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To perform every action artfully is yoga


At Shreyas yoga retreat, we see every aspect of our yoga retreat, the rejuvenation center and the cuisine, as elements working together to allow you to rejuvenate your body and mind. There are many roads that can lead to this final goal and we have customized various packages accordingly. Whilst we offer various packages to our guests who are on a holiday, we also encourage them to customize these packages according their needs. This may be done in advance by booking individual classes – yoga, meditation or pranayama and also booking specific spa treatments packages. We are keen to make our rates and packages structure transparent and would like our guests to know the likely cost of their stay before they enter to beautiful retreat. By avoiding any confusion and add-on charges, we hope that once our guests enter Shreyas they can focus on their journey towards self discovery.


Panchakarma, in Sanskrit literally means 'five actions', and in Ayurvedic practices these are procedures with significant purifying and rejuvenating powers for one's body. The Panchakarma treatment is aimed at balancing the biological energies of...

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Silent Retreat

This 7-night Mouna Retreat ('Mouna' means 'time spent in silence'), was designed to help you to step back, introspect, calm the mind and possibly realign and re-prioritize your goals in life. Silence is not just absence of speech but also the...

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Ayurveda Rejuvenation

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life that purifies our body by eliminating toxins. Not only do ayurvedic processes build immunity but they also promote health. At Shreyas these processes are administered after a detailed consultation with the...

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Yoga Retreat

For guests who would like to delve deeper into the ancient spiritual tradition of yoga, a Yoga retreat is structured carefully to allow them to experience not just the physical aspects of Yoga but also Karma Yoga (selfless work), various Yogic...

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The Joy of Giving

A 7-night hiatus from our demanding lives to restore inner balance and realize the immense joy that arises from simple acts of giving and sharing.Away from the frenetic pace of the city, Shreyas offers an opportunity for guests to interact with the...

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Wellness For The Soul

Wellness for the Soul is a combination of the best that Shreyas has to offer. Guests have an opportunity to learn and practice the different facets of Yoga – for physical strength, balance and flexibility, for physiological & therapeutic benefits...

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Weight Management

Shreyas is not specifically a weight loss retreat, but a Yoga Retreat that aims to provide you guidance towards a healthier life, both physically and mentally.

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Culinary Experience

The Culinary Package allows you to savor the rich and varied cuisine of India and will teach you to recreate these tasty, nourishing recipes at home. The Culinary Package begins with an introduction to food and diet drawn from the principles of the...

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Detoxification in Shreyas is the process of aiding one to cleanse from inside out, process targets physical, pranic, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of an individual by the help of Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy. The concept of “unity of...

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