Quite often we get asked: how can a modern yoga retreat maintain the authenticity in its approach to yoga and other traditional practices, whilst also providing certain level of comfort and luxury? How can yoga retreat be authentic, true to ancient yoga traditions, but also attractive to a Westerner who needs comfort?

We have asked our Head of Yoga Team Mr Balasundar M.S. to explain Shreyas’ approach and philosophy:


Mr Balasundar

For those of us who have practiced yoga (even if it was only once!), we all know how great it makes us feel and how empowering it can be for the body, mind and soul.

Wouldn’t it be great to take it one step further and to fully immerse yourself not only in the physical practice but also in the lifestyle off the mat, the ashram experience?

The reality of the ashram however can be hard to swallow and for many comes as a shock! You have to go back to basics, strip yourself of all luxuries and make do with very little. But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing and that’s where Shreyas yoga retreat comes in. We cater specifically to guests who are interested in the principles and processes of yoga and want to experience the ashram lifestyle without compromising on simple luxuries.

We want guests to embark on the journey of self-discovery comfortably and with ease. We’ve got 25 acres of lush gardens which are conductive to quiet reflection but also come equipped with material comforts and some of the best hospitality in India.

Our food is light, nutritious, organic, vegetarian and mostly home grown. There are no TVs in rooms (although there is a communal home theatre room), and there is a strict no alcohol or smoking policy.

Like attracts like – you’ll meet like-minded people at Shreyas who are looking for that special experience to connect to their inner core and recharge their batteries.

Conversations at our dinner tables tend to be fun, interesting and challenging, and many guests have stayed close friends long after they left Shreyas.

It’s not just the guests that benefit from this type of lifestyle; all of Shreyas staff, yoga teachers, massage therapists are all encouraged to practice yoga as a way of life, and they are trained in authentic-classical traditions of hatha and asthanga yoga. as well as Ayurveda and natural healing medicines. They are here to help guests and guide them along their journey of self-discovery and answer any questions that they may have along the way.

What makes Shreyas stand out is that we offer an individualised Ashram experience, one where personal freedom and flexibility are encouraged (something most ashrams do not provide). We don’t believe in preaching or forcing any belief, idea, ideology or philosophy or a way of life on anybody. Instead we facilitate each individual to explore those aspects of life and spirituality that they are comfortable with, in their own space and time.