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At Shreyas yoga, we see every aspect of our yoga retreat, the rejuvenation center and the cuisine, as elements working together to allow you to rejuvenate your body and mind. There are many roads that can lead to this final goal and we have customized various yoga packages accordingly.Whilst we offer various yoga packages to our guests who are at holiday, we also encourage them to customize these packages according their needs. This may be done in advance by booking individual classes – yoga, meditation or pranayama and also booking specific spa treatments packages. We are keen to make our rates and packages structure transparent and would like our guests to know the likely cost of their stay before they enter to beautiful retreat. By avoiding any confusion and add-on charges, we hope that once our guests enter Shreyas they can focus on their journey towards self discovery.



Silent Retreat

This 7-night Mouna Retreat (‘Mouna’ means ‘time spent in silence’), was designed to help you to step back, introspect, calm the mind and possibly realign and reprioritize your goals in life.

Silence is not just absence of speech but also the quietening of mental activity. Periods of silence guide us on the path of self-discovery and self analysis, revealing avenues of change that we have not been able to identify or even realize in the bustle and noise of everyday life. Besides the psychological, there are physical health benefits of being still, quieting the mind and eliminating noise. Silent retreats help guests suffering from insomnia, high blood pressure, stress, burn out and the consequences of the maladies of modern day life like irregular, unhealthy meals and lack of exercise. …Read More


Ayurveda Rejuvenation

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life that purifies our body by eliminating toxins. Not only do ayurvedic processes build immunity but they also promote health. At Shreyas these processes are administered after a detailed consultation with the resident Ayurvedic doctor, who recommends the suitable combination after an in depth assessment the body’s constitution. The proposed set of processes not only eliminate toxins but also enhance your self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity and lead to deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.…Read More


Yoga Retreat Package

This package was created for guests who would like to delve deeper into the ancient spiritual tradition of Yoga. The Yoga Retreat package is carefully structured to allow you to experience not just the physical aspects of Yoga (asanas and pranayamas) but also various Yogic Kriyas, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), Sound meditation and Chakrashuddhi (chakra meditation) and Trataka (candle meditation). Added to this are some rejuvenating massages and the chance to practice Karma Yoga (selfless work) by serving a meal to the children of the local orphanage. ...Read More


The Joy of Giving

The ancient yogic scriptures tell us that the Universe is connected and that we are each a part of one Supreme Consciousness. There is no ‘other’ to compete with; when we give we give to ourselves. If you feel blessed with abundance and wish to share your love, time and maybe more with those who will appreciate it, we invite you to Shreyas for the Joy of Giving Retreat that celebrates the gift of life and allows you to feel the immense joy that arises from the simple acts of giving and sharing. …Read More


Wellness For The Soul

This package is a combination of the best that Shreyas has to offer. You will have an opportunity to learn and practice the different facets of Yoga – for physical strength, balance and flexibility, for physiological & therapeutic benefits and if you are interested, guidance along your spiritual path. A perfect introduction to the essence of Shreyas, it includes a well-balanced itinerary of yoga, meditation and pranayama sessions, rejuvenating massages, cooking classes, community exercises, nature farming. …Read More


Weight Management Package

Shreyas is not specifically a weight loss retreat, but a Yoga Retreat that aims to provide you guidance towards a healthier life, both physically and mentally.

Effective weight management requires a constant sense of awareness and self-control, coupled with adoption of healthy lifestyle choices. At Shreyas the focus is on positive goals such as improved health, fitness, increased self-esteem. We believe the ultimate goal of any weight loss program should be the establishment of permanent life style changes both in food habits & physical activity patterns.…Read More


Culinary Experience

Indian food has a reputation for being overly spicy and oily; for this reason, many of our guests are surprised and delighted with the light, simple vegetarian food that they are served at Shreyas and often express their surprise at not missing non-vegetarian food during their stay with us. Enquires about different recipes led us to introduce a 7-night Culinary Package. …Read More