The life of an urban dweller of a metropolitan city like Bangalore is synonymous with hustle and bustle. From hectic college assignments to a busy day at the office, managing the household chores and attending social affairs – there’s always something or the other to keep you on your toes. So, bid adieu to all the stress by pampering yourself with rejuvenating massages while you lie comfortably in the tranquil ambience of a spa. While relaxing in a spa is a great way to combat all your stress, choosing the right spa therapy might leave you confused, given the myriad range of treatments. But don’t you worry; we’ve listed the top 5 spa therapy courses in Bangalore for your overall wellness:


Ayurveda, or ‘the science of life or longevity’, is believed to be associated with one of the oldest civilizations of the world, the Harappan Civilization, and is one of the most ancient healing systems. The school of Ayurveda entails the use of herbal ingredients to start body’s healing process with intrinsic and extrinsic techniques. An all-encompassing healing experience, Ayurveda has an array of treatments designed to stimulate the wellbeing of different body parts such as ‘Shirodhara’ for your head, ‘Padabhyanga’ for your limbs and ‘Udwarthanam’ or deep tissue massage.


A natural way of healing, Naturopathy is said to have found proponents among people like Hippocrates, the ancient Greek healer. Comprising of a bouquet of treatments, including acupuncture, herbalism and hydrotherapy, among others, this therapy incorporates the use of innate mechanisms towards self-healing. The course of treatment that this school follows is customized to the needs of the body, whereby you will be guided right from the process of diagnosis to post-treatment procedures.


A trend that was supposedly started in India by the royal vaidyas, rejuvenation massages is a blend of natural ingredients to induce rejuvenation. What is particularly intriguing about this therapy is that it still uses regal beauty secrets such as Cleopatra’s milk and honey baths. Borrowing the beauty secrets from an array of natural elements, including sea salt, oil & herbs and the marshy soil of Multan, the therapy focuses on making the skin supple.


The body is like a machine and is subject to wear and tear. Ailments like muscular disorders, digestive issues, skin problems and psychosomatic troubles are becoming common. So, a must for spa therapy sessions is medical treatments focused on healing specific problems and issues. Some spas also have doctors to guide you through this process.


Another must have for spa therapy courses in Bangalore for your overall wellness is beauty centric treatments. A wide range of luxuriant scrubs, masks and facials are curated using local and exotic ingredients to nourish your skin and to leave it with a healthy glow. These treatments help release the toxins from your skin, leaving it radiating.