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Hydrotherapy – A Naturopathy cure

As it sounds yes, it is therapy using water. (Hydro-Water, Therapy- Treatment). Water is the basic necessity for life, starting from satisfying thirst to cleansing, which explains its importance. Water as one of the 7 essential nutrients for body; it… Continue Reading →

An effective Pancha karma therapy: Basti Karma

With the fast growing demand for Ayurveda therapies such as Panchakarma, Shreyas Yoga Retreat India is soon inaugurating a brand new Indian spa that will offer authentic Pancha karma therapy in addition to the existing Ayurveda treatments. In Ayurveda there are… Continue Reading →

Cleanse Your Body Through Ayurveda Spa India

Ayurveda “the science of life” is the traditional natural medicine of India dating back over five thousand years. Ayurveda is the all-time healing system. Many different body cleansing programs are offered today through different natural healing systems. Nearly all of… Continue Reading →

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