Spiritual Retreat – Sink deeper into your essential nature.

Spirituality means that which helps us discipline our thoughts, speech and actions, that which leads us toward the center of consciousness or to the God that we believe in. Spiritual retreats are places that allow time for reflection or prayer or meditation to find the God or the Truth that we all seek for. Most people take such Spiritual retreats in monasteries. Many people also falsely believe that in order to tread the Spiritual path, one has to give up the luxuries and comfort offered by the world. Shreyas is a unique Spiritual Retreat in India that offers a unique insight into spirituality through the living tradition of Yoga, but without having to give up the luxuries and comfort of modern life.

The scriptures say:

“The greatest of shrines is the human body. Look within and find within. There His Majesty dwells in the inner recesses, in the inner chamber of your being”

We have achieved a lot in this world! Yet we have not found out a way to live in peace, to attain happiness that is free from all problems, pains and miseries. This is because of the fact that we do not understand ourselves! That training that helps us to attain a state of happiness free from pains and miseries is missing from our daily life. Ancient sages offered this training in the form of Yoga- that is as a practical, methodical and systematic set of techniques that have the lofty goal of helping human beings become aware of their deepest nature.

At Shreyas- a Spiritual retreat in India, we use these time tested techniques of Yoga like Asanas (Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga), awareness (Dharana), meditation (Dhyana), vegetarian food (Pathya), contemplation (Swadhyaya) etc to prepare the body, breath and mind for the process of Self discovery.  Our Yoga trained staff unobtrusively tends to a maximum of 25 people in serene and ethereal surroundings as they go about their daily agenda in complete privacy and quiet. As a Spiritual retreat, we offer you a pilgrimage- a way of getting yourself out of the way, so you can sink deeper into your essential nature.



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