Shreyas yoga retreat often named as one of the top yoga retreats in the world, luxury Shreyas retreat in south India is the place to visit and take the well-deserved time for yourself.

Reasons why you should spend your time at Shreyas Yoga Retreat

1) Shreyas is a place of simple luxury, offering 5 star facilities and service but simple living.

2) The places offers 25 acres of greenery and privacy for a handful of guests where you can lose yourself – or find yourself.

3) Shreyas encourages quality time with yourself – hit a pause button and take time out of your hectic life.

4) A wide range of programmes gives you a chance to do exactly what you want – from silent yoga retreat to weight management to culinary experiences.

5) Authentic yoga is taught by local teachers and includes all aspects of practice, from yoga postures to meditation.

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6) Guests interact with the yoga teachers beyond the class, learning to apply the yoga philosophy in daily life

7) It’s renowned for its organic, fresh vegetarian cuisine which comes from the resort’s own garden

8) Shreyas’ Spa offers a range of world class rejuvenation treatments, including a full spectrum of Ayurvedic treatments

9) Guests get the chance to visit local schools and an orphanage supported by the resort. Get back far more than you can ever give

10) Shreyas has stayed true to itself and what it stands for since it first opened – strictly no meat, alcohol or smoking. No idle chit chat either!

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