Bhujangasana / Bhujang Asan also know as Cobra Pose or Snake Pose

Bhujanga  meaning: Serpent, Snake

Asana meaning – Pose

Bhujangasana is a Hatha Yoga pose, which helps to open the chest and to strengthen the spine. It is a powerful Hatha yoga pose.

How to do Bhujangasana/ Snake pose yoga

Begin by lying on the mat, stomach downwards. your legs are together, heels touching. The tops of your feet are pressed into the mat and the toes are pointing towards the back of the room. Once the lower part of your body feels firm and engaged, place your hands under your shoulders. Breathing in, lift the chest upwards. Keep the elbows bent and close to the chest. Lift the head and tilt it gently backwards. Ensure that your chest is open and that your breathing remains smooth and is not forced.

If you feel that your breathing is constricted, you will know that you are pushing to hard. Find the balance between allowing you chest to open and your back to curve and allowing the breath to be strong and smooth. If you have the awareness, press the tailbone towards the pubis and at the same time lift the pubis towards the navel. This will allow the lower back to release and you will feel that you chest is more open. Keep your buttocks firm and don’t harden them too much because this will restrict the flexibility of the spine.

It is important that you focus on opening every part of the back. Try not to only bend from the lower back, but bring your awareness to the middle and upper back and try to curve these parts of the back as well.

Whether you practice Bhujangasana in Hatha yoga class or in an Ashtanga yoga class there are many

Benefits of the Bhujangasana / Cobra pose yoga

Physical benefits of Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana :

– Strengthens the spine. The muscles that support the spine are used when you lift the chest and arch the back. Regular practice of this asana will strengthen these muscles whilst increasing flexibility in the spine.

– Stretches the lungs and chest.

– Stretches the front part of the body. Many of us spend a large part of the day hunched over a desk and this causes the muscles along the front of our body to shorten. Bhujangasana is a good way to begin opening the front of the body and
increasing the flexibility of the spine.

– Firms the buttocks. Arms and wrists are strengthened.

– Therapeutic for asthma as it opens the accessory muscles of the chest.

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