sara, UK - March 2014

    I suppose that returning to Shreyas for a third time speaks volumes, but nonetheless I did wonder before I arrived whether the magic would still be there. Within seconds of arriving I knew that nothing had changed and the wonderful warmth of the staff and the lovely smiling faces have just wrapped around me in a perfect cocoon. My only regret is that I have only stayed one week. Thank you to every one of the staff who have helped to restore some calm and serenity back into my life. All your little touches make me feel very special and cared for. You are all incredible! I will be back for visit number four very soon.

    Barbara, UK - March 2014

    Thank you so much! I leave calmer and stronger and even more flexible. The staff here are outstanding. Each and every person has added so much to a restful and happy stay. Already planning a return . . . (although sure Bala would object to all this planning!). Thank you so much.

    Cathy, Canada - March 2014

    Came just for 2 days; feel very relaxed and fresh. Maybe, next time we come for a longer time. The staff was very good.

    Yasmin & Fauzia, India - March 2014

    It was a wonderful week that went very quickly I feel very rested and energized. All the staff are incredible thank you very much.

    June - March 2014

    Dear doctors, staff and yogis; it was a long way from Vermont, USA! And we are grateful, grateful that you were on our path. The journey of travelers overload was brought to a Nirvana pause at Shreyas Retreat. And to retreat to my inner world was sorely needed. So, thank you for the beauty of the trees, the garden, the cow and calf, the tender care by all involved. Your attention to detail is perfection. And my yoga classes and meditations proved to be deep and revealing. Namaste to each of you. Love.

    Brenda & Samuel - March 2014

    Amazing! All here is a dream: people, place, friendly like a family. Thank you so much. With love.

    Carole, Belgium - March 2014

    This is my first time at Shreyas and I was able to achieve one of the most peaceful and relaxing weekends of my life. The yoga classes were so lovely, the instructors were very instructive. The staff is like none other and very considerate and attentive. I also appreciate the tour of the grounds by Rame and food is so delicious I enjoyed every meal. Thank you to everyone. Namaste.

    Kristen, USA - March 2014

    Shreyas keeps calling me back. It is such a wonderful experience. Transformative! Everyone on site goes beyond expectations. I need to go home, but I will return. Namaste.

    Karen, Canada - February 2014

    To you all at Shreyas, how can we begin to thank you enough for our wonderful stay with you it was far too short but we will be back. The peace, tranquility is just what we needed after a long journey. So our massages, newly learnt breathing, yoga, meditation, Pranayama was just perfect. Your setting, gardens, fruits, vegetable gardens are an inspiration. We are ready to go home and get ready t plant in the spring. Your staff are faultless, kind, so helpful and attentive to our every need. We have never felt hungry, the food was delicious. Our room was cozy, beautifully planned for comfort with a great bed and sympathetic calming decor. I wish I could take you all home with me but will love to settle for coming back to see you all again soon. A HUGE thank you to you all for your kindness and patience.

    Melanie & Richard, UK - February 2014

    Dearest Shreyas, I really don't know any words to describe my appreciation to you all so, I guess Ill just say . . . . THANK YOU from the bottom of the heart. The heart to heart talks, Ill not forget your words and will implement these from now, you have restored my clarity. Thank you all the yoga teachers for the wonderful classes and the conversations, you guys are truly awesome and youve made me realize what yoga is really about as well as life. Thank you, the kind and attentive restaurant staff for providing the best vegetarian food Ive ever had and service. I really wanted to lose a few pounds during my stay but, it was just not possible. :-)) Thank you my two beautiful and caring massage therapists, your magic hands have comforted me so much . . . . Thank you to the people who make my room so comfy everyday and make this place so beautiful and tranquil . . . . I am more than fortunate to be taken care by you when I most needed it. The journey of self discovery started from Shreyas and continues . . .

    Venia, Taiwan - February 2014

    Too good, it's a dream Cloud 9.

    Rakesh, India - February 2014

    Dearest Shreyas, Thanking you from the bottom of the heart for the most wonderful experience. The love, calmness, surroundings and beautiful people, have made my time here so special. There is nothing that isn't perfect. I can't wait to bring my husband and children. I leave absorbing knowledge and waiting for yoga and meditation to be a part of my life forever! I have fallen in love with India and indeed Shreyas. With much love and fond memories.

    Caroline, UK - February 2014

    Dearest Shreyas, this is my FIFTH trip here. So, it is obvious that this is an amazing place. Wonderful hospitality, amazing staff, impeccable - ambience, service, atmosphere, delicious food. Especial thanks to Mr. Balaji and Madam Rucha for always being so co-operative. With warmest regards to all at Shreyas.

    Parin, Kenya - February 2014

    Dear staff, I would like to express my appreciation for the quality of service, peacefulness, coziness that you offered me at Shreyas!! It was a perfect 4 days getaway.. The yoga, massage and food was amazing. I am leaving knowing that I will be back soon. . .

    Kaeb, Bahrain - February 2014

    Pritish and I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Thank you for making our stay unforgettable. You gave us a new perspective on what luxury wellness holidays mean.

    Anisha, India - February 2014

    What a wonderful oasis you have created here. We enjoyed our stay and feel refreshed and renewed. A perfect stop over on our amazing trip to India!

    Monica & Christina, Canada - February 2014

    A very warm and lovely place with warmer people and very interesting yoga classes. The meditation helps to find ones inner self and introspect on where we are and what we want. The food was very appetizing and we had a wonderful stay of R & R. Thanks and keep up the good show.

    Nithya & Jayaram, India - February 2014

    It only took one day and night here to feel like our life in busy, downtown Bangalore was far, far away. The setting, the yoga, the food, the massage all helped us feel completely relaxed and content. We love the trees and the waking up to the birds in the morning. The staff was so kind and accommodating and we truly appreciate how much they helped us hit our first cricket bowls in the batting cage! Hoping to stay much longer next time!

    Jessica & Vikas, Bangalore USA - February 2014

    This is certainly a memorable experience. It is not often you have the opportunity to spend a week living amidst nature in a beautiful environment, surrounded by beautiful people. I wish I could write a personalized thank you to each staff person recognizing their contributions to my stay. From the well-tended room, the flower displays, the delicious meals, the well planned schedules, the tailored Yoga Pranayama meditation sessions, the beautiful grounds I could go on and on. I will take back the things I have learned here and reinforce them in my daily life. I hope to return sometime in the future. Thank you, thank you!

    Allison, India USA - February 2014

    To all the humble, happy, beautiful staff at Shreyas, words cannot express how much I have enjoyed and benefitted from my 6 nights at your tranquil, gorgeous slice of heaven here. A million thanks to every one of you that bent over backwards (pardon the pun!) to make my stay the incredible experience that it was. I will miss your lovely, kind faces and hearts.

    Kym, Australia - February 2014

    Thank you for all youve done to make our third experience here so special our beautiful tent cottage underneath the palm trees, wonderful yoga and meditation with superb, experienced masters, peaceful garden with the gazebo place we loved to be in to write and stretch, the refreshing beautiful pool, and the thoughtfully prepared healthy food and especially all the staff whose cheerful, calm demeanors inspired us. Best wishes.

    Nancy & Ross, Canada - February 2014

    Dear all and my dearest staff, my second stay was again amazing and I felt very special. The treatments as well as the environment were just perfect, inspiring, emotional, peaceful and happy. The food I had the whole week was more than delicious and attending a cooking class was a wonderful experience. I will again come back to this magic place to relax and find my own peace of mind. Love.

    Marianne, Switzerland - February 2014

    Dear All, I am sad to leave this little paradise but so very happy to have had the experience to stay here, although it was short! The staff was most helpful and knowledgeable. Loved my private yoga class with Rita and the chanting classes were a little present each day. It's been a real retreat the massages, the food, the pool, thank you! My very best

    Marlene, The Netherlands - February 2014

    To all the wonderful staff, thank you for the most invigorating, inspiring, peaceful, spiritual, bendy and delicious week. I was made to feel like a special guest from the moment I arrived. You have a little piece of heaven here and I hope that you keep it just as it is, which is perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Rosie, UK - February 2014

    My stay at Shreyas was blissful. The Yoga, meditation, food, service and aura of the place couldn't be better. You feel part of a community as soon as you arrive and very quietly realize you don't want to leave. So grateful to the amazing attentive staff who made it an amazing few days.

    Jessica, Canada - February 2014

    An amazing experience for mind, body and soul. I appreciate your dedication to yoga philosophy and for providing me with the opportunity to be a participant. I am impressed with the thoughtfulness that accompanies all aspects of being here. . . . the grounds, the cottages, dining areas (evening meals are so special, loved . . .) and specially the community who are evidently pleased to be of service. Thank you so much.

    Holly, Canada - February 2014

    Pritish and I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Thank you for making our stay unforgettable. You gave us a new perspective on what luxury wellness holidays mean.

    Anisha, Yahoo - India 2014

    This has been the best place I have been it's been the best journey I have ever started and its been a life changing experience. The staff have been amazing. From fantastic yoga instructors to meditation that I finally got the hang of. My compliments to the chef. The food was consistently fantastic, loved all the Indian cuisine (and the chocolate cake!). The housekeeping staff and dining room staff couldn't do enough for me, they were so helpful. I really can't explain how much I appreciated all their help. Thank you so much, it really has been a great place for me to look after myself.

    Ruth, UK - February 2014

    A wonderful experience and hopefully a great beginning to a lifetime of yoga. Thank you for such a great visit.

    Jean - February 2014

    Thank you for a truly authentic and exceptional yoga experience. Shreyas exceeded all my expectations in every area, whether it be yoga classes, meditation, massages, food and service. My one-week at Shreyas has been a life changing experience, which I am truly grateful for. Many thanks to the amazing staff!

    Amy, UK - February 2014

    Heavenly place for both of us. If only we could hide somewhere and stay here... ! I was particularly pleased by the yoga classes as I had severe back pain and was given very useful exercises and postures to help me deal with it and correct it. Thank you to everyone.

    Sandrine & Herve, France - February 2014

    Thank you very much for the wonderful service. It has been a great experience, I will make sure that others also come and stay here. Thank you!

    Amrote - February 2014

    The harmony and beauty of this place are sublime plus the thought and consideration that's gone into their construction and the minute care that goes into their maintenance. And the range of resources available. I think there's too much food however and too many things go on plates at meals. My room is rather dark and there's no plug in the bathroom sink. Staff morale and manners tip top but no centre or office or person seemed to me available to question or complain to. P.S.: I loved the color schemes at meal times.

    Cynthia - February 2014

    Our stay at Shreyas has been first class; the atmosphere of the grounds is amazing. The staff go out of their way to make your stay comfortable and do everything they can do to please us. We stayed at Shreyas last year and again this year and aren't disappointed. Thank you to everyone, you made our stay amazing.

    Marion & Paul - February 2014

    Staying at Shreyas was divine. The grounds are heavenly and the natural surroundings beautiful. The staff is very welcoming and friendly and go out of their way to help. I feel rejuvenated, calm and content. Thank you.

    Yasmina - February 2014

    We are very glad that we could spend a few days at this very special, private and familiar yoga retreat. Great that you accept only a few guests, we felt like home. All the staff is so friendly and warm, that is so hard to find!

    Phillipe & Katarina - January 2014

    A welcome break from the daily grind. Had a pleasant stay, enjoyed all the activities. Felt enriched and rejuvenated by the end of our stay. Our deepest thanks goes to all the staff who made our stay special. Would definitely come again.

    Hooteshwaree & Nishant, Mauritius - January 2014

    A second stay in Shreyas and still in love with the place even more... Shreyas spells grace in everything and everyone. The staff, each one of them, is efficient, sensitive, helpful, attentive, and friendly and gracious. It is an oasis in this busy, frenzied world, where one can truly rejuvenate, relax, come closer to nature and to one's own true self. Thank you so much for being what and who you are. We hope to be here again, and again and again.

    Bruno, France - January 2014

    Shreyas was my first stop in India and what a wonderful way to be welcomed to such a beautiful country. My stay was perfect!!

    Key, USA - January 2014

    Thankk you for another wonderful experience. Shreyas provides a beautiful setting for those who are wanting to relax, exercise and settle their minds. The staffs is very attentive and provide an excellent service with discretion. They are constantly watching out for the guests and making sure their every need is met. A special mention must go to Rita who once again taught me so much about every aspect of Yoga. Once again, thank you to all at Shreyas. All the best.

    Nicola, UK - January 2014

    Shreyas, thank you for all your service, which was so respectfully done for our special requests. It was an experience between a stay in a hotel and an ashram. Very thoughtfully done. Namaskar

    JBB - January 2014

    The Shreyas experience could not be better. From the moment we got here, every aspect of our stay has been perfect. The staff is so kind, pleasant and attentive. Every detail is well thought out. The amenities such as the steam are lovely. As well as the room and food! The yoga, meditation, Pranayama instructors are extremely proficient. Even within 3 days, we have learned and improved so much in addition to feeling rejuvenated. The personalization of the instructors ensures that everyone can benefit. We will definitely be returning for another longer stay. Thanks to everyone at Shreyas for making our yoga trip more peaceful, enjoyable and productive than we could have imagined! P.S.: Thank you also for the birthday cake and celebration. It was a great place to celebrate.

    Sunita, India - January 2014

    Thank you for the beautiful atmosphere, the peace, the quietness, the wonderful swimming pool, sauna, the yoga classes and the fresh, delicious food. I will try to come back soon.

    Y. de Kinkelder - January 2014

    Thank you for providing a reflective space for me. I found at Shreyas exactly what I needed with asanas, meditation and Pranayama and wonderful massages. You have created an ideal environment and culture of yoga. The staff are kind and friendly and open. I will think of you in London as I practice what I have gained. Merci beaucoup.

    Delphine, UK - January 2014

    Thank you for all the team. We have shared beautiful, peaceful, happy and healthy time with you. This combined with yoga and meditation there is no more to wish for! With love and very best wishes for all that is to come.

    Helen & John - January 2014

    Thank you for a relaxing few days before our long journey home. The food has been delicious and refreshing and the yoga classes have inspired me to think about how we might be able to bring a little bit of Shreyas home with us. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Kim & John - January 2014

    Thank you to all the staff at Shreyas for a wonderful stay. Every detail is looked after and nothing is too much trouble. A special thank you to Ramakant for coming in on his day off to teach me yoga.

    Laura - January 2014

    We rarely go back to the same place for holiday, as you easily get disappointed if you have great expectations. But with Shreyas, we decided to risk it since we had such lovely experience last time. And we are not disappointed on the contrary. It was an even better experience this time. It is the thought to every detail, even those you do not notice. But most of all I would say it is the STAFF that fill this beautiful place with the ambience it has. A special thank you to Rucha and Balaji who spent so much extra time to help us. We wish you all well and really hope to be back at Shreyas soon again.

    Mia, Lisa & Goran - January 2014

    What can I say it has been such an amazing experience . . . from the moment you enter Shreyas, you start to feel relaxed. The staff cannot do enough for you and ensure that your every need is met. We feel extremely lucky to have experienced hospitality of this level. The yoga and massage has been enjoyable, food has been amazing. Thank you so much to all the staff for an unforgettable stay.

    Sara & Paula, UK - January 2014

    Dear Shreyas staff, I don't like much, but once again I am leaving with a genuine appreciation at yoga and a love of this place. Thank you for everything, Happy New Year.

    Tessa, Australia - Januaey 2014

    This was our second visit and I enjoyed it even more than the first time! Many thanks to all the staff who have just been fabulous. Our private yoga lessons and Pranayama with Rita were great and, hopefully, Ill continue with regular practice at home. I hope everyone at Shreyas has the best 2014. Thank you and until next time...

    Sue, Australia - January 2014

    Shreyas is an incredible place, a haven where I have had access to a world of self discovery, peace and spirituality; it was more than I ever imagined. The staff are amazing, for their service, courtesy, insights, but because each one of them has a smile that reveals their unique, beautiful personality. Thank you for a most memorable experience. Much love.

    Miranda, UK - January 2014

    We loved Shreyas so much we came back twice in a 2 week stay! After experiencing the calm and peace at Shreyas, it was hard to be any place else. The attention to detail, ambience, food and the great staff all make this a unique experience. Thank you! We are already planning our next visit back!

    Harini & Bart - January 2014

    Love Shreyas We really enjoyed staying at Shreyas. Beautiful, comfortable atmosphere, delicious meals, high quality yoga lesson and massage, and hospitable staff. I wish I could stay more... I am sure I will be back and tell my friends about Shryeas. Thanky you, Namaste.

    Mariko & Maki, Japan - January 2014

    We would like to thank all at Shreyas for what has been a wonderful escape from our daily routines. The chance to try so many different things in such a welcoming place has been truly memorable for us both. We consider that we have been very fortunate to have enjoyed such an indulgent wellness break. Thank you

    Ruth & Mathew, UK - January 2014

    Heaven on Earth . Thank you for this week of pure wellness and self-discovery. I know that that there's a place where I can feel at home if I need a respite from our hectic life. I wish I see you all again. Kindness of the staff is wonderful and the food delightful. The Ayurvedic Rejuvenation package is excellent. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

    Matilda, Switzerland - January 2014

    Shreyas a journey of self discovery, For me a journey for recovery, Exhausted and over tired I was hoping to be inspired, To be welcomed with such great kindness, From my busy world with such blindness, Staff always smiling and bright, Shining the most amazing light, You all truly have a gift, To give our souls a lift, It's sad to have to part, I thank you with all my heart. With much love

    Lindsey - January 2014

  • It was a wonderful stay at Shreyas! Every single aspect was great the yoga sessions, food, ambience, staff service, the 3 bed room cottage. I think what made this trip the best experience is the people I meet. The staff are friendly and genuine. All guests are friendly and interesting. I am glad I have spent my holidays here and I wish to be back again soon! Excellent family!

    Freda & Samantha - December 2013

    Thank you to everyone for looking after my every need and doing it in such a thoughtful and caring way. I felt loved by everyone. I felt the experience has nourished my soul and spirit, exactly what I needed. I hope to see you all again. Namaste.

    Andrea, Dubai - December 2013

    We found our stay to be an absolute delight. The yoga, treatments and food complemented one another to create a peaceful and memorable experience. With gratitude.

    Michael & Tonie, UK - December 2013

    Shreyas is one of the best Yoga retreats definitely. The retreat is beautiful, cozy, and the staff extremely friendly and helpful. I was really impressed by their attention to detail. It's all these personal services that melt your heart! The Ashtanga classes and massages are so good that I had 2 classes per day, and the massage almost every day. The visit to the orphanage was so meaningful to me. Their performance here on X'mas day was really fantastic. Excellent food here as well. I cannot have enough good words about the service standards here. I don't think anyone can beat Shreyas! Just love it here, and thanks to every staff members here and hope to be back soon.

    Harriet, Hong Kong - December 2013

    Dear Shreyas family, I was here only 2 months ago. I came back at the first chance and I will definitely come many other times and will bring all the people I love so they enjoy this marvelous placea paradise on earth. The staff are the warmest and friendly people I have ever met in any other tourist attraction. Beautiful setting,. Comfortable. Clean, efficient - down to the smallest detail. THANK YOU for giving me this lovely time.

    Jala, Dubai - December 2013

    Thanks you! For an AMAZING and restful end to the year. The incredible attention to detail from everyone of the staff, Mani who welcomed us(and gave our first facial), Jack who took care of my mom, Santosh and Arun in the dining room, I could go on, but it is really the great attitude that sets Shreyas apart. I loved coming back and look forward to being back soon! Have a great 2014! Love.

    Harini & family, Amsterdam & India - December 2013

    Shreyas!! Amazing place!!!! It was a dream for me to be here. Everything was perfect, thanks to all the staff, to the management, I am sure I will be back again and again.

    Nahed, Dubai - December 2013

    My second time here and it won't be my last. The little touches constantly surprised me, and the 4 girls giving the treatments looked after me so well I felt very nurtured in their strong hands. Thanks Dr. Arun for accommodating my ever-changing schedule so gracefully, Ramakant best yoga teacher Ive ever had. Thanks to all.

    Mikaela, Australia - December 2013

    Thank you Shreyas staff for a wonderful experience here at Shreyas. We particularly enjoyed the immaculate service, well-cooked food from the organic garden and romantic setting. We will be back soon!

    Linda & Marco, UK - December 2013

    I wasn't sure what to expect from Shreyas but can say that what I got exceeded any notions I could have had. I arrived very anxious after a traumatic event and Shreyas was the best therapy I could have dreamt of. I am leaving much more educated about health but also about what service should really be about as this place has set the bar really high and is successful. Thanks so much for being who each of you are individually and collectively. This was not only a break but a time for me to break into a new way of living in terms of food, exercise, treatments and always striving to enhance my knowledge about yoga, meditation etc. Many thanks.

    Diane, USA - December 2013

    Thank you very much for a wonderful experience at the retreat. Attention to detail is amazing, treatments are great and the food is yummy!

    Ariadna, UK - December 2013

    Thanks to all at Shreyas for an impeccable experience.

    Barbara, USA - December 2013

    Thank you to Shreyas. It's an amazing place, ambience, service, and facilities all fantastic. I had a great time and my time just flew. The service by all your staff was beyond my expectation. It's worth for anyone to visit Shreyas. I am definitely coming back. Thank you.

    Jill, UK - December 2013

    This has been a great experience. Many thanks to all the staff for having looked after our smallest of needs. Yoga has been a very good experience and massages are excellent, very relaxing. Thank you.

    Vijay, India - December 2013

    Thank you Shreyas. Had an amazing time. Everything was perfect the room, hospitality, staff, pool, Jacuzzi, food, service etc. Loved every minute spent here. Will spread word about the place to others! Will be coming more frequently. Thank you.

    Vedika, India - December 2013

    Thank you very much to all the Shreyas staff for making my brief stay here memorable! I am looking forward to coming back and spending more time on my visits to Bangalore!

    Chris, USA - December 2013

    This must be my 15th or 20th time we were here And as always, it has been perfect. My daughter especially loved it all the friends she made with all the staff, the amazing food, the pool, the baby bed. All perfect. We adore Shreyas. See you soon, we hope.

    Seema & Aparajitha, USA & India - December 2013

    A smile is a smile is a Shreyas smile!. Thank you to everybody who has contributed to create and maintain such a unique place. It's been a wonderful experience! Namaste.

    Mercedes, Switzerland - December 2013

    To Shreyas; we came here from our search of Google, and were surprised to see something even more amazing. Excellent food; very healthy, and great service. Looking forward to visit you again for a longer stay.

    Abdul, India - December 2013

    To the Shreyas team, We are going back today with some great memories. Your hotel is beautiful, the staff and teachers are helpful and kind. Everyone went out of the way to make us feel comfortable. Enjoyed the food and appreciated the variety. Special thanks to Dr. Arun, Dr. Rachana, Ramakant and the kitchen staff. We are going back relaxed and peaceful. Thank you for the beautiful decoration in our room and for our anniversary. We hope to come back soon!

    Kirthi & Vedant, India - December 2013

    I reached here through Google search and after being here for three days it seems like this place was made to order. Whatever I wanted in a relaxing place was here and nothing extra. The greenery, the vegetable garden, the Spa were all great. The chanting sessions and the hatha yoga session were simply great and above all the GREAT food and the grace in service, smile and Namaste by all. It was great to be part of Shreyas family. I will be back soon again and hopefully again and again.

    Suresh, India - November 2013

    Thank you for the amazing time I had. Everything has been above my expectations, I learnt a lot, met very nice people (staff and guests) and I just hope to be back soon for a longer stay!

    Mireia, Andorra - November 2013

    It's a place suspended in time. I spent 4 relaxing and stress- less stay, all very well organized, perfect yoga classes, very tasteful food, lovely garden and very caring meditation instructors. Hope to come back soon!

    Merixtell, France - November 2013

    Thank you for a beautiful and warm stay! I have thoroughly enjoyed the peace and tranquility. Service was spot on! All staff take lot of pride and they genuinely enjoy working here at Shreyas. I will definitely return. Thank you!

    Bela, Portugal - November 2013

    Another wonderful visit!! Thank you once again for a truly amazing time my best so far!! See you all again very soon!! Namaste.

    Jill, U.K. - November 2013

    There is so much to comment on the yoga, the chanting learnt so much. Lovely place, lovely people. I wish, I had more time.

    Jennifer, U.K. - November 2013

    Shreyas has been an absolutely perfect combination of luxury and wellness. The grounds and facilities are all that I wanted. Beautifully serene. The staff is what set Shreyas apart so very accommodating, and responsive to every need. And what I appreciated the most was how despite having taken a package there was room for flexibility and was able to personalize it to my needs and wants. Thank you, I will be back.

    Anisa, India - November 2013

    Shreyas has been restorative and the staff superb. The combination of wellness, simplicity and luxury is unique and contributes to an overall sensation of feeling nurtured. Thank you for making all our requests a reality the trip into Bangalore was so well organized and I appreciate the effort that went into making it happen (thank you Rucha). Although we did not take a package we would advise others to do so. We were able to make our own self-styled package but also did not stay long enough to see and do all that is available. I hope to return. Would love to go to see the palaces in the area.

    Karen & Lucy, November 2013

    This is truly paradise on earth!! Staying at Shreyas was a life changing experience. It is a unique, peaceful and magical place. A huge thanks to all the staff for taking care of my every needs. I will definitely come back. Many many thanks.

    Farah, November 2013

    Tears of joy that I discovered such a wonderful place, tears of sadness that I must leave! Thank you to everyone at Shreyas for taking care of me to the most minute detail. A truly magical experience that I will carry with me forever!

    Kirrily Australia, November 2013

    My stay at Shreyas was lovely; it was quiet and peaceful. The food was really good and healthy. The yoga classes were good and the staff was friendly and professional. I learnt a lot from the meditation classes, they were really good. Overall, I had a great time here. Thanks to all the staff.

    Mike, The Netherlands - August 2013

    Thank you very much to everyone at Shreyas for giving me a wonderful stay. The full staff works perfectly to give an absolutely ideal and comfortable experience. The spa treatments were fantastic and I look forward to returning again in the future.

    Helen, India - January 2013

    Very special Big THANK YOU its been a great holiday and enjoyed every second of it. Its very difficult to leave! Will come back soon!! Everything is done well and its result is nothing less than 2nd to none. Big Thanks from us .

    Avtar Harbhajan, UK - July 2013

    Wonderful retreat, we will be back.

    Karen & RIck, Canada - November 2013

    Thank you so much for an outstanding experience! I can't wait to come back.

    Shelly & Rick - November 2013

    It was a wonderful stay: great staff, beautiful environment, amazing meals. Everybody is extremely helpful and friendly. Great, great place! Thanks.

    Nataliya, USA - November 2013

    This was our first time ever in a wellness resort and it has been an amazing stay. Everything from the rooms, food and massages were awesome. Loved the property and the rooms were amazing. We are glad that we came to your resort. Te service was great and we would lie to thank your staff for making our stay even better. We are definitely coming back. Thank you.

    Ketan & family India - November 2013

    We came here for one afternoon to celebrate my sister's birthday and stayed on for 4 more afternoons! I am touched by the peace at Shreyas, healed by the massages; and warmed by the care from everyone. Diwali lights were beautiful, different each night. Thank you all for creating a place with so much beauty, such attention to detail and with higher level of consciousness in each person.

    Radhi, India - November 2013

    Excellent service everything perfect, in one line paradise on earth. Thank you, we will come back again for sure.

    Kamal, India - November 2013

    It is such a beautiful experience to be here! We will never forget this rich, healthy and serene time we have had at Shreyas.

    Mita, India - November 2013

    We enjoyed our brief stay very much. It was a needed break and a peaceful haven in the midst of hectic Indian life.:) Yoga classes, food and massages, also the overall attitude of the staff were wonderful. Hoping to be back next year. Kind wishes.

    Karin & Saule - November 2013

    It is an immense privilege to write in this book. It means we had the wonderful opportunity to stay in Shreyas. Thank you to all the staff for the personalized service and care provided. The stay was beneficial at all points: the food was one of the finest and most delicious we have experienced. The yoga experience was very constructive and deep relaxing along with massages. Out tent in Shreyas represents paradise on earth for us. |We look forward to join you again, soon.

    Elisa & Sebastian, Dubai - November 2013

    Shreyas is wonderful. In just two days I feel relaxed and calm. The staff is kind and generous. The food is amazing: healthy and delicious. Thank you for everything.

    Katie, November 2013

    Thank you Shreyas. I arrived in need of relaxing, and leave relaxed. I feel blessed by the generous spirit of the staff, the wisdom of the yogis, and the artistry of the kitchen. My family and I will return soon and often.

    F.D., India - November 2013

    Thank you all for having looked after me so wonderfully in spectacular surroundings with first class Ashtanga and Ayurveda treatments. A wonderful place to be. Namaste, Ill be back next year.

    Stephanie, Germany - November 2013

    Warm wonderful and peaceful. A perfect place to stay, to relax, do Yoga and enjoy the ayurvedic treatments - this is Shreyas. It was a wonderful experience to do Yoga with such good and professional Yoga teachers. Thank you to the staff, kind and well-trained persons, all of them. We had a relaxing vacation and really hope to come back in the future. Most of all we will miss, once at home the delicious food, the Yoga, the massages and the kindness and the warmth of everyone here. Wishing you all good things. Namaste

    Marcel & Anita, Belgium - November 2013

    Shreyas is the place to be if you are looking for peace, rejuvenation and learn about Yoga and meditation. I have had a very peaceful and relaxing time staying here for seven nights. The staff of Shreyas is really special. I am a non-vegetarian but have not missed any chicken or meat as the food from breakfast to dinner is really very nice. A special thanks to the doctor who is such a nice and caring person. All the best for the future.

    Kamal, Mauritius - October 2013

    Such care and attention! Shreyas came highly recommended and has fully lived up to expectations. It has offered a magical environment in which to deepen my yoga practice. The wisdom and experience of the teachers and the warmth, kindness and professionalism of all staff have made the whole a very profound and enriching experience. With heartfelt thanks.

    Marilyn - October 2013

    Sitting in my room Vairagya, which is most appropriate for my state of mind to achieve. The rain pouring on the roof of my tent, I am filled with pleasure once again having spent only one week with you. I would stay another week, month or year if I could. Everything I loved and remembered from my last visit is still in place, with more improvements if that is possible. The staff at Shreyas are a joy to meet every day and exceptional at what they do whatever that may be. I have watched the garden be transformed this week by careful and gentle gardeners and my body has been transformed by Vidya with her massages. I will of course be back again and sooner than I can hope. Thank you for the peace, calm and serenity you give with such care and love.

    Caroline - October 2013

    Thank you for having us at Shreyas although we were here for a short stay, we have enjoyed it very much with impeccable service and truly caring attitude. Both the meditation and yoga were great. We hope to come back and enjoy more of Shreyas serenity.

    Dana & Tamir, World citizens - October 2013

    Finding myself a little lot stresses with my everyday life, I thought a yoga retreat sounded just about right. I did how ever find my stay more than a retreat; it became a holistic rebuild that exceeded my expectations. Shreyas is pure paradise, thank you.:-))

    Tracey, Australia - October 2013

    This is exactly the holiday I have been looking for ever where and finally I enjoyed it hence I will ask Trip Advisor to create a grade over fabulous so I can place Shreyas in this grade. My most thanks is due to the most friendly, attentive, professional staff of Shreyas. The landscape is amazing and I just love the idea of tents, so comfortable. Many thanks for giving me this wonderful time, I will be back very soon!:-))

    Jala - October 2013

    My stay has been an absolute treat and delight to my senses. The attentiveness and expertise of the Shreyas staff made my short - but full - trip one that I hope to repeat. Thank you all and I hope to see you again.

    Eric, USA - October 2013

    Our stay at Shreyas exceeded my expectations; it was an amazing and unforgettable stay. The staff, the food, facilities were outstanding and exceptional. Well definitely return and recommend this place, to my friends. Can't thank you all enough for the incredible stay. Namaste.

    Angela, UK - October 2013

    Thank you for a wonderful 2 night (3day) respite from heat and my family in Chennai. I really feel inspired to continue with a healthy and beautiful life style. The little touches have inspired me oil burner in bedroom in the evening, a beautifully set table for meals, fresh herbs to brew tea wonderful ways to help achieve a blissful life! Thank you!

    Meredith, Australia - October 2013

    Found a miniature version of a possible paradise. Will long to return.

    Simone, Denmark - October 2013

    We had a great time but would request TV in the room a special request from my son, thanks.

    Srishti, India - October 2013

    Many thanks to all at Shreyas. I have had a wonderfully reinvigorating and relaxing 3 days here in this beautiful place. I am leaving with plans to take up yoga and meditation again when I return home and also to return to Shreyas for a longer stay before too long.

    Kirsten, Australia - October 2013

    It is with fond memories and joy I go back today, home but I will return to this wonderful sanctuary of peace and wellness soon. Shreyas, has a wonderful aura around it, you could feel it in every nook and corner of this countless-acres property. The staff here are the most courteous and welcoming, making you feel like a part of a bog family. I have never imagined it to be so perfect, when I found it online, coming here was bliss! Thank you, for everything. P.S:- Try the Yoga Nidra, its surely something youll treasure.

    Ayesha, India - October 2013

    The food was divine; every meal was wonderful and energizing. This really has been an experience of a lifetime and has taught me so much about myself. It's left me so much keen to learn more and hopefully one day return. Big thanks to Rita for her wonderful teaching and Dr.Rachana for all her wise words and knowledge and Bala for giving me the most wonderful and moving meditation experience, this is something that will stay with me forever.

    Nitu, UK - October 2013

    Shreyas, what an amazing place. This has been an incredible experience. I really feel blessed to have been able to stay at Shreyas. I came totally burned out and after 6 days, I leave feeling that all is possible, that it is up to me. Saying thank you is not enough for all the great moments at Shreyas. The great yoga teachers, adjusting their teaching to fit my lack of experience, my aching, stiff body. The amazing staff, taking gentle cares of all your needs (even turning your shoes!!) the delicious food. The beautiful surroundings and the kindness of all. This is really a unique place; you have succeeded in creating a little place of heaven on earth. I cannot wait to come back. I would recommend the tented room even if you come alone, no issue here in Shreyas. Thank you for all the coconut water.

    Sabine, Paris, US India - September 2013

    Shreyas, I leave feeling rested, rejuvenated and very sure that I must come back at regular intervals. You really did exceed all of my expectations.

    Meeta, India - September 2013

    Shreyas, you have reached perfection. We can't thank you enough for all that you have done for us in the last five days. Thank you to all the staff who work so very hard to make this place such a restful haven. We leave feeling rested, very well fed, pampered and ready to do the Sun salutation at home.

    Rachel & Andy, UK - September 2013

    Shreyas: I came here looking for a place to get away. I also came here looking to learn something new. I got everything I wanted! The staff is brilliant, the yoga classes were fantastic the food, especially the last dinner I had almost made me want to stay an extra night! Thank you for everything, this was The Perfect getaway.

    Sidharth, India - September 2013

    We came here for a weekend getaway to celebrate my 30th birthday and all the team was very helpful and friendly and made us really enjoy our stay! Thank you very much for all your attention; we are going home relaxed with plenty of good memories of our stay.

    Roxana & Sebastien, India - September 2013

    Thank you for an amazing serene time! I love this place!

    Mira, Sweden - February 2013

    This was our first visit to Shreyas and it certainly exceeded our expectations and even more. The service, the ambience and the people - Oh my, were the best. Beautiful and tranquil and peaceful as this place is, it is the kindness, loving service and the beautiful people of Shreyas that makes this place so unique. Loved the yoga classes, they were very professional and felt the beauty of the environment more enhanced by the giving nature of the teachers. God bless them. The food was so nutritious, healthy and delicious. Loved every morsel and enjoyed the loving, kind service of Santosh bhai. On the whole, loved our stay and hope and pray we can come back for a longer stay at this blessed place. May Gods richest loving blessings be upon you all, always. Love and warm regards

    Meera & Manjoola, South Africa - September 2013

    This was my first stay at Shreyas and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. The grounds are beautiful, the ambience very peaceful, rooms especially comfortable, the staff was really excellent very attentive, pleasant, accommodating, always making sure I was as comfortable as I could be. The food is delicious! It was nice to have such a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal. The yoga classes were very good and enabled me to strengthen my practice. I especially enjoyed the meditation sessions. Bala is really wonderful patient, kind and always open for discussion and to share is wisdom and insight. He really helped me deepen my meditation practice. Thank you for a wonderful stay! The service is top notch and I wish I could stay longer. I will definitely recommend this place and hope to return soon! Julie, USA - September 2013

    Julie, USA - September 2013

    We decided to stay at Shreyas after a research from the net and the rave reviews it had received. I must say that we received/experienced all that we hoped for and more. The place is heavenly, the hospitality unparalleled and the experience totally awesome with the body, mind and soul being replenished, relaxed and rejuvenated. I would specially like to thank all the staff for the attitude with which they served attended on us. The attention to detail like any particular preference had to be mentioned only once, the slippers at the doorstep kept in order so we could just conveniently slip on and leave, the beautiful and varied flower arrangements at the dinner table and so much, much more Overall the most unique experience we ever had on any holiday this far. May the Lord always shower his choicest blessings on Shreyas and on everyone at Shreyas! God Bless! Thank you! Lots of good wishes, Namaste!

    Jayanthan, Lalitha & Shivani (4 years old), India - September 2013

    I loved my stay at Shreyas. I was here for 5 days and wished I stayed longer. Absolutely wonderful experience in every way Bala the meditation guru was very inspirational and accessible, cuisine was delicious, private yoga classes/sessions really helped me improve my practice. Massages with Vidhya Balinese massages were extraordinary. The environment was so beautiful so lush and great attention to every detail. The staff was so kind and took care of my every need. This was a very special experience that I will always treasure. I came with no expectations and feel entirely thrilled with how I feel - my body, mind and spirit are vitalized.

    Gerilyn, USA - September 2013

    Totally wonderful experience. First stay at the Shreyas; very sure we will be back. The staff is exemplary and the ambiance and the attention to detail are mesmerizing. We are quite avid travelers but can't point out one thing that I would like to change. Thank you so much and the trip was totally, totally worth it.

    Jain, India - September 2013

    This was the most amazing experience! I felt so loved and cared for. It is truly a place where you can discover the beauty of people and the world out there. I want to come back with my family. I was treated like royalty with love and care. What a beautiful place and people. Thank you.

    Mary-Joe, South Africa - August 2013

    When I arrived, I was sad. Now, when I go back, I am feeling so much better. Thanks for all kind people of Shreyas. Yoga teachers gave me the light to understand my body and my mind. Cooks gave me such delicious food. Waiters prepared for me such beautiful tables with fresh flowers. Masseurs made me so relaxed. Doctors have given me advice for my health. People working for this beautiful natural retreat, people working for the comfortable rooms and all other people I was received like a princess, a real dream. I hope I will come back soon. Merci beaucoup, as we say in French for 'Thanks a lot'! With peace and love. Namaste

    Karine, France - August 2013

    This is our 4th stay at Shreyas and we are already planning our next visit! Everything here has been of the very highest standards; the environment ambience, food, classes and, most of all, the people here. They have always made us feel loved and valued in the way that our close family and friends love and value us. This is a feeling we have not experienced anywhere else we have been, which is why Shreyas continues to be at the top of our list of destinations whenever we plan our holidays. Thank you all, we wish you the very best and we are looking forward to seeing you again, soon.

    Mehul & Miti, UK 2013

    This was my first stay at a yoga retreat and I'm quite certain that Shreyas has made it so I can never go to another one! The property, staff, food and entire experience were exceptional. All of my expectations were entirely exceeded. My only regret is not staying longer. Thank you!

    Quiqke, USA - August 2013

    The level of attention to detail the table settings, the flowers, the way our slippers are rearranged to face outwards when we come in, the way the garden staff and security are trained to greet guests bespeaks of the meticulous way Shreyas is organized and run. All this ensures a high level of comfort and care. Shreyas deserves its excellent reputation, as one of the 'top Ten Yoga Retreats in India(which is how I found out about this place and decided to come). Thanks and appreciation especially to Dr. Rachana, the ever patient and smiling Arun, Dr. Jaya, the yoga instructors Rita & Ramakant, the knowledgeable and serene Bala, Balaji & Nidhe for patiently answering my many emails before I came. We enjoyed ourselves so much, we can't wait to come again.

    Joyce & Clarence, Singapore - August 2013

    This was my second stay at Shreyas and you lived up to the very high expectations you set during my first stay! Everything was perfect the classes, the food, the massages and of course the service. Thanks to all of you who made my week a peaceful, wonderful, calming one! I really hope to be back again soon for my third stay

    Helen, Canada - August 2013

    I would like to thank all the staff for the amazing welcome and Shreyas experience. The property is beautiful (the website does not do justice to the real nature and beautiful surroundings). The staff is outstanding. All were very much appreciated. I really felt special at Shreyas. The food let's just say Ill miss it soooo much. Thank you all for such a nice, relaxing stay. Ill come back. That's for sure!

    Francisca, Portugal - August 2013

    Thank you for the lovely stay at Shreyas. I feel a lot better and will be thinking about the food often. Very professional and exceptional staff. Can't wait to come back. Thank you! Kindest regards

    Bethany, Dubai - August 2013

    To all the staff and the following in particular: Shobha, Vidhya, Rita, Manikant, Ramakant, Arun, Santosh, Bala, Dr. Rachana and Dr .Jayalaxmi; it was the most amazing week ever! Beautiful, relaxing massages, fantastic yoga sessions, blissful meditation, stunning surroundings and a lovely room, just the right thing at the right time. Ill be back!

    Britta - August 2013

    Our stay at Shreyas has been unforgettable, maybe even life changing. The kindness of your staff has made us happy to be here to have our shoes turned so we can simply carry on our way is very special. Weve loved the food, the yoga, the treatments and the garden and appreciated the wisdom of your teachers and their gentle humor. We very much hope to return. Thank you all

    Fleur, Margaret & Eerie - Singapore, Australia & UK

    Thank you for a relaxing and enjoyable stay! We were blown away by the service level. Shreyas went out of its way to anticipate our every need. We especially loved the customized vegetarian / vegan food. We look forward to recommending Shreyas to family and friends!

    Kate & Mathias, USA - August 2013

    What a wonderful place. We came here to relax and Shreyas definitely succeeded. Loved the small number of guests and beautiful surroundings. Food was amazing and the massages were excellent. Thank you!

    Cathlin, Kellie & Candice - August 2013

    To start with, it was a wonderful experience for us in Shreyas. The service is outstanding. We have been in Bangalore for over 10 years but never knew that Shreyas existed. My special thanks to Mr. Ramakanth who was very courteous and took us around the garden. Mrs. Jaya listened to our needs and gave us useful tips that we can follow. Mr. Bala's knowledge and wisdom was something inspiring though we spoke to him for less than 10 minutes. Came to know more about body, mind and soul. Finally a 7 star experience, will visit again.

    Venky & Kavitha, India - August 2013

    Dear all at Shreyas weve had a truly special 2 days here. Your service and attention to detail is something else!! Bangalore is home for us pretty much and this place is now going to be our home away from home Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you again Cricket nets were fun!!

    Saritha & Dhayalan, India - August 2013

    To the wonderful Shreyas staff, Thank you for the wonderful experience! Although I was only able to stay two nights, I thoroughly enjoyed the food, yoga classes, and the kind attention of the entire staff. It has been a great beginning to my first trip to India. I hope to return soon for a longer visit. Namaste & shukriya

    Iddoshe, Japan - July 2013

    I am back for my seventh visit and it is reassuring to see all familiar, welcoming faces. The overall quality remains high and the cuisine is outstanding. The new menus are great and add to the diversity. I am grateful to have this tranquil paradise just an hour from my home when I am in Bangalore.

    Ram, India & USA - July 2013

    Thank you everyone. It was very relaxing stay and thank you for celebrating my birthday! The cake was yummy and I think it was a really good choice to stay at Shreyas on my birthday. I could forget all the hustle and bustle in Bangalore. This place is a great getaway for a weekend!

    Jung & Aki , India- July 2013

    To dearest Shreyas team, Thank you for creating a real paradise on earth. Everything was fantastic and better than anywhere else. I have ever been. I will miss everyone, beautiful staff, good food, trees, flower, birds singing and all different sounds and noises. Everyone work together so beautifully and with such a calm sense of common purpose and have created a place that is a true Oasis. I have learned so much from all the practices here and will cherish the memory of this lovely time. With God's will, we will love to come back.

    Harbhajan, UK - July 2013

    1000 thanks to the staff at Shreyas for providing an exceptional experience. With their support I have been able to expand my yoga practice even beyond what I had hoped for. The teachers are strong in their understanding of traditional yoga, allowing for a very authentic experience. Thank you!

    Jen - July 2013

    This is our first visit and I was not sure what to expect but Shreyas has more than met our expectations! We loved the personal attention, the care and love in every detail and we believe that truly opened our eyes to the amazing world of yoga! We are sure to return!

    Sandeep & Paromita - July 2013

    Absolutely loved every bit if this tranquil heaven. I wish it were more easily accessible (I am from Dubai). The food is marvelous, the place is gorgeous and the people add the saffron and the garnish to it all! I will come back sooner or later, but in the meantime I will keep sending friends and family.:-) The ashram is a wonderful cause, and it's a great initiative by the management and staff who devote time and energy to keep those kids going. Thank you! See you SOON!

    Jasmine, UAE - July 2013

    Our second visit to Shreyas in 2 years was as fulfilling and happy as the 1st, and we fully aspire to come again soon! Thank you to all, from our heart, for the unique ambience, hospitality, warmth and kindness. A special mention for the vegetarian cuisine it's simply out of then world! Mr. Balaji, You need to be complimented on keeping this excellent team together. All the best to all of you.

    Rekha & Rishikesh, India - July 2013

    An experience that is offered from the heart. I have learnt so many things and engaged in so many conversations that I take back with me a resolve to refine my life. Thank you from my heart.

    Stuart - July 2013

    My wife & I came here to have a quiet vacation for our 50th wedding anniversary. This was very admirably hosted by my two daughters. Yes it is something to remember. Some discounts for the rooms could have been better.

    Raj Gopal - June 2013

    To the team at Shreyas, This was my first visit to this glorious place and it has been exceptional end to end. The team is so thoughtful and considerate; we have been blown away. From the yoga, the spa treatments, the meditation and the various classes each aspect has been fantastic. The cuisine has been delicious every time and so varied, it was a treat not to have to think about the menu and we looked forward to each meal with delight. The trip to the orphanage and meeting the children full of happiness and love and energy was truly inspirational and it is beautiful what Shreyas is doing here in Bangalore. My time here has been brief but truly amazing and I thank Aliya for encouraging me to join her here. I am sure we will be back soon on a longer visit to get deeper into the yoga and further along our spiritual journey. Thank you.

    Rajen, Dubai - June 2013

    This was our fourth visit to Shreyas and we really enjoyed it. Great to see the familiar staff and the fact that the place has not changed but continues to keep up the standards is amazing!! Thank you, we really enjoyed our stay.

    Kamala, India - June 2013

    My stay at Shreyas was nothing short of amazing! The attention to detail, the kind hearted staff, the delicious food and the yoga, are just a few of the things that will make it difficult to leave. Thank you for allowing me into all of your worlds and opening your heart to mine. Namaste

    Taryn, USA - June 2013

    This is my second visit to Shreyas whilst working in Bangalore, and once again it's not long enough. Excellent service from all the staff, which is a welcome change in Bangalore... Thanks for such a great, relaxing experience that has recharged my batteries.

    Helen, UK India - June 2013

    Shreyas has reinstated the belief that Indian Hospitality knows no bounds. We have felt welcomed, cared for and at complete peace. Right from when we reached and met Mr Manikant to the anniversary surprise of decorating our room, the staff left no stone unturned to comfort us. Small details like umbrellas, shoes turned in the right, never to ask for room service incensing at yoga centre- All of this added to the happiness. I WILL COME BACK AGAIN! Thank You!! Please maintain the excellence and bring guests newer ways of rejuvenation each time they return.

    Ruchika & Nikhil, India - June 2013

    Thank you very much for a wonderful stay and hospitality. The food was the best - as a meat-lover didn't miss it at all. Will definitely come back again.

    Jessica and Benedicta, Tanzania - June 2013

    Thank you all for giving Kumar & me such a lovely & special time. Thank you for your love and generous kind gestures. Thank you for guiding us through all the health questions. The room was great, food and service unbelievable. Health massage simply TOOOO GOOD!! Yoga classes thoroughly invigorating & dhyana . . . . very uplifting. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who met us . . .helped us . . . guided us and just smiled through it all. We will love to come back again . . . and again. We go back with better health, mentally and physically.

    Kumar & Prema, India - June 2013

    I arrived at Shreyas exhausted from work and tired, following winter illness and the last of all anemia. Although I only stayed 8 days- I would have loved to stay more but I could not- I leave this place rested, fully recovered and more peaceful. The food was SO GOOD that after the 2nd day after my arrival I started feeling much better. The yoga classes were FANTASTIC. Special thanks to Ramakanth for his wonderful ashtanga classes! Thank you to Rachana too, notably for her Pranayama classes. Thank you to Bala who invited me to meditation, Yoga Nidra and Trataka. The massages were fantastic. I will be coming back soon to this dream place! Thank you to all Shreyas staff for having my stay so wonderful! I wish I could have stayed longer. I was going to forget Thanks to the 2 ladies giving massages!

    Samantha, France - May 2013

    A truly wonderful atmosphere for self- reflection coupled with a great regime of activities and wonderful food. It felt like home away from home with the staff that was trained extremely well. Thank you for a fantastic stay.

    Aditi - May 2013

    Among the best hotels in the world. Everything was just perfect. Special compliment to the staff.

    Swathi - May 2013

    Thank you to everyone at Shreyas. It has been another wonderful restorative stay.

    Gail, UK - May 2013

    We can only agree on all the wonderful comments that we have read in this book. on all aspects of what you do and live here at Shreyas. One of us came here with a long-term physical problem that wasn't resolved over many years by western doctors. Incredible but true the pain in my partner's feet disappeared! I strongly believe in the spirituality of treatments. In this case, the healing power of the staff proved to be greater than the pain and discomfort. You will hear me telling everyone that wants to know.:-)) Thank you!

    Charlie & Maren, Switzerland - May 2013

    Life does not get any better than this.

    Maggie - May 2013

    From the moment I arrived at Bangalore airport I was greeted and given some water and hand towel by the friendly driver. The welcome I received at the retreat was like no other I have experienced. It really is the perfect place to come and rejuvenate, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The meals were some of the best I have had and definitely enjoyed the fresh fruit juices, especially the coconut water. The classes were set outside in the midst of nature, with the sounds of birds in the backstage. It really was the best place to practice yoga. The best part for me was the massages I have never had such amazing massages before. I would definitely recommend Shreyas to my friends and hope to come back in the near future. Thanks, Shreyas

    Sivani - May 2013

    Wow, I didn't expect a place like Shreyas. From the moment of arrival and the warm welcome, it has been sheer pleasure and delight every step of the way. Gentle and flowing yoga classes, nice massages, but don't forget the brilliant food. Thank you for the great stay, as Arnie says, Ill be back.

    Robert, New Zealand - May 2013

    This is my second visit to Shreyas and I'm so glad I came back. This is a wonderful place to be spoiled. Food, exercise, great food, pretty gardens to walk through and the best staff who cater to your every whim. Ill be back. Thank you.

    Marilyn, Canada - May 2013

    I am so lucky to have picked Shreyas. as it was a rather random pick over the Internete. but it was such a good experience. I feel relaxed, happy and rejuvenated after all the pampering. Yoga was good and the Pranayama and meditation are also very inspiring. Thank you so much!!!

    Connie, Hong Kong - May 2013

    Shreyas is the perfect place for yoga, meditation, ayurveda and relaxation. Thank you all for this wonderful experience.

    Sandro, Switzerland - May 2013

    It is always a great pleasure to come back to Shreyas. I am delighted to see that everything is as pleasant and enjoyable as before. The effort to make small and steady improvements is most welcome. The addition of the clothes drying rack to the room amenities is nice. I am already looking forward to my next visit. Thank you very much.

    Ram, India & USA - April 2013

    Dear Relais & Chateaux Family, It was my pleasure staying at Shreyas Retreat and having the chance to meet you all. You all make this place unique and I really enjoyed my experience being here! Great Job!! I promise, I will come back to see you soon (next time for sure)! Again, Thank You!!

    Cristina, Singapore - March 2013

    Thank you for a wonderful 2 weeks. I have learned how to breathe. Massages were sensational. Thank you for the very special food delicious! Thank you for teaching me Yoga. Thank you all! I am coming back

    Hannelore, Germany - March 2013

    I had a short stay of only 2 days but really enjoyed it. Excellent Massages, Yoga, Breathing and Meditation classes. The service was just terrific. Hope to be back soon

    Dr. Khoo, Singapore - March 2013

    A brief 3 day visit following 4 weeks working in Bangalore with an NGO. We arrived exhausted and are leaving feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. I have been fortunate to travel widely and I have not ever experienced the level of attention and care offered by the team here at Shreyas. A truly wonderful experience and a lifelong memory for us. Thank you.

    Tony & Anne, UK - March 2013

    A perfect way to end our mother-daughter adventure in Nepal & India my 40th birthday present from my husband & children. We feel totally spoilt, pampered & relaxed. Also, have gained a lot of insight into Yoga, Mediation & ourselves. Thank you

    Rhonda & Jane, Australia - March 2013

    It's my second visit at Shreyas and I feel good here. The staff has taken care of me always and I hope they always remain same! Gardens are lovely, food is good and I have met some very interesting people here. I would like to thank everyone at Shreyas team for giving me this experience to unwind and hopefully it's not my last time here. Lots of love & good wishes.

    Shveta, India - March 2013

    I arrived at Shreyas a stressed, stiff woman with high pressure & other issues and after a week in this lovely place; cared for skillful, caring people, I'm leaving feeling relaxed, loose -limbed and with normal blood pressure. Thank you

    Susan, UK - March 2013

    Great opportunity to regroup and relax. Very different from the noise and speed at London life. Excellent food and service room was also very nice and perfectly clean. Thank you very much for a great stay.

    Annaliese, UK - March 2013

    A wonderful respite after a very full on and whirlwind trip. Time to stop, recharge batteries and take a deep breath. Shreyas provided this wonderful opportunity to do this. Learning things that I knew had to be learned and pivotal point to move forward from a wonderful stay at a peaceful and relaxing place with fabulous staff.

    Rosemary, USA - March 2013

    After a whirlwind trip of Delhi & Rajasthan, it was so wonderful to have down time at Shreyas. Loved the Yoga classes, Massages, Breathing and Meditation classes, the food was simple yet tasty & home grown. As well, it was relaxing just to sit by the pool! Sad to leave but I am now ready to deal with the busyness of life. Thanks to all the fantastic staff for making my stay so enjoyable.

    Marion, USA - March 2013

    Away from the hustle & bustle of London, this is exactly what my mind, body & soul needed! I would definitely be visiting Shreyas again! 7days was not enough! Wish I could stay here forever!!

    Nirmita, UK - March 2013

    I didn't realize how much I needed to do this for myself until I did it. Shreyas was perfect for what I needed, spirituality, relaxation and introspection. I am so happy to have discovered you! Thank you for everything.

    Suzanne, USA - March 2013

    Thank you for a very relaxing & enlightening experience, your staff is clearly very knowledgeable & passionate about being here and teaching guests. It's very much appreciated.

    Steve, Australia - March 2013

    Reiterates my belief and practice of starting Yoga at a late stage in my life. The people, the place, the setting, create the desire to come back & tell others to do so.

    Suman, India - March 2013

    What a getaway! Thanks Shreyas for giving me much needed me time!

    Vasanth, India - March 2013

    A destination I would recommend for relaxation & balanced food.

    V Sheshadri, India - March 2013

    My stay at Shreyas was just amazing, the best thing I have done for myself in years. I was moved by the staff-everyone was so caring, helpful & lovely. Thank you all very, very much!

    Lidia, UK - March 2013

    What better place to prepare for a new chapter in my life! Bliss Thank you

    Katarine, Belgium - March 2013

    So relaxed I have no idea of the correct date! This was such a memorable stay -the cuisine, inspiring yoga and meditation but most of all the warm and welcoming team. Shreyas has a beautiful energy and soul. We hope to return soon. Thank you everyone for taking such good care of us.

    Alessandra, USA - March 2013

    Thank you for a marvelous stay. I feel calm & restored. A huge thank you to the wonderful team, every element was perfect, nothing was too much trouble. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

    Joan, Delhi Scotland - March 2013

    Nirvana found! My stay was too short. Everyone, everything was lovely, memorable. Thank you

    Ilise, USA - February 2013

    Dear all. Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. I just loved coming back, and realizing that everything is just as it should be at Shreyas. Devoted and lovely people all around you. Thank you

    Louise, Denmark - February 2013

    Shreyas offered unparalleled devoted service, and made sure our every need was met. As a teacher who came to lead a retreat, I was touched and inspired by the love and care I received from each every staff member here. What an amazing experience! Our hearts are wide open and we are grateful beyond words. Love & blessings

    Mariko & Krishna, Japan - February 2013

    It is great to come back (2nd time) and meet all the wonderful staff. Thank you for your kind and warm hospitality. Well surely be back soon.

    Moshe & Gila, Israel - February 2013

    Shreyas was completely unexpected a most wonderful and pleasant experience. The ambience, food and quality of service were out of this world. I wish more establishments would come by on the lines of Shreyas. You are doing a fantastic job. Please keep it up! Thank you for everything.

    Rohit, India - February 2013

    Many, many thanks for a wonderful and memorable experience!

    Elizabeth, Hong Kong - February 2013

    Shreyas was beyond imagination. A prayer! A loving touch! Thank you so much.

    Taylor, UK - February 2013

    After 10 days I feel well nourished, well cherished and spiritually aware. Everyone at Shreyas has worked hard to help me on my Journey of self-discovery. First visit, but not my last!!! Thank you to all the team.

    Christine, UK - February 2013

    This is my 4th visit and an absolute delight yet again! It was especially wonderful to bring my daughter, who can now understand why I have always said how special Shreyas is. Many thanks to all the staff

    Karen, UK - February 2013

    I cannot thank everyone at Shreyas enough for their kindness and warmth. I wish I could bring Rita home with me! I came to Shreyas for the first time 3 years ago. It actually changed my life. Although I am still terrible at Yoga, the experience reminded me of the importance of taking care of my body. Since my first time here, I am stronger and healthier than ever which made the Yoga this week so much better. Thank you! And thank you to everyone who helped me on my spiritual journey during my stay. See you soon!

    Julie, USA - February 2013

    My first time in India will be a truly memorable holiday thanks to Shreyas. I have learnt so much here and I want to thank every staff member for making my stay the best it was. I am very sad that I am leaving but I am sure I shall be returning here from the UK. Thank you

    Lucie, UK - February 2013

    What a wonderful experience again this year! Everything was just as lovely as before. Thank you to all the amazing staff and Ramakant for helping me with my practice getting me to do Asanans, I didn't believe I could do. See you next year!

    Laurie, USA - February 2013

    We have had a wonderful experience here this week the teachers have taken Oliver's practice to a whole new level! The orphanage was both humbling and up lighting the children are so happy and are clearly being guided to have an unbreakable spirit. The temple was also unforgettable & we thank your priest for his kindness & we are grateful for his blessing. Namaste graciously

    Olivier & Jill, Hong Kong - February 2013

    I had a wonderful stay at Shreyas. The service was excellent and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The food was very good, very refined. The classes were enjoyable and the teachers very approachable and friendly. I will certainly be coming back to Shreyas.

    Nayiri, Dubai - February 2013

    To the staff at Shreyas, I stayed here at the recommendation of Regine Oesch at the beginning of my first trip to India. The experience was invigorating, challenging, relaxing and encouraging. I go with a much better understanding of the spiritual side of Yoga and India and am grateful for that discovery. Thank you very much for your grace, hospitality and welcoming presence.

    Julia, USA - February 2013

    What a wonderful place, peaceful entities and loving people attending all the guests. I had a wonderful time, many thanks to all!

    Elsebeth, Switzerland - February 2013

    Thank you for the most lovely, beautiful, meaningful and tasty days, in my life! I will never forget these days! They really made a difference and I will always bear this experience in my heart. Thank you from all of my heart. See you again..

    Anne & Soren, Denmark - February 2013

    After a busy week we very much enjoyed the tranquility and peaceful place. We highly appreciated the excellent service and the delicious food. Thank you all!

    Robert & Colette, Germany - February 2013

    This is my second visit after 4 years and gosh, how I missed Shreyas! It's a piece of heaven on earth. I look forward to come back soon!

    Amy, Hong Kong - February 2013

    So few places left in the world where you can find such welcome & kindness. Thank You

    Daniel, France - February 2013

    I am delighted that Shreyas continues to be the oasis of tranquility in the urban sprawl surrounding Bangalore. This is my fifth visit in three years. It is a pleasure to see the familiar faces, always with a smile. I look forward to my next visit.

    Janakiraman, India - February 2013

    Thank you for your time and hospitality and sharing this lovely place. My first visit to India, hopefully the first of many!

    Jane, UK - February 2013

    Thank You, Shreyas is a beautiful and special place with kindness.

    Laura, UK - February 2013

    Thank you for a beautiful time, your hospitality is impeccable.

    Marion, UK - February 2013

    A wonderful place to relax, food out of this world & service is excellent!

    Helena, UK - February 2013

    To all of the staff at Shreyas, Thank you so much for another amazing stay. You are a delightful immersion in India and I look forward to returning next year for my fourth stay. Namaste

    Katrina Repka UK - February 2013

    Dear Shreyas, The natural beauty, the silence and serenity and the thoughtful staff made this a total rejuvenation experience for me.I really needed a break from hectic city life. The food was exceptionally good, even more so because it was so sweetly served. I hope to be back soon!

    Aekta, India - February 2013

    What a wonderful life experience. On a 2 weeks Ayurveda package, which exceeded my expectations. Special thanks to doctor Jaya who accompanied me in my journey. Which I extend to you all for your exceptional kindness and caring. The attention to details is remarkable. I was so well looked after and pampered; that it feels a bit like home by now! Beautiful settings and beautiful people. With love.

    Michelle, France - February 2013

    A TRULY BEAUTIFUL CULMINATION OF OUR MOTHER- DAUGHTER ODYSSEY through India Rajasthan - We came to Shreyas for the last week of our month-long journey together- we have seen highs and lows and were travel- weary on arrivalOur welcome at Shreyas set the scene for the beautiful week which followed, and has been a highlight of our life experiences together. - We have enjoyed layer upon layer of care, mindful attention, nurturing and fun mixed with wonderful world- class Yoga and Spa facilities.- The meditation and Pranayama have been outstanding in quality and relevance to me. I feel my understanding has deepened. I am very grateful for this. - Shreyas is a magical idea, a conception which has brought in to being by wonderful people and its pure comforts appear to have been refined and have blossomed due to the dedication of all staff- whose kindness, charm and grace are legendary.- We have met the most beautiful people among the Guests here truly a life-changing sojourn. Thank you.

    Miranda and Esmerelda, Australia and India - January 2013

    It has been a wonderful stay here. The Yoga sessions, the breathing exercises and massages have produced a lovely calm feeling. The food is exquisite, lovingly served, delicate and healthy. The staff is all so kind, and gently caring and the surroundings beautiful. The tables are set with great care and beauty. Thank you to everyone for a beautiful and wonderful experience.

    Rica Kemple, UK - January 2013

    My stay at Shreyas is by far the best Ive had anywhere. I am leaving feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated. I have never seen or come across a more pleasant, hard working, and caring, professional and non judgmental team of staff. And the Yoga has changed my life. Thank you!!

    Leah, Australia - January 2013

    Where do I begin, there is so much to appreciate: the gardens, the food, the staff, the massages, the Yoga, the teachers, teachings. All of it was synchronized and harmonious with the senses, all my senses. Even though we were here for 3 days only, the relaxation and learning in the environment was manifold. I will be taking all of this back with fondness and certainly with the hope of returning back. Lots of fondness, warmest regards.

    Tazim, Canada -January 2013

    Coming to Shreyas was one of the few decisions in my life that I can say I made an absolute right decision. Shreyas didn't just look after my physical needs; they looked after the needs of my mind and wellbeing. The experiences have been very personal- going home with hopes and understanding. Shreyas also helped me start a journey that I had been longing for. So much was given to me! I look forward to coming back.

    Debbie, Hong Kong - January 2013

    Thank you Shreyas for yet another wonderful and truly relaxing stay- this is such a special place. There is no other like it. It's been the most spoiling and relaxing week, I feel like a different person from when I arrived. A big thank you to everyone here that made our stay so special.

    Clare, UK - January 2013

    The end of a fabulous holiday and the start of a brand new year full of hope and a full list of new year's resolutions if I refer back to Dr. Jaya's report! The food and service were excellent, day after day, after day. Even my 6:00 am green potion I became rather fond of after my good morning madam call. Mani + Dr. Prarthana- the Yoga was a challenge (I'm new to it) and very enjoyable. I will definitely return to the UK more bendy than I arrived! Bala - Thank you. Since our 1:1 conversation. I have felt lighter on my feet. Your comments, insight + calmness are a powerful combination. You have a rare and precious talent. And a great smile! I enjoyed meditation much more towards the end as I learnt to sit still! Rame- you have been fabulous + funny in equal measures. And as we laughed about a lot this week youre everywhere I turn. Watching you and Vinod in the kitchen was a delight. My mind was over whelmed with information and ideas are you still with me Am I allowed a second page ... Shobha + Vidhya- I think you knew my body better than I do! Thank you for caring for me this week and helping me relax. We got there today, didn't we? Thank you also for relieving my very sore back. I have an excuse to buy a smaller handbag at the airport now! Dr. Jaya- I promise I will keep my bedroom tidy from now on! On a serious note, time with you has been enlightening. So many little adjustments I can make plus some larger changes. Thank you. Ramesh- thank you for your safe driving + company in Bangalore this week. I enjoyed the day out was good to get back though. Thank you also for the lady who massaged me today with Shobha. Apologies I don't know how to spell your name. You were great. Also thank you to the staff that looked after our house and attempted to tidy my room! Bed time now. And I don't think I should steal another page! Thank you all. Happy 2013. Love.

    Sharon, UK - January 2013

    Just few words, we did not stay long enough. It's a really good experience.

    Adrian, India - January 2013

    This is our third visit to Shreyas in the last few years as a group In the footsteps of Carl Jung in India under the auspices of the New York Jung Foundation and participants from all over the world. Shreyas is our Soul Retreat, the personal attention is impeccable, the ambience sacred. We hope to return many more times- God willingly, for the Nature, the personal touch, Yoga, wonderful media Room, living in Nature and most importantly the Staff. Thank you. Best wishes.

    Ashok, Jungian Psychoanalyst - January 2013

    After 11 amazing days, it's hard to imagine going back! It's hard to believe that Shreyas and Brooklyn are on the same planet! This holiday was everything I could hope for- beautiful settings, world-class Yoga, thoughtful service, scrumptious food, well-guided meditation. Truly life changing. I'm going to take home a little piece of each amazing staff member in my heart. Special thanks to Dr. Prarthana, Dr. Jaya, Bala, Santosh, Manikanth, Ramesh, Dayanand, Vidhya and Kavitha for anticipating my every need/desire. And the incredible talent, Ramakant, who helped me, take my asana practice to a whole other level, with a strong arm and a gentle smile. I'm already planning my return journey! Love.

    Susan, USA - January 2013

    It will be a very special memory.

    Rosemary, UK - February 2013

    An unusual type of vacation for me, but I enjoyed the difference... it was consistent with my new year resolution for a new and fresh start thank you to all the staff for their kindness.

    Beatrice, Italy - January 2013

    Thank you for a wonderful, inspirational experience.

    Teresa, Canada - January 2013

    Thank you for an amazing 5 days at Shreyas. We arrived at 2:00 am after a long journey to a gracious welcome and the service and enjoyment continued for 5 days. The Yoga teachers were all inspiring and met the needs of the differing levels of experience of the people in our group. Each night we looked forward to the dinner- wondering what lights and flowers and decorations would adorn the area, not to mention looking forward to the food as well! All meals were delicious and even the non vegetarians seemed happy. We had a relaxing escape and would love to return one day. Namaste

    Joanne, Australia -January 2013

    Thank you for a wonderful stay. I feel renewed! Everything has been lovely.Thank you

    Dorothy, UK - February 2013

    Thank you all so much for giving me such a wonderful week. Shreyas feels unique in many ways. The care and kindness that you all give is amazing and I feel so grateful to you all for teaching me so much and restoring me! It has been a wonderful experience, thank you and I hope to be back again! Love

    Elizabeth, UK - January 2013

    Our third visit to Shreyas- and we love it here. We are so well looked after and it has such a relaxed and calm atmosphere. The Yoga teaching is exceptional, wonderful massages, delicious food and the staff all so helpful and kind. Visiting the orphanage was a great experience and I was really impressed by all that has been done there- and is being done now- by Shreyas. It has been a truly special and memorable week, and I have learnt so much from all the teaching and Yoga practice.

    Susan, UK - January 2013

    Shreyas has been an incredible experience. The attention to detail and the high skill levels of the staff here really distinguishes it above all other places. The minute I walked into Shreyas, my frazzled nerve calmed down. The activities were wonderful for my mind and body. I cannot wait to come back soon.

    Harini, Amsterdam - January 2013

    Thank you for everything! I really enjoyed my stay at Shreyas! The staff, food and rooms were all amazing. Ill be back! Thank you! Will be back for sure!

    Janine, USA - January 2013

    We have had another fantastic week at Shreyas- it was our second visit and we have been delighted to find that the things we most cherish and remembered about this amazing place have remained- incredibly kind staff, a restful repose, and a beautiful setting for growth and contemplation. We know we will be back soon and look forward to see our friends at Shreyas again. Namaste, With love

    Annita and Natasha, Canada - January 2013

    This was my first trip to Shreyas, and the experience was wonderful. This was the first time I took such a trip, and I was quite apprehensive when I reached Bangalore, but I felt at home as soon as the car entered Shreyas. I received a wonderful welcome from the staff, and had a great lunch with the group already here. I settled in very soon and enjoyed all the activities during the day. Waking up at 6:00 am for the morning Yoga sessions became a habit, and far easier than I imagined it would be. I signed up for a three day package because I was unsure of what to expect here, but now that it's time to leave, I wish I had signed up for a longer one. The food was excellent, Yoga relaxing, and I never thought I could sit still for my hour long Pranayama and Meditation. I spent my free time sitting in the patio outside my room drinking tea, reading, and eating fruit, and I loved it. Thank you to the entire staff for making this a truly memorable trip. I will definitely come back. Thank you

    Esha, India- January 2013

    Thanks so much for an amazing stay, everything was excellent. Will be back again soon.

    Carrie, France - January 2013

    Being here is a special experience. Thank you for everything youve given us- a beautiful environment (the grounds and farm), caring staff and memorable Yoga.

    Nancy and Ross, Canada - January 2013

    Thank You, A beautiful and special place with kindness.

    Laura, UK - February 2013

    There are times when flow happens and everyone involved knows it. We experienced this at Shreyas where the surroundings are lovely, the practices of Yoga instructive, and the services meaningful and targeted, and the food divine! Thank you for your amazing attention to detail. It has been a truly memorable stay for this mother daughter combination.

    Susan and MeganUSA - January 2013

    My second amazing visit to Shreyas. What can I say From the moment I arrived I felt like I had returned home. All the familiar faces and the wonderful care. This year I got extra special care as I was ill for several days and felt like my family was caring for me. Wonderful all around!

    Kevin, USA - January 2013

    Thank you so much for your hospitality, generosity & kindness.
    Thank you.

    Golda Shelley, UK - February 2013

    Absolutely fabulous really wonderful I am coming back next year

    Frances, UK- February 2013

    Thank you very much for such a wonderful stay. I really enjoyed everything from interactions with the staff, who are all very delightful, to the ambience of Shreyas. The food was amazing! This was my second time here bit I look forward to many more stays here at Shreyas. Cheers

    Ingrid, USA - January 2013

    Thank you to everyone for a really lovely stay, it was just what I needed and I'm looking forward to a new beginning when I return to the UK.

    Joanna, UK - January 2013

    Again, a wonderful Shreyas experience. The staff is simply the BEST and makes Shreyas the very special place it is. Many thanks to all of you and I look forward to my next visit hopefully soon.

    Lori Mc Lean, USA - January 2013

    Thank you, it was wonderful

    Judi, UK - February 2013

  • The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet. Lao Tzu regarded action as something that arises naturally from stillness. I have found stillness of Shreyas and sowed the seeds

    Therese, Switzerland - December 2012

    Thank you to all who work to provide the amazing experience of Shreyas. I have learned lots and your kindness and guidance have helped me on my journey and relax and return home determined to continue my practice. Amazing people. Amazing place. Wonderful stay- Thank you once again.

    Sally, England, December 2012

    Thank you for the warm hospitality, wonderful meals, Yoga that stretched me to place Ive never been, but most of all thank you for the guidance to create a meaningful spiritual journey. It was a wonderful experience. I shall return.

    Sharon,Canada - November 2012

    Being our first time in a Yogic retreat, we were not expecting anything more than what we read from the website what we found was nothing less than amazing!! Upon reaching Shreyas, you are transported into a magical world that is both familiar yet close to nature. The food was out of this world, the chef caters to every diet and even if youre not a vegetarian youll love the food.Whatever your hearts content you will find it here... The food, the Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda as well as the many luxuries of a 5 star resort. It will be sad to leave this wonderful place but we will sure make arrangements to come back soon. Many thanks to Shreyas staff for making this trip so memorable!! Warmest thanks,

    Mr. and Mrs. Abbas, Oman - December 2012

    This was my second stay at Shreyas, and it was again an amazing and wonderful experience. The treatments, the Yoga classes, Meditation and the food- all outstanding! Shreyas is a unique place. My special thanks belong to the fantastic staff. They did everything to make my stay unforgettable. Looking forward to come again. Namaste,

    Evelin,Germany - November 2012

    5 days might not be such a long time, if it is any 5 days in a month at a random place- 5 days at Shreyas have passed and they feel like a much longer journey, with each day filled with new learning, new discoveries, new bliss, new loving and caring encounters. You all have made the journey of each day here a wonderful and blissful one. I want to thank you all very much for making this a very special time! While I will miss the beauty and tranquility of Shreyas, I am filled with it and so much more to take home

    Christin, Germany - November 2012

    A wonderful stay at a wonderful place. Kind, gentle and peaceful the people, the food, the exercises all were fantastic. Thank you for giving us both some much needed rest and direction.

    John, Australia - October 2012

    What can I say about this wonderful place, we arrived tired, stressed and full of toxins. Every single member of the staff here has made us feel like royalty. I feel I have learnt so much in the short week I have had here. All the Yoga teachers are superb and really dowalk the talk. Bala has really taught me a lot about the philosophy and I appreciate his spiritual teachings, I will never forget him. The Ayurveda Doctor (Jaya) has been so thorough and knowledgeable. The serving staff serves with love and kindness. To be honest, I could go on forever and I could really find anything bad or negative to say aboutShreyas. Thank you everyone for welcoming Anne & I, we love you!

    Debbie, UK - November 2012

    I had a wonderful time, thank you so much, everything was just fantastic. Amazing and can't wait to come back. I would highly recommend the Joy of Giving!

    Tara, London - December 2012

    We had an absolutely fantastic Yoga experience and introduction to Yoga and taking it forward with us in our everyday lives. We especially like to thank Dayanand and Co for their enthusiasm and smiles as well as high levels of service. We also enjoyed the Yoga classes by Prarthana. The Ayurvedic assessments were somewhat disappointing. It wouldve been better if the personal assessments were done earlier to further understand our own personal understanding of Ayurveda and its benefits in daily life. Thank you all.

    Atish, Hemanti and Rushay, South Africa - December 2012

    I return home walking taller and with a clearer and calm mind. Thank you to everybody at Shreyas - you all do something very special.

    Caroline, UK - October 2012

    The world needs a place like Shreyas- it was a wonderful experience and the Staff is gold! Love.

    Amel, Haifa and Eman, Bahrain - October 2012

    Thank you all for welcoming me into your beautiful home again; for your kindness, your patience, your care and your wisdom. I am now beginning to understand the true meaning of Yoga, its many components and its many powers. A weight has been lifted from me during this last week and I leave with a new strength, a new happiness and a new calm each of which I will continue to build upon when I leave. Thank you again. Until next time.

    Katie, Dubai - October 2012

    It was a great pleasure staying here at Shreyas. Thank you for welcoming me into the wonderful facility. All the staff took care of me, which made me feel at home. I learnt Yoga more deeply in terms of its philosophy as well as its techniques. The food served here was delicious- I was always looking forward to the next meal. I hope to return in the near future. Thank you.

    Tadahiro, Tokyo - October 2012

    Many thanks for taking care of everything, especially during my silence! I had a wonderful time here and will definitely miss the Yoga, food, flowers, and shoes ready to walk away. You have created a lovely, peaceful place, which feels like home. Many thanks again and lots of love

    Tonia, Switzerland - November 2012

    It was a gift to be part of the community at Shreyas for the second time. Thanks for this beautiful place! I would like to thank: Ramakant for his serene teaching, Dayanand for taking care so stylishly and thoughtfully, Shobha and Vidhya for the warmth you provided for the body and soul, Dr. Prarthana for taking so good care of Haig, Balasundar for sharing his wisdom. Thanks to all of you who work and live here at Shreyas. It has been a singular experience. I notice the change.

    Wiebke, Amsterdam - December 2012

    Dear Shreyas Staff, Thank you for such a fabulous two weeks. As someone who had zero interest in Yoga prior to this trip, I'm amazed at how much I've come to enjoy the (6:30 am!!) classes and hopefully I'll be able to find somewhere in Australia that measures up. Leaving behind the food is going to be incredibly hard, so a special thank you to the chef cooks wait staff for making meals so enjoyable. My only wish is that the daily meditation classes philosophical sessions could be longer! They're incredibly interesting. Thank you so much!

    Tessa, Australia - December 2012

    I loved the place!


    My third visit to Shreyas and it is wonderful to repeat that it is as magical as always! The experience is exceptional- nothing is too much trouble, and it genuinely feels that all the staff care and is motivated to take care of guests, this is very much appreciated. I badly needed to relax and escape the chaos of my life and have truly achieved this through the excellent food (incredible standard and variety), the Yoga practice, meditation and wellness experience, like massage and dosha readings. I have learned a lot about both myself and the fascinating traditions of this beautiful country! Thank you especially to Ramakant, Rita, Bala and Shobha

    Emma, UK - December 2012

    My husband and I came to take a break- relax- and what an amazing break this was! The resort is beautiful, the Yoga classes were great, food was delicious, and the staff superb. We feel so lucky to have come and experienced this spiritual way of life and hope to carry this feeling home with us! Thank you,Namaste

    Shivani and Naveen, USA - October 2012

    Dear Shreyas Staff, Thank you so much for a wonderful relaxed start to my holiday. I have learned how to breathe- thank you Ramakant and Prarthana. The massages were sensational- like everything at Shreyas there is exquisite attention to detail which is so relaxing I ended up booking 2 extra! Loved the outdoor table settings and the ceremony of presenting food. Everyone is helpful, kind. Genuinely a blissful experience. I will be back. Thanks for an insightful journey.

    Samanda, Australia - December 2012

    A very special place that has made me begin to re-connect with myself- thank you! Youve all been spectacularly warm and caring and have made my stay here an absolute delight, thank you! Namaste

    Rebecca, India - September 2012

    Relais and Chateaux have never disappointed me with their resort and hotel collections. Shreyas is no exception, they have the best vegetarian meals, ambience is relaxing and invigorating, daily agenda is paced designed well that no pressure is felt to attend activities. I would definitely consider returning to Shreyas. Thanks to all staff (service and ground), excellent service standards.

    Ingrid, Hong Kong - October 2012

    Shreyas is the perfect place for Yoga, relaxation and Ayurveda. Thank you all for this wonderful experience.

    Sandro, Switzerland - November 2012

    There are no really good words to describe this truly amazing place. It is like a dream holiday. I am so lucky to be able to come and visit this wonderful resort. A huge thank you to all the staff that has made my experience pleasurable. You guys are truly amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Namaste

    Anne, UK - November 2012

    Thank you very much for a relaxing fantastic experience. It will make me smile to remember the monkey pinching my water bottle at the temple, the sari dressing and the rangoli drawings. I will keep trying to get nearer my toes!

    Suzanne, UK - December 2012

    This was my first time in Shreyas and it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. A perfect combination of Yoga, meditation and delicious food. I would like to thank all the staff who, with their expertise and importance to every detail, made my stay an amazing and unique experience.

    Penelope, Belgium - November 2012

    Thank you Shreyas for the wonderful stay. I loved every bit of it from the highly attentive staff to the peaceful settings. I will highly recommend the retreats to others. Thanks again

    Farrah, Bahrain - October 2012

    Shreyas has been an incredible journey. From the moment that I arrived the personalised care and attention that I received surpassed my expectations. Shreyas is a complete experience; one that

    Addresses your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.

    Perfect place to get away and relax for a few days.

    Sanjay A - September 2012

    Our 2 nights stay was much too short and we would have loved to spend 2 weeks in this relaxing place. Thanks to all the Staff of Shreyas for their excellent service which made our stay unforgettable. We hope to come back to experience more about healthy food, Yoga and meditation!

    Anya and Manuel, Switzerland - September 2012

    My sister and I were both pregnant and the Yoga program was specifically adapted for us- we had our own personal lessons! It really is designed for all abilities- I certainly needed to use the blocks a lot! The staff were exceptional and food delicious- what a week this has been.Thank you!

    Kate, UK - December 2012

    I thank you for a most enjoyable stay. SHREYAS is a wonderful oasis of peace and tranquility in a fast paced world. Your staff is amazing! Looking forward to my next visit. Namaste

    Ellen, Hong Kong - September 2012

    I loved my stay here- food was great, staff was kind and attentive, Yoga and spa treatments were exceptional! I would definitely like to return for a longer visit.

    Carol, USA - September 2012

    A truly inspirational place. We came to learn Indian cooking but learned so much more! The staff has been wonderful and we feel very blessed to have had the experience of staying at Shreyas. PS: a huge THANK YOU and God bless you to Rame. Namaste

    Mandy and Charles, UK, November 2012

    7 days at Shreyas was amazing. The food, people and environment provided a very relaxed atmospherhat coe, tmbined with Yoga was refreshing. Only wish the pool was warmer.Thank you Shreyas!!!

    Emily, Eman and Maryam, Bahrain - December 2012

    Thank you all for your fantastic care.

    Haig, Amsterdam - December 2012

    Thank you so much to Prarthana for our special pre-natal Yoga classes! She is a brilliant teacher. The entire experience was so relaxing and it will be hard to leave. Thanks to the amazing spa staff- I had the most wonderful facial and relaxing massages. The upmost care was taken by everyone to assure the comfort of my sister and I during our pregnancy, and that is greatly appreciated.

    Rebecca, Canada - December 2012

    This has been a very good experience- beautiful, well-maintained property, extremely courteous staff, and good food. Serene, calm and great experience. THANK YOU!

    Priya - September 2012

    The team at Shreyas,You have provided me with the perfect end to a six-week business trip to Bangalore. I got to relax, eat well and learn more about the spirituality of Yoga and life in India. I look forward to the next opportunity to return to this heaven. Thank you everyone.

    Kym, Australia - October 2012

    Thank you to everyone! I had a great time and appreciated the efforts of everyone. Nothing was too much trouble and people went out of their way to be helpful. The biggest bonus is that my back is no longer sore. Ill think of you all while doing my daily practice! Hope to see you all again.

    Sue, Australia, - December 2012

    I had a great time and I am sure my wife and my daughters did too. Truth saying I never stayed for 14 days in one place but I guess my family liked it so much that they didn't want to go in one week. I know that we were the first ones to come with a family of four and my smaller kid was very harassing and too noisy, but the staff here did not make a fuss about it and handles her very patiently. I conclude by saying that I had an excellent time here.

    Hitesh, India - 22nd November 2012

    Dear Shreyas, What an amazing gem! I fell in love with this place from the first day. It was spiritual and healthy and warm and friendly. I always felt very well taken care of and will leave feeling truly refreshed, and reenergized. I believe I learned lessons here that will make me more aware, stronger and happier when I return to NYC. I very much enjoyed the meditation practices, daily Yoga and the spa. Every day I looked forward to dinner- the kitchen staff was remarkable and made every meal memorable. Lastly, I will treasure all the philosophical conversations I had- truly one of the highlights. Thank you for everything and I can't wait to come back.

    Hillary, USA - November 2012

    It is always sad to leave this place. Time passes really quickly and it is never enough! It is the perfect home, refuge, and sanctuary. I don't know of a better place where I feel all my senses awaken as I get back in touch with nature and myself. Thank you for making this place so unique; look forward to coming back!

    Sema and Aparajita, India - November 2012

    Lovely stay at Shreyas. Very serene; all staff lovely. Particularly enjoyed Rita's Yoga and Prarthana's Yoga and breathing. You feel extremely cared for in a lovely, quiet, non-intrusive way. Thank you

    Emma, UK - September 2012

    My second visit and impeccable. The fun and laughter with staff and guests alike had just put the icing on the cake and that extra needed touch to my wellbeing. Everyone has been fantastic but I cannot leave without saying a few specific thank yous. Dr. Jaya thank you, thank you for your knowledge, time and caring touch. Vidhya and Shobha for their magical touch (I think next time I may bring a large suitcase and take you with me)! Aah the Yoga team: Prarthana for her seamless instructions making you aware of where you need to be at every point and breath; Mani soothing voice and smile and of course Ramakant, what can be said, you have in very short space of time taught the practical importance of Prana in practice, to take your control over the body, thank you. All of the house keeping staff. The dining room, the heart of Shreyas lovingly as usual served by smiles and great food, thanks especially to Chef Rajan, Dayanand and Arun. Last and not the least, Balaji for arranging my package and making dining possible in the tent the last night. Thank you all. Ill be back

    Rayhana, Bahrain - October 2012

    This was my first stay at Shreyas and I can't wait to come back. Many thanks to the staff for their smile and kindness (and to the chef for the amazing food). And yes Yoga was brilliant too!

    Bessima, Tunisia - December 2012

    What wonderful care from the whole team. We return home peaceful, calm and rested- and very well fed with the most delicate and flavorsome food.

    Australia - December 2012

    We want to say a big THANK YOU once again to the whole Shreyas family. We feel really blessed to have found you. We could go on for a very long time, describing the beautiful setting, the immaculate attention to detail, the lovely food and all the wonderful things on offer However, what make Shreyas really special are the people here. Each and every person here has gone out of their way to create an unforgettable experience. You have not only touched our hearts and connected with our souls, but we have learnt so much from you. You have taught us about: - unconditional love, patience, humility, humor, honesty, wisdom, giving, caring, sharing, respect, service with a smile We are sad to be leaving you, but we are taking happy memories away with us. We will be back as soon as we can and until then we wish you all the very best. May God bless you all. With love

    Miti & Mehul, UK - November 2012

    Thank you to all who work to provide the amazing experience of Shreyas. I have learned lots and your kindness and guidance have helped me on my journey and relax and return home determined to continue my practice. Amazing people. Amazing place. Wonderful stay- Thank you once again.

    Sally, England, December 2012

    Thank you for excellent service and hospitality. We truly enjoyed our stay and look forward to come back and experience the stay here soon.

    Aneesha, India - October 2012

    THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! WE LOVED OUR 4 NIGHTS HERE.The staff, food, Yoga all perfect. It was the perfect end to a wonderful month in India. Special shout out to Ramakant thanks for your patience! I know you will miss us (your best students yet)

    Susan and Kate, USA - October 2012

    Better than ever- thank you all so much.

    Charles, UK - November 2012

    Thanks to all of you for giving us both this wonderful break. We leave tonight full of new experiences and energies!

    Michele and Hansjorg, Germany - November 2012

    To all at Shreyas,This has been an idyllic stay good for our body and good for our soul. I personally think every traveler should end his/her stay here reflecting the beauty, the peace that (also) is India, which is truly the best of India. We appreciated every detail- the flowers on our dining table, the treatments, the Yoga, even (for first-timers) the chanting. I hope we can take the calm, the spirituality home with us.Gratefully

    Jane and Joe Goldblum, USA - October 2012

    When I booked this mother and daughters holiday I could not have imagined that by the time December rolled around, both daughters would be pregnant. The Staff at Shreyas went beyond the call of duty with specially designed Yoga classes, massages and wonderful food. What a holiday! I will never forget this happy, healthy break with my two beautiful girls- all made possible by everyone at Shreyas. Thank you.

    Ann, England - December 2012

    To the entire Shreyas family- Thank You. Every one of you has touched my heart and made me feel so welcome. It is you that have made my time here perfection. I came here hoping to learn a little Yoga, shed a little weight. I leave here not just lighter in body, but much more importantly- lighter in my soul, my heart and my mind. Namaste

    Nikki, UK - September 2012

    To my new friends at Shreyas, HAMSAH SOHUM SOHUM HAMSAHA I have a very strong feeling that I am going to carry this chant around with me for the rest of my life. The Shreyas retreat was everything you promised it to be- fantastic location, settings and ambience. The rooms are unique in their own right and the acres of land are so well looked after and give Shreyas a real sense of wellbeing. The farming and community service reminds us to be a humble, simple and gratefull, and the Yoga and meditation has taught me so much, which I hope will stay with me and help me for many years to come. As I embrace the next stage of my life, I am so glad that Shreyas has helped me to start the journey and provide me with some great principles, and practices from which to grow and learn. Above all, the most commendable are the staff- whilst always remaining professional, it was great to meet all of them and it was so refreshing to see they all have personalities and a sense of humor- totally spoilt for service and I hope, a long term friendship. I look forward to coming again soon (hopefully as the headstand master) but until then, may I wish you all great happiness and success, both personally and professionally. HAPPY DEEPAVALI!

    Kirsten, UK - November 2012

    Our stay was nothing short of beautiful and tranquil. All the staff made us feel at home and nothing was difficult to do. It was overwhelming. Our Yoga knowledge and appreciation of this lifestyle was enhanced so much. Thank you again!

    Gita and Pankaj, England - December 2012

    A short stay of two nights- wish I could spend more time here! The calm and peaceful atmosphere is just what I needed. Thank you to all the Staff for making my stay stress free and enjoyable. Hope to be back soon. Thank you

    Christine, Malaysia - September 2012

    Thank you to each and every member of Shreyas family. We all had a great time and we are enchanted and seduced by the tranquil grounds. It facilitated a healing environment, both for the physical body and the soul! Well be back!

    The Kothari's and the Gami's, England - December 2012

    Well, what can I say that I have not expressed during my other 6 visits Shreyas is and always will be such a special place for me. Full of good and constructive experiences that I shall try, once more, to bring back with me. Thank you to all for being who you are.

    Marie Franocise, France - November 2012

    What a wonderful experience! Everyone was so lovely and caring, all the little things really made a difference. From the lemon tea at 6 am brought to my room, to the concern everyone had for my stomach ache, and impeccable housekeeping done so discreetly (not once did I see them!); I am already planning my return trip. Thank you to all, Namaste.

    Mikaela, Australia - October 2012

    Shreyas really was a journey of self- discovery. Everything I had read about Shreyas was even better than I expected. The experience was wonderful and I hope to return in the future.

    Elizabeth, Hong Kong - September 2012