relationshipsSelfless love is the thread that unites people whereas relationships based on expectations lead to conflict. Our relationships are a barometer of our thought process, perception, and attitude. It reflects our deeper understanding of life, our desires and fears etc. The status of our various relationships reflects our inner state; in-harmony in our relationships indicates deep inner conflict and harmony, peace.


So long as one is identified with the limited – the body, mind etc., and clings to and operates through an image formed without a deeper understanding of oneself, there is bound to be fear, attachment, aversion and suffering. Inner harmony comes from knowledge-wisdom and knowledge comes from detachment, detachment comes from purity of thought, speech and actions. Purity comes from right action, even thought is an action. So, one needs to purify ones thought process, as what we think is what we become.

Yoga is a systematic process of purification, which is universal in its approach and appeals to all. Yoga is the most practical method of purification of the body-mind-emotions. It involves a systematic process of kriyas (purification process), asanas, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation practices; this leads to inner harmony and peace which is very essential to see things in the right perspective, leading to right understanding. Right understanding leads to the realization of the unity underlying all seeming differences; it is this that eventually paves the way for better relationships.

Yoga at Shreyas retreat, India is a journey of self-discovery; we follow the authentic yogic traditions, free from dogmas. We draw inspiration from ancient texts like ‘Hatha Yoga pradipika’, ‘Yoga Sutras’, ‘Bhagavad Gita’, to name a few.
Yoga is the way of life at Shreyas and all the staff practice yoga in their daily lives. The ambience of the place, a healthy – balanced diet, yoga, pranayama, yoganidra and the various meditation techniques, tailor made to suit individual needs and scientific exposition of the philosophy of yoga by practitioner – teachers, helps you restore your inner harmony and well being.
Shreyas Yoga Retreat offers personalized Yoga Retreats for guests round the year, available from 3 to 14 nights. Yoga at Shreyas is much more than the traditional physical postures and our aim is provide numerous self discovery packages and retreats that aim to catalyze your thinking/living philosophy and harmonize it with the timeless wisdom enshrined within the Indian philosophical tradition. Apart from the Yogasana classes, guests can participate in sessions on Pranayama (understanding and regulating our breath),

Pratyahara (withdrawal / internalization of sensory inputs), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) processes drawn from the Patanjali Yoga Sutras – ancient Yogic doctrine that aims to integrate our body, mind and soul for complete living.