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Shreya's Cusine
At Shreyas, our chefs bring you dishes inspired by their travels around the world; Indian, Continental, Mexican and Oriental gourmet Vegetarian cuisine.

The process of nourishing our guests begins outside the kitchen, in our expansive organic gardens, which are lovingly tended with due respect given to nature. The ingredients are brought to the kitchen where our staff chants a prayer before they begin the preparation of the food. We believe that this enhances the positive effects of the food on the body and is also in tune with our belief of “Athithi Devo Bhava” (serving the guest as the Divine)

Our menus are tailor made for each guest after a detailed consultation with our in-house Ayurvedic or Naturopathy doctors. During this consultation, we acquaint the guest with the kind of food served at Shreyas and we aim to familiarize ourselves with the needs, likes and dislikes of our guests so we can adjust our menu
accordingly. We aim to follow certain yogic principles with regards to food – food must be fresh, light, nutritious. We focus on correct food combinations, eating the correct food at the correct time and the benefits of eating seasonally.

If they wish, guests who are on the Ayurvedic package, Weight Management and Yoga Package can avail of food made, keeping the principles of Ayurveda in mind. In Ayurveda, India’s ancient science of life, food is considered as medicine because of the vital role it plays in maintaining the optimal health of the body. A good diet helps to eliminate toxins, reestablish constitutional balance and rejuvenate the body. Ayurveda not only emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition and correct food choices but also food combinations, cooking methods and herbal nutrition.

All allergies are catered to (gluten intolerance, lacto, intolerance; all dietary preferences can be accommodated (vegan, high protein, raw food) and we can offer a menu to help with medical issues such as diabetes and hypertension. Even if it is an individual whim or fancy, our chefs will accommodate our guests, within the confines of our vegetarian, non-alcoholic policy.

For guests interested in recreating some of our recipes at home, our Cookbook, “Soul Food” is available for purchase. “Soul Food” is a treasury of Shreyas’ much loved and appreciated multi-cuisine recipes and has been inspired by the repeated requests of our guests.


Yoga teaches us to eat with awareness; Shreyas encourages this principle by ensuring that dining is not only a feast for the taste buds but for the eyes as well. All table settings are enhanced with an extravagant displays of flowers; they are arranged to reflect the natural beauty of the surroundings; it often feels as though the flowers have fallen from straight from the trees onto the tables.

Shreya's CusineDining settings are constantly changed giving our guests a variety of experiences – lunch at a large flower-laden communal table in the dining room or at individual tables under the antique pillars, breakfast near the pool under the warm rays of the sun or seated on the soft cushions of the machan with the organic gardens surrounding you. During the night Shreyas transforms to an ethereal place and dinner becomes a magical event – on chilly nights we build a bonfire and serve dinner outside; when large groups are present, dinner is served in the dining tent which is transformed with a festive arrangement of flowers and candles; for those wanting privacy individual poolside tables are dimly lit by candles whilst paper lanterns reflect patterns onto the surface of the water.
All meals are included in the nightly room rates and all packages aswell.

Room service is available but with a limited choice and is chargeable.


Alcohol is neither served nor permitted at Shreyas, and guests are requested not to bring their own for private consumption.

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