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Panchakarma Ayurveda

Panchakarma, in Sanskrit literally means ‘five actions’, and in Ayurvedic practices these are procedures with significant purifying and rejuvenating powers for one’s body. The Panchakarma treatment is aimed at balancing the biological energies of Vata, Pita and Kapha; the essential doshas which represent the unique blends of one’s physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. Ancient scriptures attribute most illnesses to an imbalance of the doshas, and the Panchakarma treatment is designed to eliminate disease-causing toxins, release deep-rooted stress and unlock the latent healing powers of one’s body. The five-fold therapy is known to invigorate the body and mind, and is also known as ‘ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy’.

Panchakarma treatments are carried out in 3 phases: ‘poorva karma’ – preparation of the body, ‘pradhana karma’ – the principal procedures, and ‘paschat karma’ – the post-treatment regimes. Within each phase, there are several possible therapies; and our in-house experts will design your Panchakarma regime after a preliminary diagnosis. Thus, the therapies will vary as per your age, body type, dosha imbalance and specific ailments, as also by season. Needless to say, like in all therapeutic processes, each stage has its own importance – and while the benefits may be evident during the course of treatment, it is necessary to see the entire process through for long-lasting results.

Any healing process is best done in a conducive environment; a place where one can ‘breathe freely’, away from the everyday stress and strictures. At Anaha Spa, we strive to provide you with just that; expanses of gardens to reconnect with Nature, open spaces to unwind and destress, sheltered pavilions for meditation and self-reflection, yet with every creature comfort as we believe the path to wellness needn’t be an austere one. To us, Panchakarma is also about reconnecting at 5 levels: emotional, physical, social, mental and spiritual. Let us guide you through your journey to wellness and wellbeing.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of life and healing, which dates back more than 5000 years. It is the oldest system of healthcare known to mankind. The practice of Ayurvedic principles purifies our body and eliminates toxins. All Ayurvedic therapies help in building our system’s immunity and promoting health. At Shreyas Yoga Retreat, India, we use the science of Ayurveda to help guests to detox and lose weight naturally. All Ayurvedic therapies help in building our system’s immunity and promoting health.


Upon arrival at Shreyas, guests have a detailed consultation with the resident Ayurvedic doctor, who recommends the suitable combination after an in depth assessment the body’s constitution. The proposed set of processes not only eliminate toxins but also enhance your self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity and lead to deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.


Determining your Ayurvedic Body type


Originally Ayurveda defines seven body types. Generally everyone possesses characteristics from vatha, pitha and kapha categories. Our wellness consultant will help you to determine your ayurvedic body type and will guide you to suitable therapies, activities and dietary recommendations.


Panchakarma Therapy Treatments India
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Panchakarma Packages

1 Apr – 30 Sept
21 Nights
Single US$ 9,180
Double US$ 13,840
1 Apr – 30 Sept
28 Nights
Single US$ 12,420
Double US$ 18,580
1 Oct – 31 Mar
21 Nights
Single US$ $9,980
Double US$ $14,790
1 Oct – 31 Mar
28 Nights
Single US$ $13,640
Double US$ $19,830