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Top 5 Spa Therapy Courses in Bangalore for Overall Wellness

The life of an urban dweller of a metropolitan city like Bangalore is synonymous with hustle and bustle. From hectic college assignments to a busy day at the office, managing the household chores and attending social affairs – there’s always… Continue Reading →

Hydrotherapy – A Naturopathy cure

As it sounds yes, it is therapy using water. (Hydro-Water, Therapy- Treatment). Water is the basic necessity for life, starting from satisfying thirst to cleansing, which explains its importance. Water as one of the 7 essential nutrients for body; it… Continue Reading →

Ayurveda & Naturopathy Inputs to manage summer complications

Ayurveda Inputs: According to Ayurveda, Summer or “Grishmaritu” is when the average atmospheric  temperature varies from 30’C to 45’C. Due the high temperature & high humiditylevels, pitta (humour) dosha will be predominant  during grishmaritu (Summer). Dehydration, exhaustion, dizziness, heat stroke,… Continue Reading →

Heather Morton describes her upcoming retreat at Shreyas – Part 2

On 19th – 26th August, 2016, Shreays Yoga India is welcoming Heather Morton for an annual retreat. This highly-respected yoga teacher passes on her big love for yoga to her numerous students. In the previous article Heather described in detail the… Continue Reading →

Heather Morton describes her upcoming retreat at Shreyas

On 19th – 26th August, 2016, Shreays yoga retreat is happy to welcome again Heather Morton, a great yoga teacher with incredible passion for yoga which she passes on to her students. In this series of mini-articles we would like… Continue Reading →

Take Time to Look After Yourself This Winter

Now that we have reached mid-winter, it’s the perfect time to take extra time to look after yourself. Here at Shreyas we are keen to help you with that, so we have asked our top in- house experts to share… Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions For New You

New Year, New You New Year is one of the reasons to take resolutions to make lives better, but only if they are carried on throughout the year and not forgotten by the end of first half of year. Dr.... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Shreyas Yoga Retreat

Shreyas yoga retreat often named as one of the top yoga retreats in the world, luxury Shreyas retreat in south India is the place to visit and take the well-deserved time for yourself. Reasons why you should spend your time... Continue Reading →

Shreyas: Where Modern Luxury Lifestyles Meet Ancient Yoga Practices

Quite often we get asked: how can a modern yoga retreat maintain the authenticity in its approach to yoga and other traditional practices, whilst also providing certain level of comfort and luxury? How can yoga retreat be authentic, true to ancient yoga traditions,… Continue Reading →

Weight Loss at Shreyas Yoga Retreat

I want to lose some weight – can Shreyas Yoga Retreat help? Yes! Shreyas yoga retreat offers a weight management program that mainly focuses on weight reduction through a combination of a balanced diet, yogic practices and effective ayurveda treatments like udwartana, syncronized abhyanga, deep tissue massage, choorna pinda swedana with specific ayurveda oils… Continue Reading →

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