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Extended Triangle Yoga Pose Utthita Trikonasana Pose

Utthita Trikonāsana: Extended triangle pose Utthita – extended or stretched Tri – triangle Koṇa – angle Utthita Trikoṇāsana, Extended Triangle Pose Utthita Trikoṇāsana is one of the first standing poses you will be introduced to as a yoga student. It… Continue Reading →

Shreyas Yoga Retreat- 2nd Time Winner Of TripAdvisor Excellence Award

TRIPADVISOR AWARDS CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE FOR SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR TO  SHREYAS YOGA RETREAT, BANGALORE, INDIA   Date – Bangalore, Karnataka – 1 JUNE, 2013 Shreyas Yoga Retreat today announced that TripAdvisor®  has awarded it The Certificate of Excellence 2013. Shreyas Yoga Retreat Shreyas Retreat today announced that TripAdvisor has recognized the appreciation of… Continue Reading →

Yoga For Back Pain Relief

Yoga For Back Pain Relief by Shreya’s Yoga Retreat Back pain is remarkably common. At any one time 30-40% of the population has back pain and between 80-90% experiences it sometime in their lives. The commonest type of back pain… Continue Reading →

Yoga For Stress And Anxiety Relief

How to over come stress, anxiety and depression with help of Yoga We all experience anxiety and depression sometime or the other in our lives. It is a normal helpful reaction to stress fully demanding situations and is one of the several emotions… Continue Reading →

Yoga Detoxification – Shreyas Yoga Detox Retreats

Yoga- the Science of Holistic Detox In today’s world, we have become quite successful in our external achievements, and yet we have not been able to create either individual or social peace, wisdom or happiness. Our own assets like our… Continue Reading →

Diet According To Yoga – Yoga Diet Plan

Diet According To Yoga – Yoga Diet Plan Yoga is but moderation in everything that we do. This applies even to our food intake. A person who seriously practices any form of Yoga like asanas and meditative techniques should definitely… Continue Reading →

What is Celibacy or Brahmacharya? Explained According To Yoga Sutras

When walking in the awareness of the highest reality (brahmacharya) is firmly established, then a great strength, capacity, or vitality (virya) is acquired. (Patanjali Yoga Sutra, 2.38) What is Celibacy or Brahmacharya? according to Patanjali Yoga Sutra “In order to… Continue Reading →

When The Heart Is Pure All Means Will Come – Asteya Non Stealing

When non-stealing (asteya) is established, all jewels, or treasures present themselves, or are available to the Yogi.” (Patanjali Yoga Sutra, 2.37) Non stealing is the third virtue to be consciously cultivated by practitioners of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga and… Continue Reading →

What is Asana in Yoga: An Introduction to Hatha Yoga Posture

The meaning of the Sanskrit word asana is ‘a steady and comfortable posture’. The postures performed in all yoga practices (Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga ) are called asanas. Although many people believe that they are physical exercises, it does… Continue Reading →

How to practice Extended Triangle Yoga Pose or Trikonasana and its health benefits

Hatha Yoga Asana :- Uttitha Trikonasana English Name: Extended Triangle Yoga Uttitha Meaning – Extended Trikon Meaning – Triangular Asana Meaning – Pose How to do Trikonasana/ Extended Triangle Pose Yoga Uttitha Trikonasana is a Hatha Yoga Pose and it is… Continue Reading →

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