“Now, after having done prior preparation through life and other practices, the study and practice of Yoga begins” (Pathanjali Yoga Sutras, 1.1)

The very first verse of Pathanjali Yoga Sutras says that after our many actions in life, and whatever preparatory practices we might have performed, NOW, we are finally ready to pursue the depths of self exploration on a journey to the self. How true! With the ever increasing pace of our lives along with its stresses, miseries and glimpses of happiness, people no wonder feel the need to go someplace where they can take a break and come in touch with themselves. People are on a constant look out for Yoga Retreats, which offer such a break to spend some time in quiet contemplation and meditation. India is no doubt an ideal destination for such Yoga Retreats due to its rich and ongoing spiritual tradition. Shreyas is one such Yoga Retreat in Bangalore, India and is rated as one of the best Yoga Retreats in the world. With just 14 rooms sprawled across 25 acres of lush greenery and a maximum accommodation of just 25 Guests, the basic Retreat includes accommodation in garden/ poolside cottages, 150 minutes of group Yogasana classes per day (Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow) in the midst of the rising Sun, blooming flowers and chirping birds; 30 minutes of group Mantra Meditation in a breezy bamboo hut; 3 gourmet vegetarian meals per day (this Yoga Retreat grows its own organic vegetarian food!); an endless supply of beverages (no alcohol) and the use of its facilities.

This  Yoga Retreat also is famous for its unique packages ranging from the widely chosen “Yoga Retreat Package” to a week of healthy vegetarian cooking in “Culinary Retreat Package”, to a week of Ayurvedic and Wellness Spa indulgent therapies in “Wellness Retreats / Ayurvedic Retreat Packages ”.   So, if a Guest is really interested to go beyond the physical realms of Yoga, these packages offer classes like Yoga Nidra, Trataka, Chakra Meditation etc done personally that will leave them  amazed at the depth with which Yoga can actually be practiced. Shreyas Yoga Retreat is surely a trip that will make one realize that “the most important trip you’ll make in life is the trip into meditation, where you go nowhere”

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