I want to lose some weight – can Shreyas Yoga Retreat help?

Yes! Shreyas yoga retreat offers a weight management program that mainly focuses on weight reduction through a combination of a balanced diet, yogic practices and effective ayurveda treatments like udwartana, syncronized abhyanga, deep tissue massage, choorna pinda swedana with specific ayurveda oils which helps in improving fat metabolism. We also offer guests comprehensive holistic counselling with inputs from ayurveda, yoga.



I’ve never practiced yoga before – does this mean that my weight loss won’t be as effective?

No, of course not. Yoga is only part of our weight loss yoga retreat.  For those that are new to yoga we do find that they may suffer from stiffer muscles and joints and that their breathing may be shallow. This may initially limit them from doing too much but through rejuvenating massages like the Balinese Massage or Abhyangha relief can be given as well helping them progress in their yoga practice. We find the combination of therapies and yoga  can be a very effective and help you achieve the results you desire. At your final consultation we will also provide you with final recommendations and a list of do’s and don’ts to take with you back home so that you can continue on your weight loss journey and feel confident in your choices.

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