With the ever increasing pace of our lives and the accompanying burn out effect, everybody is on the lookout for places where you can just’ be’. So, whether you are drained, or suffering from lifestyle induced ailments or just need to have some ‘me time’, sometimes the best investment you can make is in yourself. Enter Shreyas- A Luxury Yoga Retreat in Bangalore, India, where the activities are designed to lead you on a “journey of self discovery”. The idea of a break where everything is laid on, healthy and invigorating with efficient Staff that practices Yoga in many of its traditional forms makes this Luxury Yoga Retreat a perfect holiday.

Set on gorgeous 25 acres of coconut plantations, Shreyas- a Luxury Yoga Retreat is one of the best regarded Retreats for Yoga in the world. With just 14 rooms and a maximum occupancy of 25 people the basic price includes accommodation in garden/ poolside cottages, 150 minutes of group Yogasana classes per day (Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow) in the midst of the rising Sun, blooming flowers and chirping birds; 30 minutes of group Mantra Meditation in a breezy bamboo hut; 3 gourmet vegetarian meals per day (this Luxury Yoga Retreat grows its own organic vegetarian food!); an endless supply of beverages (NO ALCOHOL) and the use of its facilities. This Luxury Yoga Retreat also is famous for its unique packages ranging from the widely chosen “Yoga Retreat Package”, to a week of silence in “Silent Retreat Package” to a week of healthy vegetarian cooking in “Culinary Retreat Package”, to a week of Ayurvedic and Wellness spa indulgent therapies in “Wellness/ Ayurvedic Retreat Packages”.   The USP of this Luxury Yoga Retreat is, however, the staff that so believes in what they sell that they practice Yoga themselves very proudly in their day to day lives. The effect – Don’t be surprised if the intuitive staff knows what you want before you do!

This Luxury yoga Retreat is perfect for those who don’t like spiritual pretense for it is believed here that Yoga and Spirituality are about seeing things ‘as they are’ , about learning to be with life just the way it is and developing equanimity in regards to its good’s and not- so- good’s. So don’t worry if you have NEVER practiced Yoga Postures in your life for Shreyas is beyond just physical Yoga. It is about “who I am” and “My relation with the world” and THE place for all of you who like to have a piece of India in your ‘Luxury Yoga Retreat’ cake.