What kind of Ayurveda Spa experience can I expect to have at Shreyas?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer one of the best spa experiences in India. All of our therapists are trained in authentic traditional ayurveda therapies and we have a highly qualified team of doctors who regularly train our therapists on the best ayurvedic  practices.

We encourage all of our therapists to practice yoga and follow the ayurvedic  traditions which we believe helps to enhance the ambiance of the spa, the experience and the effectiveness of the therapies and we only use fresh and natural products and use traditional ayurvedic  manufacturers.

What are your most popular spa treatments?

Sarvangadhara Massage

Sarvangadhara MassageThis is a synchronised massage done by two therapists involving special rhythmic movements.The procedure begins with large quantities of warm medicated oil being poured all over the body which is then gently massaged into the body and culminates with a gentle massage and excess oil over the body is removed.Benefits of this treatment include protecting you from illness and boosting your immune system.

Shirodhara Massage Treatment

Shirodhara: Probably the Ayurvedic  treatment that most people will be familiar with where therapeutic oils are poured in a continuous stream to bathe the head, directed to the middle of the  forehead which helps calm and relax the mind.

Abyanga Massage Treatment

Synchronized abhyanga: This is a combination of soothing and long strokes that help in restoring balance and re-establishing calmness and harmony in the body. Specially blended ayurvedic oils leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Choorna Pinda Sweda Massage

Choorna Pinda Sweda Massage: This begins first with application of oil and massaging the entire body by two therapists on either side of the body, followed by a massage is done with different herbal powders made in to boluses.

We also offer a range of other Spa Treatments like  Massages, and Beauty Treatments which includes pedicures, facials and body scrubs which are all very popular amongst our guests.

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