As it sounds yes, it is therapy using water. (Hydro-Water, Therapy- Treatment).

Water is the basic necessity for life, starting from satisfying thirst to cleansing, which explains its importance.

Water as one of the 7 essential nutrients for body; it acts as the medium for transportation of other nutrients, chemical and metabolic reactions. Water helps in temperature regulation and elimination of toxins from the body, maintains the volume of blood and helps in regulating blood pressure.

Water is an excellent and very common cleansing agent, a basic need for personal and public hygiene, are generally known facts.

With the advances made in medicine, the importance of water in healing is something people are forgetting as there is an increasing reliance on quick acting medication. Modern man, instead of looking at what must have caused the illness, is in a hurry to treat the condition with remedies that can have harmful side effects.

We have to understand the fact that one of the causes for many ailments is accumulation of metabolic wastes at cellular, tissue and organ levels. Illnesses caused by toxin build up can be cured by proper intake of water and by applying water on body as therapeutic modality.

Hydrotherapy is an effective preventive and curative system where water is applied on body in various forms and at various temperatures depending on the effect desired.

Hydrotherapy is not a system developed in recent days, as man learnt to live with nature, observing animals he learnt to use natural elements in its purest forms to treat wounds and general sickness. In those terms hydrotherapy is purely a naturopathy modality which has its origin in ancient civilizations.

There are a wide range of therapeutic techniques in Hydrotherapy under the categories mentioned below – producing hot and cold, general and local, sweating and cooling effects.

  • Baths/Immersions- like Full body immersion, Steam Bath, Arm Bath, Foot Bath.
  • Packs- Wet cloth wrapped followed by a dry cloth.
  • Compressions- wet cloth saturated with water.
  • Irrigations – Enema, colon Irrigation
  • Douches/Jets/Sprays- like Circular Jet, Local Jets, Spinal Spray.
  • Cryotherapy

All the above variety of treatments acts on the haemodynamic system of the body causing therapeutic benefits.
There are simple techniques in hydrotherapy like cold sponging, foot immersions or even simple quick shower techniques which are efficient enough to treat symptoms like headache, fever, general weakness, pains, muscle soreness etc.

We at Shreyas Yoga Retreat firmly believe in the healing power of nature and employ it effectively. Our competent Naturopathy physicians assess the condition with suitable tests and examinations, choose the right treatment for the condition, educate clients about their condition and give inputs on managing it on their own in their day to day life using water and such natural elements, providing long term benefits.

Source: Naturopathy physicians at Shreyas Yoga Retreat India