On 19th – 26th August, 2016, Shreays yoga retreat is happy to welcome again Heather Morton, a great yoga teacher with incredible passion for yoga which she passes on to her students. In this series of mini-articles we would like to tell you more about Heather and her experience.


Heather Morton describes her upcoming retreat at Shreyas

Heather Morton

What will people get out of your retreat at Shreyas?

I am dedicated to bringing students the most authentic teachings of yoga. Today, yoga is often taught as an esoteric fad or work-out. I teach yoga, however, as a holistic subject and a life practice for inner and outer transformation. My approach is not watered-down to suit popular trends but adheres to the timeless message of Yoga in coming to know the hidden realms of your mind.

When you join me at Shreyas this is what you will get out of my retreat:

Personal instruction and attention

For me, teaching is about offering a high level of attention and personal instruction. Yoga is best learned on a one-to-one basis because each person is so unique with different capacities and needs. In Toronto, I founded my own yoga school where I taught yoga for 15 years with personalized instruction in each class. My 8-day retreat at Shreyas is designed with a similar mandate. Each student will be able to grow and practice in the way that best suits them.

Sequential classes

All my classes are built upon the last one taken. With sequential learning comes a better understanding of yoga. And with a better understanding comes greater progress. You will learn a strong foundation in the fundamental asanas (postures) of Hatha-yoga, breathing and meditation. While my teaching is structured within a format it is open to workshop specific areas like headstand, backbends and more.

Asanas vs Exercise

The biggest part of my teaching rests in developing the asanas as a skill in removing tensions from your body, and mind. The asanas are not only exercise but a method in releasing fears, traumas and injuries. They are also the healing balm between who you think you are versus who you truly are.


Self-practice is the greatest teacher of all. It is the impetus that brings lasting progress. As your teacher, we will develop a practice series that is appropriate yet challenging. Self-practice is by far the most important skill you can develop in Yoga. Returning to your home with the ability to self-practice are the signs of progress, knowledge and your commitment to the journey of self-discovery.

It is my great honor to be a part of your path and to hold the light of Yoga with you.

Why should they attend this retreat and not any other retreat?

My retreat is not only about the practices of yoga as it is about living a Yogic lifestyle. During the retreat, 2 daily yoga classes, meditation and relaxation are offered. Most retreats only offer 1 class. With ample time to relax at the pool or in the gardens, there are also spa treatments, cooking classes and fun excursions planned. These take yoga- off-the-mat and into real life.

Shreyas is set among 25 acres of outstanding gardens, which is the ideal place to withdraw from the world. Learning to live a more yogic life is equally based upon diet and how you eat. Each day at Shreyas is a culinary adventure with gourmet meals prepared according to your dietary needs and served in a tranquil setting.

Who is this retreat for?

All the classes are limited to a specific number of guests/students for a higher quality of teaching. All levels from a true beginner (someone who has never done yoga before) to more advanced students (someone with a regular practice) will be able to practice at their most appropriate level. My personal aim is to introduce yoga to beginners in an assessable and fun way; neither feeling threatened nor overwhelmed by the advanced practices. For more seasoned students, it is my aim to inspire you to build upon your current practice in developing not just physically, but in awareness.

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