Yoga- the Science of Holistic Detox

In today’s world, we have become quite successful in our external achievements, and yet we have not been able to create either individual or social peace, wisdom or happiness. Our own assets like our body, our emotions etc have become so toxic due to our negligence that they start becoming obstacles to our success and wellbeing.  People are now on the lookout for finding ways to detox their bodies and minds for attaining health, peace and tranquility- this attainment is the goal of Yoga. Yoga is a holistic science of detoxifying all levels of our being.  Yoga detox is not just of the physical being.Yoga involves detox of all levels of being- physical, energies, emotions and behavior and intellect.

In Yoga, physical detox involves intake of simple and well regulated diet, adequate sleep, physical exercise and relaxation. Yoga Asanas are extremely beneficial to stabilize the body and nerves. Yoga Asanas also aid in detox by ensuring adequate oxygenation, circulation and relaxation of every part of the body. Through regular practice of Yoga Asanas, the eliminative channels of the body are also strengthened to reinforce detoxification.

The Yoga detox of our energies is done by conscious regulation of breath- Pranayama. Just witnessing our breath while we are agitated gives us a glimpse of how haphazard our breathing pattern gets based on our emotions. Detox at this level will happen only when we learn to still our breath by practicing Yoga breathing techniques. The cleansing techniques (Shatkarma) of Hatha Yoga also aid in this process.

A complete detox through Yoga will certainly not be possible if we do not detoxify our minds with its emotions and thoughts. This kind of detox will only happen through the practice of Yoga meditation techniques which are aimed at creating an awareness of our disturbances, fears, strengths, conflicts etc with a feeling of detachment, so that we can learn to disentangle ourselves from these. The Yoga meditation techniques also make the mind one pointed and focused. The detox is strengthened by cultivating qualities such as non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, sensual moderation and non-possessiveness. These Yoga practices (Yamas) lead to a detox in behavior and emotions in which all negative emotions are replaced by positive ones. The Yoga observances of cleanliness, contentment, practices which bring about perfection of body and senses, study of scriptures and surrender to the ultimate reality- Niyamas– strengthen the detox by leading to the control of our behavior.  These Yoga observances are extremely positive factors in detoxifying our personality.

Thus, by practicing holistic detox through Yoga, we can overcome all our obstacles and ascend into the purity of the absolute perfection that is the essential state of all human beings.

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