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Peace of mind, calmness, a sense of wellbeing, better relationships, better health, a better life, personal, philosophical and spiritual insights

If you are looking for any of these or all of these, it is time to pack your bags and carry the baggage (both external and internal) to a Yoga and Meditation Retreat. India has been a spiritual destination because of the various spiritual traditions that have their origin here, and Shreyas is a very well known yoga retreat and meditation retreat in India. For starters, the staff promises to take care of the Guests’ every need and comfort, complete with delicious vegetarian meals, lush greenery everywhere, 5 star comfort in rooms and an Ayurvedic Spa so all of the Guests’ attention will be on the practices taught at this Yoga and Meditation Retreat. The Yoga classes offered vary from the more physical practices like Asanas of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa flow to the more contemplative and Meditative practices like Mantra Chanting, Yoga Nidra, Candle Meditation, Chakra Meditation, etc. Before beginning Yoga and Meditation practices it is very important to understand why we want to Meditate. That is a good way to motivate ourselves to practice Yoga and Meditation every day.

The basis for Yoga and Meditation practices:

Maharshi Pathanjali, the codifier of Yoga says, “Yoga is the cessation of the modifications of the mind field (Sutra 1.2)

Usually our mind is distracted and it cannot focus on anything. That is why we cannot sit for Meditation. But that is also the reason why we have so many problems. When our mind is distracted and untrained, it tends to be reactionary. An untrained mind creates disorder, disease and confusion. According to Maharshi Pathanjali, there are only nine obstacles faced by people in this world and these are responsible for the unhappy states that we are in. The only solution is to make the mind one- pointed. Most people automatically learn this principle but the practices are often off target- getting absorbed in some hobby, addiction etc. But this can only cause suppression or repression of our problems.

With the practices of one pointedness of Yoga and Meditation, however, the very first positive sign will probably be that we become intensely aware of our problems, attachments and desires in a realistic way, so we can learn to deal with them and let them go if they are not useful. To approach the practices with a feeling of non attachment (as if it is happening to someone else) is of paramount importance, and so is regular practice.

Therefore, be it Asanas, Pranayama or any other method of developing awareness as taught in Yoga and Meditation, the resulting one pointedness creates an expansion of awareness of the inner world and this coupled with non attachment gives rise to freedom and openness- an ability to be balanced and tranquil at all times.

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