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How to do warrior pose and benefits of virabhadrasana

Hatha Yoga Asanas – Virabhadr-Asana Or Warrior Pose Virabhadra Meaning :  – Warrior Asana Meaning : – Pose Virabhadrasana is a strong, powerful asana in Hatha Yoga. It is also a part of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series sequence. It demands strength of body… Continue Reading →

Hatha Yoga – How to do Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose and its Benefits

Bhujangasana / Bhujang Asan also know as Cobra Pose or Snake Pose Bhujanga  meaning: Serpent, Snake Asana meaning – Pose Bhujangasana is a Hatha Yoga pose, which helps to open the chest and to strengthen the spine. It is a powerful Hatha yoga… Continue Reading →

8 Steps of Ashtanga Yoga

First step: “Yamas” – These are rules for “right living”, a form of moral imperatives, commandments, rules or goals. Every religion has a code of conduct, or series of “do’s and don’ts”, and the Yamas represent one of the “don’t” lists within Hinduism,… Continue Reading →

Yoga For Weight Loss

We live in a world where many people are over weight or even obese. According to Auyerveda and yogic philosophy, it is not about losing that extra weight but about making our bodies less prone to putting on weight in the first… Continue Reading →

Yoga For Stress Relief

Yoga For Stress Relief Humans have evolved rapidly from the hunter- gatherer days when our focus was on collecting food and on keeping ourselves from bodily harm. Earlier, stress meant danger and called for a response; stay and fight or run away…. Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Meditation

Meditation is commonly understood as deep concentration on any object. We all meditate in with varying degrees of ability and it would be difficult to survive in this world if this were not so. We need to have a certain amount of… Continue Reading →

Mantras- The Mystical Sounds and The source of reaching ultimate goal of Yoga

Mantra Chanting, though commonly associated with Hinduism and Buddhism, is a form of practicing Yoga in which the Mantra is viewed as energy in the form of sound vibrations which give rise to specific forms. The Sanskrit word mantra-consists of the root… Continue Reading →

Satya – The Truthfulness

As truthfulness is achieved, the fruits of actions naturally result according to the will of the Yogi (Patanjali Yoga Sutra, 2.36) Satya is the second Yama in the practice of Yoga. It translates into Truth- Being truthful to ourselves and being… Continue Reading →

Foundation stone to practice Yoga

Ahimsa – Foundation stone of the practice of Yoga – A law of nature: “As a Yogi becomes firmly grounded in non-injury, other people who come near will naturally lose any feelings of hostility” (Pathanjali Yoga Sutra, 2.25) “I will… Continue Reading →

What Is Mind

What Is Mind – According to Yoga The moment we sit down to try to meditate, we often find that the mind and body will find a hundred reasons to stop us from doing it! The bad news is that it… Continue Reading →

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