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New Year, New You

New Year is one of the reasons to take resolutions to make lives better, but only if they are carried on throughout the year and not forgotten by the end of first half of year. Dr. Shahuja is sharing her approach to New Year resolutions.

When you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror. Do you realise that you meet a new person everyday & that’s You! There is so much inside you to know as much you have around the globe, deep inside the earth, oceans, far across the space!

New Year Resolutions For New You


Keep it simple, practicable, sustainable.

Don’t aim directly to 10 when you are on the ground.


True challenge is to execute the resolution, by overcoming all unhealthy habits.

Make it your priority.

Work on it every day with enthusiasm.

Get self-motivated by every day practice.


Discipline is needed to keep it going but not to give up!

Don’t try to be a perfectionist.

Know how it works for you and do it, just keep the practice on.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” – “sound mind in a sound body” (healthy mind in a healthy body). Does healthy body mean mere absence of disease? You don’t have fever or headache or cold, congestion, your routine is going on as usual – does that mean you are healthy?

As a yoga and naturopathy practitioner, I consider detoxification as the base of all changes you expect to happen in you, making it simpler, start with emptying to provide space for something new!

“Unity of disease, unity of cure” explains accumulated toxins are the cause of all diseases and only cure is to eliminate toxins. Like you discard all the unnecessary things from your wardrobe, eliminate unnecessary physical, mental and emotional burdens.

Healthy body means a clean body without accumulated toxins. Various metabolic wastes when retained by improper elimination are considered to be toxic. These toxins creates morbidity in turn affecting the body’s vitality, gives opportunities for germs to breed and develop infections or any ailment for that matter can easily affect when systems lack vitality and are weak due to accumulated toxins.

Detox is a popular term these days! Detoxification refers to removal of toxins from the body by aiding its eliminative processes.



Eliminative Diet: Provides basic nutrition to sustain life activities initiates the process of elimination by utilizing stored energy (fat) and flushes out toxins through eliminative organs.

Juices and soups come under eliminative diet. Lemon juice, citric fruits, tender coconut water, vegetable soups, butter milk and wheat grass juices are eliminative diets.

Soothing Diet: Keeps the process of elimination on & simultaneously soothes the organ systems by taking care of the energy needs.

The best example of soothing diet is fruits, salads, steamed vegetables, sprouts, vegetable chutney, etc.

Constructive Diet: To rebuild body’s strength and stamina.

Diets such as wholegrain flour, unpolished rice, little pulses, sprouts, curds, etc come under this group.

Water therapy:

Water baths help in relaxing muscles and salts used helps in bringing out toxins easily, have restorative impact on body and mind.

Massage therapy:

To improve circulation, flush out toxins from muscles, to improve venous and lymphatic drainage.


Yoga not just detoxes physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Asana: Contraction, stretching and relaxation of muscles helps in removing toxins better, also helps in better emotional unwinding!

Practice of pranayama enhances the process of detoxification by better oxygenation and improved vitality.

Yoga Nidra: When the emotional toxins are deep inside conscious relaxation helps in releasing it better than massage or posture practice.

Meditation: Meditation like Trataka – candle meditation, helps in cleansing eyes and sinuses and calming the mind and better focus whereas ‘’chakra shuddhi’’ helps in cleansing deeper emotional blockages.

One of the benefits of yoga in detoxification is, making one more stable and calm during the process. Slowing down the mind, improved awareness on self and making it easier to be on the task.

Natural Diet tips for detox
  • Start each day with 2-3 glasses of water followed by cleaning bowels.
  • Overnight soaked fenugreek, psyllium (isabgol) seeds or husk, chia seeds would help in better bowel activities.
  • Introduce vegetable juices such as carrot, celery, beetroot, garlic and ginger as these will help to cleanse the blood and support liver function.
  • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas throughout the day, especially brewed out of fresh herbs, as these teas may assist with digestion and increase liver processes. Fresh herbs have greater anti-oxidant value.
  • Take Apple Cider Vinegar(2 tea spoon) diluted with warm water (50ml) 15 minutes prior to meals especially if you suffer from any digestive complaints such as reflux or constipation. ACV enhances digestive health and elimination as well.
  • Let vegetables and fruits be the source of nutrients and energy.
  • Introduce super foods into the diet such as Barley Grass, Wheat Grass juice.
  • Juices like lemon honey water, tender coconut water may help in instant energy and better elimination.
  • Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, using as many green and yellow vegetables. Fruits such as pineapple, sweet lime and papaya are great detoxifiers.
  • Yoga, light walks would support process but make sure there is no exertion or over strain.
  • Pranayama, Relaxation techniques helps maintaining energy levels.
  • Supportive water treatments to be done with empty stomach. Full body immersion bath in warm water (slightly higher than body’s temperature) added with 2 table spoons of Epsom salt taken for 10-15 minutes. Arm and foot bath in warm water for 10 minutes.
  • Massages helps during detoxification, so try some relaxing massages.
What to avoid?

Must avoid: Alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs, refined processed, stored, tinned, frozen and reheated foods, self medication.

Better if avoided: Inorganic food, gluten food, animal products including milk and its products.

Source: Shreyas Yoga Retreat India