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A Journey of Self Discovery


A Journey of Self Discovery

"Athithi devo bhava" is the defining philosophy at Shreyas. This literally means, "a Guest is to be served as God." At Shreyas, we imbibe this philosophy broadly, believing that "all are essentially divine" and our relationships with each other and especially our guests should reflect this.Our guests are lovingly served with unparalleled personalized attention by a staff that practices yoga and endeavors to embody this philosophy. The staff is encouraged to serve guests as part of their spiritual discipline and not just as a job or career; serving is different from being servile because the focus is on connecting with the divinity inherent in each guest.

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Wellness for the Soul

This package is a combination of the best that Shreyas has to offer. You will have an opportunity to learn and practice the different facets of Yoga -for physical strength, balance and flexibility,

3 Nights - $1180.00 USD

5 nights - $2130.00 USD

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Community Service

Our vision at Shreyas, is to offer a haven for people to step off the carousel of the world, reflect and re-examine life, its priorities, goals, choices made and relationships... Read More

Community Service
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