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Yoga is the journey of self discovery


Naturopathy, as the name suggests comprises of 'natural' healing remedies and techniques. Some say that Hippocrates, the ancient Greek healer, was the first advocate of naturopathy ?yet, the practice of using natural ingredients in healing can be traced back to the start of written, recorded history. It encompasses a wide range of treatments,acupuncture, herbalism, hydrotherapy, among others.

The essential philosophy of naturopathy is that one’s body has an innate, vital energy that can help in the process of healing. Naturopathy is directed at guiding the internal mechanisms towards self-healing, and suggesting changes to lifestyle choices to balance the internal and external environments. Thereby, naturopathy is also aligned to holistic healing principles.

At Anaha Spa, we offer you a range of well-researched, well-documented and widely practiced naturopathy remedies. Your treatment is charted as per your individual needs and ailments, and you will be taken through the process from diagnosis to post-treatment procedures, with our experienced consultants. As nature intended, we are also able to provide you with natural elements essential for healthy living: ample sunshine, fresh air and organically grown food. Our premises have numerous spaces for meditation and relaxation ?destress mechanisms that are essential to unlock the body’s healing process. Retreat into the quiet and comfort of Anaha Spa, and help us guide you towards healing and holistic health.


Hydrotherapy, as the name suggests, uses the element of water for its properties of re-hydration and rejuvenation. Here is a list of our water-based therapies:

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