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Yoga Retreat

Foundation stone to practice Yoga

Ahimsa – Foundation stone of the practice of Yoga – A law of nature: “As a Yogi becomes firmly grounded in non-injury, other people who come near will naturally lose any feelings of hostility” (Pathanjali Yoga Sutra, 2.25) “I will… Continue Reading →

What Is Mind

What Is Mind – According to Yoga The moment we sit down to try to meditate, we often find that the mind and body will find a hundred reasons to stop us from doing it! The bad news is that it… Continue Reading →

Ashtanga Yoga Yamas and Niyamas – Ethics and Rules of Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Yamas and Niyamas Ashtanga Yoga is a very popular style of Yoga practice today. Ashtanga Yoga (Vinyasa flow) is a fusion of Yoga poses done in a particular sequence, incorporating the breath, inner power and the focusing of the mind…. Continue Reading →

Surya Namaskar – A sequence of Yoga Asanas

Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, a set of Yoga asanas, gives reverence to the creative life force of the universe that radiates inside as well as outside the body. The Sun Salutation prepares the whole body for Yoga Asanas. It is a… Continue Reading →

Yoga Retreats for rejuvenation, relaxation & self-discovery

YOGA RETREATS FOR REJUVENATION, RELAXATION & SELF-DISCOVERY “Now, after having done prior preparation through life and other practices, the study and practice of Yoga begins” (Pathanjali Yoga Sutras, 1.1) The very first verse of Pathanjali Yoga Sutras says that after… Continue Reading →

Shreyas – A Luxury Yoga Retreat

With the ever increasing pace of our lives and the accompanying burn out effect, everybody is on the lookout for places where you can just’ be’. So, whether you are drained, or suffering from lifestyle induced ailments or just need… Continue Reading →

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